The TWELVE Days of Christmas Creston Valley style

Our MC for the evening at Rotocrest Hall -- Dave Handy provided us with Christmas Carol sheets and his wife Ruth was on the "ivories" and our Secretary strutted his baritone voice, then we had a 15 Christmas Trivia quiz that saw 2 groups win the "poinsettias" by having 12 of the 15 answers. 

Granny's catered the delicious turkey and ham dinner with all the trimmings.

Jim's honour bar kept everyone glowing !

56 attended tonight being 27 members with spouses and partners and invited guests.

The "12 days of Christmas -- Creston Valley style"

1.  A case of Kokanee

2.  two Rotary parks

3.  three pot pies

4.  four wild turkeys

5.  five farmers farming

6.  six crows a squaking

7.  seven Sweyn's a streaking

8.  eight daires stinking

9.  nine Rotarians whining

10.  ten golfers golfing

11.  eleven cows a crapping

12.  twelve councillers counselling.

The gift exchange followed which lots of follow-up exchanges and even "bribery" which raised $430 for the Creston Ministerial Food Hampers (thanks to Steve & Jack)

A special thanks to Dave and Ruth and Brian & Eileen and all the others who made this a very enjoyable evening.

Merry Christmas to all !!