Saturday, October 3, 2020 - Starting with new club Hats and Shirts....ROTARIANS AT WORK....Creston Valley Rotary Club completed another successful BLOCK PARTY under the leadership of of the tireless Bill Pfeifer.  60 cords of wood at the start of the day were delivered all around the Creston Valley...with 7 trailers pulled by member trucks.
21 club members attended and worked in this Block Party...a great turnout to support Bill and his efforts.  The large piles of wood at the start of the day were loaded by Carl Dueck, owner of Sullivan Stone...who donates the space to store the wood, and also his time and equipment.
Thanks to Darcy Elliott of Hidden Valley Wood Fibre Ltd. for the processing of the logs to blocks and then to split firewood...and for delivering it to the Sullivan Stone site.
Dorathy Pfeifer, Faye Lee and Linda Baker set up and served a great array of snacks and chill lunch.
Thanks again to all who participated in the Block all who purchased our Darcy Elliott of Hidden Valley Wood Fibre, and to Carl Dueck of Sullivan Stone...but most of all to our leader, Bill Pfeifer, who once again showed us all the having a few birthdays does not get in the way of getting things done, and being of great service to our Rotary club and this community.