passed away suddenly on November 26, 2007 -- My "tribute" is attached



born July 29, 1943

joined the Creston Rotary Club -- July 1, 1990

charter member (July 1992) of the Creston Valley Rotary Club

President 1999 - 2000

this photo Brian Niven, Dean Tompkins and Bill (right side and closest) was taken by Dave Handy on July 22, 2007 on the Rotary Rail Road Ride near Castlegar, BC that Bill had organized.


Tribute to Bill Bridgman on November 30, 2007


As the current President of the Creston Valley Rotary Club, it is an honour to be asked to say a few words about Bill's "Rotary Life", but at the same time it is a very difficult task to actually be doing.


I would like to convey our deepest condolences to Marge and all her family from the members of our Rotary Club.


Creston is fortunate to have 2 Rotary Clubs and Bill joined the Creston Rotary Club in July 1990, he was sponsored by a fellow Rotarian, Harry Haberstock and then Bill was a charter member of the Creston Valley Rotary Club which was founded on July 21, 1992 with 27 members. 


Bill served as President of our Club in the Rotary year of 1999 to 2000 and was a current Director on this year's Executive. 


This past July, Bill organized the great "RRRR" (Rotary Rail Road Ride) where 22 fellow Rotarians, spouses and friends rode on the old railbed from Farron, BC to Keenleyside Dam, just north of Castlegar -- a distance of 51km which had 3 trestles and 5 tunnels, one being over 900M in length.   9 of us were on bikes (the 2 wheel type with no motor) and rest followed on their ATV's, fortunately for us on the bikes, 80% of the trip was downhill, and it was Bill's love of the outdoors and his continual insistence and desire that this trip actually happened on July 22, 2007.


Bill, like all of our members was always available for the many volunteer hours needed to work on our projects such as the recently completed Wildlife Centre Bird / Viewing Tower, the Millenium Park, firing up his chainsaw for the several Firewood workbees, our Wine Tasting & Art Events, the Erickson School Breakfast program and our annual Drive FORE Rotary golf tournament.


Last year Bill was instrumental in the creating, gathering and compiling the history and then the printing our of Club's "Annual Book" and for this task we thank him very much.    (have a copy to show and will be available later to view)


Three weeks ago I asked Bill if he would play "lead" on a Senior Curling team made up on 4 Club Rotarians and he eagerly signed up and the mini-bonspiel was to happen next week in Cranbrook . 


In the past 3 years whenever we were on the curling ice together, he was always asking me for pointers and how to improve his technique and I understand that he had our icemaker (Josh Firman) helping him with a few lessons.  Josh was glad that Bill asked for help cause Bill had a bad habit of smashing the curling rock onto the ice when he delivered the rock and consequently we always knew which sheet Bill had been on.


I met Bill 6 years ago when I joined our Rotary Club and I am thankful for the opportunity to have known Bill and I am saddened by his very premature departure.


A fellow Rotarian offered me the following quote:


"The decision of life and death rests with the Almighty.  Our responsibilities as survivors will be to cherish our individual memories of Bill and continue to remember him in our daily prayers".


Thank you