Al Garrecht, well-known in the Creston community for his service with the Creston Valley Rotary Club and many other organizations, is leaving Creston this month and moving to Castlegar to be near his family.  
Al Garrecht was honoured at the regular Creston Valley Rotary Club meeting on February 9, 2021...the picture shows Al holding a Plaque acknowledging his Service Above Self to our community and Rotary club, and appointing him Honorary Member for Life in CVRC.  He is also wearing a vest presented to him by the club...with a Paul Harris +2 Pin.
The club surprised Al with the tribute meeting...and only when he saw both of his daughters "show up" on his ZOOM screen did he figure out that something special was about to take place.  In addition to Leann and Marcy giving video and in-person accolades to their dad, the club and Al heard from his parish priest, Fr. Lawrence,  Rotary District 5080,  Tim Park,  Rick Minichiello, and letters from the Golf Club president and the Handy Capable Housing Society.
Heartfelt best wishes were also delivered with emotion from Danielle Sonntag and Gin Bergman, along with a humorous piece from his good friend, Walt Reider who recounted the "bobcat" incident.  All members and guests expressed countless good wishes to Al, with the comment made that our Rotary club can replace him with 2-3 hard-working Rotarians....Al will be missed, and all members of CVRC wish him well.  
Thank you...Al leave an incredible legacy of service with live our motto...Service Above Self...Thank You.
The entire Feb. 9/21 meeting was recorded and can be viewed on the "Creston Valley Rotary Club" YouTube channel....along with a Slideshow/Video tribute entitled, Auld Lang Syne - Al Garrecht.
Link to CVRC YouTube channel and to the Feb. 9/21 meeting
Link to CVRC YouTube channel and Slideshow for Al Garrecht