Since hosting the bbq for the Children's Development Centre it was felt there was a need for a club bbq. It was brought up at the last meeting and Frank suggested we think about it during the winter. Things quickly fell off the tracks and we became aware that the Crown Verity bbq owned and rented out by Home Hardware was for sale. It had been valued at over $4000, was in great condition and hardly used. Asking price was $1999. Frank asked that I send out a quick message to the executive for discussion as he was on the road. During this discussion, two members stepped forward and offered to purchase the bbq immediately as it was felt at that price the bbq would be sold.

Those members were Carl C. and Percy ImageD. In the end it was decided to let Percy purchase the bbq and it was purchased for $1494 with taxes included. Percy turned around and then donated the bbq to the club. Martin Torgerson, onwer of HH immediately said we could have the bbq for the lower price for what we do for the community. Percy graciously said he owed it to the club for all the meetings he had missed. A true gesture of goodwill and generosity. Thanks also to Carl for being ready to also step up.

This bbq is the cadillac of bbq's with a grill of 4' long and 20" wide and has six burners which will easily accomodate many hamburgers/hot dogs or chicken. Also thrown in with the deal was a rotisserie which is very skookum and could be used for club functions. As Paul V. said during his coments about this episode, it really brings into focus what this club is all about. Just a great bunch of guys and gals. Many thanks to Percy. I would recommend he not be fined for awhile (at least a week).