During the last two meetings our Youth Exchange students Alessia and Shauni entertained us with presentations pertinent to their year-long exchanges. Alessia  gave us background on her home and family; Shauni outlined the highlights of her year in Cranbrook.

Alessia Cipollini lives in Rome in the neighbourhood of Casal Palocco on the Via Parmenides. She talked of the Italian custom of the family always eating dinner together to talk about the day and to enjoy great food including Pizza Napoletana - the best pizza there is! Near her home is a beach where she hangs out with friends at the pier. During her presentation she showed images of a few of the many tourist attractions for which her home city is famous - the Colosseum, the Vatican which gets the most tourists of any attraction in Rome and Trevi Fountain, the biggest fountain in Rome. As we have all seen in the movies, this is the fountain where flipping a coin backwards into the fountain will make a wish come true!

Shauni, who arrived last January, talked of the highlights of her year which began with ice-fishing on a frigid January day shortly after flying here from the warm suImagemmer weather of an Australian summer. Among the highlights she mentioned were a Metis Cultural camp, a Western Adventure bus trip with 74 other exchange students, summer visits to lakes and camping and, of course, skiing and skating. Shauni expressed her heartfelt thanks to her hosts who made her year so memorable. In recognition of her participation in club activities and her performance as an exchange student, Sunrise Rotary presented her with a Paul Harris Fellowship.