Exchange students at the Information Evening: Rebound students Abby (Brazil), Thea (fFance) and Rachel (Italy from two years ago). In the front are our current inbounds, Denise (Brazil) and Emily (Taiwan). 
On Monday, September 19th students from Mt. Baker Secondary School and their parents came out to hear about the Rotary Youth Exchange Program for 2012 - 2013. Many took preliminary application forms and must return them by October 3rd, 2011 and then club interviews will be held on October 19th. If you are interested in hosting a student for the 2012 - 2013 year, please contact Colleen Bermel before October 31st, 2011 as we must do guarantee forms to submit to the district by that date. The number of students we can send out depends on the number of host families that we have for the exchange year.