The SUNRISER, the weekly bulletin of Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary. 


Our online bulletin, The SUNRISER, has been produced weekly since January 2007. It is finalized each Monday and e-mailed to members on Monday afternoon. For those who want to contribute articles, please have them in by Sunday evening. If you wish to submit an item rather than adding it directly to the bulletin yourself, simply e-mail the submission to by Sunday evening.

The Sunriser can be read online, or it can be printed and read as hardcopy. However the online version gives you access to more information as you can click on activated areas to get more detailed info, and click on photos to see them in a larger size.

An interesting feature of the bulletin e-mailed to you, or the bulletin accessed from the Admin page as My Bulletin, is the list of commitments that will appear at the bottom of the last page if you have signed up for a club event. It will serve as a good reminder of the date, time, and location of events you have chosen to participate in.