Below is a follow-up to for the piece of equipment we purchased for the Generations Playground earlier this year.


Hi, my name is Hailey, and I’m six years old. My favourite food is macaroni and cheese; I love the colours green and purple, and I always have fun at the waterpark; oh, and I have Spina Bifida.

Hi, I’m Kensi. I’m six years old too. My favourite food is sushi; my favourite colour is pink, and I love to help other kids. By the way, I have Noonan’s Syndrome. Both of us live in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada, right next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. And we both love to play at playgrounds! The only problem is we don’t have a playground in Cranbrook that’s made especially for kids like us.

For me, Hailey, the pea gravel at the playgrounds is the worst. It’s so frustrating to try to move in my wheel chair, so I usually ditch my chair right away and crawl on my knees at top speed. I have knee pads and gloves to protect myself from anything sharp that might be hiding in the gravel or from slivers on some of the wooden playground equipment; my mom worries that I might get hurt. Even if I use my arm crutches, some of the equipment is too high for me to get on, and if I fall, it’s a long way down. It’s not very easy for my mom to relax when we’re at the playground. Like all other kids, I want to do things all by myself, and that’s hard to do at most of the playgrounds in our town.








This is Kensi. Because I have Noonan’s Syndrome, my muscles aren’t as strong as the muscles in other kids’ bodies; that means that I get tired fairly quickly, and it’s hard for me to keep my balance. Going to the playground helps my body to develop, but when things are too high or too hard for me to reach, it’s pretty discouraging, and I sometimes feel sad when I can’t keep up with the other kids. I fall down a lot when the ground is uneven, or there are lots of kids playing in one area. I know my mom feels really worried about me when I’m not having fun at the playground. For people who don’t know me, they probably won’t know that I have Noonan’s Syndrome, so they expect me to keep up with my friends all the time; my mom says it’s like having an invisible disability.

So kids like us are the inspiration for the Generations Playground in Cranbrook. This is a place where we can go play, and everything is fun for us, our families, and for any of our friends.