I would like to thank all those members who showed up for a shift(s) at our concession again this year. It was a fun filled weekend and relatively rainless so all those who were there had a grand time. I would like to thank several members for their support in this, Bill & Shirley for their painting, gathering of utensils and getting the place ready and working shifts. Also Bob Bjorn who came for the set up on Friday, stayed for the afternoon, worked a shift on Sat. and showed up for cleanup. Also Percy who showed up for several shifts and worked at the bbq he bought for the club.

I would have a tie for top honors to my wife Jeannie & Dennis. Jeannie was always two steps ahead of me and did a lot of behind the scenes work collecting food and cherry picking all the stores and worked several shifts. Dennis volunteered to load the shift schedule, apply for the Health Board Permit, showed up for set up and worked that afternoon until close at the Ball park. He opened Sat. morning and again worked the whole day/evening. He came back on Sunday morning and stayed the whole day and also stayed for clean up. Such dedication but muchly appreciated. I see why he got the Service above Self Award this year. Thanks so much Dennis.

From past years we know it takes about $3500 to stock the concession with buns/pop,meat, freezies, coffee etc. and hasn't changed much. Our Gross sales were around $5500. so our net sales were just under $2000. I overspend (on purpose) to get most of the food supplies needed for Canada Day so most of the money in that day will be profit. We were down about $2000 from 2 years ago. The weather was not the hottest (according to freezie sales) and that also touched on pop sales. There may also have been a lingering on factor from the people who ran the concession last year as many were not happy with him and his skeleton staff. We will be dropping chicken next year (if we get the nod to take it over again) as it is too hard to handle when the rush is on and too much of it is thrown away (overcooked) and it carries a high price tag.

One thing we may want to consider, so I will plant the seed now, is that we could take a long look at also taking over the concession at the Quads. We would have to work like the JCI's and work long shifts so at least two shifts per member as the sales there would be way more than at Moir. We thought Percy's ranger was great for running product back and forth but it is not as good as a golf cart for trying to sell extra product, although due to the weather not many were buying in the coolness. If anyone wants to see the total breakdown of costs, Jeannie did up a spread sheet which shows what we bought, what we paid and an accounting of all monies.

Also what was nice to see was all the younger crew we had show up for different shifts. Many of them former YE students and/or Sam Steele Sweethearts or candidates. Such as Joy Friesen, Amy Morrison, Jessica Bermel, Rachel Wright, Mallory Balfour, Jenny Byford and Emily. Thanks again to all of you for the support and all the laughs we had. This has to be one of the best Public Relations jobs we do in the community and the money is just a bonus to put towards all our fine projects.

Great job one and all. See you all after Ryla...