The Rotary Values & Ethics program was carried out for the spring semester at Mt. Baker High School, for the grade 10 students. The March 31st and April 1st sessions were presented by Glenn Dobie and both Sunrise and Cranbrook Rotarians volunteered as facilitators.
Shown in photo are Doreen Adams,Dennis Parsons,Fran Burgon,Jim Chiu,Jenn Ternoway,Mark Pinnell, MaryAnn Jenkins,Sheilah Moore, Glenn Dobie. (missing - Stephanie Bohn)
The April 3rd and 8th sessions were presented by Walter Gramm, with both Rotary Clubs participating as facilitators.
Shown in photo are Anne Beurskens, Doreen Adams, Frank Vanden Broek, Walter Gramm, Danica Jensen (missing is Louise Abbott).
Thank you to all the volunteers, as the sessions went very well and they are very well received by the school.