On March 6, 7 and 8th Sunrise Rotary held its 17th annual Rockies Film Festival.  This year the film festival committee decided to try something different as it moved the opening of the Festival to the Key City Theatre on March 6th.  Two films were shown; Crash Reel, a documentary following snowboarder Kevin Pearce as he struggles to get back on the slopes following a near fatal accident and a second show, Gabrielle, a film about a developmentally challenged young woman's quest for independence.  Choosing this venue turned out to be a great decision by the committee as the new digital screen and projector provided by Wildsight was definitely a hit with the fans.  Feedback by the patrons was positive and discussions will ensue over trying this venue again next year; stay tuned film fans. Following opening night the venue was moved to the Columbia Theatre for the final 6 films which were shown over the Friday night and Saturday afternoon and evening. 
Due to Mr. Parson's and Mr. Bishop's previous efforts on this project the film festival has developed quite a following which showed the results by having 4 of the final 6 movies being completely sold out.  The film committee quickly showed its inventive nature by stealing benches and chairs from various offices and rooms and setting them up at the back of the theatre and quickly selling additional tickets, much to the chagrin of the Fire Marshall. 

Kudos to the film committee for their excellent work on this project, especially Dennis and Daryl who have endured so much for so little recognition.  A really big thank you to our major sponsors: Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants, Lotic Environmental, Bedroom Furniture Gallery, Northstar Motors and Western Financial Group.

A final accounting of the project will be completed once all the book work is completed. 

Again thanks for all the efforts of the film committee, festival volunteers, and our generous sponsors. We’re looking forward to seeing what the committee has up their sleeves for next year.