For those who attended the Wade Davis presentation at Key City Theatre a few nights ago, the presentation by Percy Davis during our morning meeting seemed to be a continuation of similarily fascinating information about cultures far different from our 21st century western civilization. Although very few travelers are able to visit the remote tribes in the Indonesian half of New Guinea due to government restrictions and uneasy relations between government and the tribes, Percy managed just that and his slideshow and commentary gave us a glimpse into a totally different world.

While it is very difficult to summarize in a few words what the presentation told us about the people of Western New Guinea, the photo above gives some indication of what the travelers encountered. Also, in Percy's words, in the tribal culture of New Guinea,  "pigs rule" with a man's worth being based on the number of pigs owned. Despite the fact that they "rule", pigs also serve as the main menu item for those occasions requiring a celebratory feast. Among the many customs of the tribes is the chewing of betel and consequently the red stains of betel juice are widespread throughout villages and surroundings. Mentioned was also made in the presentation of some itchy nights due to cohabiting with fleas and lice.

Thanks Percy for an interesting and colourful presentation