Highlights from the Executive Meeting of March 9th, 2015
  • Foundation
    • So far the club has averaged $156 per person to the Foundation for a total of $6,242!  Well done everyone!
    • We have 6500 club points to distribute to deserving people and/or businesses
      • It was moved that we present the Rustic Hutch owner a Paul Harris Fellowship for all her work selling the cleaning cloths for the club
  • Membership
    • So far this year, we have had 6 new members, 2 members on leave of absences and one member who has resigned
  • Community Service
    • a storage place has been located at Bob Boswell’s building up by Moir Park for a terrific price - $0
    • The Seacan storage container for the Gran Fondo, BBQ, etc. should arrive this week and will be set up at City Glass.  Thank you to Bob for purchasing the Seacan and to Dewayne for offering to store it at City Glass!  That is the Rotary spirit!
  • International
    • A shelter box display will be set up at T.M. Roberts Elementary for April 17th.  Gerry will need help setting up and dismantling the tent. 
    • Tegucigalpa Market Children - Dave Morley will be invited to make a presentation to the club in light of his recent return from the market. 
  • Vocational
    • The chair for this committee is currently vacant.  If interested, please contact Ursula
  • Youth Services
    • A Conger Memorial bursary has been awarded to one of our outbound students.  The club is responsible for  a matching $500 of the bursary
    • Danieri Ensign will have her Youth Ambassador Raffle tickets available in the next few days.  As per past practice, each club member will be given two booklets of tickets and charged $20.  Thank you for your support of our candidate
    • Ivonne moves to Arlene & Wade Schroh’s this week and Maxime moves in with Lee and Mark Pinnell for their final homestay of their exchange!  Time has flown by for sure! 
    • Please consider being a host family for next year.  We are in need of 4 homes.
    • Leader in Me program – Riley is investigating the possibility of starting this program in our community
  • Spring Assembly
    • Reminder – March 21 at the Coeur d’Alene Resort from 10 am to 4:00 pm.  So far we have Trent Taylor, Al Davis and Gerry Warner attending from our club. Other members are also encouraged to attend.
  • PETS update
    • Trent attended PETS and was inspired by the new message and strategies.  Ask him about the new message. 
Next Executive meeting – April 13th, 2015 at 7:00 pm at Ursula’s home.