Great work last Wednesday at the BBQ everyone. It was especially impressive how we were able to take the pressure off of Brent as he was unable to make it. Thank you Daryl for stepping in and being the "Flippin' Captain".

I spoke with a few people who seemed to be quite excited about getting involved with Rotary and the direction we are heading with the Satellite club. I also
dropped off some fliers at the Cranbrook Arts Council booth at the Farmer's Market.

Daryl, Vintee, Anne and Antoine were dedicated to the operations of the Hot dog/Burger Factory and ran a tight ship. Although we had some hot dogs left we successfully sold all the Burgers and I think we could credit that to Ron's strong presence both in stature and in tone.

Good work everyone on our first Sunriser 'Satellite' Rotary Club fundraiser.

Take care,