From May 6th to 8th, District 5080's newest group of outbound students and their parents met at Camp Lutherhaven on the banks of Lake Coeur d'Alene.  With this beautiful backdrop, the students and the parents were given workshops regarding the outbound experience for 2016 - 2017 from District Youth Exchange committee members.  Andrea Byford will be Cranbrook Sunrise's outbound student for the year, and she attended the camp with her mother, Jackie.  Both of them have been attending our club's meetings regularly since January as Andrea prepares for her exchange year to Italy.  
As well as the outbound students attending the camp, the current inbound students were there to begin their final district tour together which involved the US part of our district. Cranbrook Sunrise's student, Jade Wright was there and Manon Metzger was joining the group on the Monday after completing her commitment to the play Mary Poppins.
District Youth Exchange officer Darryl Bishop addresses the students.
Outbound students pose for a photo. Andrea Byford who has been sponsored by Sunrise Rotary is in the front row, near centre.
Inbound students pose in the chapel at Lutherhaven before setting out on the District tour. Jade can be seen in back, centre.