Posted by Bill Gibbon on Jul 11, 2019
The Right To Wind In Your Hair
Cycling Without Age is a global grassroots movement rapidly growing from coast to coast across Canada. Its main purpose is to engaging seniors or less abled citizens by offering them free bike rides in specialized bicycles that provide the opportunity to remain an active part of society and to experience life beyond the confines of their residence or care centre.
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Many elderly often experience a loss of mobility and independence. This leads to social isolation, loneliness, and depression.  Time spent with the volunteers on the Trishaw breaks them free from their social isolation.  The program gives them wind in their hair, the ability to connect with nature, and the chance to share their stories. Local volunteers called ‘pilots’ visit homes, care and senior centers/facilities around the community and offer rides on the Trishaw.  Being out in nature and with the ‘pilots’, nurtures emotional well- being. Nature rides make passengers smile, bring back their memories, and allow them to be part of society again and thereby renew their appetite for life itself. We believe life can and should be beautiful at any age – even at 100!