It has been a busy month for the Community Granting committee, with two recent grants awarded and several more applications recieved for review. The committee is happy to announce the recent recipients of two of the following grants.

The first was a $1000 grant to the Steeples Elementary PAC to assist with purchasing a set of contabass bars for the school's music program. COVID-19 had an unfortunate effect on the music program as many instruments could not be played or cleaned sufficiently, and therefore the students were limited in their participation. These new contrabass bars are able to be cleaned sufficiently and utilized by all of the students. The music teacher, Carla Erichsen, has promised some videos and pictures of these students playing once the instruments have arrived, so stayed tuned.

In the photograph above is Rotarian Rolena Arthur, music teacher Carla Erichsen, PAC president Jacqueline Nielsen, and Steeples principal Chris Catherall.

The second grant awarded was to the Community Foundation of the Kootenay Rockies (CFKR). This $800 grant was given to support the purchase of a shelter tent. This tent will be utilized by the CFKR at local events around the East Kootenays to promote CFKR. CFKR is a non profit organization that provides several grants and financial support to our local community organizations and programs. Additionally, CFKR will lend the tent out to other non-profits who may not have their own. It seems right to have a non-profit, helping another non-profit to help other non-profits!

Pictured representing CFKR is Michele Bates along with Community Grants Committee Chair, Rolena Arthur..