The Rotary Club of Santa Fe has a long history of supporting international projects with onsite volunteer labor and donations.
We have a particularly strong connections with Rotary Clubs in Guatemala with whom we have supported and completed projects in the areas of water and sanitation and child and maternal health.  Much work has been done to support villages in the remote highlands of Guatemala.  Our projects have installed potable water facilities, trained midwives and helped obtain a much-needed ambulance.
We also have a history of collaborating with and supporting clubs in Mexico in District 4110. This includes projects in the state of Chihuahua for the benefit of the Tarahumara indians.
Please visit these pages to learn more about what we have done.   As of June 25, 2023 we are awaiting approval of our current Global Grant project in Guatemala, the Buena Vista Project.  Please check back to learn the Global Grant number, which we hope will be assigned sometime this summer.  Once the number is known Rotarians and non-Rotarians will be able to donate to this worthwhile project.
Thank you!