Our club has a custom that involves passing around a basket each meeting and affording our members the opportunity to share good news with their fellow Rotarians and to donate any amount of money they wish to a  local non-profit organization.  The recipient organizations are nominated by the club members once a year and voted onto our Good News Basket list.  Funds  collected are held until they total $1,000.00 and then a check for that amount is presented to the recipient organization.  The next week the club goes onto the next non-profit on our list.

This is a great way to further club fellowship by sharing life's good news with our fellow Rotarians and at the same time practice our goal of service to our community.   

2012-2013 Recipients of Funds From the Good News Basket

New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project
Youth Shelters
Kitchen Angels
Coming Home Connection
Solace Crisis Treatment Center