You can help purchase essential medical equipment for children in your community

This annual appeal raises funds for sick children in hospital throughout the month of June and has been running for many years.

This appeal is a partnership between Gold FM and Gold Coast Hospital Foundation and is only successful because of the generous support and involvement of the Gold Coast community.



ROMAC commenced in March 1988 out of the actions of an Australian Rotarian who, with a group of surgeons, visited Lambasa in Fiji.

They found the child mortality rate as high as 25% in some places and quickly identified that lack of medical and surgical facilities and skills for children of the island nations, was a major cause.

Rotary faced the challenge to assist an 18-year-old Fijian girl whose right leg was threatened if immediate surgery was not performed.

During the next four years, eight children were brought to Australia for major, often lifesaving surgery.

Soon 20 Rotary clubs were caught up in the success of each case and assisted in various ways.

ROMAC quickly went about harnessing assistance from medical experts, hospitals, nurses, physiotherapists, pathology and radiology services, airlines, sponsors and other supporters. ROMAC was making a difference, ROMAC was Giving Life to children who had no hope!

Today ROMAC is Giving Life to around 50 children every year – we are making a huge difference in the lives of these small Island Countries.


Griffith University’s fight towards a cure for one of the world’s most deadly diseases is edging closer after human clinical trials of a malaria vaccine developed by the Institute for Glycomics were a success.

Researchers have shown the world-first whole blood-stage malaria parasite vaccine PlasProtecT®, tested in collaboration with the Gold Coast University Hospital, is safe and induces an immune response in humans.

Now efforts are turning to an international fundraising campaign to enable further evaluation of the vaccine in clinical trials, before researchers can shift their focus to malaria endemic countries.

The Malaria Vaccine Project, officially launched by His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, aims to raise $500,000 to get the research to the next stage through Rotary fundraising efforts.

Speaking at the Institute on Monday (March 27), Sir Cosgrove said the work represented Australian science and innovation at its very best.

“This is what will make a difference, a better world and save lives. It is being done in our corner of the world, for the world,” he said.