Posted by Peter Mukuru on Jul 06, 2020
DG, PDG, PE, Friends.
I have known few greater honors than the opportunity to lead a team of volunteers committed to serving humanity. I thank the members of the Rotary Club of Kampala South for having entrusted me with the responsibility of being the Club President in 2019/2020 when the theme was Rotary Connects the World. It has been an extraordinary honour and privilege to serve and Connect with you.
I wish to thank the Connecting Board for the generous and inspirational service. I thank our Past Presidents, AG Emily, PDG Xavier, my fellow Connecting Presidents, my colleagues, family, and most importantly God, for the support and for enabling me to execute the demands of the office of the President. I am grateful to our partners who have journeyed with us, and to RC Kampala North who always join us in service. In a special way, I thank VP Charles Odaga who always stood in for me. He, however, seemed to enjoy the President’s office more than I did.
On 22nd June 2020 (2 weeks ago), I gave an account of how the club had performed in the last 12 months. But Perhaps the Awards and Recognitions we received as a Club at the 95th DCA describe more eloquently than any words of mine could, and are a testimony of our Community Service and that the Connecting Board has led with impeccable skill, unwavering commitment, and generous courtesy. The progress we have registered is a consequence of the hard work from each member of Kampala South. I most sincerely thank you.
Being recognized as one of the top 3 clubs in our district is both gratifying and humbling. But we must never forget that our cause is that of service and the greatest reward is our inward satisfaction that we have done our best to cause positive and lasting change in the lives of those who did not have the blessings of our abundant opportunities and privilege.
PE Jennifer, you take over leadership of a vibrant club with money on account for projects, several GG Proposals in advanced stages, and a number of prospective members in the pipeline. I urge you to continue strengthening Governance structures especially committees and enhancing opportunities for active participation in all our avenues of service while avoiding the “My year” Syndrome but rather focusing on the long-term vision of our club and the communities we serve. I wish you every fortune of cooperation, success, resources, and wisdom so that in 12 months’ time, you handover to PE Charles, an even better club. 
I have indeed enjoyed my tour of duty. I am humbled and I carry with me priceless lessons from this unique experience. I have very strong faith in our club’s capacity to transform many lives. My energies have been renewed by the unwavering support and tireless efforts shown by all our Members and Partners through my reign as President. I will forever be grateful.
Thank you and God Bless you.
Peter Mukuru
Connecting President 2019/2020