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Buzz’s Presidents Message;
I was talking to a 40 something, Latino woman about a Rotary project that I was considering proposing to her boss.  She asked me, so what is Rotary and what do you do?  The light bulb went on in my head, here is my chance to possibly recruit an ideal Rotary candidate.  So after telling her all the great and wonderful things about why she should join Rotary as well as what Rotary does, she commented to me, “So you are like a group of Older Boy Scouts”.  I paused and knowing I was running late, I replied back with a quick answer that yes there are similarities, but Rotary does more with Rotaries finances locally and around the world than the Boy Scouts.
As I drove off I started thinking more about my answer and wish I could have clarified my answer, so here it is.   Rotary is approximately 1.2 million strong and we come from diverse professional, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds which as Rotary states in their definition, “Our differing occupations, cultures, and countries give us a unique perspective”. Rotary as myself treats all members equally including Women, and or L.B.G.T.  We respect a member’s right to pray or not, to any Deity or Flag as long as those members respect others rights to do the same.  As long as we are not killing each other over our differences and respecting each other’s autonomy and that they respect us as well, then hopefully our Club and membership can work together to better serve human kind.
So after that, what does it take to maintain a commitment to membership in Our Rotary Club.  Well pay the annual dues, attend at least 60% of the meetings during the year and this can include make up meetings at other clubs, Rotary training meetings and or other functions.  Our weekly breakfasts are only $10.00 and our annual dues are $150.00.  As for other extra activities such as a special dinner, fundraisers or fines, THOSE ARE VOLUNTARY contributions and are not mandated along with any contributions to the Rotary Foundation.