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May 4, 2017 Club Meeting

Just Last Week

This past Thursday, May 4th, we had the opportunity to hear from Richard Moore who is the President of the non-profit organization "Shoulder to Shoulder".  The mission of this organization is to break the cycle of fartherlessness in our inner city.  Richard had a most interesting presentation.  Thank you Richard for joining us last week.
Meet us at the Casa Garden Restaurant  for our luncheon meeting.  We will induct our newest member, Tom Jones, and have a representative from the Moral Values Program update us on the great work this organization does in the Fruitridge and Franklin area.  
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Issue No. 12 - September 24     Barry K. Hogan, Newsletter Editor

Ever wonder who feeds the homeless, underemployed people, seniors and children who can’t make ends meet each week?  Margaret Brown from SSIP (South Sacramento Interfaith Partnership) told us that her group does.  With an annual budget of $125,000, she and a group of 100 volunteers provide food seven days a week to those in need.  Seven to nine churches founded this worthwhile organization in 1969 to fill community needs.  Its major focus is the Food Closet.  SSIP is the second largest food agency in Sacramento County; the Food Bank is the largest.  So where does all of this food come from?  Margaret told us that it comes from the participating churches, individuals, organizations, kids can drives, purchased from the Sac Food Bank and other grocery stores such as Grocery Outlet.  They also get donations from Trader Joe’s, Nugget, and Safeway.  Their money comes from donations from churches, trust funds, grants and fundraisers.

The Prez Says. . .

Paint the Town was a great success for us and everyone participating.  We were able to install a new front yard, with some trimming of existing landscaping, removal of some shrubs, installation of some weed blocking fabric and bark and rocks.  We also spent a lot of time painting the black wrought iron fencing a brand new rust color.  A great time was had by all.  A big thanks to JR for making this happen for the Club.
I’m going to wear my best Aloha shirt for our meeting next week with the District Governor, Glenn Fong.  He will also be our keynote speaker.
Our October 1st meeting will be at Iron Grill.   Be there or be square!
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Issue No. 8 - September 3     Barry K. Hogan, Newsletter Editor

Who would have thought that life could be so cruel on someone so young?  Tanya Kravchuk, Director of Development from the Children’s Receiving Home on Auburn Boulevard told us about the plight of Mia, who as a young child was terribly abused by her father to the point that she was traumatized and was more animal-­‐like than human.  The Sprouts Program is designed to encourage improvement in all areas of child development including social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and school readiness. Their services are also designed to help reduce family stress and reduce the need for specialized services once the child reaches school age. The structured program and interventions include providing the family with child development and behavior management education and support.  The Sprouts Program is one of our major recipients applicants for Crab Feed funds.
The program is designed to:
  • Reduce the early onset of emotional and behavioral problems in young children
  • Establish and engage on-going natural community supports
  • Increase placement stability
  • Increase health and wellness of young children and their families

The Prez Says. . .

his is a call out to all club members to sign-­up for our annual “Paint the Town” service project on September 19th.  For those of you who have participated in this worthwhile event in previous years, you know that it is a blast.  We get to help needy families make improvements on their homes such as painting the house, putting up fencing, installing landscaping, or just plane cleaning up.  It is truly a community effort with other community organizations and sponsors joining in.  Don’t miss this chance to make a difference.  JR has sent each of you an email for sign up.  If you did not get one or deleted it by mistake, just email JR or me and we will make sure you get it.
Just call me “Leaky.”  Those members who were at our last meeting got the full story on my leaky valve situation and the expected outcome.  Suffice to say, I will not be at the October 21 or 29 weekly meetings and will need two volunteers from our past president’s group to fill in for me.  My operation will be on October 21 with a 4-­‐hour prep the day prior.  I will go in early on October 21 for the operation and will be in the hospital for 5 to 7 days.  I expect to be back at the helm for the November 5th meeting.
Our September 10th meeting will be at Iron Grill.  We have tentatively set the meeting for discussion with our selected major recipient for the Crab Feed funds.   Don’t miss the opportunity to participate!
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Issue No. 7 - August 20     Barry K. Hogan, Newsletter Editor

Have you ever tried to network?  Haven’t the first clue as to how to start?  Well, if you attended last week, Julie Gallher from Get on the Map told us just how to best work with LinkedIn.  These days with over 50% of people getting their news from Facebook, we need to be more connected if we are going to get the word out about business and especially about the Rotary Club of South Sacramento.  No longer is it acceptable to use an emailing list that is more than 12 months old, since over half of those email addresses will be no good.  One of the best ways to connect is with Facebook.  People will keep up their Facebook profile, including a new email address more than worrying about notifying people that their email address has changed.
These days what is it that you do when you don’t know someone?  You Google them, and here’s where using LinkedIn is an effective tool.  If you have a LinkedIn profile, when you are googled, it is the first item that comes up.  Additionally, Google will take the first line of the LinkedIn profile and put it in the Google list.  So you can get your message out easily.
If you have a small business or know someone who does, have them contact Julie Gallaher to get on the map, as she says.  She can be reached at or or or or more conventionally at 916-265-2521.

The Prez Says. . .

Well, at this time next week Denise and I would have been cruising the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth II, if it had not been for my doctor’s keen hearing.  As you know, my internist found a heart flutter, which turned out to be a valve rupture.  After seeing the cardiologist, I am scheduled for two procedures at Mercy General; a transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) and a cardiac catherization.   What this will do is see the extent of “damage” to the heart valve and point to the procedure to correct the problem.  I won’t be at the next meeting, but I expect to return to the helm on September 3.
Many thanks to JR, Michael and Anne for volunteering to be on the Membership Committee and thanks to everyone for the adoption of the Plan.  As I said at the meeting, this is a Plan that will involve ALL club members.
We also have completed the Satellite Q&A sheet to be used in attracting potential members to the new satellite club that we are starting.  If you have someone in mind, and have not already let me, or the Membership Committee know who he or she is and please provide one of us with the contact information.
Our August 27th meeting will be run by Anne Hasbrook and will be at Iron Grill.  Our keynote speaker will be Gopal Kapur from the Family Green Survival, Bag of Life.  Don’t miss it!
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Issue No. 6 - August 13     Barry K. Hogan, Newsletter Editor

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is always one of the most gratifying programs in which our Club participates.  Each year Barbara and Jim Tracy, for many of the last few years, have taken their time to participate in the Club’s RYLA program with the selected Luther Burbank High School students.  Three students have come to the club, Eva Newman-Coley, at a previous meeting, and two students just this last week, Andrea Diaz and Lilly Vang.  We never tire of hearing the clarion call from the students, “RYLA is a life-changing event. “  They find deep and lifelong friendships in the other participants and learn leadership skills that will help them become better students and better people as they mature.  This year Barbara used an interview style with the two students giving each a chance to express their experience from RYLA.

The Prez Says. . .

Well, at this time next week Denise and I would have been cruising the Atlantic on our way to Europe for long awaited vacation.  The news from the cardiologist was generally good.  He said we could go on the vacation, but as Denise kept adding things, such as our week in Rhode Island and then our son’s wedding and then a visit to San Diego, I could see that the trip was going to be cancelled.  Both Denise and I felt that it would be best to take care of this “heart thing” so we can travel without worry.  Once they go in and see what’s really going on with my valve and the extent of the repair necessary, surgery will be scheduled.  As soon as I know, I will share it with the Club.  Sooooo, the Parade of Presidents will be delayed.  I will be running the meeting of August 20, but will not be available for the August 27 meeting due to a hospital procedure where they take a look at the extent of repair that needs to be done.  It could take a day or two starting on early on Wednesday, August 26.   Therefore, Dave, you get a reprieve, but Anne, I would ask you to please substitute for me on August 27.
Now, on to Club business!  The membership plan that was presented to each of you at the last meeting as been amended based upon what was learned at the New Focus seminar on Saturday.  I would ask each of you to review the membership plan that has been posted on the website at and make your comments known to me, Michael or JR. 
Our August 20th meeting is at Iron Grill.  Our keynote speaker will be Julie Gallaher from Get on the Map talking about LinkedIn.   See you there.
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Issue No. 5 - August 6     Barry K. Hogan, Newsletter Editor

Our keynote speakers were Christie Goodfellow and Dawn Dunlap from the Sacramento Food Co-op.  The co-op began as a food-buying club in 1972 and opened a storefront of primarily bulk foods at 16th and P Streets in downtown Sacramento.  In 1973, this buying club was incorporated as the Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative, a Board of Directors was elected and the first paid employee was hired.
The vision of the Co-op is “to provide the benefits of natural foods and products, economic cooperation, and sustainable practices to as many people as possible in the communities that we serve.”  The Co-op was recently certified as a fully organic store.  It has been such a successful operation that it is expanding into a new facility in April 2016.  The new facility will be much larger, 22,000 square feet versus 16,000 square feet now, with a second story of 16,000 square feet for the cooking school.  And there will be much more parking, expanding to 198 parking spaces instead of the current 62 spaces.
The Co-op is locally owned by over 11,000 owners who buy shares in the operation.  The owners are not required, like in some co-ops, to work at the facility, but there are a number of owners who do volunteer to work.  There are 162 full and part-time employees.

The Prez Says. . .

It was a pleasure to induct two new members into the Club at the last meeting.  Welcome to Erin Ravenscraft and Justin Hernandez.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and talk each of them, please take the time to make them feel a welcomed part of our club.
I got an invite from Joe Ariniello a marketing coordinator who is helping with “The FroYo Run on Saturday, August 22nd at River Walk Park at 651 2nd Street in West Sacramento, CA.  He needs some volunteers to help run the event.  The volunteer shifts range from 3 to 4 hours and you can help with check-ins from 6 am to 10 am, the course from 7:30 am to 11 am, the party area from 8 am to noon, course watch from 5:30 am to 9 am, breakdown from 11 am to 2 pm, and goodie bag packing on Friday, August 21 from 5 pm to 8 pm.  If you are interested please sign up at the following link, tickets-16729519443?aff=ROTSAC Their goal is to raise $10,000 for the ALS Association.  For your efforts at this worthwhile event, you will receive a t-shirt and a cup of frozen yogurt.  But it’s not about the gifts, it’s about the service!
On August 15 is the Rotary Zone Membership New Focus Training for which I have registered, as well as Anne Hasbrook, JR and Michael.  On August 24 is the District Golf Tournament.   Although it is still some time from now, you get a discount the earlier you sign up for the Rotary Foundation Dinner!  I would like to fill at least one table, if not two.  Sign up now.  Contact Leigh-Ann Reinero at or 916-803-6895 for registration information.  The cost, through the end of August is $55/person, which goes to $65 through October 23rd and $75/person after that!  The event is at the Double Tree Hotel on November7th starting at 6 p.m.
There will be the 2nd Annual Walk4Literacy on October 17.  This fundraiser was promoted by a visiting Rotarian from the Sacramento Downtown Club.  Check it out at .
Only one more meetings before the Parade of Presidents take over for me while I am on vacation.  The Parade is as follows:
8/20               Dave Lambros
8/27               Anne Hasbrook
9/3                 JR Springer
9/10               Jim Tracy
9/17               Craig Stevenson
9/24               Barbara Tracy
10/1               Krysia Falltrick
10/8               Michael DiGrazia
Our August 13th meeting is at Iron Grill.  Our keynote speaker will be our RYLA students.   See you there.
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Issue No. 4 - July 30     Barry K. Hogan, Newsletter Editor

If you ever wondered and didn’t know what all of the efforts in fundraiser are for, you found out at our last meeting.  There were representatives from eight community organizations that attended our weekly meeting to receive donations from the Rotary Club of South Sacramento.  Norcal Camp Grizzly was there represented by Cheryl Bell with her interpreter Stephanie Hester; Moral Values Program was represented by Marty Haley with Randy Lopez, a former student of the school; The Boy Scouts, represented by Justin Hernandez, soon to be a new member of the club; The Girl Scouts was represented by Julie Whitehouse; Loaves and Fishes Mustard Seed School was represented by Brian Gross; I Can Do That! was represented by Allison Sertic; The Sacramento Children’s Home TAP Program was represented by Todd Koolakian; Camellia Juniors Orchestra was represented by Paolo Reyes; and the YMCA, our major recipient who assisted in the Crab Feed, was represented by Amanda McCarthy.  Two other organizations received donation that were unable to attend.  They are SSIP Food Closet and the Sacramento City College Dental Hygiene Research Competition participants.
As the checks were presented to each organization, the representatives told the audience where the funds would be spent and what their organization does.  It was truly heartwarming to hear their appreciation for our efforts as well as to hear how the money would be spent to help children and the needy.  This is what Rotary is all about!  Service above Self.

The Prez Says. . .

There is still time to comment on ReFire, if you haven’t already commented orally at the meeting, please take the time to let me know your feelings either by phone or in writing through email.  Your participation is vital to making this a Plan for all club members.  It is still my intent to consider adoption of ReFire at the August Board meeting.
Well, the Softball season is over and, although we did well for our third season, we are not number 1, but number 2.  Like the old Avis commercial used to say, “we’re not number 1, but we try harder!”  For those members who played, I thank you; for those members who came out to cheer us on, I thank you.  And thanks to those friends of the Club who participated.  We could not have done as well without everyone’s efforts.
On August 6 is Supper STRS – Excel 2013 training.  On August 15 is the Rotary Zone Membership New Focus Training for which I have registered, as well as Anne Hasbrook, with JR and Michael likely attendees also.  On August 24 is the District Golf Tournament.   Although it is still some time from now, you get a discount the earlier you sign up for the Rotary Foundation Dinner!  I would like to fill at least one table, if not two.  Sign up now.  Contact Leigh-Ann Reinero at or 916-803-6895 for registration information.  The cost, through the end of August is $55/person, which goes to $65 through October 23rd and $75/person after that!  The event is at the Double Tree Hotel on November7th starting at 6 p.m.
As I mentioned at the meeting, you can pay for your lunch and raffle tickets for the entire year.  For those meetings that you are unable to make, a refund will be given at the end of the Rotary year.  This annual payment will make the check in line shorter and the work of the money taker faster and easier.  The cost for just lunch for 37 meetings beginning August 13 is $555 at $15/meeting, not including the Holiday Party, Demotion Party, or Happy Hours.  If you want to add raffle tickets please do.  Please give your checks to Steve Mauch.
Only two more meetings before the Parade of Presidents take over for me while I am on vacation.  The Parade is as follows:
8/20               Dave Lambros
8/27               Anne Hasbrook
9/3                  JR Springer
9/10               Jim Tracy
9/17               Craig Stevenson
9/24               Barbara Tracy
10/1               Krysia Falltrick
10/8               Michael DiGrazia
Our August 5th meeting is at Iron Grill.  See you there.
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Jim and Barbara Tracy we fortunate enough to attend the Rotary International Conference in Brazil and also get some time to represent our club as part of the international water project that we, and a host of other clubs participated in.  They also got in some sightseeing.  The water project was a water purifier for the occupants of the favellas (what Brazil calls the slums).  We saw pictures of Rio de Janerio, with its Sugarloaf Mountain and the larger than life statue of Christ the Redeemer, and the famous Ipanema Beach with its inlaid swirled boardwalk; and pictures of the huge City of Sao Palo.  After the conference the Tracy’s journeyed to Iguazu Falls touring the hundreds of waterfalls on both sides in Argentina and Brazil.  They even took a boat ride into the falls!

The Prez Says. . .

For those club members who have not yet reviewed and commented on ReFire, please take the time to do so.  Your participation is vital to making this a Plan for all club members.  It is still my intent to consider adoption of ReFire at the August Board meeting.
Our Softball Team, coached by our inimitable JR Springer, won again last Monday night.  It was a hot July night, hovering around 90, but the team sweated it out and won an overwhelming victory against the Sacramento Downtown Club.  Hopefully you had an opportunity to cheer our team on in the finals on Monday, July 27 at the Sacramento Softball Center.
August is a big month for the District.  On August 1 is the IPOTS or Interact Presidents and Officer Training) seminar at CSUS.  On August 6 is Supper STRS – Excel 2013 training.  ON August 15 is the Rotary Zone Membership New Focus Training and on August 24 is the District Golf Tournament.  I will be on vacation, but do we want to field a team???
Don’t miss the July 30th meeting; it will be a special one for the Club.  We will award funds to the selected charities.  This is always a great moment for club members to see how all of our efforts at fundraising help out local charities.  See you there.
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The first real meeting for our new president was today. He was intent upon showing a video to start the meeting, but was unable to do so due to technical difficulties; maybe next time??? The first real meeting went off without much trouble. This meeting was a Club Assembly to discuss the plan for the club, or as RI calls it ReFire. Barry led the discussion from a prepared document. He outline 5 basic goals for the Club and a series of objectives under each goal. There was a good discussion and changes have been made to the plan. The ReFire Plan is contained below for consideration by all club members. Please send all of your comments and questions to Barry. He will try and answer all of your questions and make adjustments to the Plan and then schedule it for adoption by the Board at it's August 12 Board Meeting.

ReFire for 2015-16

It's critical to have goals so that you know what you want, where you want to go, and have a purpose for existing. To that end we need to focus on what our Club wants to do this year and set a plan for the next three to five years. The intent is to have each incoming president review the Plan and suggest modifications to fit his/her vision for his/her term, but overall ReFire is a broad plan for the future of our Club. The plan involves a series of goals, with objectives to carry out or meet the goals. Goals should be clear, focused and measurable. Once ReFire is adopted we will have our "Playbook" for 2015-16 and beyond.
Goal 1
Increase club membership to at least 35 members
  1. Establish a Membership Committee consisting of three club members.
  2. Establish a membership packet, which includes a membership application, list of reasons to become a Rotarian, significant accomplishments of the Rotary Club of South Sacramento, our services projects, and our participation in district projects and international projects.
  3. Have each club members invite at least one person to lunch who might be a potential member.
  4. Have the membership Committee create a plan for membership expansion that sets target areas along Broadway in Land Park, Curtis Park and Oak Park, sets targeted enteities such as Dentists, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Travel Agents, Golden 1, Bank of America, New Helvetia Brewery, Oak Park Brewery, Stockton Cooperative, Florin Road Partnership, Broadway Partnership, DMV, U-Haul, the Guild Theater, and the lik.
  5. Consider renaming the club to something that is more representative to the membership and easier for "branding" such as Rotary Club of Sacramento River City, or Rotary Club of River City, or Rotary Club of Sacramento Capital City.
  6. Seek out potential members to populate a "Satellite" Club, which would have reduced fees and meeting requirements, meeting only once or twice a month for an hour at Happy Hour at Iron Grill.
Goal 2
Continue to have interesting weekly speakers and programs
  1. Continue to have a Speaker Committee consisting of three club members.
  2. Each year create a list of potential sources for speakers and assign committee members to groups of those sources to secure speakers.
  3. Continue to have a speaker's thank you gift, such as signing a library book for donation, or donating a fixed amount to Polio Plus in the speaker's name, or donating a fixed amount to the club's foundation.
  4. Utilize the Speakers Bureau as one source for weekly speakers.
  5. Utilize District 5180 club presidents to suggest speakers, which they have found particularly interesting to come and speak at our club.
  6. Utilize Sacramento County; City of Sacramento and their various departments as a source for speakers, such as people in charge of planning, building, code enforcement, bomb squad, fire fighting, police investigations, council and supervisors.
  7. Utilize the State of California legislative offices and committees as a source for speakers.
  8. Utilize the Sacramento Board of Realtors as a source for speakers.
Goal 3
Seek out worthy Service Projects, which meet the goals of Rotary International
  1. Continue to support and participate in the annual "Paint the Town" projects, which help to improve underprivileged neighborhoods.
  2. Continue to support and participate in the annual "Florin Road Clean-Up" with the JROTC at Luther Burbank High School.
  3. Continue to participate in the "Third Grade Dictionary" program for the local schools within our area.
  4. Provide support for the local food bank through volunteer efforts by club members.
  5. Provide support for the Salvation Army in collections at Christmas time.
  6. Seek out international projects in which club members can actively participate.
  7. Continue to participate in "The Rotary House" program to provide housing for families whose children are under care for cancer at UC Davis Hospital.
  8. Look into existing and potential programs that support literacy.
Goal 4
Help and assist children, students and underprivileged students, children and their families
  1. Seek out local programs that help and assist underprivileged children and families as recipients for annual benevolent giving from the club.
  2. Provide volunteer assistance to the local agencies, when possible.
  3. When sufficient funding is available provide annual scholarship for Sacramento City College students.
  4. Continue to participate in the annual District Speech Contest working with other local clubs to ensure that each local club has a sufficient number of speakers.
  5. Continue with the "Student of the Month" award for Luther Burbank High School students.
  6. Continue to annual fund students for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Camp.
  7. Continue to provide first books for kindergartners at local schools.
  8. Explore the possibility of forming an Interact Club at Luther Burbank High School.
  9. Set up a semi-annual re-assessment of the programs that the Club supports to coincide with the Benevolent Giving Committee selection of potential recipients for club funds. The purpose of the re-assessment of programs would be to assure that the programs continue to be valid and helpful to those served.
Goal 5
Ensure that the Club is on a firm fiscal foundation from year to year
  1. Each year adopt a balanced budget between revenue and expenses.
  2. Continue to hold an annual Crab Feed as the major fundraiser.
  3. Continue to have a Fourth of July Fireworks booth as a fundraiser.
  4. When holding a club event, such as an annual holiday party or demotion party, make sure that the event costs are entirely covered by the per person fee charged to the attendees.
  5. Create a Benevolent Giving Committee consisting of the Foundation Chair, the Foundation President, the President, the Treasurer and a member at-large. The purpose of the Committee is to provide a list of potential recipients of the president to consider for annual giving.

The Prez Says...

Many thanks to everyone who has participated so far in the ReFire Plan for our club. As those of you who participated will see from the Plan copy included as part of this newsletter, some changes have been made as a result of your comments. To all other club members, please take the time to review the ReFire Plan and provide me with your comments by no later than August 1. It is my intent to take the ReFire Plan to the Board at the August meeting for its adoption.
I am please to have the pleasure of introducing two potential new members to the Club. The Board has approved the membership of Justin Hernandez and Erin Ravenscraft subject to the Club review process by the full membership. Most of you know or have met Justin and Erin at previous meetings or events. Justin is with the Boy Scouts of American and Erin is with F&M Bank. Both have shown their willingness to participate in club activities even though they are not yet members with Erin volunteering at the Fireworks Booth and Justin attending the President's Luau. Please let me know in writing if you have any objections to their membership within 7 days of receipt of this newsletter. Hearing no objections it is my intent to bring them both into the Club by no later than the first meeting in August.
July 25th is the Youth Services, Foundation and Literacy Summit. Hear how youth programs work, how friends, families and clubs can participate. Find out how the Rotary Foundation can elevate our youth programs. It will be at the Sacramento Association of Realtors, 2003 Howe Avenue, Mack Powell Building, West Room from 9am to noon. There will be an ice cream social afterwards.
We will be back at Iron Grill for the next meeting with the Tracy's scheduled to give a talk on their trip to Brazil for the RI Conference as well as their participation in an international project while they were there. It should be a very informative and interesting topic. Hope to see you all there.
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We held a Club Assembly on ReFire, or more commonly what we liked and did not like about this last year of Rotary at our Club. Our fearless president led the effort with a survey of eight questions for each attendee to answer.
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Posted by Barry Hogan on May 06, 2015
Wow, if you were not at the May 7 meeting you missed a great keynote speaker when Teresa Rocha, Executive Director of the Broadway Partnership spoke. Read all about it here!
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Have you ever thought of making a film? Putting your thoughts down in a way that would be interesting and enteratining to others is a unique talent. Our Club was honored to have Robert Lee Grant, an award-winning documentary film maker come and give us a glimpse into his next film, "Gold Rush Generation."
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Posted by Barry Hogan on Mar 25, 2015

Reading Partners

This meeting was unusual since our President was sick with strep throat and the ever ready Michael DiGrazia, past President, took the reins and ran the meeting like a pro that he is.Our keynote speaker was a very poised and talented Rachael Valler from Reading Partners, a non-profit organization formed to help improve the reading skills of school age children.
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If the name William Petite sounds familiar or his face was familiar to long time Sacramentans its because he's been on Public Cable TV for many years with such programs as "Buried Treasures", "Those Were The Days", and "We Seniors Present". He has given thousands of talks for civic groups and his articles have appeared in the Sacramento Bee. Mr. Petite has served twice on the County Grand Jury as a Judicial nominee. He has worked with Joe DiMaggio, Lou Rawls, Nick Lucas, Jackie Coogan, Tony Martin, Frank Sinatra, Jr., Ray Anthony, Max Baer Jr., and 14 World Boxing Champions, including Dempsey, Sharkey and Braddock.
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Here you can post little tidbits of information, reminders, or anything else!
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