Contact: Robert Daly
Rancho Cordova Sunrise
United States

Get In On The Action

At the  Rancho Cordova Sunrise Rotary Club

1 – 4 – 24 Dice Tournament

Benefiting Local Rotary Projects

Mark Your Calendar

7:00 PM Thurs., June 14, 2018

at Smokey Oaks Tavern

9634 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks


Call Mike for Tickets


$50 Buy-in

Limited to just 60 players

4 Cash prizes:

1st & 2nd Winners Bracket

1st & 2nd Consolation Bracket

      25% of all ticket sales will go into the Prize Pool.  1st place in the Winner’s Bracket will receive 50% of the entire prize pool. Final prize amounts determined by the total number of entries.

Rules:  1-4-24

Each table begins play with one (1) cup and six (6) dice

The player in the number one (1) position will begin play

The person who qualifies with a one (1) and a four (4) with the highest face value of the four remaining dice, will be declared the winner of the round after all players have had a turn.

Each player will roll the dice up to and including six times. At least one (1) die, or more, must be removed from the cup on each roll. The players roll will continue until all the dice are in play.

          Please do not slam dice cup onto the field of play.

 If any dice are “stacked” or “cockeyed”, or if any dice roll off the field of play at the finish of any roll, all dice of that roll must be rolled again.

High tie/all tie: In cases of a tie (high hand) between two or more players, all players at the table will begin the hand over to determine the winner of that particular game.

No bottoms: When one die is left on the last roll, only the top number will be counted. There is no calling ‘bottoms,’ which means prior to showing the die, the person can use the number on the bottom of the die.

There will be seven (7) rounds of play, with each player having their turn to roll in each round (game)

The person who wins the most games in the 7 rounds will advance to the next bracket.

In case of a tie in the number of games won of the seven rounds, the players who tie will have a one (1) game play-off to determine the winner of the seven game round.