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Max and Haley Mertz had a great time at Project Amigo for their workweek March 7-14.  Glacier Valley Rotary generously donated $2,000 for the purchase of mini-libraries for schools that Max and Haley handed out to six schools with the other workweek volunteers.  Each book was labeled as donated by GVR.  From the amount donated by our members before the workweek, the club also donated to buy all 150 of Project Amigo's 'Becario's' (scholars) with new backpacks this summer.  These are put to very good use and are in great need. 
Max and Haley made the donation of clothes, GVR hats and school supplies to kids at the schools.  The hats went to the kids at one school (Pueblo Nueva) who thought they were very cool and the clothes went to kids in another town (Mazatan).  The school supplies were put into bags and given to each teacher at each school.  Kids and teachers appreciated all!  A few pics of the trip are below.