As previously announced, the largest scholarship that the Glacier Valley Rotary Club awards this spring will be named the “Jamie Parsons Scholarship”.  The scholarship will be awarded to our highest scoring high school recipient.  When we made the previous announcement, we set the deadline for accepting donations based on the need for the scholarship committee to be able to get the applications distributed to the schools by late January.  Because of several factors, we are extending the deadline for submissions to January 31st.   Many thanks go to Scholarship Co-chair Stephen Beedle and Treasurer Sheri Vidic for being willing to do the extra last minute work necessary to facilitate this.
So, if you agree that this is a great way to honor our friend and fellow Rotarian, please mail a check or contact Sheri Vidic to have your account billed by January 31st.  If you are going to mail a check, will you also please send Sheri an email letting her know the amount (in case it doesn’t arrive on time)?
Sheri’s email address is:
Glacier Valley Rotary’s mailing address is:
Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary Club
Box 34418,
Juneau, AK  99803
Thank you, Club President Charlie Williams