Five-Club Work Project Scheduled
The four Juneau Rotary Clubs and Rotaract are partnering to conduct improvements to the Dzantik’I Heeni Middle School/Marriott Aquatic Education Trail that links the school and adjacent ballfields, covered basketball court, and play area with the Lemon Creek neighborhood. Neighborhood children use the trail to access the school and the popular baseball/softball/soccer fields and the basketball court. Through the trail, children have access to after school activities without being reliant on the bus schedule or be forced to walk home along busy streets. Educators at the school also use the trail as an outdoor classroom as it meanders through a muskeg meadow and offers opportunities to study different ages of a developing forest as well as several species of spawning salmon in Switzer Creek.

The trail was originally constructed over 15 years ago of pressure treated 2”x12” planking which has sunken into the meadow and is mostly under water. It has become very slippery and difficult to walk on and in many places the planking is coming apart. There are also three short bridges that are in disrepair or are in danger of washing out. The trail has become nearly impassable and is only useable by a limited portion of the population. This project will make major improvements to the trail by replacing the 12” wide boardwalk with a 4’ wide compacted, gravel pathway, and replacing narrow, rotting bridges. These simple upgrades will open up access to this scenic trail and important route to a school and community sports and play facility to nearly anyone living in the Lemon Creek community.
There are two work days scheduled - Saturday, August 25 and Saturday, September 8.