On Saturday January 27th, 2018 Baconfest was held at the Elizabeth Peratovich Hall in downtown Juneau. Juneau’s best Catering and restaurant businesses came together to celebrate bacon and face off in a culinary competition. Each of the dishes featured bacon in some form.  All attendees reaped the benefit of this friendly competition and like most attendees, even Mayor Ken Koelsch admitted that he couldn't decide which was his favorite dish.

The Flustered Cluckers managed to slip in many bacon references as they serenaded the crowd with the great vibes of their iconic music!  Congratulations to Bryce Pilney and Christina Lara the winners of the Breeze-In sponsored the Bacon Eating Contest!  The Breeze-In delicious custom smoked bacon went down very quickly! 

When all of the votes were counted, V's Cellar Door took home 1st place in the sweet category with their bacon infused crepe brûlée, bourbon caramel sauce and candied smoked bacon bits. Four Plates in Frontier Suites won the savory competition with their Peruvian empanadas filled with cream cheese bacon filling and dipped in bacon parmesan sauce. The Timberline Restaurant took second in the sweet category with their bacon cotton candy with Jack Daniel's Bavarian cream and bacon dust, and the Sandpiper Cafe was the runner up in the savory category with a bacon zucchini soup topped with Asiago cheese and pork belly crouton.

The Professional's Choice Award went to the Sandpiper Cafe for their Coffee Crème brûlée with candied bacon and orange zest.

This was a great fundraiser for Glacier Valley Rotary and we would like to thank all of our Purveyors for treating us to their spectacular tasty bacony delights! 

So, a Hearty Thank You goes out to: Gla-Scholl Ice, Breeze-in, El Sombrero, Four Plates, Randy’s Rib Shack, Suwanna Café, Barnaby Brewing, TK Maguires, Sandpiper Café, Abby’s Catering, Hangar on the Wharf, Baranof Catering, Timberline Restaurant, McGivney’s, and V’s Cellar!  They all put in a lot effort and we really appreciate them!

We also would like to thank the Juneau Radio Center for their Fabulous Promotion of our event and Alaskan Brewing for sponsoring with their delicious Beer!