The Juneau Housing First Project, construction of a 32 permanent supportive housing units to house Juneau's homeless population is scheduling for completion June, 2017. The project will provide safe and secure housing for "residents in order to facilitate dignified lives, a healthy community, and will provide a significant costs savings" to the Juneau community.

The City of Juneau has prioritized taking steps towards accommodated the chronic homeless in our community. 2016-2017 efforts through our local City and Borough as well as the Juneau Community Foundation has supported efforts for a new $7.3 million project which will open it's doors in late 2017.

The project has broad community support through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, The City And Borough of Juneau. Tlingit-Haida Housing Authority, the Juneau Foundation, the Juneau Homeless Coalition, Local design professionals, and others. With a history of projects relevant and vital to our community, the combined Rotary clubs of Juneau see an opportunity to contribute and leverage this effort and dedicate our 2017 efforts together.

Although the doors of the facility may open in June, the secondary layer of need lies in the facility support such as equipment and furnishings. Rooms without beds do not make a home.

The four Rotary Clubs of Juneau and Rotaract Club are combining their efforts together. Each club will take a leadership role in insuring the success of this project.

• The Juneau Gastineau Rotary Club will initiate project organization and writing of the grant.

• The Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary Club will be a liaison between the Rotary Clubs and the community leadership, as well as structure the financial and report keeping as part of the grant stewardship.

• The Juneau "Downtown" Rotary Club and Juneau 58' Innovators will organize the volunteers and work efforts.

All club's will also donate funds towards the project which were matched by Rotary District 5010.

With any non-profit project, such as the construction of housing, the simple construction is a financial challenge. The building is fantastic but is also dependent on the secondary level of support, fixtures and furnishes that will make it home. We've identified furnishing and will be installing 32 beds, on August 26th, to support the completion of this project as a wonderful community outreach gesture that is both within our combined resources and within the list of needs to help make this project operational.