Exchange Year 2014/15

INBOUND: Pablo from Bolivia arrived in August 2014.  He is a junior at TMHS.  

OUTBOUND: Freddie departed to Thailand in August 2014.  We can't wait to hear about her year when she returns.

Exchange Year 2013/14

INBOUND: Mew from Thailand arrived in August 2012.  She attended TMHS and loved her teachers and Juneau friends.  She misses Juneau and Alaska and keeps in touch with her host families often. 

OUTBOUND: Chantel departed to Brazil in August 2013 and didn't want to come back! She had a wonderful year and considers Brazil her second home now.

Exchange Year 2012/2013

INBOUND: Amalie from Sweden arrived in August 2013.  She attended TMHS.  She misses Juneau and Alaska and keeps in touch with her host families often. 

OUTBOUND: Sarah headed to France for a year of fun in the sun.  

Exchange Year 2011/2012

INBOUND: Rike from Germany arrived in August 2011.  She is our first student to attend TMHS.  She looks forward to her year in Juneau and Alaska. 

Exchange Year 2010/2011

OUTBOUND: Elizabeth (Liz) headed to Sweden in July ready for an adventure. Elizabeth learned the language, made new lifelong friends and gained a new understanding of herself and the world.

INBOUND: Julia arrived in Juneau from Sweden in August 2010 - with a love for swimming, horses and a great curiosity about life she  embraced all Juneau (and Alaska) had to offer.  Trips to Washington, DC and to Barrow, Alaska provided Julia a new perspective on Alaska and the USA.  She loved fishing, the mountains, and all liquid sunshine of Juneau.

Exchange Year 2009/2010

OUTBOUND: Stephanie headed to France to learn French, ski the Alps and embrance a new culture.  She departed in August 2009.

INBOUND: Alejandro arrived to Juneau from Mexico - he had fun exploring his new home for the next year making new amigos everywhere he went.  He arrived in August 2009.

Exchange Year 2008/2009

OUTBOUND: Meghan spent her exchange year in the Czech Republic. She left Juneau on Oct 6, 2008 and returned on June 30, 2009.  Meghan updated our club and friends with amazing stories of her exchange experiences. 

INBOUND: Andreas is spent his exchange year in the Juneau. He was from Switzerland and loved to play hockey. He helped the JDHS hockey team win!!!!

Exchange Year 2007/2008

OUTBOUND: Jordan spent his exchange year in Germany. He had the opportunity to learn about German live, European fashion and came back full of plans for his future.

INBOUND: Shino spent her exchange year in the Juneau. She was from Japan and loved dance - she participated in a dance group that won first prize at a JDHS talent show.