Posted by Jim Foley
Yogish, Gracina Herculano, Laura Goldstone, Brad Kirscher, Inacia Santos, Anna Williams, Ainslie Corridon
The visiting GSE team from District 9550 introduced themselves and their interests with very organized speeches and great visuals.  The team leader, Rotarian Ainslie Corridon started with a description of their district in Northern Australia.  It is vast!  A flight from Townsville at the eastern edge of the district to Darwin at the western edge is roughly equivalent to a flight from St. Paul to Los Angeles.
Also, included in the district is Timor-Leste (East Timor) which is the eastern half of Timor Island located about 500 miles northwest of Darwin. [Timor is a country of 1.9 million people that was independent of Indonesia founded in 2002] Following this introduction each member of the team spoke using one simple projected visual with their name and background and a second visual to describe their work.
Anna Williams: Interior Decorator in Townsville.  She started a business doing homes and other small projects and has grown the practice to include much larger projects and buildings.
Yogish: Civil Engineer.  Born and educated in India, worked in Ireland for three years then lost his job and moved to North Queensland about five years ago.  He manages bridge and roadway design and construction.
Inacia Santos: Agricultural consultant.  This is mountain country where coffee, the major is grown.  Her work includes consulting on the growing, harvesting, selling, and transporting coffee.
Gracina Herculano: Director of an education project in Timor-Leste.  She was raised in a small town in Timor-Leste that has no road and can only be reached by a three hour walk or horse ride.
Ainslie Corridon: Team Leader, is a member of the Darwin Sunrise Rotary Club.  She is a Legal Professional that writes laws for the Northern Territory parliament. She recently finished her legal education and expect to become certified later this year.
They answered questions and exchanged club banners to end the program.  One of the questions was " long have they been in Minnesota" and another was "... what has been their most interesting experience?"  Answers were:  "... we arrived two weeks ago"  "...we enjoyed the Spam Museum in Austin and walking on water (frozen) at the Roseville arena.  None of us have ever seen snow."