School Supplies and Humanitarian Aid


In 2001 through 2007, Metro Rotary joined this district project to serve the Chihuahuan community of Madera in the Sierra Madre mountains by providing school supplies for one of their elementary schools.  The project was coordinated with the Rotary Club of Madera.  Further south in the community of Creel near the Copper Canyon, the project worked with the Tarahumara Indians and the local Jesuit padre to support the Tarahumara Children's Hospital and provide humanitarian aid to the nearby Tarahumara villages of Choguita and Recogochi. 


Clean Water


Metro Lubbock Rotary participated in the installation of water filters in the mountains around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  This project also included health and personal hygiene programs for the families receiving the filters.  Additionally, soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste were distributed as part of the program.  This 2-year, $98,000 grant provided clean drinking water to 9,000 people. 


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