Sarah Burtner has been the Community Engagement Coordinator for Habitat For Humanity since 2019.  The theme of her remarks was ways you can support Habitat For Humanity without lifting a hammer.  For those who may be unfamiliar with the organization, Habitat for Humanity, or HfH, assists families in owning and occupying affordable housing.  They do that primarily by building modest homes that families help build and then occupy.  The family's labor, or sweat equity, becomes a portion of the down payment.  After occupancy, the residents pay the mortgage at a low interest rate and ultimately become the free and clear owner of the property.  In a typical year, HfH builds 3 homes.
Ms. Burtner’s focus Friday was the ReStore retail location occupying part of the former REI on Spenard Road between northern Lights Blvd and Benson.  The location accepts donations of appliances and building materials and then sells them at affordable prices.  The store makes usable items available at much reduced cost and prevents usable materials from going to the landfill.  Nelson Defendorf had positive stories of both donating and purchasing items from the store.  Mark Cosby told of his experience as a property insurance adjuster visiting the homes.  He was uniformly impressed with the care and maintenance he saw in those homes.