Camilla Nordmann is doing her best, trying to keep the Hostel open all year around.
Anchorage International Rotary has hosted dozens of youth exchange (YE) students since the program first came to Alaska in the 1960's.  Many of these students remain in contact with their host families long after their exchange ends.  Camilla Nordman was an exchange student around 2014/2015 who has now opened a hotel in Skagen, Denmark!   See the press release on her new venture below followed by the interpretation of a few words from Camilla.
09. marts 2021
On January 1, the 26-year-old skagbo, Camilla Nordmann, bought Dan Hostel Skagen (formerly Skagen Ny Vandrerhjem) from Rolf Hauge, who built and has operated the hostel since 1994. "I have first, due to corona, officially opened the hostel on March 1, and I look forward servicing the many guests who choose to stay here with me" Camilla Nordmann tells SkagensAvis, who stopped by this morning.
According to Camilla will the place be driven in the same spirit as Rolf Hauge, in which he has been successful for the last 25 years.  β€œI have chosen to keep all the staff. However, I need to hire a new janitor, as he has previously retired,” says Camilla Nordmann. (See advertisement here in the newspaper with the job advertisement).
After 1 year as an exchange student in Alaska, Camilla graduated from Frederikshavn Gymnasium and Frederikshavn Handelsskole, before taking the 2.5-year sabbath, which she used to travel most of the world. Since then, she has been learned within the travel industry at Happydays in Frederikshavn. β€œOn my many trips around the world, I have stayed in lots of hostels and there I fell in love with the atmosphere there. It was at that time, that my first thoughts to run a hostel in Skagen was fostered. When I got the opportunity to buy the hostel after Rolf I was in no doubt, and now I am more than ready to give it all that it takes here in Skagen.
Camilla does not have it from strangers, renting rooms. Her aunt Gitte Nordmann, who owns several hotels in Skagen, including Foldens Hotel, Skagen Hotel and Skagen Motel. The last-mentioned place did Camilla managed in 2020, so she knows a whole lot about what it means to run a room rental in Skagen.
The hostel has 24 rooms and there are 7-8 employees.
Camilla interpreted several words to explain the above press release in English:
Skagbo: A person who lives in Skagen and has done it for generations.
Vandrehjem: is the word for hostel in danish.
SkagenAvis: is the name of the newspaper.
Gymnasium: Is a school witch we go to after finishing 9th or 10th grade – kind of a mix between collage and high school in USA.
Handelsskole: kind of the same as a Gymnasium but this is the place you study if you want to have a career in the business industry.