The Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary

The Art Pratt Foundation originally grew from a bequest of Mr. Art Pratt.  Under the stewardship of the, then Kearney Mesa Rotary, the Foundation grew to be able to support numerous charitable organizations.  Although not restricted, the Foundation, by tradition and practice has favored grant requests that:  Benefit children and youth; Benefit persons with disabilities or who are otherwise disadvantaged; Are to organizations, not individuals; Involve the acquisition of facilities or equipment, not operating funds; Benefit the local community, especially the service area of Old Mission Rotary; and Can provide a tangible, permanent recognition of the gift by the Foundation and its founder, Art Pratt.

  The Foundation has not, historically favored requests that:  Support ongoing programs and operations, or Would result in a gift to the same organization more often than once every three years.  The Foundation prefers to give annually, a greater  number of smaller grants, such as 15 to 25 grants in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 each, rather than 4 to 6 grants each of significantly higher amounts.

Prospective Grantee Requirements

GRANTS FOR 2021 -- July 1, 2021 to DECEMBER  31, 2021 Period

GRANTS FOR 2022 -- JANUARY 1, 2022 to JUNE 30, 2022  Period


  The grant application should be on the organization’s letterhead and present in narrative form the following information:

A summary of proposed use of grant funds:

  • How the grant will contribute to and enhance the mission and programs of your organization
  • The amount requested 
  • Contact information, including email address, for a person in the organization who will be our contact for any inquiries or to schedule a site visit

Supplementary information should include:

  • Your Mission Statement
  • A List of officers and directors 
  • An IRS exemption letter 
  • Your most recent federal tax return
  • Your most recent audited or compiled financial statement
  • Name of the organization’s five largest supporters (amounts optional) 
  • Tabulation of numbers of persons served by the organizations, by activity
  • Complete budget of the project for which funding is requested, including a listing with cost quotes for each item, and a prioritization of each item.  Show a listing of the items in the order of greatest need.
  • All above information is deemed to be public, unless specific pages are marked as Confidential.

Upon receipt of the grant application letter and supplementary information, our Board may ask for additional information before scheduling a visit for your organization.

Please prepare one original of this information and mail to:

                           Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary

                           1334 Hardin Drive

                            El Cajon, CA 92020

And submit an electronic copy of this information to:


The Art Pratt Foundation of the Old Mission Rotary Club provides two windows for grant applications as follows:

Grants submitted July 1, 2021 - October 31, 2021 will be considered throughout the cycle and will usually be made by December 31st..

Grants submitted  January 1, 2023 through April 30, 2023 will be considered throughout the cycle and will usually be made by June 30th.

Grants for the period, July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, may be submitted after June 1, 2021 for funding after July 1st.

 Following receipt of a grant request, board members may contact your organization to conduct a site visit and tour your facility. 


The Board of Directors

Voting Members:

President --  Miles Durfee - Term Ends - 6/30/24


Gary John Collins --Term Ends -- 6/30/22 

Michelle Malin -- Term Ends - 6/30/23

 Larry Edwards -Term  Ends - 6/30/22,

Charlotte Cofield - Term Ends - 6/30/23

Cynthia Drake - Term Ends - 6/30/23

Donna Maytum - Term Ends - 6/30/24

Non-Voting Members:

Treasurer -- Jacqueline Carpenter, 

Asst. Treasurer -- Stanley Vogelsang,

Secretary - Judith Copeland


Additional Grant/Foundation Guidelines:

Foundation Grants are approved for the purpose identified in the original grant request.  The Organization receiving a grant will prepare a report to the Foundation, within six months of the grant receipt, that details how and for what the grant dollars were spent.  The report on Organization letterhead and signed by an Officer will have attached copies of receipts for materials purchased and other documentation to confirm the grant was used per the original grant request.


Foundation decisions are final when made by a majority vote with a quorum present.  Foundation decisions may result in a grant approved for the amount requested, approved for a lessor amount, or declined.  The Foundation will not provide reasons for the decision to grant a lessor amount or to decline a grant request.

Foundation members have a duty to report any conflict of interest and abstain from the vote regarding a specific grant request where a conflict exists. A conflict of interest is present when there is a material personal interest in a specific grant request, which extends to the member, their family, workplace, other charities or domestic partner. The potential for conflict of interest is reported to the Foundation President.