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Old Mission Rotary Newsletter
Meets Every Tuesday at Noon at the
Best Western Seven Seas Hotel
Hotel Circle South
To Access a Club Newsletter simply click on the file on the left for that week's Newsletter.  Below is an index of speakers and major events, simply locate the specific Newsletter date and open it to read.
Date                                 Topic/Speaker
OM Bell 070913  Demotion Dinner President Omar
OM Bell 120313  The Tax Man Cometh - Dan McAllistar
OM Bell 121013  Copley YMCA Gift Wrapping Luncheon 
OM Bell 121713  Old Mission Christmas Party
OM Bell 010714  High Heel Golfer - Jennifer Harris
OM Bell 011414  Workshops for Warriors - Hernan Luis y Prado
OM Bell 012114  Pathways to Peace - Clara Harris
OM Bell 021814  Old Mission 4-Way Speech Contest
OM Bell 022514  Burundi Challenges   - Onosphere Manirakiza
OM Bell 022514  Art Pratt Foundation Grant to San Diego Rescue Mission
OM Bell 030414  UP” The Next Five Years - San Diego Outlook - Alan Nevin
OM Bell 031114  4-Way Test Speech Sub Regional Contest
OM Bell 031814  Can American Manufacturing be Saved - Michele Nash-Hoff
OM Bell 040114  Mission Valley and Copley YMCA Updates - Omar Calleros and Rich Wilson
OM  Bell 040814  Model United Nations  
OM Bell 042214   A Champion on and off the Field - John Brockington
OM Bell 042914   Do Pigs Fly?  Welcome to Scripps Health  - Susan Taylor
OM Bell 042914   Rotarians at Work Update
OM Bell 050614   The San Diego Library Foundation - Vickie Church
OM Bell 050614   Sasebo North Rotary Club of Japan
OM Bell 050614   International Service at Colonia Vicente Guerrero
OM Bell 051314   The San Diego Senior Games - Blaine Phipps
OM Bell 052714   RYLA Program Update - Tom Sandler
OM Bell 053114   Sea World Training Programs - John Spafford
OM Bell 053114   Art Pratt Foundation Grant to Robotics Club at John Muir School
OM Bell 061014   The Art of Story Telling- Carolyn Ayres
OM Bell 061714   Surfing Madonna – The Virgen de Guadalupe - Artist Mark Patterson
OM Bell 061714   Art Pratt Foundation Grant to K-9 Friendly Visitors
OM Bell 062314   LEAD Program  - John Harmata
OM Bell 062414   I hate my Yard – DIT Network -  Sara Bendrick
OM Bell 070114   Demotion Dinner for Steve Nunez
OM Bell 070814   White Labs use of hi-tech Yeasts in Beer and Wine - Megan Dekorne
OM Bell 071514   Excelsior Chess at Joan Kroc Salvation Army Center - Mike Hedman
OM Bell 072914   District Governor Louise Andres Visit
OM Bell 072914   Old Mission Rotary Donation to Thousand Smiles Foundation
OM Bell 080514   San Diego Water Authority Update - Teresa Penunuri
OM Bell 081214   Joys of World Travel and Studying abroad -  Kathleen Harris
OM Bell 081214   Wounded Warriors Visit Old Mission      
OM Bell 081914   Shelter Box - Pete Griffith
OM Bell 082214   Rebuilding Together  San Diego -  Stella Villasenor
OM Bell 090214   Solar Cooker  -  Roger Haines
OM Bell 090214   Colonia Lomas de San Ramon Update
OM Bell 091614   San Diego Airport Authority Update -  Keith Wilchetz
OM Bell 092314   Labor Law - Ward Henirichs
OM Bell 092314   Art Pratt Foundation grant to YWCA
OM Bell 093014   Vesta’s 100th Birthday Celebration  
OM Bell 100714   Preserving Our Past with Storytelling - Bob Goodman
OM Bell 101414   Rotary Youth Exchange  -aren Strabala
OM Bell 101414   Project Mercy Update – Two Homes Built
OM Bell 102114   Veterans Research Alliance - Seve Lewandowski
OM Bell 102114   Art Pratt Foundation Grant to City Heights Community Development
OM Bell 102814   Money Can’t buy Me Love… Or can it? - Katherine Willey
OM Bell 110414   City of San Diego Pure Water Program and Katherine Willey's Challenge of RI Foundation Donations
OM Bell 111414   Community Campership Council - Susan Thorning and Jack Cottrell Inducted
OM Bell 111414   Art Pratt Foundation Donation to Community Campership Council
OM Bell 111814   What is VIIDAI?
OM Bell 112514   Thanksgiving for the Wounded Warriors
OM Bell 120214   Rotary Fellowship and International Exchange and Interactions for Peace Kenya
OM Bell 120914   Coply YPMC Luncheon and wrapping presents
OM Bell 121614   Paula Kelly on International Relief Teams
OM Bell 011315  Heart Beat Music Academy by Tyra Hawthorne
OM Bell 012715  Project Peanut Butter by District Governor Nominee Marilyn Sanderson
OM Bell 013015  Special Edition - Katherine's Farewell Event
OM Bell 022015 Four Way Speech Contest and Catholic Charities Homeless Women
OM Bell 022415  San Diego Education Fund Briefing
OM Bell 030315  Social Media - Scott Carr
OM Bell 031715  Caitlin Edwards Irish Dancing and Steve Nunez receives Paul Harris Fellowship
OM Bell 032415  Rotary 4 Way Test Sub Finals
OM Bell 033115  From Chechnya with Love & Artem Luzukin visits
OM Bell 042115   Big Brothers and Big Sisters
OM Bell 042815   Vision Therapy
OM Bell 060215   The Trabajodores of San Quentin
OM Bell 061615   Prez Jerry Back from Brazil and Gift of Van to UABC
OM Bell 062315   Shelter Box Nepal, Climate Change
OM Bell 070715   Lead Students Visit, Wonder Writers and Televisionaries
OM Bell 071415   Home Start and Art Pratt Foundation Grant
OM Bell 072815   Western Service Worker's Association
OM Bell 081115    Art Pratt Foundation Grant Carol's House
OM Bell 081815   Lead Program for Middle School
OM Bell 082515   District Governor Janice Kurth Official Visit
OM Bell 090815   Youth Exchange and Crowdfunding
​OM Bell 092215   ReBoot Workshop and USS Midway
OM Bell 092915   The Play is the Thing and Making Music
OM Bell  101315   Darkest Africa and Live on Alcatraz
OM Bell 102715    Lead and Project Mercy Presentations
OM Bell 110315    Thousand Smiles
OM Bell 111015    Rotary Foundation
OM Bell 111715     A passion for Education and Rite Care Childhood Language
OM Bell 120815   Rob Weinberg on Leveraging Foundation Grant
OM Bell 121515    Annual Copley-Price YMCA Gift Wrapping
OM Bell 122915   Best Western Seven Seas Remodel and Pizarro Brothers
OM Bell 011216   Meeting at the YMCA in Mission Valley and Tom Sandler
OM Bell 020216  Meeting at San Diego Airport
OM Bell 022316  4 Way Speech Contest
OM Bell 030916  Joint Meeting with PB Rotaract
OM Bell May 2016
OM Bell 060716 
OM Bell 062116
OM Bell 070516
OM Bell 071216
OM Bell 072616
OM Bell 081616
OM Bell 121316
OM Bell 122016