Posted by Ssanjiv Prabhakaran on Jul 28, 2017
It was George's wonderful Who Am I story that got everyone dancing :-). As Bill Sutton wrote in his summary -- An inspiring "Who Am I" was given by our own Sgt. at Arms GEORGE SOUSA who told of his military service during the Korean Conflict ("Bloody Ridge", "Heartbreak Ridge", and others), his fishing for tuna from San Diego and his dedication to his wife (Lou) of more than 65 years. George's 3 Q&A were as follows:
Favorite movies: Gunga Din and Singing In The Rain.
Morning ritual: Feed dog, go for walk and then breakfast.
What will his big billboard say: Thank God you are in America - God Bless America!
Sanjiv Prabhakaran presented the history and motivation behind the Paraplegic Project in Ottapalam, Kerala, India. He talked about how a bright engineering student got pushed out of a crowded speeding train and became quadriplegic for life, BUT never lost his attitude towards life. He kept working hard towards rehabilitation and using his voice to control his computer and become productive by building web sites and helping Sanjiv's company with miscellaneous Word and Excel tasks. This Global Grant will support the clinic in Ottapalam that trains such individuals to become independent and self-sustaining so they can start their own business or find jobs that they can handle independently. The grant will provide several equipment, such as, specialized wheel chairs, sewing machines and 3-wheel motorized scooters. The local Rotary club will provide necessary business training and on-going support. Venkat Mandyam has already helped in securing approval from the district and is now waiting for the Rotary International Global Grant Foundation to provide final approval and funds. A total grant of about $35,800 will be provided, which includes a pledge of $5,930 from our club.