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September 2017
Vineet Gupta
Oct 06, 2017
Recycling on the Global Level
Tom Griffin; Owner of Pacific Boating School
Oct 13, 2017
Cruising the San Juan Islands. You're closer than you think.
Zainab Nuhaily
Nov 03, 2017
Heart 4 Refugees - Purple Heart Recipient
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It was a great morning with coffee, juice & breakfast fellowship and then a summary of a lot of accomplishments of our district.  Venky spoke about our Colombian shoe project where we were able to provide shoes for about 1300 kids.

Everyone left the seminar very inspired and proud to be a Rotarian.
Herb and Bev gave an exciting talk about their immense mission in Chogoria, Kenya where they have been helping build a day and boarding school.
Beverly is the US Representative for CISA, a Christian immersion school in Costa Rica. She is also the President of Mission Voz Que Clama, a nonprofit established to serve the indigenous in Costa Rica.  She also recruits sponsors to pay school fees for needy children in Kenya. She was the co-founder and Executive Director of the One at a Time Foundation, serving the homeless population in San Francisco. In her professional career, Beverly held Vice President positions at both Bank of America and Tiffany & Co. 

Currently Herb works as a business consultant to start ups and small businesses, arbitrator in the financial industry and partner in a nut business in Kenya and Spanish Immersion School in Costa Rica. Herb’s first career was in education where he started as a classroom teacher and ended his career as a Superintendent of Schools. His next career was in the business world involved  in manufacturing, computers, office equipment and printing industries.
Today we had an exciting and emotion-filled story from Vicky Mallett. She grew up in Texas and her family owned 5 retail clothing stores. She ended being in few commercials and people would come for her autograph. She was Vicky White then with a Texan accent :-). She left Texas at age 24 and had an advertising degree. She landed in San Diego 22 years later after going through many other states. In San Diego she became a media buyer for the Del Mar Fair. She later became part of the grand promotions team at Legoland and had the opportunity to work with Shaquille O'neil on one promotion.
She later got heavily involved in Rotary and was part of a large group from our club in setting up a school in El Salvador.
FAV MOVIE: Field of Dreams
MORNING RITUAL: Coffee, emails and Wall Street Journal.
BIG BILLBOARD SIGN: Are we having fun yet!
Kristin Gaspar is the Vice Chairwoman of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and part of the Senior Home Team. She was accompanied by Corrine Busta.
Prior to becoming Supervisor, Kristin was an Encinitas City Council Member and went on to become the city’s first elected Mayor. She has a background in business, serving as CFO of the physical therapy company she and her husband started in 2002.
As Supervisor, Kristin is focused on reducing homelessness, enhancing public safety and improving our streets, infrastructure and neighborhoods. One of her passions is volunteering with her Rotary Club to help those in the community who have Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. She has cleaned their homes, bought household items they desperately needed and worked to spruce up their neglected gardens. This week she'll share her ideas on "Senior Home Team".
She promotes volunteering to help those in need, especially seniors. For those who are interested, there is a website through the county that you can sign up to be a volunteer. The site is xxx (to be updated later). As projects come up everyone is sent a notice and those who are available to help can let them know they’ll do it. 
Interesting fact about Kristin: She studied to be a journalist at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in Tempe.
This week we had our long time member Diane Huckabee give her interesting story. It seems she spent 21 years in college to complete a 4-year degree since she took one course at a time :-). And she worked in commercial banking for over 20 years and in the securities industry over 17!  All in beautiful sunny San Diego!
Favorite movie - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (because of Robert Redford).
First 60 minutes of her day - She says she’s a “hard sleeper” so her day starts out with -  hit the snooze, hit the snooze, hit the snooze, get up.
Big Billboard would say - Mahatma Gandhi quote “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Steve Binder is the head of the San Diego Public Defenders that help the homeless vets get their legal affairs in order. He co-founded the Homeless Court Program (HCP) in 1989, at Stand Down, and the Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) in 2011. He will provide an update about the progress that is made at Stand Down.
Matt Wechter is a deputy public defender with the San Diego Office of the Primary Public Defender, where he has practiced since 2009. Since 2013, he has been one of the Public Defender “Gang of 5” crew that organizes and coordinates the Homeless Court Program at Stand Down. 
They both provided tremendous statistics on how the veterans have benefited from this wonderful program that started some 29 years ago. The HCP program helps resolve minor cases, such as, public nuisance cases, smoking within 25' of a bus stop, multiple DUI, domestic violence, etc. At stand down these vets get to have a nice shower, shave, medical checkup, vision tests, etc.
Bill Sutton (President) presenting them with a "virtual" certificate of appreciation :-).
Bob Halleck shared his life story with our members. He is CEO of Vulcan Trust and has been a member of DMSB club since 2011. He retired in 2002 and has been enjoying his race cars (Porsche & Miata). His 2 Q&A were answered as follows -- 
MORNING RITUAL: Read NU Times, check his financial portfolios
Lauren Lek, Ed.D. serves as the Head of School at the oldest and only all girls’ high school in San Diego, the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP). She graduated from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Literature, St. Mary’s College with an M.A. in Educational Leadership and her Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership from Pepperdine University. 
She has won many local awards in her short time here in San Diego, including the Athena Pinnacle Educator of the Year award for 2016, Women Who Mean Business, and 40 under 40 awards by SD Metro Magazine. Lauren is a member of the Downtown Rotary 33 and serves on the STEM Committee with several Rotarians to bring opportunities in learning to the lower-socioeconomic schools.
In just four years at OLP, Lauren has helped to create a coordinated STEM Certificate program, launched a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, added Engineering Design, AP Computer Science, Bio-Technology, Theater Design, Entrepreneurship, Orchestra, and Architecture.
As an advocate for women in leadership, Lauren has also helped create at OLP a hub for successful women to share their journey with the 750 students. In its third year, the OLP Women’s Symposium attracts 25 of the top women leaders to inspire the next generation, and welcomes over 250 community members.
According to Lauren, there are only 34 women governors compared to 2319 men governors in the U.S. It seems 89 countries have more women in legislative roles compared to the U.S. And finally, she added that in our own world of Rotary there are only 27-33% that are women. She indicated that the track record at OLP is that 100% of the students go on to a 2 or 4-year college for higher studies.
Lauren married her college sweetheart and they have three beautiful children, Lucas is 8, Willem is 4 and Emma just turned 2.
Dr. Lek had the student partnership of Sanjana Paye, a junior, who focused on the impact of all girls education as the vehicle for inspiring interest in STEM. Sanjana is quite a remarkable young lady who as a junior is top in her class with a 4.63 GPA. Ms. Paye has the experiential lens of witnessing the transformative power of an all girls' education and its impact on her own development and interest in STEM. Sanjana intends to pursue higher ed. in the study of neurological sciences. In addition to the top level math courses in which she is currently enrolled, Ms. Paye is now taking her first computer programing class with intention of understanding better the machines necessary for academic and professional engagement. 
We had Seymour return after a long recovery from his back surgery. He shared the fact that he is one of the two founding members of our DMSB club, who is still active in the club. Seymour is a family medicine doctor affiliated with Scripps. He received his medical degree from University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and has been a member of our club since 1992.
Favorite movie: Casablanca
Morning ritual: Wake up at 5am, take dog for a walk, read paper and head to work
Big Billboard Sign: Happy to be here, keep working till you drop dead.
Upon graduating from Amherst College with a degree in Economics in 2010, Alex developed his passion for startups and became the controller for TransPower, an electric vehicle startup formerly located in Poway. He continues to build upon this interest today by working with two startups: as a remote, academic tutor with Elani Learning and as the part time controller for Hyperlight Energy, a solar technology startup in Lakeside.  Both opportunities provide unique strategic problems to solve which is what he tries to spend as much of his time doing.
He, along with his wife, Daria and son, Nikolai, shared their unique experience of traveling to Antartica.
We had an exciting Who Am I talk by Malcolm Koll with an international twist :-). Found a nice picture of this handsome South African gentleman, who recently opened a fabulous brewery/restaurant in Del Mar called Viewpoint Brewing Company. He also owns the Charles Koll Jewelry store in San Diego's Fashion Valley mall.
Favorite Movie: None
Morning ritual: He hits the SNOOZE button 6 times :-)
His Big Billboard Sign: If the darkness bothers you, light a candle.
The DMSB Rotary once again was a proud sponsor of Operation Game On. Operation Game On gives returning combat-injured troops suffering from physical and mental disabilities a form of rehabilitation through golf. Golf is good for the mind and for the body. It allows them to compete, laugh, relax, focus, and challenge their muscles outside of regular PT. It gives them hope of a clearer future after their tragic injuries and experiences of war. This years event was held at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club with DMSB Rotary members Bill Sutton, George Sousa and Kevin Ehlinger Wilde enjoying the day together on the course. 


George teeing off and trying to hit the lawn mower man.

Graham is a sought after professional dog training expert who has been training in San Diego for over 15 years. With his passion for helping rescue dogs, serving our troops at home, and with the staggering statistics of veteran suicide and canine euthanasia, he has made it his life's mission to give back through Shelter to Soldiers. Because of his work Graham has achieved awards like the ABC 10 News Leadership Award, 2016 Waggy Award in Animal Welfare and a nomination for the Community Spotlight Award. He has utilized each acknowledgement as a vehicle to support more rescue dogs and veterans in need. 
As per Graham, the 12-18 months of training these service dogs cost anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000. They help the vets from recovering from loud noises, provide them comfort, help avoid suicides, etc. It seems almost 1.2 million dogs are euthanized each year and their organization is trying to save as many of those dogs as possible. Their tag line is "Saving Lives, Two At A Time".
*Interesting fact: Graham was born in South Africa, immigrated to Canada and then to the US. He is now a proud US citizen, who feels a duty to give back to those who serve our Country. 
Finally, Bill Sutton gets his new President's badge in a grand presentation by all the Past Presidents. Jan managed to avoid the $68 FedEx shipping fees :-).
It was exciting to hear Paul Butler give his Who Am I speech. Did anyone know that his real name when he was born was Paul Demingos. Yes, his family came from Mexico. His mom later re-married and that's how he got his last name as BUTLER. He had the exciting opportunity to visit the 1976 Olympics with his dad, who was a huge Olympics fan. Paul graduated from Arizona State University and joined the Navy in 1978 and he flew the F4.
His Favorite Movie: Top Gun!
Morning Ritual: Get up at 5 am, do some spiritual reading, write in his gratitude journal and then work!
His big Billboard Sign: Forgiveness is key to Happiness!
With that big billboard sign he returned the stolen gavel to our president Bill Sutton :-).
Finally, Malcolm announced that the dress-code for Rotary lies some where in-between the dresses worn by Paul and Steve :-).
It was exciting to listen to our District Governor Scott Carr. He had his first experience in Rotary as part of Rotaract, a Rotary-sponsored program designed for college students and young professionals looking to develop leadership skills and career connections while supporting the community. “Rotaract was connecting young professionals together long before social networks even existed, and continues to be an incredible resource in our community,” added Carr. Through Rotaract, he helped launch programs to support foster youth, as well as homeless and low-income seniors in downtown San Diego. It is also the place where he met his wife, Heather Rosing, a shareholder and Chief Financial Officer at the law firm of Klinedinst PC.

As District Governor, Carr is charged with leading nearly 65 Rotary Clubs. During the 2017-18 year, Carr has identified several areas of focus, including women leadership development, environmental sustainability, active and retired military, and youth. His key message was to focus on the "WHY" we are involved in Rotary. He indicated that almost 112M children have been saved from polio. 



Paul Butler and Vicky Mallett announced that Bocce fundraising has reached almost $40,000!! YooHoo... Our goal is $60,000 and we are close. Vicky has urged all members to bring in at least one sponsor by end of August. Phil, the General Manager of Hilton Del Mar provided an auction basket worth $750 of various items including stay at the Hilton.


We had another exciting Who Am I talk by Kevin Cahill. He was the founding member of DMSB Rotary back in 1992. He was born in Los Angeles 59 years ago and was always involved in acting at very young age. He graduated from UCSD and his big accomplishment was winning a $10M law-suit for his company. His favorite countries are Switzerland and Austria. He raised his 2 sons as a single father from the ages of 2 & 4.
Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz
Morning ritual: Prayers, 3-4 mile run
His Big Billboard Sign: BE NOT AFRAID - Carpe Diem.
It was George's wonderful Who Am I story that got everyone dancing :-). As Bill Sutton wrote in his summary -- An inspiring "Who Am I" was given by our own Sgt. at Arms GEORGE SOUSA who told of his military service during the Korean Conflict ("Bloody Ridge", "Heartbreak Ridge", and others), his fishing for tuna from San Diego and his dedication to his wife (Lou) of more than 65 years. George's 3 Q&A were as follows:
Favorite movies: Gunga Din and Singing In The Rain.
Morning ritual: Feed dog, go for walk and then breakfast.
What will his big billboard say: Thank God you are in America - God Bless America!
Sanjiv Prabhakaran presented the history and motivation behind the Paraplegic Project in Ottapalam, Kerala, India. He talked about how a bright engineering student got pushed out of a crowded speeding train and became quadriplegic for life, BUT never lost his attitude towards life. He kept working hard towards rehabilitation and using his voice to control his computer and become productive by building web sites and helping Sanjiv's company with miscellaneous Word and Excel tasks. This Global Grant will support the clinic in Ottapalam that trains such individuals to become independent and self-sustaining so they can start their own business or find jobs that they can handle independently. The grant will provide several equipment, such as, specialized wheel chairs, sewing machines and 3-wheel motorized scooters. The local Rotary club will provide necessary business training and on-going support. Venkat Mandyam has already helped in securing approval from the district and is now waiting for the Rotary International Global Grant Foundation to provide final approval and funds. A total grant of about $35,800 will be provided, which includes a pledge of $5,930 from our club.
Anyone who has taken an assessment before realizes they provide some unique insights. The TIPS Profile Assessment ( is a breakthrough assessment tool being used by some on the top companies in the world. It helps everyone understand their natural strengths and how they can best contribute to an organization, as well as those they work with. Few of the DMSB members took the test and provided a view into the diverse strengths and talents within the member base.
Susan presented a $2,000 check to Casa de Amistad. Nicole Mione-Green was there to accept the check. Charles and Alicia matched portion of the funds.
(Lou Oberman, Bev & Herb Liberman, Katie A volunteer)
(Charlotte, Rema, Kevin & Sanjiv)
(Music & dance at Stand Down)
(View of Stand Down)
(DMSB sponsor sign)
(Ken, Glens & Kirk Collins (former President DMSB) Mark & Susan Hennenfent)
(Ken, Bill, Kirk, Mark & Susan)
(A grateful homeless vet)
(Ken the MACHO guy with two 20 lb ice bags)
This was StandDown week and we had many DMSB members and their family members volunteering at the event. Our club was distributing cold chilled water bottles throughout the event. Fun music and dance was sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project. A brief history of Stand Down can be read here -
Monica Emery - Executive Director, Center for World Music
Fostering A Spirit of Service Through World Music
Monica believes in the value of the arts and exposure to the world’s diverse cultures as a pathway to greater understanding and empathy among people. She has more than 15 years of experience working in organizations with international missions. Monica has also prepared hundreds of young people for international service and studies through Rutgers University, University of Maryland, and Princeton in Asia. She's had the great fortune to serve, twice, alongside a team of medicals professionals providing much-needed attention to populations in remote areas of the Philippines. 
We also had a guest from Oceanside and club flags were exchanged with DMSB Rotarian Ken Barrett.
It’s always amazing where life, and choices, take us. For Susan to grow up in North Dakota and have the experiences of living in Canton, spending a year in Finland, working in the defense industry here, being involved in the early stages of the internet and cell phones, and see the impact of your work with the Kindle . . . what a great adventure . . . so far!
Here is what we have for Susan's 3 questions:
Favorite movie - Castaway
First 60 minutes of your day - Take Thyroid med which means you can’t eat or drink for 30 minutes, so you read and make an espresso, then anxiously wait until you can actually have that first cup. 
What you would put on a billboard - Can we all just get along!?
John is committed to the ideals of limited government and personal responsibility, and is the author of the Neighborhood Legislature Initiative. Born, raised and educated in Chicago, from his very early life John was greatly influenced by his mother and stepfather who spoke often on corruption, waste and inefficiency in public schools and the post office system - both government-run monopolies. John attended the University at Chicago, graduating with honor and a degree in Accounting and Political Science and would go on to found many companies, building his businesses from scratch to having assets of over $200 million with almost 100 employees over the past 35 years. His primary goal in CA is to push the idea of TINY districts so that smaller groups of people are represented directly. He is running for governor of CA in 2018. Also, he said he is looking for grooms to marry off his 4 daughters :-).
Charles Foster gave a wonderful story about his migration from east to west and how he finished his Electrical Engineering at Clemson University and then met Jon Fish at Harvard during his MBA studies. He has been a Rotarian at Del Mar-Solana Beach (DMSB) since 1994. His 3 Q&A were as follows -- Favorite movie = Casablanca; Morning first 60 minutes routine = Get up by 6, coffee, pills, walk, some yard work and Rotary updates; His dream billboard sign = Work Hard and Keep Learning. 
It was an exciting talk by SNAP Director Dorell Sackett. SNAP is the model organization for many mobile spay and neuter units through out the country. As director of SNAP programs, Dorell oversees the over 55,000 dogs and cats that have been fixed in San Diego County aboard the 38 foot, high-volume mobile unit, in addition to educating many, many more families on the importance of pet care. Other SNAP guests Haley Evans and Lori Walton were also present.
We had our new President Bill Sutton introduce all the new Board and Chair members. And the FUNNY part is that Bill LOST his gavel before the end of today's meeting :-). So, question is WHO STOLE IT :-).
Finally, our new Program Chair Kevin Ehlinger-Wilde introduced his new program to have each member do a "Who Am I" talk every week. He started off with his "Who Am I" talk today. Surprising fact we learnt was that he grew up on a farm with 10 siblings!! Kevin's 3 Q&A: Favorite movie: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Morning ritual: walk, meditate, read; Billboard message: Never settle for ordinary.
Susan Taylor, Director of External Affairs at Scripps gave an excellent review of all the Health related gadgets that has saved many patients' lives. She talked about the amazing recovery and care of athlete Phillipe May, who chose Scripps to take care of his irregular heart issue. A two-time world champion and a 12-time Swiss champion in speed skiing, he is one of only five skiers to exceed 156 mph down the slopes. Scripps hospital implanted an ICD (implantable cardioverter-defibrillator) to ensure his heart would not suddenly stop should he go into cardiac arrest.
We also had Venky's grandson Manav Chakravarthy talk about his website project that he designed and built for a clinic in India that helps disabled children.
Exciting last day for Liam Murphy as President! He comes with a hammer since his gavel is gone :-).
Also, Diane Huckabee received the honor of becoming a Paul Harris Fellow. Congratulations Diane!
Some of our DMSB club members attended the Governor's Dinner party on Monday night (June 26, 2017). Also, Bill Sutton was inducted as the new president of the DMSB Rotary club.
That was an awesome Demotion party tonight. The venue was fabulous. Thanks to Malcolm and Venesse for hosting us at their new place Viewpoint Brewery! Patricia composed a nice story on Liam and the main theme was "But I Digress!" and "Gavel" :-). The full set of pictures and video can be viewed at this link below.
  Full pictures link: Please click here
John Baker is a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for the past few years and he described how a CASA helps foster kids navigate the court system. He says that only 48% of these foster children graduate from high school and only about 3% graduate from college. He appreciated the fact that DMSB supported Voices For Children. He said there are about 2500 CASAs in San Diego county and they need lot more CASAs. It costs about $2,500 to train each CASA. The training takes about 35 hours of online courses.
And finally, we had our very own President Liam Murphy come extra prepared with a holster to secure his gavel that he will have to give up in few weeks :-).
DMSB Rotary awarded 3 Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) students (Laurel Easley, Griffith Hughes and Chloe Gubbay) scholarships for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program. Kevin Cahill was their mentor.
We had a wonderful talk by Mathematics teacher Ivan Alba (from La Mesa Sunrise Rotary) about how to sustain projects on its own once the initial funding is done. He talked about Clear Goals, Inter-learning, Motivation and Monitoring. He took his family on a 1 year world tour and executed several Rotary projects along the way as they traveled through several countries. They received the 2016 Rotary Pathways to Peace Award for their efforts during what they called their "Rotary Year of Service".
You can read his blogs at Alba World Tour.
We also had Mr. Zubair Bakubye from East Riverside Rotary drop by to update everyone on his project at Bugiri, Uganda. Our club has already done two projects in the past with Mothers of Peace for $38k which involved providing training to mothers who were raped by the early worriers of Idi Emin brutal regime. We also did another Global Grant for $35k providing overhead water tanks, bore wells, pipelines to Bugiri Hospital which lacked drinking water for many years. Both are sustained on-going projects and his brother runs the Mothers of Peace Training Center in Bugiri now with assistance from the Bugiri city coffers. He is a very dedicated and hard working person wanting to help his homeland. The Host Rotary in Uganda was Jinja Rotary in district 9211.
Under the supervision of Corazon, five members from our club along with two guests and a bunch of other Orange County Rotary clubs headed to Tecate, Mexico recently to build a house and handed over the keys to a single mother with 3 small kids at the end of the day! Amazing project!
We had some CCA scholars today and couple of wonderful guests form Flower Mound in Texas. It was CELEBRATION OF SERVICE day and Liam gave a wonderful philosophical talk. He touched on the various things that have club has accomplished in the past year. We added 6 new members and lost 2. Liam's goal was 20 but achieving 30% is a great win for us. His main theme was that Service is the key factor and triumphs over accolades and other criteria. Great job Liam!
Today we honored two bright students from Canyon Crest Academy (CCA), Sophia Kazmierowicz (heading to Stanford) and Liana Merk (heading to CalTech). Each won the $1,000 DMSB Rotary scholarship towards their college education. CONGRATULATIONS to both!
We had a wonderful talk by Summer Stephan, who is the Chief Deputy District Attorney for San Diego County. She has been in law enforcement for 27 years and considered a national and international expert in Human Trafficking. The statistics are just mind-boggling! Just in San Diego the sex trafficking economy is $810 Million! 85% of the facilitators were all gang members. The gang ethnicity is across the board from hispanics to white to blacks to native Americans. The average age of entry into sex trafficking is 16. Social media is a major exploitation method used today!
Teresa Barnes, RN delivered an excellent talk today and educated our audience about the hearing impaired population. She is the Chief Innovation Officer at HearCommunication, a Business|Educational Company. She grew up with untreated hearing loss so she understands the inconveniences both personally and professionally.  Teresa has 20+ years working with this population in medical settings as an RN and also with her experience in the corporate world.  A graduate of UCSD in Communications and a former Emergency Room|Intensive Care Room Head Nurse. She ran 4 marathons and she considers taking HearCommunication to the market as her 5th one and God given purpose. 
Rotarian George Sousa brings his guest SERGEANT BEAR to celebrate "Armed Forces Day" :-). The bear sang a wonderful song to everyone's delight.

Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary president Liam Murphy (right) and community service chairwoman Susan Hennenfent (left), along with other Rotarians and family, presented Solutions for Change founder, Chris Megison, with a grant for $10,000. 

The grant will be used to help buy a refrigerator truck for shipping produce from their aquaponics farm. The two acre, non-traditional farm produces more than 120,000 pounds of organically-certified lettuce annually that is sold to local schools in San Diego County.

The farm provides work-related training and employment, along with additional funding, for Solutions for Change’s education and housing programs.

Source: Union Tribune dated May 15, 2017

Robotics team "Abrick Cadabrick" presents their project about drought and impact on local wildlife and developed an innovative water collector that harvests fog and dew to provide water to birds and bees. The team consisted of 6 students from 5th to 8th grade - Andrew Eppich, Stefan Gadient, Zoe Lau, Connor Lee, Isabella Lim, Kyle Shi. They won the top award at the Southern California Championship. They will advance to the World Championship in Houston in April, representing San Diego and the southern California region.
We are sad to announce the passing of our friend and colleague Tom Slipper. He will be missed. His son Thomas sent along these words...
"On Tuesday December 20 we lost a dear friend,Tom Slipper.  A God fearing good man with integrity and kindheartedness.  A loyal father, veteran and husband that cared for others before himself and one who taught his three sons patience and the love of mankind.  He shall suffer no more as he sings in heaven above. Oh what a gentle soul, many are blessed to have known you and we are blessed you are with the Lord.  Thomas G. Slipper is survived by Vera his wife and sons Paul, Brian, and Tommy, along with his sisters Anne Flower and CeCe Thomas."
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Five years since its debut, Rotary Club Central is getting a big upgrade
When we introduced Rotary Club Central in 2012, it revolutionized goal tracking and planning for clubs and districts — no more filling out paper club-planning forms or passing along boxes of historical club information every time a new leader took office. Rotary Club Central offered clubs and districts a quantifiable way to begin measuring local and global impact, specifically membership initiatives, service activities, and Rotary Foundation giving. But as with any technological advancement, in a few short years, Rotary Club Central began to show its age, and Rotarians took notice. They...
Rotary International Board adopts new zone structure
At its January 2017 meeting, the Rotary International Board of Directors adopted a new zone structure for Rotary clubs. Rotary bylaws require the Board to complete a comprehensive review of the 34 Rotary zones no less often than every eight years to ensure that each zone has an approximately equal number of Rotarians. The Board’s previous review of the zones occurred in 2008. The Board earlier approved the creation of three regional workgroups to develop rezoning proposals for Asia, Europe/Africa, and the Americas. These workgroups comprised one representative (either a current director,...
Centennial celebration honors 20 noteworthy global grant projects
Through The Rotary Foundation, Rotary members have supported thousands of projects that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, save mothers and children, support education, and grow local economies. We’ve also led the fight to eradicate polio worldwide. As part of our celebration of the Foundation’s centennial, we’re honoring 20 global grant projects with special recognition. Learn more about the projects using our interactive map.
Convention: Southern hospitality
The Atlanta Host Organization Committee is offering some good old-fashioned Southern hospitality at the Rotary International Convention from 10 to 14 June. It has planned a wide range of activities featuring everything from good food and music to inspiring tours of local landmarks. If it’s your first convention, these events are chances to meet fellow Rotarians from around the world, and if you’re an experienced convention goer, you can catch up with old friends. Hall of Fame baseball player Hank Aaron will host Rotarians for a “Strike Out Polio” night at the new SunTrust Park, where you’ll...
Member spotlight: The power of the press
When Teguest Yilma helped found the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Entoto in 2002, she thought polio had already been eradicated from most of the world. But while Ethiopia had been free of the disease, Yilma was shocked to learn that new cases had started cropping up in surrounding countries such as Somalia. “I was thinking, it’s not possible, we can’t be free if the countries around us are not free,” she says. Yilma, the managing editor of Capital, Ethiopia’s largest English weekly newspaper, has brought a journalist’s skills to the fight against polio. She became vice chair of the Ethiopia...