Every month the Rotary Club of Pacifica takes time out to honor and recognize one of their own. The Rotarian of the month is someone who has gone above and beyond in one of our Five Avenues of Service: Club, Vocational, Community, International, and New Generations or one of our
Six Areas of Focus. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution., Disease prevention and treatment, Water and sanitation., Maternal and child health., Basic education and literacy. Please take a look below and see who we are honoring this month and previous months.
      July 2019                            Bob Jacobson
August 2019                        Mike Haase
September 2019                   Vickie Flores
   October 2019                       Ginny Jaquith
  November 2019                     Colleen Wright
December 2019                    Dave Bertini
January 2020                     Tom Turek
February 2020                   Jerry Crow
  March 2020                        Steve Talsky
          April 2020                           Rick Montenegro
   May 2020                            Steve Wright
   June 2020                           Patrick Hall