The Rotary Club of Pacifica

President Wendy Welcomes You to Website

“Improving Lives Locally and Globally” by 2016-2017 Club President Wendy Santiago

“Improving Lives Locally and Globally”:  That is what the Rotary Club of Pacific is all about! Welcome to our website and we welcome you to our meetings. Besides the varied and interesting speakers you see listed, we have community service days scheduled, fun fellowship events, and fund raising events. Please email me ahead of time to confirm our meeting place and time.

For those of you learning about Rotary for the first time, Rotary is a worldwide network of inspired individuals who translate their passions into relevant social
causes to change lives in communities. We would love to share our club’s contributions and plans with you.
Back in 1973 was my first exposure to Rotary. I was a 3 rd grader in rural upstate New York. Our teacher introduced us to three teenagers from another country!
That was a big deal in the sticks. They were Rotary Youth Exchange Students from the Netherlands, Germany, and Argentina. We got to ask them questions
and my teacher told us we could be Rotary Youth Exchange Students when we entered high school. I went to Sweden with Rotary Youth Exchange and now,
years later, I’m able to support that program and many other life changing Rotary programs.

I welcome you on behalf of our club,
Wendy E. Santiago
Rotary Club of Pacifica
President 16-17