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Peace to all and great poem by Joy Harjo
For Calling the Spirit Back from Wandering the Earth in Its Human Feet

Put down that bag of potato chips, that white bread, that bottle of pop.

Turn off that cellphone, computer, and remote control.

Open the door, then close it behind you.

Take a breath offered by friendly winds. They travel the earth gathering essences of plants to clean.

Give it back with gratitude.

If you sing it will give your spirit lift to fly to the stars' ears and back.

Acknowledge this earth who has cared for you since you were a dream planting itself precisely within your parents' desire.

Let your moccasin feet take you to the encampment of the guardians who have known you before time, who will be there after time. They sit before the fire that has been there without time.

Let the earth stabilize postcolonial insecure jitters.

Be respectful of the small insects, birds and animal people who accompany you.

Ask their forgiveness for the harm we humans have brought down upon them.

Don't worry.

The heart knows the way though there may be high-rises, interstates, checkpoints, armed soldiers, massacres, wars, and those who will despise you because they despise themselves.

The journey might take you a few hours, a day, a year, a few years, a hundred, a thousand or even more.

Watch your mind. Without training it might run away and leave your heart for the immense human feast by the thieves of time.

Do not hold regrets.

When you find your way to the circle, to the fire kept burning by the keepers of your soul, you will be welcomed.

You must clean yourself with cedar, sage, or other healing plant.

Cut the ties you have to failure and shame.

Let go the pain you are holding in your mind, your shoulders, your heart, all the way to your feet. Let go the pain of your ancestors to make way for those who are heading in our direction.

Ask for forgiveness.

Call upon the help of those who love you. These helpers take many forms: animal, element, bird, angel, saint, stone, or ancestor.

Call your spirit back. It may be caught in corners and creases of shame, judgment, and human abuse.

You must call in a way that your spirit will want to return.

Speak to it as you would to a beloved child.

Welcome your spirit back from its wandering. It may return in pieces, in tatters. Gather them together. They will be happy to be found after being lost for so long.

Your spirit will need to sleep awhile after it is bathed and given clean clothes.

Now you can have a party. Invite everyone you know who loves and supports you. Keep room for those who have no place else to go.

Make a giveaway, and remember, keep the speeches short.

Then, you must do this: help the next person find their way through the dark.
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Comedy In Courtroom Drama in the Movies and Theater
Comedy In Courtroom Drama in the movies and Theater

The Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators, 1865. Mary Surratt, Conspirator or Victim? The film “The Conspirator, Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Lincoln” (2011) is about boardinghouse owner MarySurratt one of four Southern sympathizers who was tried, convicted and executed for conspiring to assassinate President Lincoln. Believed by many to have been innocent, Mrs. Surratt was nevertheless charged with the crime and within two months would swing from the gallows in Washington D.C. Was Mary truly guilty of the crime, or just a busy mother and innkeeper in the wrong place at the wrong time? While the film’s aim is to leave it for you to decide, her story will ultimately remind you of the dangers of mass hysteria, criminal profiling, and trigger-happy vengeance following a national tragedy. This documentary integrates the best parts of “The Conspirator” (2011), a film directed by Robert Redford with actual photographs and narrative involving the trial.

Oak Dowling, JD, is a retired attorney with 43 years of practice, including 31 years in San Rafael. He's a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School and a native of Chicago. He has lived in Marin County for over 43 years and for over 25 years he was a part-time Instructor of Law at College of Marin. For the past 6 years he has been an Instructor in the OLLI program at Dominican University in the subject of “Courtroom Drama in the Movies and Theatre.” In his Law classes, he uses courtroom drama to demonstrate legal principles. As an avocation, he performed in theater in Marin and San Francisco for 15 years. Oak has been a member of the Rotary Club of San Rafael for 39 years and has served the Club as Director and Speaker’s Chairman.

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Past President of World Rotary International
How often do any of us have a chance to meet an International RI President in person in such an intimate setting as in our small Club such RC Marinsunrise.  Well, next Wed Oct 19th is just one of those days.  Pres King is known as the "singing" President and our most famous Marin Resident, Noah Grrifin and his lovely wife will be on hand to welcome our Past RI President.  Noah, the Harvard Graduated Lawyer with an amazing voice singing with many famous orchestras including our very own Marin Symphony will be introducing Pres King to all attendees.  YOU MUST SIGN UP on our Event page as space is limited  

Former President of Rotary International, Community Advocate, Businessman, Born on November 2, 1938

Richard King did not simply join a local chapter of DeMolay when he was initiated in 1955. He became the Charter Master Councilor of the new San Lorenzo Chapter in California. He was to enter the University of California at Berkeley that fall at the age of 16. King received the Chevalier and Legion of Honor while still in University. King was well-known in DeMolay chapters throughout California for his stirring rendition of the DeMolay Flower Talk. He often served as the Installing Officer for Chapter Installations.

King graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1959 (where he served as the first vice-president of the student body) and went on to law school. After graduating from Boalt Hall Law School in 1962, Richard King taught both English and Business Law at Brigham Young University. In 1963, King served for two years on active duty with the U.S. Army in Military Intelligence, attaining the rank of Captain. He was admitted to practice law in both California and Utah in 1963. A top-rated lawyer, Richard King founded a law firm. His two brothers joined him in the practice of King, King, & King in 1967.

King has long been involved in public service and charitable organizations, and was recognized in 1980 by 50 different organizations for his contributions, as well as the President of the United States.

He has served in leadership roles in the Rotary Club for 35 years, as a Club President, District Governor, Trustee of the Rotary Foundation, International Director, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and last year as the world President of Rotary International. King’s term produced the single largest growth year in Rotary’s 98-year history. From July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002 some 75,000 new members joined Rotary; 1,158 new Rotary Clubs were chartered (more than one every 8 hours); 795 new Interact Clubs (high school Rotary clubs) were chartered; and $67 million (the largest sum ever raised in one year) was contributed to the annual fund of the Rotary Foundation. At the end of his 2001-2002 term, Rotary membership stood at an all-time record of 1,243,431 community leaders in 204 countries and geographical regions.

Richard performed professionally as a singer and actor in his own shows in Las Vegas and in leading roles of West Coast productions of Broadway musicals. All his adult life, King has been an acclaimed motivational speaker, and has addressed audiences in every state and in over 100 countries.

Richard currently is serving as the Executive Director of the Wheelchair Foundation. This organization provides wheelchairs free of charge to handicapped persons who cannot afford one, giving them freedom and mobility. The Wheelchair Foundation has distributed some 112,000 wheelchairs in 90 countries over the past two years.

King became the charter Master Councilor of San Lorenzo Chapter San Lorenzo, California, in 1955. He is a Legion of Honor recipient and a Chevalier. King was inducted into the DeMolay Hall of Fame on June 21, 2003.

Past President of World Rotary International Farhad Taleghani 2016-10-19 07:00:00Z
The Secret Life of Mt Tam

It is clear Mt. Tamalpais is a biodiversity hotspot. With its wide mosaic of habitats ranging from lofty redwoods groves to the serenity of the oak woodlands, one could easily assume that along with the diversity of flora, there would be a vast diversity of fauna. This is what the Marin Wildlife Picture Index project attempts to prove. Join Monica Stafford in a tour of our local animal world that we only seldom stumble upon. We will discuss the purpose and findings of this project as we take a snap shot of Marin's Fauna. Monica will also share some background about the innovative One Tam partnership, as well as other exciting work that One Tam is supporting on the mountain. Monica bio: Monica has been involved in Bay Area park and wildlands management for over 15 years. In this time she has helped to develop programs that engage thousands of volunteers and students each year, and created internships and opportunities that have helped young people kick start their environmental careers. Monica is currently working with the One Tam partnership as the Community Ambassador Program Director. In collaboration with other program managers from One Tam, she is coordinating a One Tam Stewardship team and working to connect the community to Mt. Tam. On her personal time, Monica has been involved in San Rafael’s public schools as a volunteer and PTA leader. Monica is also a Mt. Tam enthusiast who loves running, biking, botanizing on the mountain, and getting kids up to her favorite spot in the Bay Area, Mt. Tam’s East Peak. She earned a Master of Science degree from UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, and a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Chicago. - See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/8926/Speakers#sthash.EH4NHAUa.dpuf

The Secret Life of Mt Tam Monica Stafford 2016-10-05 07:00:00Z
It is our pleasure to have her back at our Club after almost 12 years.  She is now happily married and carrying on with causes so close to our Peace moto.  Here are few excerpts from her Face Book.  She is my German Daughter and I miss her.  We have had the pleasure to meet her mother as well as her sister who stayed with us just after she received her PHD in material science.  What a great German family that I feel like being part of.  All of this because of Rotary.  THANK YOU FOR YOUTH EXCHANGE. https://www.rotary.org/en/get-involved/exchange-ideas/youth-exchanges
Slowly, very slowly burritos are making their way to Germany. I've had them in Berlin and now in Cologne. I can't believe it takes so long: burritos are one of the best fast foods you can get and Germans have embraced the Döner which is very similar to burritos - inspired by immigrants but not original from their country. Can someone please open a place in Mannheim?
Perfect timing for my running-anniversary: I have been running 3 times a week in the morning for one year now (minus a couple of weeks when I was sick) - I didn't expect to be able to actually stick with it. I don't have any speed but I'm definitely a happier and (hopefully healthier) person than one year ago!


ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE VISITING RCMS Farhad Taleghani 2016-10-03 07:00:00Z
John Germ: Champion of Chattanooga

From the of The Rotarian

Just before John Germ dropped by, Rick Youngblood took a deep breath. “You want to match his energy,” he says, “but he makes it hard to keep up.” Youngblood is the president and CEO of Blood Assurance, a regional blood bank in Chattanooga, Tenn., that Germ helped found in 1972. After his visit with Youngblood, Germ strode between mountains of empty bottles and cans at Chattanooga’s John F. Germ Recycling Center at Orange Grove, which he designed, before he drove to a construction site and popped a cork to dedicate a Miracle League field where special needs children will play baseball – all before zipping to the airport for a flight to Chicago and a cab ride to Rotary International World Headquarters, where he takes office as president of RI this month.

Why the breakneck pace? “I don’t have hobbies,” he says. “Civic work is my recreation.”

Not long ago Germ, 77, spent a raucous evening at the Chattanooga Convention Center, enjoying jokes at his expense. “John is a very influential person,” his friend Harry Fields announced from the podium. “I can’t tell you how many people emulate him … at Halloween. I mean, he’s the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. When it’s dark, he’s handsome!” Nobody laughed harder than the guest of honor at the celebration of his contributions, which was referred to as the “roast of John Germ.” The dinner raised more than $75,000 for Chattanooga State Community College. In closing, Fields noted Germ’s contribution to his community and the world: “100 percent of himself – and everyone else he can shake down!”

A legendary fundraiser, Germ led Rotary’s $200 Million Challenge, an effort sparked by a challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Rotarians ultimately exceeded that number, raising $228.7 million to fight polio. He has already served Rotary as vice president and director, and The Rotary Foundation as vice chair and trustee. His contributions to the fight to eradicate polio led to his selection as one of 12 U.S. Rotarians honored at the White House in 2013 as a “Champion of Change” – someone who has improved communities around the world. As president, Germ chose three simple, no-nonsense words to be the theme of his year: Rotary Serving Humanity.

“Rotary has kept its light under a bushel for too long,” he says. “We need to do a better job of promoting our cause. That’s the challenge ahead, but I don’t see it as a problem. I don’t believe in problems – I believe in opportunities.”

The son of a stonemason, who built the family home with his own hands, excavating its foundation with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, Germ developed his work ethic early in life. Nothing came easily. Other schoolboys made fun of his name – “they called me ‘Bacteria’ ” – and his parents couldn’t afford college tuition. After a stint in vocational school, he paid his way through the University of Tennessee at Knoxville by working in a machine shop and serving food in a dorm cafeteria. After graduating, he joined the U.S. Air Force. Soon promoted to captain, he was navigator on a 50-ton Douglas C-124, ferrying troops and tanks to Vietnam. “Unfortunately,” he says, “we flew home with soldiers’ bodies.” In 1965 Germ’s C-124 carried the Gemini IV space capsule to Cape Kennedy. On another mission, the giant plane lost two engines and skimmed the ocean, shaking like a bumper car all the way back to base. “When we landed, we found seaweed hanging off the fuselage,” he says. “That’s how close we came to a watery grave.”

When Germ’s military service ended, he joined engineering firm Campbell & Associates in his hometown. His boss, George Campbell, liked the young flier’s can-do attitude. “Within 10 years,” Germ told him, “I’ll either own some of this company or I’ll be your biggest competitor.” He wasn’t wrong. He eventually became chairman and CEO of the firm, which went on to serve Chattanooga’s airport, its most prominent hospital, several downtown high-rises, and the Convention Center. One of his challenges was a new cineplex, where the owner gave him a warning that puzzled him at first: “Don’t make the air conditioning too good.”

Germ asked, “Why not?”

“Because the customers need to smell the popcorn; we make most of our money at the concession stand.”

As president, Germ wants to “find the popcorn smell that’ll bring people to Rotary. And what is that? Service. We’ve got a service-minded generation coming up. We’ve got to get our message out to them, and we’d better do it fast.”

Part of that message, he says, is that polio hasn’t been eradicated yet. We may be “this close,” but there were still 74 cases worldwide last year (all in Pakistan and Afghanistan). His own father was struck with the disease as an adult. “We were on a fishing trip when my brother said, ‘Daddy can’t walk,’” Germ recalls. “We carried him back to the car. Doctors said he’d never stand up again, but he did exercises. He tied an iron weight to his leg and tried to lift it. Little by little he got to where he could lift that weight and wave it around. He walked with a limp after that, but he walked.” Germ thinks he inherited a little of his father’s stubbornness. “I don’t give up easily either,” he says.

He’s certainly not giving up on supporting polio eradication – and he’s calling on Rotarians to follow his lead by urging every Rotary club to give at least $2,650 to fight polio during his term, which is also The Rotary Foundation’s centennial year. The number commemorates the first donation – of $26.50, made by the Rotary Club of Kansas City, Mo., in 1917 – to the Foundation. During the 2017 Rotary International Convention, a birthday celebration is also planned for Arch Klumph with tickets costing $26.50. If that all sounds a little gimmicky, fine. “If we can get people to pay attention,” Germ says, “they’ll see that Rotary is doing great things in the world.”

While preparing for his presidential term, he stayed in touch with friends and allies – often from the nerve center of his world, a maroon leather La-Z-Boy recliner in his comfortable home on the Tennessee River. He designed the house himself. He hangs corncobs on the poplars out back to feed the squirrels that run around his porch. His desk holds a photo of Germ dressed as Elvis Presley, entertaining at a district conference, and a plaque his wife brought home from the local Hobby Lobby. The plaque reads, “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is watching.” “It made me think of John,” says Judy Germ.

Since her husband of 57 years became president-elect last fall, “Rotary has consumed our lives,” she says. “In a good way.”

His presidency marks the apex of a life devoted to service. Previously active in the Jaycees, Germ joined the Rotary Club of Chattanooga in 1976. A natural leader and inveterate schmoozer, he has set fundraising records for Rotary and other organizations. The Blood Assurance program grew from a single blood draw into a regional network that supplies over 70 health centers in the Southeast with more than 100,000 units a year. It began when the United Way sent three doctors to the Chattanooga Jaycees to seek help with a blood shortage, recalls Germ’s friend and co-founder of Blood Assurance, Dan Johnson. “John was the Jaycees president and I was treasurer, so I got to watch him in action,” Johnson says. “When he goes to work, he never looks back. From nothing, we grew to our current budget of $29 million.” With help from Germ, Johnson, and others, Blood Assurance got its message out: Donating a pint of blood is a painless way to spend 30 minutes and save three lives.

“We owe much of our success to John Germ,” says Youngblood. “To me, he epitomizes three aspects of leadership: He’s a gentleman at all times, he’s compassionate to all people, and he’s an achiever. If John can’t get something done, it probably can’t be done.”

According to Fields, Germ’s success as a fundraiser comes from his out-of-the-box thinking. “Go back to the ’90s, when he was district governor. People thought of him as Mr. Chattanooga. We bought a barrel of Jack Daniel’s whiskey in honor of [well-known Tennessee Rotarian] Bill Sergeant. A barrel is 266 bottles’ worth, so we gave one bottle from that barrel to anyone who donated $1,000, and we raised $250,000.” The two men have often tended bar for charity, wearing matching aprons marked “Bar” and “Tender.” “My friend John is my greatest hero,” says Fields.

At the recycling plant Germ converted from a run-down dairy in 1989, adults with developmental disabilities sort tons of recyclables into great stacks of bottles and cans. “He has been involved in every bit of what happens here, from engineering the building to helping us negotiate contracts with the city,” says Tera Roberts, director of adult services for the center. Few of the employees would have a job if not for the recycling center, and they can keep anything interesting they come across. One worker found a crumpled $100 bill.

To finance the city’s new Miracle League field, one of the best-equipped in the country, Germ enlisted co-sponsors including Berkshire Hathaway, BlueCross BlueShield, and his own Rotary Club of Chattanooga. “Every kid should be able to play sports,” he says. “It’s not just for the child, but the whole family. What’s better than a child hearing his mom and dad cheer when he plays?” Another of his causes, the First in the Family program at Chattanooga State, provides scholarships for students who couldn’t attend college otherwise. Flora Tydings, the school’s president, calls Germ “an excellent role model to many of our students who, like him, are the first in their family to attend college.”

Today his schedule changes daily – sometimes hourly – as he keeps up with the duties of his new office. On his agenda, he says he would like to see Rotary operate more like a business. “We’ve been getting leaner, and I’d like to speed that up. In January, for instance, we’re going to hold our Board meeting in Chicago instead of San Diego. That means we won’t have to fly a couple dozen staff members to San Diego and put them up there. It’s just common sense.” He wants to shorten Board meetings, shrink some RI committees, and save money on committee meetings to make Rotary more cost-effective.

Half a century after landing his last C-124, Germ sees himself as Rotary’s navigator, plotting a course toward a bright future. “It’s going to be a team effort,” he says. His main target after polio will be Rotary’s static membership. On that issue, he says, “The fault is with us, the current Rotarians.” He wants members to “step up their outreach. I really think one of our main problems is that we don’t ask enough people to join. Why? For fear of rejection. We need to get over that – to get out there and bring in new members we’ll be proud of.”

To appeal to younger members, he supports a new move (approved at the Council on Legislation in April) that allows membership in Rotaract and Rotary at the same time. “I’m all in favor of that,” he says.

It doesn’t stop there. Germ supports flexibility in many Rotary matters. “Our clubs have always been organized around a meal. Lunch and dinner were part of our dues, and that system served us well. But society has changed,” he says. Rotary International is catching up by allowing clubs more leeway in when and how they meet. “How do we accommodate the 30-year-old businessperson raising a family? Well, for one thing, we could pay less attention to attendance,” he adds. “My question isn’t ‘How many meetings did you make?’ It’s ‘How are you making a difference in your community?' "

Visit the to:

The Rotarian

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Why Rotary and not another Association?
It is now almost 26 years since I first joined Rotary back in 1989.  I have taken a few years off when my kids needed 100% of my available time.  I was wondering the other day as to why I joined Rotary and then I read the article in our Rotarian Magazine.  Rotary to me is where we build leaders from all ages.  My son is now a member of SF Evening Club and he would be the 3rd generation in my family to join Rotary.  I have seen so many of my fellow Rotary members blossom into a fully confident and secured leaders in a magical metamorphosis from a shy and quiet person to an outgoing leader.  We have programs staring in High School such as Interact, RYLA to young adults with RotarAct and finally our infamous Pearls series program that is almost like an MBA course for leaders.
Sometimes when we are lucky, there comes an individual that is truly a Leader before even joining a Rotary Club.  Cap Alan Olson who is a Past President of our club is such a person.  His resume reads like a dream for any adventurer.  He embodies all traits that a leader should have.  You get the warm and steely karma the minute you meet him.  There is no false pretense nor any ego that comes in his way toward his passion and goals in life.  He has done it all.  He reminds me of an ad that runs about some liquors demonstrating a worldly person that has it all except in case of Cap Alan, it is not about him but his service to the community.
If you wish to hear him in person away from all the noise and commotion surrounding his presence in various medias and events, then you need to be at our Club this Wed to hear him speak of his amazing project in Sausalito.  The building of a first Tall Ship schooner in Sausalito after decades of no such activity in Marin.  He had every
possible barrier in his way but he plowed through each one with a calm and determined way that demonstrates a true leader among us all.  We are so proud of Cap Alan.

Alan Olson---Project Director. As Project Director, Alan brings his vision to the organization and 60 years of maritime experience, in construction, engineering, restoration and sailing. At age 22 he built his first boat in Minneapolis, a 40 foot catamaran, sailing her down the Mississippi and to the Caribbean. He next constructed Stone Witch, a 70’ brigantine.  From 1977 on, he sailed Stone Witch over 40,000 miles, operating educational sailing programs for youth and adults along with public charters on SF Bay and on Pacific Ocean expeditions.   Stone Witch was the flag ship for Greenpeace and involved in environmental missions along the California Coast.  In the 1990’s Alan restored a 1929, 54ft wooden staysail schooner to use in youth educational programs with Call of the Sea and on educational expeditions with adults.  In 1992 they set sail on a one year 15,000 mile Pacific Rim Voyage through Hawaii and Pacific Islands entering Shanghai as the first American yacht to visit in fifty years. After three months cruising Japan they set out for Alaska returning along the coast to San Francisco. Alan also spent five years in a leadership and design position at a Buddhists monastery building elaborate temples and sculpting sacred art. 

Why Rotary and not another Association? Farhad Taleghani 2016-05-30 07:00:00Z
March 9 Meeting
We were honored to have Mary Jane Burke as our Guest Speaker on Wed.  In response to Barbara Cavalier's question as how Rotarians can be of help to the Marin Educational system, she immediately wrote a great note that will apply to all of District Rotarians with all the School Districts that are as open as our Marin County:
Thank you so much for welcoming me this morning and showing your appreciation of the good work of our public schools in Marin County. I hope you might consider, either as individuals or as a collective group, getting involved with SchoolsRule Marin. This effort is designed to promote education equity among our community by supporting ALL students equally in the areas of literacy, technology, art, and health. Over the past four years we have distributed more than $1.5M to school foundations countywide!  I have attached information related to our annual event as well as a breakdown of how the 2015 funds were distributed and allocated. More information on SchoolsRule Marin can be found at www.schoolsrule.org
In addition, I wanted to encourage those of you with a Bachelor’s degree to consider giving back to our public schools (and getting the greatest gift for yourselves) by substitute teaching. We are in need of talented individuals who want to make a difference in the life of a child… You can find additional information online at http://marinschools.org/Personnel/Substitutes/Pages/Sub-Packet.aspx and informational sessions on how to register as a substitute teacher are held on Mondays from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. at the Marin County Office of Education located at 1111 Las Gallinas Avenue in San Rafael. 
If you do not have a Bachelor’s degree and still want to get involved, consider becoming a paraeducator. We are currently working on a program to register paraeducators and prepare them for the classroom. More information will be available in the near future on this program.
March 9 Meeting Farhad Taleghani 2016-03-09 08:00:00Z
Happy Birthday to Rotary 111 Years

Why Rotary is my religion

To me Rotary means PEACE.  At no other time in my life span has this goal meant more to the world than today.  When Paul Harris founded Rotary in Chicago, he did it for one main reaon: to connect to the community by Serving others.  In my extensive travels through out Europe and Asia as well as Central America, I have observed many flavors of this noble notion.  Not all countries and even more so not all Clubs are the same.  The aspirations, goals, and achievments vary from Club to Club.  But one main goal seems to resonate among all humans beings:  It is better to Serve than to be Served.  
Our small club was one of the first in the world that had Chartered Women members and we are proud of that.  We call our Club, not your father's Club.  My father started Rotary in a middle east country that later labeled Rotary as an instrument of US intellegance, hence its demise.  My son, unknown to me, is joining a young club in the city where he lives in as he feels he needs to connect to the community.  I personally joined in 1989 for business reasons and it did help but it also shaped my outlook on life.
As in any other organization, the chemistry of associations change through time as the leadership changes.  The human connection aspect of the Rotary and the Service goals are always the glue that keeps this noble cause moving forward.  Our organization is tied in so many ways with UN with local clubs in 162+ countries. The Rotary International (RI) approach in eradicting Polio with our PolioPlus drive has become the d standard in dealing with world wide efforts to help others.
I hope you will join us in many of our exciting meetings and more importantly help us with our local and international activities.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROTARY Feb 23rd, 111 Years
Happy Birthday to Rotary 111 Years Farhad Taleghani 2016-02-16 08:00:00Z
How Does US Rate?

How America Rates?

Most Americans think their country is the best in the world-but global studies paint a murkier picture.

(Parts of this Article are from a recent THE WEEK magazine dated November 27th, 2015)

Is the US No,1?

It is economically. The US has the highest GDP as well as highest average after tax income of $41,355 among all the 34 nations in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  But in its annual study of well-being in developed nations, the OECD found that US is NOT no. #1.  It is not even in the top 10 but coming at no. #15th as stated by Romina Boarini head of Measuring Well-Being and Progress Section of OECD.

Why is that?

For two primary reasons: A lot of Americans feel isolated and feel a lack of social connection with a poor work-life balance.

What do other surveys say?

The US on all other indexes ranks in the middle of the pack.  The US fell from 12th to 23rd in Gallup most recent well-being index, there were far more happiness in many Latin American nations.  hy? Social cohesion is strong in theses nations, per Gallup.

What do these indexes tell us?

To be happier, experts suggest, Americans should work a little less,  spend more time with friends and family, and become more deeply engaged in organizations and their community.


The US invented this notion 150 years ago; Paul Harris of Rotary International discovered the aforementioned back then.  There are now 32,000 Clubs and over 1.2 million member worldwide involved.  Why aren't you a member?  Marin county has 14 Rotary Clubs.  One of the original clubs with women charter members in the world is our very own Rotary Club of Marinsunrise (http://portal.clubrunner.ca/8926).  This little club which has had over five Tiburon/Belvedere Presidents and many S Marin resident Past Presidents. Over the years it has accomplished:

Locally Rotacare (http://www.rotacarebayarea.org/clinics/san_rafael.html)  Internationally CED (http://www.himalayankids.org/ced/oldweb/index.html)


Please join us on any Wed that you have the time to spare. We are looking for community members that enjoy the company of like minded friends like yourself.

How Does US Rate? Farhad Taleghani 2016-01-27 08:00:00Z
Meeting on May 20 2015
GREETER and PLEDGE: Chuck O did the duty.
  • It was great to see Dianne C back.  What a trooper! Fighting off her eches and pains to attend the meeting. During her absence, she organized our Installation/Awards Dinner at Servinos.  Send her  a Check for $60 per person right away.  You must RSVP, there's no signing up at the door.
  • And to welcome her back, Dianne won the raffle but drew the wrong marble.
  • We still need more golfers, T-sign and other sponsors for the Golf Tournament.
  • Sign up for the Golf Tournament Dinner by May 29.
  • The Left Bank has decided not to host us.  Cammie D needs more help nominating possibilities.
  • We earned the full $700 for the parking help in Pengrove.  Good work Chuck O!
  • The club is dragging its feet on Paul Harris - The Rotary Foundation contributions. Get with it - Write a check for $150 at least!
Meeting on May 20 2015 Farhad and Bill 2015-05-21 07:00:00Z
Meeting on Apr 8, 2015
Meeting on April 8, 2015

Pres Lisa presiding. Jirayr was the greeter. He provided the follow inspiration quote: Albert Einstein — 'In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity' 


Service projects coming up:
Marin food bank: 8:45 AM April 18,
Community projects Stafford Lake April 25,
Sonoma bike race parking May 16,
County rotary day Pacific's game June 19.

Jirayr announced that he will be absent in the coming months in Rotary due to him pursuing his CFP (Certified Financial Planner).
Lisa is not here next week as she will be in Cuba; Past Pres Ken will be taking over her duties. 
There is a board meeting April 22nd.
Good Times
Bill reported Dianne is feeling better. She welcomes your calls at the Tamalpais.
Bill visited Central America and has now visited all of the Mayan ruins.
Farhad got teams for the golf tournament – a Greek, Persian, Canadian, and Italian team.
Lisa reported the joint social was fun and well attended.
Paul is doing well and recovering from his procedure.

Barbara and Stephen discussed their trip to Spain, Portugal and Colombia. They had so much fun on their trip that they ran out of time just talking about Spain and didn’t get to Portugal or Colombia. They had an apartment there and visited many touristic sites. Barbara and Stephen really enjoyed the culture and experience.
Meeting on Apr 8, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-04-08 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Apr 1, 2015
Meeting on April 1, 2015

Pres Lisa presiding. Trish was the greeter.


Service projects coming up:
joint social April 1,
Marin food bank: 8:45 AM April 18,
community projects Stafford Lake April 25,
Sonoma bike race parking May 16,
county rotary day Pacific's game June 19.

Capt Alan thanked all the volunteers for attending the Tall Ship event.

Venue Discussion
The club had a discussion regarding our meeting venue. The concerns some had were financial burden on the club and club members, and losing members in transition.
The majority of the club voted to try Left Bank for 3 months and see if it works.

Two officers from the Central Marin Police Authority discussed how the new police department was formed. Twin Cities and San Anselmo police departments combined in 2013 to avoid redundancy and to increase effectiveness. The two officers talked about traffic enforcement and crime within our county.
Meeting on Apr 1, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-04-01 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Mar 18, 2015
Meeting on March 18, 2015

Pres Lisa presiding. Christi was the greeter.

Visitors: Marshall Gross from Tiburon club.

District assembly this Saturday, peace project being discussed.

Service projects coming up:
educational tall ship March 28,
Marin food bank: 8:45 AM April 18,
community projects Stafford Lake April 25,
Sonoma bike race parking May 16,
joint social April 1,
county rotary day Pacific's game June 19.

End Polio Now campaign: We will be billing $25 to each member for our contribution.

Diane being released from care center today.

We raised $715 for interact fundraiser. Thank you for everyone's efforts.

Good times
Barbara returned from three-month trip to Spain, Portugal, and Columbia. Stephen had a great time and can't wait to go back.
Mike went to Scottsdale for spring training.

Jim visited Incline Village, celebrated his and Jody's birthday, not much snow but had a great time.

Cammie gave a medical update on recent members. It's great to hear us reaching out and reconnecting with folks we haven't seen recently.

Discussed ride for vets, call of the sea, golf tournament. Gus gave more info on golf tournament.

Classification talk: Jim Costello

Raffle: will won
Meeting on Mar 18, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-03-19 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Mar 11, 2015
 Pres Lisa presiding.
Visitors: Elsia Galawish, Carl Mogilnicki
Greeter: Cammie. "suffering is a universal human experience; meeting it with compassion is one of the noblest capacities we have as humans." - Gil Fronsdal

Lisa reminded us of upcoming events:
  • March 25 - no meeting
  • March 28 - Educational Tall Ship service event (lunch provided)
  • April 1 - joint social @ Trek Winery with RCTL and RC Novato
  • April 25, 9 AM - Club Presidents Council:, Stafford lake. Countywide rotary project. All encouraged to attend.
  • May 6, Wednesday - Rotary volunteer appreciation dinner.
Venue location still looking at specific and potential locations.

Go for dinner decided to be at San Geronimo among golf course. 

Bill Baeza inducted into our club. Welcome Bill!
Raffle & Auction
Will selected for raffle but did not win.
Speaker - Redwood High School Interactors
Interactors presented their recent events at their club, including guest speakers volunteering at the pop-up store and participating in our Y LA.

The interactors continued their presentation by having auction items to raise funds for their year-long projects. 
Meeting on Mar 11, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-03-11 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Mar 4, 2015
 Pres Lisa presiding.
Visitors: Wess Cadell, Jeff Fletcher, Manual Gomez, Bill Baeza
Bill Baeza wishes to join our club. Ken Tarrant is sponsoring him. If there are any objections, please let us know.
Hank was the greeter and provided an inspirational quote on Charles Lindbergh, who was also the subject of our speaker.
Ken thanked all the members who have stepped up for board positions in the coming year.
Lisa reminded us of upcoming events:
                March 11 - Interact fundraising breakfast meeting to support RHS youth
                March 25 - no meeting
                March 28 - Educational Tall Ship service event (lunch provided)
                April 1 - joint social @ Trek Winery with RCTL and RC Novato
Tom reminded the club members of the vocational directory he is putting together. Please get your information to him if you haven't already.
Matt gave an update on Dianne. She is doing well. She says hi to everyone.
Herman is looking for a used car for his daughter. If anyone know of one, please contact him.
Good Times
Chuck volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and did some heavy work. Patricia joined as well and also had a great time participating.
Peter Mellini glad to be back visiting our club.
Matt was in Floria for a business conference. He also visited family there, went to a baseball and basketball game.
Raffle & Auction
Hank selected for raffle but did not win.
Oak Dowling spoke about Charles Lindbergh's child abduction. It was and still is a very controversial event which continues to be debated and discussed.
The kidnapping of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., the son of well-known aviator Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was one of the most highly publicized crimes of the 20th century. The 20-month-old toddler was abducted from his family home in East Amwell, New Jersey, on the evening of March 1, 1932.
Meeting on Mar 4, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-03-05 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Feb 18, 2015
Jim Costello Greeter.  Auctioned off a dozen, homemade eggs from Costello Farms.  Top bid $11 by Dr. Mike!
February is World Understanding month per Lisa
Lisa Shared the 4th Object of Rotary: FOURTH. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.
Jim Costello’s thought of the Day “Begin with the end in mind.” By Dr. Stephen Covey in “7 habits of Highly Effective People (1989)”
Upcoming events from Hank:
2/28: Habitat for Humanity
5/16: Fisher House Fundraiser
4/18: Ship work day at call of the sea
Next week we are DARK
Ken: Spent time with his brother and family in Tahoe
Paul ($5) Went to Chinese New Year's Celebration at Ft. Baker with Grandchild
Jim ($5) Went to Alcatraz to see art exhibit of Chinese Artist Wei Wei.  The exhibit focused on political prisoners worldwide.
Our speaker Alnal Crestbow was the winner of the drawing, but selected the black ball and received Gus’ consolation prize.  Raffle up to $157.
The speaker presented on the misunderstood religion of Islam, emphasizing that much of the problems worldwide stem from culture and not religion.
Meeting on Feb 18, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-02-20 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Feb 11, 2015
 Pres Lisa presiding.
Visitors: Bill Baeza
Bill Baeza wishes to join our club. Ken Tarrant is sponsoring him. If there are any objections, please let us know.
Farhad was the greeter and provided the following quote: "Paradise lies under the feet of mothers."
Good Times
Bill visited the "Race Track" in Death Valley, where the rocks move over time. This is unexplainable by science.
Cristy visited family in the Midwest. She had a great time discussing her family history.
Ken thanked Tom for stepping up to attend PETS training, as he couldn't make it. He was in Elk Grove where he was for a funeral and visited family.
Farhad will have a celebration of his mother's life.
Jim shared his Rotary moment when he visited Mexico with his son to deliver computers.
Bill shared his Rotary moment where he, over a series of trips, shipped books and computers to Fiji.
Ken announced the Habitat for Humanity project which we will be participating in downtown Novato. Ken also announced the District Assembly on March 21.
Bill reported Dianne is in good spirits. We can call her at 415-461-9700. She is at Kindred Nursing Center.
Lisa announced the future speakers for our club.
Raffle & Auction
Trish selected for raffle but did not win.
Kristine Fowler Cirby, attorney, Executive Director of Family and Children's Law non-profit, spoke to our club about how she provides legal services to low income Marin families. She also consults teen girls about healthy relationships and friendships. She addresses negative self image and self confidence with young women.
Meeting on Feb 11, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-02-11 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Feb 4, 2015
 Pres Lisa presiding.
Visitors: Kim Corbett (Rafael Evening Rotary club), Bill Baeza
Good Times
Farhad had a life changing experience on his Guatemala trip, and it all happened because of Rotary. He will present more on his trip in the future.
Ken thanked Tom for stepping up to attend PETS training, as he couldn't make it.
Lisa thanked all who helped with the Pop Up Street Store. It was a big success with a lot of help and support from other local Rotary clubs.
Ken announced the Habitat for Humanity project which we will be participating in downtown Novato.
Matt announced the Marin Food Bank project on April 18, 9-11am.
Jirayr stated future billing to club members for in club items (donations, good times, auction items) will all be done via the billing system. In order to avoid double billing, please do not give any more cash to the treasurer for payments.
Kim Corbett announced the District announcement at Disneyland on May 1-3. The House of Friendship will have a table there, and Kim asked for our support and help to showcase our club and our projects.
Raffle & Auction
Gus auctioned a bottle of wine, which Cammie won.
Kim selected for raffle but did not win.
Lucas Oshun, from Global Student Embassy, is an NGO community building organization. Lucas promoted a fundraiser for his event on February 7, 6-9pm at the Marin Art and Garden Center. He gave a presentation on his efforts around the world and how he is cultivating change.
Craig Alexander, from the Giants Community Fund, discussed the Junior Giants baseball league. It is responsible for raising money to play free baseball for underprivileged kids. The league promotes a healthy lifestyle via violence prevention, nutrition, and educational information. They have developed almost 90 leagues, with 23,000 kids total. 
Meeting on Feb 4, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-02-05 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Jan 21, 2015
 Pres Lisa presiding.
Visitors: Bridgett Foss (San Rafael Rotary club), Bill Haeza, Marge Bottari
Paul was the greeter and provided the following quote:
“Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deep fog of misunderstanding will be lifted from our fear-drenched communities, and in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.”
“When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love.”
January 29th has been announced as International Rotary Day. Each club has proclamations from the mayor.
January 29th, 1-4pm Pop-up Store: the AHO will be providing resources and assistance to young adults. Local Rotary clubs will also be doing the Pop-up store. We need to provide the following: sleeping bags, blankets, hats, gloves, socks, warm clothing/coats, batteries, can openers, and flashlights. To go food items (cup of soup, peanut butter, juice boxes, individual apple sauces, and bars).
Ken's mother is doing better. Please keep their family in your thoughts.
Hank and Jirayr will be visiting St Patricks to be donating dictionaries to their 3rd grade class.
Upcoming Rotary events: Basic PRLS is Jan 24th, RYLA March 27, District Conference May 1-3 at Disneyland.
Dr Mike got a nice phone call from previous member who donated $1000 to our club. Thank you!
Matt discussed hot important Rtoary is and how we should be sharing it and be proud of the work we do.
Redwood High School Interactors are donating to the Pop Up Store project and they will be visiting our club soon.
Alan reported the Tall Ship project progress is going well and moving along nicely.
There will be no meeting next week as we will be dark.
Raffle & Auction
Paul auctioned off a bottle of his home made wine - Ken won.
Alan was selected but did not win. He received a consolation prize from Gus. Thanks Gus for always providing the consolation prizes!
Speaker - Vocational
Dianne Chute discussed her early childhood and how she received a Rotary scholarship, started in the insurance business and found a nice niche insuring house boats. She started a dog park in Sausalito, which at the time was unheard of, and it was named Remington Park. She wanted to give back due to her receipt of the Rotary scholarship, and decided to join a Rotary club. She concluded by reading a list of her accomplishments throughout her life.
Dr Mike Osborne also started by discussing his childhood. His father also attended medical school and became a surgeon, like himself. He was introduced to his wife by the same person who introduced his parents. He moved to Marin and started his practice and later joined forces with a couple other surgeons. He was invited to RCMS and was excited to join because there were no surgeons in the group - so the conversations were diverse beyond just medical discussion. 
Meeting on Jan 21, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-01-21 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Jan 14, 2015
 Pres Lisa presiding. Will was the greeter and provided the following quote:
"With the old Almanac and the old year, leave thy old vice, tho ever so dear."
"Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labour wears: the used key is always bright."
-Benjamin Franklin
Good Times
Bill saw his grandkids in Little Rock and Denver. He bought a 3D printer with son, with which he made an octocube that he showed to the group.
Farhad was with his family over the holidays and is prepping for a trip to Guatemala to learn Spanish.
Alan was busy travelling recently but is glad to be back. He will have more stories when the kids return from their boat trip to Mexico. Dr Mike stated the kids from the Bodega Bay school will be visiting the new Tall Ship.
Cammie saw Invitation Game, which she really enjoyed and recommended it to the group.
Farhad thanked Bill for the beekeeper shirt he received at Christmas.
January 29th has been announced as International Rotary Day. Each club has proclamations from the mayor.
January 29th, 1-4pm Pop-up Store: the AHO will be providing resources and assistance to young adults. Local Rotary clubs will also be doing the Pop-up store. We need to provide the following: sleeping bags, blankets, hats, gloves, socks, warm clothing/coats, batteries, can openers, and flashlights. To go food items (cup of soup, peanut butter, juice boxes, individual apple sauces, and bars).
Ken's mother is doing better. Please keep their family in your thoughts.
Hank announced he will be taking over the Rotacare signups for Roland, while he is in tax season.
Hank asked for good thoughts for Peter Mellini.
Ken announced Tom Santamorena as our President Elect Elect. Congrats Tom!
The Cuba trip will now be on April 11-19.
We have a board meeting next week, after our regular meeting.
Raffle & Auction
Matt was selected but did not win. He received a consolation prize from Gus. Thanks Gus for always providing the consolation prizes!
Jackie Tribolet is part of a very devoted military family. She served as an active duty Army nurse for fourteen years. While many in this country were protesting the work of the military, Jackie was inspired to join the Army because of her love for our great country and her respect for the warriors who defend our freedom. She continues her help and support for the military with her work for our wounded warriors.
Jackie discussed the Fisher House, a program to support our veterans and their families. She promoted an event on Saturday, May 16 2015 that will benefit them. It is 6 - 9pm at the San Rafael Community Center in San Rafael. Please make an effort to attend. 
Meeting on Jan 14, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-01-15 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Jan 7, 2015
Pres Lisa presiding and provided the following short story for inspiration:
"This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.  There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.  Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.  Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job.  Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.  It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have. Are you somebody who is willing to step up so that everybody benefits?"
Good Times
Jim has another granddaughter that was born yesterday. Congrats to Jim!
Matt is glad to be back. He had some family issues he was helping with, but all is well now. Glad to have you back Matt!
Lisa visited the Sonoma Mission Inn with her kids, as a break from all their hard work. They had a hard time not being constantly busy but enjoyed it.
Ken's family came to visit his new granddaughter, including her great grandma.
Chuck visited Santa Barbara, but his wife was sick the whole trip. He spent all his time trying to find medication and soup for her. He concluded with a 4 hour bike ride, which he enjoyed.
Hank went to San Diego to his mother in laws and watched David Cox (saxophonist) perform.
Lisa shared a letter from the RI president, which detailed how Rotarians should light up Rotary by informing others of our good work.
  • January 29th, 1-4pm, the AHO will be providing resources and assistance to young adults. Local Rotary clubs will also be doing the Pop-up store. We need to provide the following: sleeping bags, socks, warm clothing, batteries, and flashlights
Hank and Jirayr will be visiting St Patricks to donate dictionaries.
Will noted that Rotary was featured in the North Bay Biz, and also exclusively our club which first chartered women.
Lisa revisited our club's goals for membership, foundation, PR, and service. Please help us meet our goals.
Raffle & Auction
Dr Mike got selected but did not win.
Meeting on Jan 7, 2015 Jirayr Kembikian 2015-01-07 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Dec 17, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Visitors- Holly Cade (Farmer's Insurance), Lama Tenzin.
Lisa presented a pin to Bill for his Veteran services for his service in the Air Force.
Lisa stated we have donated our food and toys to SantaCop and we are partnering with several other Rotary clubs to establish the 'Street Store' project.
Cristy reminded us to donate to the Rotary Foundation.
Bill asked for old laptops for donation to his international service projects.
Good Times
Jim went on a tour to Hooverdam, which he really enjoyed. He gave us statistics and history about it.
Cristy has a good time at Farhad's last night, hearing Lama Tenzin speak and presenting an update on his orphanage in India.
Cammie sand at the 'Holiday Pop' musical and had a great time doing so.
Raffle & Auction
Lisa auctioned a Christmas wreath, which Will won.
Lama Tenzin provided an update on his orphanage. He thanked RCMS for our generous donations, support, and help.
Paul spoke to our club about the various international projects we are supporting benefitting people around the world in: micro credit, clean water, education, anti slavery, and healing.
Meeting on Dec 17, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-12-17 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Dec 10, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Farhad was the greeter and provided the following quote: "To your loved ones, you will always feel in debt to them." -Ralph Sockman
Lisa shared thank you letters from Rotacare and Whislestop.
Farhad announced a social at his home, on Dec 16, which Lama Tenzin will be present for. 6:30pm
Dianne announced she has Shen Yun tickets, which she said is a great performance.
Ken excited about our holiday party tonight.

Interactors are shopping for kids from the Canal Alliance and buying them presents they are wishing for.
Hank displayed the dictionary that will be donating to St. Patricks school. Farhad purchased some on our behalf.
Good Times
Dianne shared that she celebrated her 20th year anniversary in Rotary.
Farhad went to a concert at Stanford to see Aram Khatchaturian, a classical Armenian artist. He had a great time as it was his first concert he didn't fall asleep in.
Cammie went to the Marin Symphony event and enjoyed it.
Raffle & Auction
Farhad auctioned off bottle of wine, which Paul won.
Jim was selected for the raffle but did not win. Instead, he received a consolation prize of jelly beans.
In light of Paul's international project presentation disappearing off his computer, Hank stepped in early to deliver his vocational speech. He discussed his upbringing, childhood, schools he attended (with Jim Costello), and his eventual career. He continued by describing how he and his wife Barbara met as well. 
Meeting on Dec 10, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-12-10 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Dec 3, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Bill was the greeter and provided the following inspirational quote: "It's easier to fight for your principles than to live up them."
Ken reminded us the holiday party is next Wednesday at 6PM at Cafe Arriverderci.
Alan will be doing another trip to La Paz soon, where they will also have a biologist with them. He will also be going on a Puerto Vallarta trip later next year.
Dianne presented the article highlighting Veterans issues and efforts that are being done to help them.
Lisa announced our club will be participating in the 'Street Store' project, with a few other Marin Rotary clubs. We need clothes, supplies, and food to donate to this project.
Chuck gave a presentation on R4V and the Pathway Home to other Rotary clubs.
Cristy reminded us to donate to the Rotary Foundation.
Lisa will be meeting with other Rotary presidents from Marin to establish a Rotary International day in Marin.
Good Times
Bill came late because he accidentally went to Cafe Arrivederci. He recently visited the Sea of Cortez and had Thanksgiving with the Alpine Club at Eckle Lake.
Farhad was off raising money for Ride 4 Vets. Lama Tenzin is coming to visit our club soon and he hopes to have a party for him.
Jim reported that Lisa's daughter Sofie was on the front page of the newspaper, while serving a Thanksgiving meal at Whistlestop. Jim also displayed the newspaper which highlighted Call of the Sea's Tall Ship they are building in Sausalito.
Cammie saw the 'Theory of Everything' and reported that it was a great movie and she recommended it.
Tom visited Tijuana and San Diego with his family. He played golf, went to SeaWorld, the zoo, a safari park, and UC San Diego. Unfortunately, his daughter got sick on the way back.
Hank visited Los Altos Hills over Thanksgiving. He had a great time even though there were many pets running around.
Raffle & Auction
Bill auctioned a bottle of wine, which Cammie won.
Dennis Koller, author of 'Kissed by the Snow', talked about the war on drugs. 'Fought in the shadows, about to come into the spotlight.'
He came late to novel writing, spending the first 20 years of his career life in  marketing. In those years, his creative urges were assuaged by writing articles for Trade Journals, and by writing direct response appeal letters for non-profits, mostly in the higher education space. 
His company, Pen Communication, specialized in hand-written direct response pieces used by many PBS stations around the country to raise funds.  It now publishes his novels.  He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Meeting on Dec 3, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-12-03 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Nov 19, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Dr Mike was the greeter and discussed five notable charities we can donate to as the year end is approaching.
Lisa inspired us by describing the different kinds of giving, according to Buddhism.
Emerson sadly announced he will be moving away to South Carolina, as his five year in the interim teaching position has ended. We will all be sad to see him go.
Lisa announced our holiday party will be at Arrivederci Cafe in San Rafael on Wednesday, December 10th.
Lisa presented a video, 'Street Store,' which become a possible future service project. She has already contacted multiple other local Rotary clubs for their participation and help.
Good Times
Jim has a new granddaughter, Tessa, who was born on Monday.
Barbara will be leaving for 3 months for Spain. She wished everyone Happy Holidays.
Cammie's horse won at the Day at the Races, even though she knew nothing about racing.
Roland reported on the new college tax credits that have gone into effect, for low income California students.
Raffle & Auction
Dr Mike auctioned off a nice bottle of wine, which Paul won.
Patricia was selected and got the white marble, congratulations Patricia!!
Speakers  - Classification Talks
Cristy Egan - mortgage broker. Cristy has been in our club almost long enough to be a charter member. She has had many positions within finance and the real estate business. She eventually landed herself as a mortgage broker. She described the demographic she is currently working with in SF and the type of transactions she is working on.
Chuck Orr - energy benchmark reporting. Chuck was born in East St. Louis. He gave a good, bad, and ugly report of his hometown. The population has really declined, crime is much higher than the national average, and it is sometimes scary to drive through now. He has started different businesses throughout his career dealing with technology and information systems. Eventually he started his recent business, energy benchmark reporting, which is not very well known but will be more common in the future. It measures the energy that's used per square foot to qualify for an energy star rating. 
Meeting on Nov 19, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-11-19 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Nov 12, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Chuck was the greeter provided the inspirational quote:
"One of the keys to a good life is a good attitude - so choose a good one."
Hank and Ken attended a ceremony for the Veterans council. Hank gave a narratice about WW2 planes, and he further wants to connect with the Marin United Veterans Council and become more active and involved with them. He met many people who he told about our R4V project
The Mission San Rafael club is selling poinsettia flowers to raise funds.
Cristy announced our clubs participation rates in the TRF and we should try to do more.
Barbara presented a poem that was written about Lama Tenzin.
Lisa announced we are donating funds to Whistlestop to help with their Thanksgiving event.
There will be a board meeting next week, after our meeting and we will be meeting at Left Bank in 3 weeks.
Dianne gave a summary about our holiday party and a couple potential options. A discussion was had and the voting will be handled via email.
Raffle & Auction
Emerson auctioned off a bottle of wine, brought by our speaker - Chuck won.
Tom Kalbrener, from the Silverado Winery, discussed "The State of Wine Industry".
Napa has a climate that is only found in 2% of the world, which makes it possible to sustain the agriculture needed for producing wine. It has a very diverse soil makeup which is not found in many places. 
Meeting on Nov 12, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-11-15 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Nov 5, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Alan was the greeter provided the inspirational quote:
"Do not focus on your limits and shortcomings. Instead, turn always to the good. When you are tired or frustrated, say to yourself, "I dedicate my actions to the joy of others. I know that I have limits, but still I dedicate all my actions to their welfare, knowing that this has merit. From time to time encourage yourself to do more than you think possible. Remind yourself that you can work toward the good, can accumulate merit and the power to act for the sake of all beings. Your influence can ripple out in all directions and you can make a difference in reality." -Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Good Times
Jim took a road trip with his chicken coup in the back of his truck. He met some interest travelers along the way. His chickens have since laid eggs.
Dianne celebrated her 78th birthday recently.
Chuck missed Rotary for the week we were dark, so he volunteered at Rotacare.
Ken thanked people who volunteered at the Day of the Dead event. He announced that there will be more upcoming service events.
Hank presented his frame picture series that he will be presenting to a Veterans group.
Tom reported on the recent Rotary Means Business. Although it was game 7 of the World Series, we still had a decent turnout.
DG Chris Gallagher reported on the TRF day at the aquarium, which was a good time.
Dianne presented options for the holiday party. The club voted to have the party in early December.
Farhad was presented with another Paul Harris fellow pin.
Lisa, in honor of the upcoming Veterans day, pinned the Veterans of our club: Chuck, Jim, Hank, Gus.
Raffle & Auction
Alan also auctioned off an Educational Tall Ship T-shirt, Farhad won.
Jim auctioned off his farm fresh eggs, which Mike won.
Jayne (guest -Marin Evening Rotary) selected, but did not win.
John Bottari discussed several interesting facts about The Rotary Foundation. TRF and Rotary International are separate entities, each with their own managing bodies. Rotary International has a seat at the UN, because of its unique characteristics, even though it is not a nation. The UN comes to Rotary for help for projects that they are not able to do or take part in.
Polio is now wiped out in India and Nigeria, which only leaves Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan has the biggest number of polio cases, partly because of the armed forces who won't let Rotary in. There has been a national emergency declared in the country because of this, forcing anyone travelling in or out of the country to take polio immunization. This was a big step towards inoculation. 
Meeting on Nov 5, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-11-05 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 22, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Patricia provided the inspirational quote: “Altruism is the key to having a full life.”
Visitors: George Landau, Tiburon/Belvedere Club & Barbara Weldon- Harbor Rotary Club
Lisa provided words of appreciation for Aref of Harbor Rotary, for providing us with his space for our meeting.
Lisa also thanked Alan for hosting the Call of the Sea social. It was a great time, 43 people attended, and we earned enough to make our goal to donate back to the C.O.S.
Good Times
Cammie displayed her Giants jacket proudly.
Chuck reported on his trip a veterans program that was put on by the alumni of Illinois. He promoted synergy with Pathway Home and which may be lead to potentially starting a Pathway Home in Chicago.
Jim went on a cruise to Alaska, which he had a great time on. Additionally, he helped his daughter move to their new home. He had car trouble along the way, but everything worked out. Jim ended his trip by going to a workshop on how to use a set of German woodworking tools.
Hank had flown to Edminton Canada to see family who had moved there. He attempted to cut his reporting short, but many agreed he failed to do so.
George Landau announced his club is jouining an Ebola prevention campaign in Liberia. The project will provide clean water, soap, and masks to prevent the spread of the virus.
Ken reminded us of the Day of the Dead celebration on Nov 1. There are 3 time slots available to volunteer.
Hank reported we are starting our Rotary Team Home project with assisting Dianne with minor projects around her home.
Tom stated our Rotary Means Business networking event is on Nov 29, West End Café, 5:30-7:30pm.
Lisa stated we have no meeting next week and the Foundation event is on Nov 2.
Dianne mentioned she wants help finding a location for our holiday party this year.
Patricia raffled off a ratchet screwdriver set, which Ken won.
Speakers – Vocational
Tom Santamorena discussed the history of his firm, Minto & Wilkie, and also his work history. Tom provide insurance products to commercial and individual clients, coordinate and direct new client transitions, manage insurance needs of client accounts, and builds and maintains relationships with clients. He coordinates needed support services to effectively run the accounts and maintain an existing customer base, and grow the base of business.
Jirayr Kembikian spoke about his childhood, interests-which include travel and mountain biking, and how he got started in the financial services industry. Working with San Francisco Associates, Jirayr assists individuals, families, and small businesses develop personalized strategies tailored to providing strategies to each client's financial situations or concerns. To work with clients to achieve financial stability, this approach focuses on identifying specific goals and helping overcome obstacles that can get in the way.
Meeting on Oct 22, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-10-22 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 15, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding. Barbara provided the inspirational quote.
Visitors: Elcia Galawish and Brian McLeran
Lisa provided words of appreciation for Gus, who does the raffle and brings a weekly consolation prize.
Good Times
Barbara took a travel writer's workshop.  She already got a commitment from an online magazine to publish her content from her trip to Barcelona.
Paul went to a show with his wife at the Marin Center, Bella Gaia, about the world and the planets and the impacts humans are having on it. It was very insightful.
Lisa went to the play Noah Griffin, which she described as amazing.
Alan reported the Call of the Sea fundraiser has already sold out and it should be a great time. Herman bought most of the tickets for his friends and clients. Hank will not be able to attend but $100 to the C.O.S. Lisa will be raffling off tickets to 'Foodies', a play in San Francisco, at the fundraiser.
Tom announced our club will be hosting the monthly Rotary Means Business. It will be on October 29th at the West End Cafe at 5:30-7:30pm. You should register in advance online to save some money.
Lisa reminded us World Polio Day is on October 24th and there will be a live stream at 4:30pm PST.
Barbara is writing an article for the Marin Scope, which will be highlighting our club and our projects.
Barbara was selected but did not win the raffle prize.
Past DG, Brian McLeran, spoke about his trip and world service project, "Precious Life" in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and news from the Interact club at King George VI who are the sister to club to St. Isabella's in Terra Linda.
The project helps women who have been forced out of their homes for becoming pregnant from various causes. Precious Life helps them develop a life in which they can study, go to school, and learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle. They are taught business and agricultural skills so they can support themselves and their children. 
Meeting on Oct 15, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-10-16 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 8, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding and provided an inspirational quote.
Good Times
Hank had an interesting experience while visiting his doctor where someone sneezed on him. He urged everyone to practice safe hygiene habits.
Ken went to his nephew’s wedding near Sacramento and had a great time. He also celebrated his friend’s 60th birthday, at which there was African music and dancing. Ken also got to visit his grandchild again.
Alan reminded us of the Call of the Sea fundraiser on Oct 19th, 2-5pm. It will be a great time.
Lisa announced she was approached by Whistlestop to have RCMS help fund a Thanksgiving feast for their patrons. This will be discussed at the board meeting next week.
Tom announced that our club is interested in hosting a Rotary Means Business event on Oct 29th, 5-7pm, at West End Café. We need participation from our club members to make it a successful event. Tom also updated us on his vocational directory he is compiling. If you have not completed your information yet, please do so with Tom.
Lisa stated there will be a live Rotary stream on Oct 24th, 4:30pm PST, as it is World Polio Day.
Trish reported on her latest PRLS program she attended. Trish urged everyone to attend sometime as well. It includes many public speaking tips and tools.
Chuck was selected but did not win.
Nancy McKenney, the executive Director of Marin Humane Society, provided a discussion on the evolution of the MHS. It started as ‘The Pound’ and graduated to becoming a community resource. They now provide public safety and private shelters for animals.
Nancy joined the Marin Humane Society as its Chief Executive Officer in March 2011. Before the move, she was the CEO for the Humane Society for Seattle/King County for 19 years (and their PR Coordinator for three years prior), executive director for the Petfinder.com Foundation, interim manager for King County Animal Care and Control and a consultant.
Meeting on Oct 8, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-10-08 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 1, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Jirayr was the greeter and provided an inspirational quote by Steve Jobs:
“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”
Good Times
Chuck returned from Italy and read a poem he wrote about his trip:
(a pseudo poem?)
Seven cities in seventeen days
Via planes, trains and automobiles
As well as boats and ferries - no bicycles this trip
First stop is Rome, the eternal city
The home of Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini
Must see the Vatican, the Coliseum and the Pantheon
At least once every 50 years
Then the piazzas – Trevi, Santa Maria and Navona to name just a few
We begin our Caprese salad a day routine
And of course our Marguerita Pizza and pasta
In Italy they are the best of course
Off to Capri -the lovely island in the sun
A boat trip around the island offers the best views
As well as a quick dip in the warm and clear Mediterranean
Then we explore Ana Capri
The charming and less commercial part of the island
A refreshing change to the many fancy, upscale stores in Capri
Off to Taormina via Palermo
Crossing the parched interior of Sicily
And passing a steaming Mt Etna that erupted as recently as August
Taormina, the city up on a rock on the Ionian Sea
In the shadow of Mt Etna
Still shimmering with snow after a gentle rain
A concert in the Ancient Theatre is a treat
As is the comb fish at the Blue Grotto
And dancing in the street
Then to Rapallo on the Italian Riviera
Walking distance to Santa Margarita and Portofino
And a short train ride to the five towns of Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre – a destination long anticipated does not disappoint
Charming, colorful, vertical towns perched high on the coastline
Easily visited by train, boat or foot – but not by car
On to Tuscany with a quick lunch stop in Lucca
Named after a famous Bay Area delicatessen
And home of the well-known Pasticceria Pasquinelli – which we visit
We pass the Carrara quarry, famous for its white marble
And source of Michelangelo’s’ Pieta that adorns the Vatican
And buildings in ancient Rome as well as our White house
(when remodeled by the Kennedys)
Now to San Gimignano, the small, walled, medieval town
Perched on a hill, 300 meters above the vineyards
With its 14 towers providing an unforgettable skyline
Fine examples of Romanesque and Gothic architecture abound
A church adorned with frescos of Italian renaissance artists
And piazzas surrounded by well-preserved,13th century houses
San Gimi  - which I affectionately refer to
Is also known for its white wine- Vernaccia di San Gimignano
Which we often partake - at wineries, restaurants and picnic places
It’s harvest season in Tuscany and the grapes are bursting with flavor
We sample a few right from the vineyards
And help the family members pick the grapes
Firenze and Sienna are a short trip away
We visit the Duomos and piazzas
And sample more food – the best of the trip
Finally it is back to Rome for the flight home
One last visit to Piazzi Espania and our last Marguerita pizza
And it’s arrivederci Italy
Did we have a great trip?  Of course we did
Have you ever anything but good about Tuscany?
Or Italy for that matter?
The people are great
The sites are great
The food is great
I could go on but no need
You now know
What a great destination Italy can be
Ken announced his son and daughter in law had Avala, a baby girl, ahead of schedule. They spent the weekend with them at the hospital. He now feels old, as a grandfather.
Dianne has old Rotary photos that she will be bringing to the club to share her memories.
Bill went to Mexico last week to visit his favorite ruins near Cancun.
Herman visited his daughter in Columbia, South Carolina. He ate lots of grits and saw an official football tailgate party, which was being covered by ESPN.
Farhad visited Cape Cod where he enjoyed eating many fried clams. He also had his first Irish coffee, which he said was a great experience. Farhad visited the Niles club in Fremont as a makeup meeting.
Lisa had a great time at the several projects on our week off. She took part in the Food Bank packing, Masquers play, and Rotary Means Business.
Jirayr gave a refresher on what the greeter duties are: showing up at 7am, setting up the ‘welcome table’, bringing an auction item, greeting as people enter, and cleaning up after the meeting.
Alan announced the Call of the Sea outing on October 19th, 2-5pm, which will be a fundraiser for his organization. $70 per person will include a 3 hour sail and a tour of the shipyard after.
Cammie gave an overview of her visit to West End Café, as it is a potential future meeting location. We will be meeting at West End for our October 22nd meeting.
Chuck announced that the Ride4Vets sponsor shirts have arrived. If you know any sponsors or are a sponsor, see Chuck for a shirt.
Farhad talked about a grape harvesting in Sonoma at Saturday, 7am-1:30pm. There will be lunch and music after. There is no cost for attending.
Cammie was selected but did not win.
In light of our speaker not being able to make it, Emerson and Tom spoke of their respective roles.
Emerson provided insight on the upcoming speakers.
Tom introduced the new vocational speaker format. There will be two club members who speak at the last meeting of the month. Each speaker will have 10 minutes to speak about their classification, with 5 minutes of questions. New businesses to the community will also be welcomed to come to our club to introduce themselves and their business. Lastly, Tom is in the process of creating a club directory, which may in time expand to a district directory. 
Meeting on Oct 1, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-10-01 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 17, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Emerson the greeter and provided inspirational quotes by Winston Churchill, who he described as the most influential person of our time.
Good Times
Ken went on a road trip last week to Portland, Oregon. He visited the San Juan islands and some wineries, and did orca whale watching. He continued his trip to Seattle and Vancouver, where he met with friends and clients.
Roland presented about what business types and areas the IRS will be focusing on for 2015.
Cammie is looking forward to the Masquers theater event on Thursday.
Lisa went to a Giants game last week with her husband Kyle. She got to sit in a luxury box, but there were many Dodgers fans in the box and it became a litter overwhelming.
Roland will be having breakfast next Wednesday at West End Café, in light of having no meeting.
Lisa reminded us of the Masquers play on Thursday and that it will be a great time. We should invite all our friends to join us.
Matt reminded us of our hands on service project this Saturday at the Marin Food Bank.
Lisa announced there will be no meeting next Wednesday.
Cristy talked about the upcoming Rotary Foundation event on November 2nd, which will be taking place at the Aquarium by the Bay.
Barbara announced the Call of the Sea fundraiser on October 19th. It will be a 3 hour cruise which includes food and drinks.
In highlight of New Generations month, Lisa played a Rotary RYLA video. (Rotary Youth Leadership)
Dr Mike was selected but did not win.
Dave Jeffries, from the Marin Emergency Radio Authority (MERA), discussed emergency management and cross county emergency communication. MERA is a collection of public agencies formed in partnership to provide and operate a public safety radio system. As such, MERA provides a crucial communications delivery system that is interoperable between public agencies in order to efficiently and effectively facilitate critical (emergency) communications.
Dave stated the current issues being faced are having a reliable system that has the capacity and coverage to meet the upcoming compliance regulations. Dave highlighted the goals of the new program, which is seeking funding from the new parcel tax that will be on the November voting ballots.
Meeting on Sept 17, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-09-17 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 10, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Trish was the greeter and provided the following inspirational quotes:
"An entire sea of water can't sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can't put you down unless you allow it get inside you." - Unknown
"To do is to be." -Nietzsche
"To be is to do." -Kant
"Do be do be do." -Sinatra
Trish auctioned off a bottle of wine, which Gus won.
Good Times
Jirayr visited Boston for a business trip and visited several historical landmarks. Despite the heat and humidity, he had a really nice time learning more about our country history.
Farhad went to Tahoe with his kids. He also took a week off from work where he did miscellaneous jobs around his house and got a lot done. Farhad's son Ramin also got a new job, whos new CEO's family went to school with Farhad's family back in Iran.
Dr Mike celebrated a birthday recently. His family took him out to a Giant's game and during the game, his name came up on the scoreboard. He also gave Gus' youngest son a train set, which will get a new life out of them.
Lisa announced several upcoming events: Food Bank project on Sept 20th, No meeting on the 24th, Berlin to Broadway play and outing on Sept 18th, and Rotary Means Business on Sept 24th.
Tom announced the Chamber Showcase tonight at Embassy Suites.
Cammie reminded us that ordering new badges will cost you $10.
Lisa gave an overview of other New Generations members around the world and what they are accomplishing. Lisa also played an inspirational video for Rotary Peace Fellows.
Emerson was selected but did not win.
Dave Gardner, filmmaker, (GrowthBusters) has worked as a professional director for over 30 years.
His concern about our society’s growth addiction began when he noticed rapidly growing population centers in the American West are in denial about the limits of water available to feed their continuing growth frenzy.

Dave discussed his recent film that highlighted economic growth, population growth, urban growth, and over consumption.
Meeting on Sept 10, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-09-10 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 3, 2014
Gary Chow RC of South San Francisco. Gary announced the “Cruise for the Cause”, a round-trip sail to Ensenada from San Francisco with special events for Rotarians. Profits from the cruise will go to the home club of anyone who signs up.  More info by e-mail at Saddiktravel@gmail.com.
Kyle Pasquinelli – Husband of Pres Lisa.
Good Times

Pat Mogilnicki celebrated her son’s first kiss.
Stephen Scott went to the Sausalito Art Festival.  He was pleased to reconnect with Pete Esconvedo’s band as well as Tower of Power. He was particularly impressed with the progress of Cap’t Alan’s Tall Ship.  (Dianne Chute on the other hand did not appreciate the loud music that traveled from the Festival to her neighborhood.)
Bill Ring flipped off the meeting with the finger he cut while collecting bottles to be recycled.  Bill is a long-time member of the Mayor’s Select Blue Ribbon Committee for Garbage, an exclusive volunteer organization at the Festival.
Will Walsh confessed that he missed the breakfast at the West End Café while enjoying a relaxing read.
Food Bank September 20 at 9:00 am.  Please sign up.
Pres Lisa Pasquinelli announced the upcoming dinner/social at Hotel Mac followed by a Masquers presentation of Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill. Expect an e-mail with a link to the event.
Hank Cavalier and Ken Tarrant have made contact with Veterans organizations in Marin City and Napa.  They hope coordinate with these organizations for future Ride4Vets events.  They are also working on activities for seniors, Timothy Murphy School, and Habitat for Humanity. 
Barbara Leicht announced the Soroptimist program “Human Trafficking and Child Abduction” September 14 from Noon to 5:00pm at the Marin County Office of Education Community Room 1115 Las Gallinas Ave, Terra Linda.  Here is a link to the brochure: http://www.marinsoroptimist.org/Human-Trafficking-Brochure.pdf .
Alan Olson and Patricia Mogilnicki have been working with the Interact Club at Redwood HS.  They are enthusiastic and are getting T-Shirts for whenever they have an activity.  Right now they are planning a fundraiser for October 24.
Alan is having his own Call of the Sea fundraiser on Sunday October 19th.
Speaker:  Mark James, Bottled Lightning Studios
The Internet of Things – The Next Technological Revolution
Mr. James started by noting that in a few short years we have progressed (?) from Big Computers to Desktop Computers to Smart Phones and now we are bringing together Sensors, Actuators, Linkages to meet people’s needs and make us more productive.   He led us through a dazzling spectrum of what will be in store for us as the capabilities of the current generation of smart phones is fully realized. 
Meeting on Sept 3, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-09-03 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Aug, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Visiting Rotarians: Chris Gallagher, Elsia Galawish (Assnt Gov & Rotary - Marin Evening), Kyle Cato
Cammie was the greeter and provided an inspirational quote by Zig Zigler, "The biggest communication is we don't listen to understand. We listen to reply."
Ken auctioned off a bottle of wine, which Will won.
Good Times
Cristy announced her anniversary where she had a nice dinner in Guerneville.
Hank took his mother-in-law down to see a concern in Santa Barbara and had a great time together.
Herman drove cross country with his family to get his daughter situated at college. He visited the Grand Canyon, Texas, New Orleans, and Alabama. He also celebrated his birthday on the return trip.
Roland traced his roots very far back and also gave away a Civil War DVD box set. Hank enthusiastically wanted it.
Matt has Giants tickets that he will be auctioning to the club and the proceeds will benefit the club.
Lisa announced the Pacifics game this Saturday, which will be our monthly social, and Rotary Means Business, which is Tuesday at the Courtyard Marriott. There will also be no meeting next Wednesday and stated sharing meetings with other clubs is a possible option we are exploring. The Berlin to Broadway play will be on September 18th and will be a little fundraiser for our club.
Cammie stated we need to start wearing our Rotary pins every meeting again, and there will be fines if people aren't wearing them.
Cristy presented Paul Harris Fellowship pins to Lisa, Chuck, and Herman. Chuck also presented Cristy with a Paul Harris pin. Congratulations to all!
Hank was selected but did not win.
Elsia Galawish introduced Chris Gallagher, District Governor, who delivered a very heartfelt presentation. Her talk was about reflection on our own Rotary moments:
  • Who asked you to join Rotary?
  • How did it make you feel when you were inducted into Rotary?
  • What Rotary moment(s) have you had that really validated your membership?
  • Why are still in Rotary?
Chris was also hand selected by RI President Gary to join him in his celebratory event in Taiwan. She is one of 15 DG's from the world who was selected to attend.
Meeting on Aug, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-08-20 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Aug 13, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Visiting Rotarians: Sharon Newton (Rotary - New Orleans), Elsia Galwish (Assnt Gov & Rotary - Marin Evening)
Jim was the greeter and provided an inspirational quote by poet Billy Collins from "Night House."
Lisa auctioned off a bottle of wine, which Paul won.
Good Times
Roland visited Ignacio Valley and had a great time. He recommended we visit other clubs too.
Mike welcomed Sharon Newton, who was one of our original founding members.
Jim reported back on his Evel Knieval lunchbox he found last week at the Ride 4 Vets event. He returned it to the teacher who had the collection stolen from her. Jim went out and was able to find a couple more laying in the bushes.
Will gave a tribute to Robin Williams. Will and Robin used to be in theater together at College of Marin.
Lisa reported on her visit to Rotary Central Marin's movie "Happy" with Michael Pritchard. She also recommended as Michael and Robin were very close, to reach out to Michael. Lisa also mentioned her church recently honored Heidi Kuhn, from Mines to Vines, who spoke at our club recently.
Patricia discussed her recent volunteer trip to Peru. She went for 10 days where she volunteered, painted an orphanage, funded a roof and garden project. She also went on a backpacking trip to Immigrant Wilderness. Lastly, she was happy as her son is started Redwood High School soon.
Roland reminded us of the Pacifics game that is coming up on August 23rd at 5PM.
Ken discussed the Marin Food Bank project on September 20th.
Lisa announced there will be no meeting on August 27th. The DG and AG will be coming next week, for which there will be a board meeting Tuesday at 4:30. Lisa also stated we will probably be staying at our current location for a while now. Lisa went on to play a video of RI president Huang.
David Gerber talked about 'How to fall in love with your alarm clock.' People have stopped slowing down. We have to focus on what matters to us most and what do we care about. We have to prioritize our life and say yes to what matters and no to whatever doesn't.
We should ask ourselves the following questions to help us narrow down our priorities:
  • How passionate are you when you wake up?
  • Why did you come here this morning?
  • What do you really, really want?
  • What stops you?
Meeting on Aug 13, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-08-14 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Aug 6, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Dianne was the greeter and provided several inspirational quotes.
Chuck was thanked by Lisa for all his hard work on Ride4Vets and for riding and raising pledge funds.
Chuck thanked Jim for helping with the flags, Roland for organizing security, Paul for his work on the signs, Barbara for putting together the booth, Trish for creating flyers and cards. Dianne volunteered for writing thank you cards to all R4V contributors.
Dianne auctioned off a bottle of wine, which Bill won.
Good Times
Ken was in Tahoe with some friends over the weekend. He stated the water levels are very low in Tahoe and he hoped for a good upcoming winter and called for us to do our rain dance. Ken is also donating to Chuck's pledge ride and he also joined the Presidents club.
Jim thanked the flag team at R4V for their work. He also found an Evel Knievel lunchbox which he will donate back to the school teacher, which has a lunchbox collection.
Mike thanked all the Bodega Bay contributors and is also forwarding a check from BACCA to the Marin Community Foundation.
Lisa announced the meeting time will be moved back to the original 7:15am. Please get to the meetings on time or you will be fined.
Cammie reminded us of the advantages of joining the Presidents club. Please consider joining.
Jim Walsh, of the Ignacio club, started by saying his club's annual Monte Carlo event is discontinued. They will now be shifting focus to their new fundraiser, a bike and hike event.
Lisa discussed the Marin Rotary's movie with Michael Pritchard, on Sept 13th which will be going on all day.
Anderson Silveira, Kim Corbett, and Jirayr Kembikian made up the panel of speakers today. They discussed what young, busy professionals want to get out of a Rotary club. The focus was on what types of events will drive membership and interest to our club and Rotary in general. Social and community service events were agreed upon to be the new center of younger individuals. Having and maintaining a social media aspect to the club was also agreed would help attract new members.
Meeting on Aug 6, 2014 2014-08-06 00:00:00Z
Meeting on July 30, 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Hank was our greeter and provided the following inspirational quotes for us:
"In most faith traditions, your body is the place of every memory. A privileged place, the junction of mottu, energy, spirit, and conscience. The entire universe is in your body, your body is a temple." -Amazonian Oral Tradition
"What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matter compared to what lies within us." - RW Emerson
Good Times
Jim showed a Whislestop ad in the Marin IJ, highlighting the needs for their services in Marin. He also showed the front page of the Whistlestop Express and it discussed the 60 year history of Whistlestop and their transportation history.
Bill reported on his travels to England. He took three courses at Cambridge and visited Sue's remains.
Dianne was taken back and very appreciative after she was thanked for all the work for sending cards to the speakers and members.
Farhad discussed how he cannot make any more mother in law jokes, due to her sadly passing away. He and Nahal also visited Tahoe to get away.
Hank remembered a WW2 Navy medic who lives down the street from him. Hank gave him a fan and seemed very appreciative.
Roland reminded us of the Rotacare sign up as dates are still available. Roland also announced the horse race event will be moving forward as we have enough interested and he will be ordering tickets soon.
Lisa made a list of announcements: Help is still needed at our R4V event this Saturday. She also discussed a social outing for our club, to the Pacifics game, Sat Aug 23rd, 5-8pm. We should invite our friends. Michael Pritchard, who recently spoke at our club, was able to intervene in a vet's down luck when Lisa noticed he may be ready to end it.
Chuck reminded us to wear our red Rotary shirts if helping out at the event Saturday.
Jim will be placing flags and signs on Friday. Paul will be helping as well.
Roland announced his security team info and meeting times and locations.
Lisa had a discussion with the club about potential new club locations. We need to tell Whistlestop if we would like to relocate.
Don Spaet, Fitness by Dot, spoke about back pain, which has a correlation between pain and brain capability. She started by telling her story and how she noticed her back didn't hurt when on her motorcycle. She started to look into this and why it didn't hurt. She continued by writing herself a program and was painless after a few months.
Bending and lifting play key roles in back pain; if done properly, they shouldn't result in pain. Lifting uses your leg muscles, which are often too tight on most people. Bending over isn't supposed to make your back curve backwards. A duck bend, or C curve, is what the healthy bend to your back, but people often slouch and employ the opposite posture.
Paul was selected for the raffle but he didn't win.
Meeting on July 30, 2014 2014-07-30 00:00:00Z
Meeting on July 23, 2014
RCMS Notes 7/23/14
Pres Lisa presiding.
Gus was our greeter and provided an inspirational quote for us.
Roland auctioned off a bottle of wine which Chuck won.
Lisa auctioned off a bottle of wine which Jim won.
Dr Mike auctioned off a framed Rotary stamp set and a Rotary bag which Hank won.
Tom was announced as our new Vocational Chair - congratulations to him and his future work.
Cammie reminded us of the President's club. Any member can join for $200, for which they don't have to pay any other club fines/donations. Many members expressed interest in joining.
Dianne showed the Ride4Vets ad that she saw in the paper (Marin Living).
Roland announced many hands on opportunities that are available to us: Academy of Sciences, Meals on Wheels, Marin Mammal Society
Lisa updated us on Ride4Vets goal. We are currently going to fall short, so we need all members to help raise funds to help reach our objective. Chuck also have a progress report.
Jim is assembling the flag poles at his house this Saturday at 9am. All are welcome to come and help.
Lisa announced Michael Pritchard will be taking place in an event on Wed, Aug 6th at 7:30 as part of the Happy movement and movie. Lisa also announced a potential club and friends outing to a Pacifics game on Sat Aug 23rd.
Joe and Krista provided an announcement regarding the Whistlestop facilities. They thanked us for our support. The construction will be going on until February but they are trying to clean up access and parking convenience issues. The facilities will still be open until 2017 but with levels of construction taking place.
Salvation Army is putting on a shopping spree on Sat Aug 2nd, 6am-9am to help underprivileged Marin kids get back to school clothes and supplies. They are partnering with Target in San Rafael. Volunteers aka 'shop-er-rones' are needed to accompany and assist the kids in making their selections. Interested volunteers should contact Ione Breen: 415-453-1761, ione10@comcast.net
Good Times
Jim discussed his recent trip to the Mountain View Winery, where he was taken for his birthday. He also got to see Steely Dan, who apparently now only goes by Dan.
Emerson was ushering the choir at his church, which Cammie recently joined with her lovely musical talents. She much improved the performance of the choir. Emerson said he had many Southern jokes to tell but they were mostly inappropriate. Instead he told one about Billy Graham.
Lisa Poncia, estate planning attorney, spoke about the topics of estate and long term care planning. She discussed a variety of issues including probate, estate plans, wills, trusts, health care directives, and power of attorneys.
Lisa offers her clients years of expertise and personalized service coupled with a caring approach. Focusing on Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Special Needs, she is skilled at drafting and managing estates of all sizes as well as providing counseling for elderly clients and those with disabilities.
Lisa and her husband manage Stemple Creek Ranch in Tomales. Their business specializes in sustainably raised, organic grass-fed Angus beef and lamb.
Matt was selected for the raffle but he didn't win.
Meeting on July 23, 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-07-23 00:00:00Z
Meeting on July 16 2014
Pres Lisa presiding.
Roland was the greeter and provided the inspirational quote: "Peace Be With You."
Lisa started by thanking Farhad and Paul for helping with the training Jirayr and Paul for providing technical support for her computer presentation. Hopefully it will all be a smooth transition. Lisa also stated the club raffle will be taking place on the agenda before the speaker comes on.
Chuck discussed the progress on Ride 4 Vets. We still need additional help from the club members in asking friends, family, and contacts to donations. People can also pledge per mile for Chuck and Farhad's rides.
Roland will be heading up the Ride 4 Vets security team. He will form a group to volunteer at the event.
Lisa asked for suggestions and thoughts on changing our meeting location. This needs to happen ASAP as it's now become very disruptive with the construction outside.
Good Times
Cammie started reminding us all of recent birthdays and anniversaries.
Emerson will be travelling to Ohio to celebrate the great life of his sister. He will also be celebrating a birthday soon.
Chuck has been a member for 2 years, mostly as president.
Cammie recommended the movie Chef and suggested we all go see it.
Farhad rode in a Bodega Bay ride where he figured out a strategy for staying in front - not letting anyone pass. His mother in law was recently sick but is now better. Farhad visited Jeff Allen who seems to be better and in good spirits. Farhad also reported on his daughter who is doing well at the company she started and has raised additional funding and received a nice company valuation.
Club Assembly
Lisa shared the RCMS website, reminding us of how to access and use the site. She highlighted the calendar which will show Rotary related events. We can also sync these events to the district level for more awareness from other clubs. Lisa reported on our membership and fundraising goals. We have some nice goals ahead of us and we need much participation and involvement to reach them.
We continued by breaking into three committees to discuss how we can all get involved: Admin, Fundraising, Service. We will report on our discussions next week as we ran out of time.
Farhad was selected for the raffle but he didn't win.
Meeting on July 16 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-07-16 00:00:00Z
Meeting on July 9 2014
RCMS Notes 7/9/14
Guests: Kevin Tarrant, Michael Pritchard, Tom Bird
Pres Lisa presiding.
Paul read the following passage as inspiration for new President Lisa:
May your work excite your heart,
Kindle in your mind a creativity
To journey beyond the old limits
Of all that has become wearisome.
May this work challenge you toward
New frontiers that will emerge
As you begin to approach them,
Calling forth from you the full force
And depth of your undiscovered gifts.
May the work fit the rhythms of your soul,
Enabling you to draw from the invisible
New ideas and a vision that will inspire.
Remember to be kind
To those you work with you,
Endeavor to remain aware
Of the quiet world
That lives behind each face.
Be fair in your expectations,
Compassionate in your criticism.
May you have the grace of encouragement
To awaken the gift in the other’s heart,
Building in them the confidence
To follow the call of the gift.
May you come to know that work
Which emerges from the mind of love
Will have beauty and form.
May this work be worthy
Of the energy of your heart
And the light of your thought.
May your work assume a proper space in your life;
Instead of owning or using you,
May it challenge and refine you,
Bringing you every day further
Into the wonder of your heart.
- John O’Donohue
Chuck and Herman both made announcements on the progress of our Ride4Vets fundraiser project. They reminded us to send out the sponsorship packets and keep pushing until the end. Herman reported on his reaching out all his network of contacts. He was surprised to find the people who responded he hadn't talked to in a while.
Roland announced the Rotary day at the races at Golden Gate Fields. Saturday November 15th. We needed at least 12 to participate and we got much more who were interested.
Paul announced he needs ideas from our club regarding international projects we would like to take part in. Please see him so he can include the necessary funds for his upcoming budget.
Lisa gave an overview of our upcoming Rotary year. She hopes to engage and connect more with members and Rotary. Lisa described our past year's success in the Ride4Vets, golf tournament, and Cuba project. She hopes to spread the word about our success and good things that we are doing in the community. Lisa hopes to have more socializing opportunities; we will have 3 regular meetings and one social a month. She also announced we will make a $15 donation in every speakers name to Polio Plus. We will also be grouping the committees into a more general Administrative, Service, and Fundraising categories.
Good Times
Cristy enjoyed her 4th of July weekend in La Costa with her family. Tom and Diane also decided to join her after learning they will both be there over the weekend.
Paul's wife celebrated a birthday for which his daughter came up from Cuba.
Farhad was relieved of all his club duties and was very happy to announce that.
Michael Pritchard, from Walking Point, gave a very comedic yet dramatic performance about helping our returning veterans with their emotional needs. He focused on powerful laughter is in our happiness and how he incorporates that in his work with vets.
Tom Bird stated there at 18 million vets in our country, with 30,000 just in the Bay Area. Tom spoke of how he helps write about their war experiences. He read a few of their pieces which were very deep, powerful, and eye opening to some of their experiences.
Roland won the large weekly raffle: $248!
Meeting on July 9 2014 2014-07-11 00:00:00Z
Meeting on June 4 2014
Pres Chuck presiding.
Ken was the greeter and led us in the Rotary Four-Way Test:
  1. Is it the Truth?
  2. Is it Fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships?
  4. Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?
Ken also brought many inspirational quotes that he said were analogies to life:
In lifeso many things are taken for granted, but one thing I can honestly say is that I took every day, enjoyed the game of putting on that uniform and playing the great game of baseball. -Wade Boggs
If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are for a lifetime, educate people. -Chinese proverb
Teach children so it will not be necessary to teach the adults. - Abraham Lincoln
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. - Benjamin Franklin
The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln
When you learn, teach. When you get, give. -Maya Angelou
There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate - when he can't afford it and when he can. - Mark Twain.
Chuck showed a powerful news video on The Pathway Home. It was a very inspirational video to see what our efforts are going towards and we are working towards.
Tom gave his speech telling about himself and his life. He is from the Bronx but has moved around the country at different points in his life to Atlanta, Tennessee, and finally Marin. In Atlanta, he was a president of his Rotary club. Tom has had careers in security, investigation, and now insurance.
Herman was selected for the raffle but unfortunately did not win.
Ken announced that our club voted to give $25 on behalf of each club member to Rotary International for Polio Plus. He reminded us to reimburse our club's fund. Ken also auctioned a bottle of wine which Chuck was able to win.
Dr. Mike and Chuck reminded us of Alan's boat trip social outing on June 22, 3-6pm. This will be benefiting programs for Call of the Sea.
Jim talked about his encounter with a cyclist as he was putting up the Ride 4 Vets sign. The cyclist was very happy to hear about our cause. Jim also recommended we have our R4V business cards on the sandwich board so the riders can take them.
Chuck presented Cristy with a Paul Harris pin with 2 sapphires. Congratulations Cristy!
Chuck presented Matt with a pin for recruiting Patricia into our club.
Roland suggested we get additional sandwich boards for Ride 4 Vets so we can reach more riders.
President Chuck spoke about our upcoming Ride 4 Vets fundraiser, benefitting Veterans.  He started with a video produced by The Pathway Home, narrated by Robin Williams. The video was a documentary of how the different programs are run within Pathway Home. It also included many of the Veterans who have gone through the program, discussing their successes and struggles.
Chuck discussed how we plan to raise funds for this year's ride. He also talked about how Pathway Home is very effective in putting their funds to the most use possible.
This year, we are partnering with the prestigious, 50-year old Marin Century bike ride in our effort to help returning veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), or as the veterans call it, “the battle after the war”. These “hidden” injuries of war have often been difficult to treat.  THE PATHWAY HOME  is addressing these needs.  This civilian-run treatment center has become a model for treating PTS, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other causes of military suicides. This transitional, residential treatment program takes place at the California Veterans home in Yountville. It is often referred to as a “reverse boot-camp”.
Meeting on June 4 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-06-04 00:00:00Z
Meeting on May 21 2014
Pres Chuck presiding. Visiting Rotarian: Kimberly Corbett from Rafael Evening.
Greeter: PP Matt was the greeter and led us in the pledge and provided inspirational quotes by George Bernard Shaw.
"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."
"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." 
"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." 
"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future." -
"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance."
"Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few. "
Dr. Mike announced the golf tournament as a success. We raised funds and had a nice event.
Alan reminded us of the annual event on June 7, 6-9 PM at the Bay Model and Shipyard.
Alan also reminded us of the boat trip social outing on June 22, 3-6 pm. This will be benefiting programs for Call of the Sea.
Lisa announced that on Friday night, she will be taking off for her Rotary International conference. She is really looking forward to it and learning more in the breakouts. It was suggested that she attend membership and PR for her to boost our club.
Lisa also presented a Rotary scholarship and Certificate of Appreciation to Sienna, an Interactor, for all her work she done with Interact and her community involvement. Sienna announced she plans to study Psychology at University of Washington.
Hank restarted the tradition of exchanging and displaying Rotary flags. This was initiated by Jirayr's trip to Dubai where he brought back their flag.
Will described the successful Rotacare dinner we had last week. Dr Mike included his review of the appreciation event. The doctors and volunteers are so thankful and appreciative of their being able to help in Rotacare.
Matt auctioned off Giants tickets to the club which Chuck won.
Kimberly announced her club's (Rafael Evening) fundraiser and chartering event. It will be a masquerade ball on June 12 at 6pm at Elks Lodge.
Jim showed his flag he got for the upcoming Ride 4 Vets ride. He will be the Honor Guard for the ride.
Linda Graham, the author of Bouncing Back, provided a very inspirational and insightful talk to our club about gratitude.
Gratitude makes us feel better. It shifts our mood and behavior and how our brain operates. It is the most powerful thing we can do with our mind. Gratitude has been researched many conclude that those who practice gratitude experience less stress, loneliness, and depression.
Gratitude allows you to experience, learn, and grow more with your brain. More optimism, resilience, and creativity are also positive effects.
We took part in an exercise to help us facilitate some of the positive movement that gratitude has on our brains. We wrote a list of what we were grateful for and who has helped shape our lives in a positive manner.
Gratitude Tips:
1. Keep a gratitude journal
2. Share what you are grateful with someone else regularly
3. Ask your group of friends what they are grateful for about you
Meeting on May 21 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-05-21 00:00:00Z
Meeting On May 14 2014
Past Pres Hank presiding. Stephen Scott was the Greeter and led us in the pledge and provided inspirational quotes.
You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun.  Al Capone
But, we ask, must the best genius of men be devoted to the science of war and none to the science of averting it? Paul Harris, Rotary
There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the alley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.  Nelson Mandela
Pres Elect Lisa reminded us about volunteering this Saturday for parking for the bike ride in Petaluma. She also started planning for where we would like to put out our Ride 4 Vets signs around Marin. Additionally, she will be discussing breakfast options with the Jackson Cafe kitchen to include more variety. Should anyone want to include their input, please see Lisa.
Hank talked about how Rotary and the Peace Corp have joined efforts and where they are focusing their efforts.
Dr Mike announced the Rotacare dinner, taking place tonight at the San Rafael Community Center.
Hank also showed us the Ride 4 Vets award we will be presenting to Chuck for all his efforts in the project.
Good Times
Jirayr reported back on his Dubai trip. He had an amazing time touring around Dubai, getting to see all the attractions. He visited the Rotary club when he was there and experienced his first international Rotary meeting. However, it was extremely hot there so he is glad to be back to California weather.
PP Cap Alan introduced his Tall Ship event on June 7, 6-9 PM at the Bay Model and Shipyard.
PP Matt shared his experience from the boat trip to San Diego on Capt Alan's boat. He had a great time. He thought it was going to be easy but he put a lot of effort and hard work into his duties.
Paul reported on his trip to Cuba, having gone with his family. He stated it felt like going back 50 years+ in time but he enjoyed it. He travelled around the island and he said there's both a lot of hope and fear for the changes occurring in Cuba.
Kathryn Park: Dominican University Vice President for Advancement & Alum Engagement
Kathryn gave a very informative talk about Dominican University's history from how it started to where it is now and where it will be heading. It started as primarily a liberal arts college but now has transformed into a university with professional education degrees, with a liberal arts combination. Dominican has been known for its smaller class sizes and good ration between faculty and students. This has allowed them to have a close relationship between teachers and students. Dominican is currently in the planning process for its future in regard to the new funding they are in the process of receiving. 
Meeting On May 14 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-05-14 00:00:00Z
Blanche April 2014 Report for RotaCare
Clinic Report
April, 2014
Well, I finished calling our staff for the volunteer celebration. It was nice calling everyone and checking in with them (when I got a hold of them) and it was nice getting call backs from the ones that received messages and responded. The people that volunteer for our program appear to enjoy that personal approach. So, that is what they got. Unfortunately it also delayed getting my reports and billing out for the end of the month and I hope I will not get too many bills for patients from the imaging reading company.  Oh well there was not much I could do.
I participated at the College of Marin Career Day and so far I have a wonderful EMT that is bilingual arrive and had an orientation, and will start working next week. I also saw past triage staff that are now in the nursing program and some are going to come back to our program; thank you Carolyn for taking over during the afternoon shift.
I had a Nurse Practitioner orient the other night and then returned and shadowed one of my senior Nurse Practitioners….She is ready to start on the schedule. I have a new doc that will be starting with us next week or so; he has been volunteering at the Concord clinic so we will see how different we are to them.
Shayran Forkel was the County’s Vaccine person and she has left so now our representative is Marsha Grant; she came the other day to see our program and our facility and was amazed at what we do. She was also impressed that we use the Cairn’s database to enter the info at the state level; thanks to Maureen Martin RN who does this for us. People at programs constantly change and it is nice meeting new folks and introducing them to RotaCare and what we do. I think Marsha will volunteer with us in the future. She brought us vaccine and we will be getting more since they received funding for the vaccine grant through the county, I need to thank Juan Jimenez for always getting us the condoms that we dispense in each of the doctors’ exam rooms. Joan Willis was at the clinic the other night and she was wondering what to get her 18 year old grandson …I said give him some of these great “ONE” condoms….They use some great packaging for their brand…ONE love, ONE kiss, ONE night stand, ONE….anyway her grandson love it and laughed so hard that his grandma …gave them to him…
We also had a review in April by Dr. Mike Ralston and as I shared we had to tighten up our asking of allergies for our specialty clinics, aside from that we have no violations or other areas that need diligence. We will be having a program review in May by our new RotaCare Quality Assurance person, Esperanza, I am looking forward to getting to know her and her skills…..it will  be great.
Carolyn also oriented some new nurses and we are fully staffed…I could still use some doctors. We had 17 patients for the April 1 Tuesday clinic ..13 regular patients and 4 vision…So that clinic continues.
We had a patient that we identified with cancer…..He had been here for 24 years from Mexico, he has grown children and a wife that he has not seen in a long time. He is 52.
He came to us the beginning of the month …and we sent him to the ER that night and also for an ultrasound. We got the results of the ultrasound which was not good….unfortunately his phone was not set up for mail so we finally got a hold of him in the middle of the month. I had Dr. Ernst give him the diagnosis and I am so thankful for my excellent clinicians and Morena who interpreted for him… The doctor felt he needed to be sent to the ER immediately …I drove him, it was a long quiet drive….I told him I would pray for him.
Both Morena and I had the same idea of sending him home…some of our staff was ready to pass the hat. I went to the hospital and found a nephew from LA had been contacted and he was there with his wife and children. At least he was not alone…
I am amazed at how our collective minds all go into sync mode. All of the sudden an idea happens and we all have the same thought almost immediately….. How do you quantify that ….for reporting purposes of course …
Anyway, that was April all the numbers and the reports and billing stuff are finally done…..…
I am still working on the tracking of the trans clinic. I will tackle that again this week and I need to order some printing roles of paper for the pharmacy….but I think that is it….
Have a good May, see you at the dinner …blanche
Clinic Report                                                             Data base
April 2014                                                                  total encounters                   170
                                                                                    New patients                         54
Sutter Labs                            31                                returning                                117
Quest Labs                            3                                 
Marin General                                                          Primary care                          173
            Images                       8                                 
            ERdept                       2                                  Derm                                      11
Kaiser Images                       5                                  Psyc                                       5
Public Health                        2                                  Vision                                     4
Dental Clinic                         4                                  Trans                                      10
Calif Vision                           5                                  Healthy Living                      8
MCC                                       4                                  Diabetic ed                            4
Ritter Health                          0                                  Dietician                                6
LIFT/ LEVANTE                    6
Blanche April 2014 Report for RotaCare Blanche Donaldson 2014-05-01 00:00:00Z
Meeting on April 4 2014
Meeting 04/02/2014
Notes by Jirayr Kembikian.
President Chuck presiding.
Barbara shared with us some inspirational quotes:
"Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions." - Dali Lama
“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” - Anne Frank

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” - John Lennon

Emerson announced the tradition gift of lemons for our club. He presented a homemade lemon pie to Chuck.
Alan noted Matt has been on the Seaward and has made it through the storm to his destination.
Mike thanked Alan for coming up to Bodega Bay and enjoyed spending time with him.
Cristy presented 'In Celebration of Mothers', occurring May 9th at 10:45am at the Peacock Gap. She also presented on 'Crime After Crime' on April 29th at 7pm.
Cammie reminded us about our recent speaker Harry Cordellos. He provided Cammie with his book and DVD for sale to the club. Cammie also discussed the upcoming Marin Symphony event which she will be a part of.
Dorothy Salmon and Kent from Pathway Home joined our club and talked about their program for veterans.
  • 30,000 veterans will be coming home in 2014 to California alone. A good amount of those arrive will have some form of PTSD
  • The VA isn't capable or prepared to do many of the things necessary for veterans. The Pathway Home is the ideal program
  • 22 vets a day commit suicide which is more than deaths occurring from combat
  • Rotary is the answer for how these veterans can be helped.
  • The Pathway Home incorporates many activities to help PTSD veterans: art and writing therapy, hiking, biking, bowling, fishing
Meeting on April 4 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-04-02 00:00:00Z
RotaCare Monthly Report by Blanche March
Clinic Report
March 2014
Is it really March? Where does the time go when you are having fun??  maybe it is just that you do not notice the passage of time if you are following your fun and doing what you really enjoy. Happy spring to all…
The clinic has been full of good thoughts. Every night there are patients that thank us for being in the community and helping the people. I had a gentleman there the other night and as we were filling out the sign-in sheet I asked if he had been here before and he said of course this is my clinic …what a sense of ownership and pride….He was happy to be here, he felt trust in his care and since he said it loudly the other patients joined in and nodded, I guess we are doing something right. Later in the evening I was answering some questions about the Transitional Care Clinic and talking to Dr. Fischer and he said in all the years of practice …people say they are going to lose weight and change their lifestyle and it usually does not happen..He said he saw a Trans patient the other night and was surprised to see that yes, the patient was exercising and losing weight and changing his eating habits….I told him I thought that it was because they have a trust in our program and since we take an interest in their care…that the patients strive to reach those life changing goals….We know their names, the staff celebrate the patients accomplishments…one thing at a time….it is pretty amazing how it works. Another TC patient had his 2nd vision test the other night and with his medications and working on his diet and exercise his vision has improved from when he was screened three months ago……………YES……small miracles.
So yes the clinic is going well. We had one low point the other night, I did not have any providers come and we had to send the patients home. I told them that it was a good week to have that happen and that they could come back on Monday or Tuesday or Thursday…..They all got seen on Monday and the ones that I turned away on Monday came back last night….so it all worked out, I will say that was a first for me and the clinic.
 I met with the main players for ongoing care after the Transition Clinic and we are set with that. Last weekend I entered info on the patients in the data base for TC and a few more weekends and we will be caught up and ready to enter data on a regular basis. It will work for us I think. My Healthy Living presenter is coming twice a month and she is doing some cooking projects to demonstrate to the patients how you can cook with less this and that….It is really a plus for the program and I have started to send the receipts to be paid for by our program. I asked Tammy if we were awarded that grant and the answer was no..If anyone knows of a program that we can apply to for extra funds for this project….please let Renee or members of the development committee know, I think it will help with the costs  
The flu season is over and Maureen Martin is entering the info into the database for the state. The County’s computer died and I gave her one of the computers Dr. Berkov used so that she can continue to support this effort. We have had a changing of the guards at Health and Human Services and Shayrn Forkel is no longer my contact for vaccine. She was an excellent partner and supported us hugely. The baton for our vaccine program has moved to another person at Public Health and  I am looking forward to establishing a relationship with her. Thank you, Thank you to Marin General Hospital Foundation and Michele Tracy …..we have moved uptown with our new refrigerator. Oh my God…now I want granite countertops, just kidding …..it is so pretty and it WORKS!!!!!
It really does take a village and so many people celebrated our good fortune of the new fridge…It was like we gave birth to it right there in Kaiser. The behind the scene staff at Kaiser all helped me…I had told the security guards and the dock person…we all were waiting with bated breathe for the blessed event  …And of course it came when I was not there, even though I got there at 11:30….and then Clyde from Optical had to lift it onto the rolling cart and then Heloise called the second floor so I could get Laura Sullivan’s tool box to take off the pallet  that was bolted to the fridge. Once I got the bolts off the fridge I then tipped it so that Heloise could pull the pallet off the rolling cart. I finally got it to the third floor and then Dan and I lowered it to the floor and I got the other one out and the meds in the cooler till I figured out the fridge…I got the casters on and the shelves in and then I plugged it in and turned it on………………….Eureka!!
I have written a long run-on of all the things that happen while we are just working…We are a medical program right??  I am next going to attack our ICD9 sheet that needs updating and Duane and Myan are working on the formulary so that we have current listing for the doctors. So these are the wonderful things that happen that are not quantified….now on to the report of stats.
Clinic Operations Report
March 2013
Sutter Labs                            44                                So we had a patient that we diagnosed with cancer.
Quest Labs                            2                                  He did not live in this County, so I checked with the
Marin General Images        12                                Richmond clinic to see where is the point of entry
Kaiser Images                       11                                for an undocumented person with a grave disease.
Public Health                        3                                  I directed the family to Contra Costa Emergency
Marin Community Clinics   6                                  Room. I was thankful that Dr. Lakes was at the clinic
Dental Clinic                         5                                  that night and he was able to answer many of the
Operation Access                11                                family’s concerns, and then I took over to assure them
Gabriela Patser                    2                                  that going to this ER was the fastest manner to get
Lion’s Eye                             1                                  the care that was needed. I needed to reassure him
Calif Vision Program           7                                  that he would not get a huge bill and I needed him to
ER Contra Costa                   1                                  trust that this was the place to go.
Total Referrals                       109                             His sister came the other day with a folder holding all
Total Medications                 155                             all of his stuff and said that he is getting the care and
Total Patients                        170                             got emergency medical and they had an appointment
                                                                                    to apply for medical. I don’t know what will happen  to
Data Base                                                                 him…but you can only hope.       
Principal diagnosis              173                
New patients                         44                                I also went to Marlyn’s celebration of life, I will miss
Returning patients               131                             her warm smile and caring manner….blanche
Total                                       175
Dermatology                         11
Vision                                     7
Diabetic Education              4
Dietician                                7
Healthy Living                      10
Transitional Clinic               6
Psychiatry                             3
Relaxation                             8
RotaCare Monthly Report by Blanche March Blanche Donaldson 2014-03-31 00:00:00Z
Meeting on March 12 2014
GREETER: Trish shared with us some inspirational quotes:
"Even if you fall on your face, you are still moving forward." -Victor Kiam
"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy." -Norman Vincent Peale
Past Pres Hank provided a Rotary moment. He discussed his time he spent in Peru.
Matt reported on his visit to the Marin Evening club and delivered a presentation regarding our Rotacare clinic. He said people were very impressed and interested in helping out with the effort.
Cammie reminded us of the Rotacare open days that are coming up.
Pres Elect Lisa shared her wonderful PET's experience and said it was very inspirational. She said almost 600 people were present, which included three past Rotary International Presidents - which was amazing!
Lisa reminded us to bring our clothes next week for Image 4 Success. She also gave an update on the two RYLA students we are sponsoring.
Pres Chuck welcomed back Past Pres Gus. Chuck also read a very gratifying letter from the golf committee about our club projects.
Harry Cordellos gave a very inspiration talk. Harry was born blind and that has not held him back his entire life. He has taken part in a countless number of marathons and other endurance events. Harry also was very fascinated with power tools and creating his own works of art.
Harry talked about his Christmas Carnival creation and also presented a movie with a more in depth look at the individual pieces to the total artwork.
The 62-year-old marathon runner, Water-skier, snow skier, golfer, hang glider, Ironman triathlon contestant and crafts specialist boasts a distinction that sets him apart even in a realm of distinctive personalities. Harry Cordellos is blind. So his respect for his creator carries a certain, well, weight, and it 
Meeting on March 12 2014 Jirayr Kembikian 2014-03-12 00:00:00Z
RotaCare Monthly Report by Blanche
Clinic Report
February 2014
The month went by really fast. One minute we are writing 2-3-2014 and the next minute we are writing 2-27-2014 and then it is done. At the beginning of clinic everyone is always asking ” what day is it?”  as we get the forms ready for the start of our evening…by the time we have it memorized it is the next day. In between all this time of making sure the forms are done are these really intense moments when the time stands still, all other noise and activity fades away as you give instructions to a patient on their next step in their care or when you try to comfort a patient that is really tired, scared, and confused, or when you are looking into the eyes of your medical provider as you both brainstorm “the where do we send this person”.
The clinic has been going fine, Morena and I have welcomed Jennifer Granillo to our ranks and she has been there the month of February. She is learning the ropes and will be working in the back doing discharge. We had a Transition Clinic breakfast meeting the other morning and made some decisions regarding pre diabetics and patients with diabetes. We firmed up some plans for the transition of our patients and I will be contacting some resources in our community and setting up the avenues for the consistent care and support that they will need.  We welcomed and added Jane BurrRN to the mix of nurses that could meet with patients and provide education.  And the need for statistical data to be kept was mentioned, which I will be dealing with soon. Time just flies when you are having fun.
We had celebrations for Valentines Day, had a farewell party and celebrated birthdays. One night a past Data Support person came in and spent a few hours entering data, he said he heard that we needed help at his church and he decided to come in; I had not seen him in a year and half…I received an email from one of our interpreters that is now in school in Boston wanting to know if there is a RotaCare in Boston and to remind me he will be back in the summer. As we get ready for our volunteer appreciation dinner I am constantly amazed by the group of people I am honored to work with past, present, and those to come.
We have two new physicians working with us and in March I will have a new doc come in and received an orientation. He is an ER doctor and should fit in just fine. Carolyn oriented 4 new nurses and we have one new interpreter. So our ranks continue to build, please keep talking about our clinic it seems to get us more people and once they meet us they just want to stay.
A big shout out to Marin General Hospital and Michelle Tracy; thank you for talking about my old fridge to the Foundation at Marin General! I received the check from the foundation to purchase a new one and the order has been placed…now if only it arrives on a Monday or Thursday in the afternoon and in a truck with a lift…I will be in heaven…All of Kaiser is talking about my new refrigerator, they have my contact info and they are celebrating with me. I have started lifting weights so that I can get it in the elevators and up to the third floor on the dolly and into the conference room without any problems…But seriously, thank you Michelle for your help… Hooray..I love new appliances!!!! Anyone want an old under the counter fridge??? I will have to deal with that too…I wonder if it will fit into my car?
Our pharmacy labeler has been bad…or is it the computer…I have taken the computer to Keith Passareti twice this month for a tweek…I wonder if there is a better system…Each time I feel like I am ahead of the game …then something happens…I am sorry, I will send you pictures this weekend Cristy, and Andy I will write your newsletter article this weekend too. Oh and Maureen MartinRN is back from vacation and diligently sending the vaccine data to the state…
Life is great …have an excellent March, stay dry, and Happy St Patrick’s day…blanche
Clinic Report February 2014
Sutter Labs                            45                                            Dietician                    2                     
Quest Labs                            2                                              Healthy Living          7
MarinGeneral Images         10                                            HIV testing                4
Kaiser Images                       12                                            Flu vaccines             220 county &38 walgreens
Marin Community Clinics   7                                             
Dental Clinic                         5                                              Data Base
Public Health                                    3                                                          new patients             65
Calif. Vision                          5                                                          returning patients    107
Dermatology                                     9                                              Total                                       172
Ophthamology                      6                                 
Transition Clinic                   13                                            diabetes
Psychiatry                             4                                              hypertension                        36encounters
Diabetic Education              5
RotaCare Monthly Report by Blanche Blanche 2014-03-01 00:00:00Z
RotarCare Monthly Report for Jan 2014
Clinic Report
January 2014
It is raining today…What a wonderful sound, I have missed this sound.  I have built a fire and my desk is in front of it, so I am cozy (or at least my backside is); on to the report.
Well, it has been good to come back to the clinic. The patients have been arriving, some with some really weird stuff. Usually I have maybe one to three situations that I need to track; the start of 2014 has landed us some doosies…many needed urgent follow-up care of one sort or the other. We have identified eight new diabetics to add to our transition clinic. I met with a great person that is interested in volunteering and possibly becoming our transition case person. We had our last quarter review by Dr. Ralston and we passed with flying colors. The transition team had a meeting and identified some needs regarding coordination so we have meeting scheduled for this month. The other specialty clinics are full and many patients are being served. Dr. Berkov and I met with the some county folks to talk about specialty services and they asked questions about our new Transition Program. I felt they were trying to figure out where we are in the safety net services of our county, it was interesting.  I met with a new physician and she will be starting soon, Dr. Berkov will meet with a new physician this Monday and I have contacted another doctor and hope fully she will return her forms to start.
Volunteers continue to come in the doors offering their time and skill. The clinic is just so busy; something is always happening or trying to happen….good grief!  Last year we saw 2,065 patients. One of my Rotarians asked how many new and how many old, she made an interesting point that we should have more new than returning…So I will start another outreach campaign to get the word out more formally. I am so glad I have input from my staff it helps when there is more than one set of eyes looking at stats or the way things are done….I had another staff person ask about the flyer, she thought people would not come since we note that it is a lottery; that some folks may say why bother if I don’t get picked. It was interesting to explain the why and give her the information so she can explain our reason for that system.
Anyway,  I am going to attach the end of the year stats that I compile for Renee. It is interesting…
Report January 2014
Sutter Labs                            43                                            Dermatology                         9
Quest Labs                            4                                              Vision                                     6
Kaiser Images                       13                                            Minor Injury                           3
Marin General Images        9          `                                   Psychiatry                             7
Operation Access                8                                              Relaxation                             9
Dental Clinic                         4                                              Transition                              13
Calif.Vision                           5                                              Diabetic Ed.                          2
Public Health                                    0                                              Healthy Living                      6
Ritter Health                          0                                              Dietician                                3
Marin Community                6                                              Vaccines                               36
                                                                                                Gastro                                    5
Medications                          168                                         DataBase                             
Patients                                 195                                         returning                                103
New                                        36                                            new                                        70
                                                                                                Service and procedure       178
RotarCare Monthly Report for Jan 2014 Blanche 2014-02-02 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Jan 29 2014
Bill Cope: Greeter
  • Reminded us of the Rotary 4 way test
  • Presented 'Life's Greatest Lessons' by Dr Hal Urban
    1. Success is more than making money
    2. Life is hard ... and not always fair
    3. Life is also fun ... and incredibly funny
    4. We live by choice, not by chance
    5. Attitude is a choice - the most important one you'll ever make
    6. Habits are the key to all success
    7. Being thankful is a habit - the best one you'll ever have
    8. Good people build their lives on a foundation of respect
    9. Honesty is still the best policy
    10. Kind words cost little, but accomplish much
    11. Real motivation comes from within
    12. Goals are dreams with deadlines
    13. There's no substitute for hard work
    14. You have to give up something to get something
    15. Successful people don't find time, they make time
    16. No one else can raise your self esteem
    17. The body needs nutrition and exercise, so do the mind and spirit
    18. It's OK to fail; everyone else has
    19. Life is simpler when we know what's essential
    20. Essential #1 is being a good person
Chuck shared his Rotary moment: 'Why I joined Rotary & Why I stayed'. He joined for business, but stayed to change and save the world. He then reflected that no one in the club probably knew what his business is.
Cammie announced the Rotacare signup sheet and that she may be taking over Roland's duties in the future.
Dr Mike gave a report about Gus - he is doing well and in good spirits.
Matt discussed the Superbowl pool. There are now 44 squares sold.
Chuck updated us on Ride4Vets and we are getting closer to refocusing our funds to a new veteran's wellness program.
There was a reminder for the social at Phil's new place in March. The exact date is TBD.
Matt reminded us that on February 26, we will have several seasoned members from our club talking about their individual Rotary experiences.
Good Times
Ken's daughter met Assemblyman Marc Levine in Sacramento recently. Ken had asked her to say hi to him. Levine said hello back.
Dr Mike reported on the Tall Ship. Stan, from this project, will be speaking March 29th for the Historical Society.
Will went to a fundraiser for psychotherapy and said it was very well done.
Cammie gave a report on many movies which she has enjoyed recently including 12 Years a Slave. She also went to a wedding in Seattle, which she drove to and very much enjoyed her journey.
Chuck saw The Past and said it was a great movie. It was a movie set in France documenting an Iranian.
Ken thanked Bill for attending our meeting, saying it was a much more lively atmosphere with him present.
Paul discussed how he was a tourist in Marin last weekend and visited Mt Tam. He was accompanied by a docent and enjoyed his trek.
Club Raffles & Auctions
Jim auctioned off a Bogle Chardonnay. Cammie also auctioned off a Pinot Noir, thinking she was the greeter this morning.
Trish was picked for the club raffle but unfortunately picked a black marble.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC9ldaPiNDA  (Great Funny Interview of Chester on National TV. MUST SEE IF YOU MISSED THE MEEITING)
Chester Santos is one of the world’s foremost experts on memory training. He’s helped thousands of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind, and has appeared in the various media all over the world. Chester is also the 2008 USA National Memory Champion. He has spoken for groups of CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, and prestigious universities. Chester is working on a new book about memory improvement and brain fitness.
Chester discussed how he is able to memorize a very vast list of otherwise random and illogical sequences. He began by allowing each member to close their eyes and visualize very specific images. By doing this, we were able to see how visual memorization works.
The next exercise we completed was to memorize a series of 15 completely random words. In order to do this, he helped us create a story that linked each work together in sequence. Once we heard the story, we are able to easily recite the full list which would have otherwise seemed impossible.
Chester continued to discuss many of his seemingly impossible feats and invited us to attend his bimonthly workshop he holds. 
Meeting on Jan 29 2014 Jiraryr 2014-01-29 00:00:00Z
RotaCare QA Report as of December 2013
As I shared in the newletter there were no glaring imperfections...You all have an excellent program and it is going well.
I do not need to address the report or come up with a plan on how to correct any of the simple areas that were noted.
 A huge thank you to our team of Morena, Gail, Docs Steve and Mike, and Myan for all the work they do to keep us always moving forward and not just moving forward ...but doing it correctly!!!
Happy new year...blanche
RotaCare QA Report as of December 2013 Blanche Donaldson 2014-01-17 00:00:00Z
December Report by Blanche on RotaCare
Clinic Report
December 2013
Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. I hope all of you had a great Holiday filled with family and friends and that you are ready to embrace the New Year filled with hope and joy.
Time moves fast when you are having fun…December was a fun month; the staff was happy and we had special breads and fruits during the clinic; we gave out lots of hugs and wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Our program gave Kaiser an edible fruit gift for their holiday luncheon and we also gave the security guard a small gift certificate to Beli-Deli.
Morena and I were thankful for the time off, it allowed me the time to think about what I do at the clinic and get it written for all of you. I will be sending a copy to some of you so that you have if I get hit by a bus.
We had a review in December, our fourth since the start of the program and it was good to have both Kathy the quality person from the south bay use our program to train Esperanza our new quality person for the north bay. Aside from a couple of old meds….and since she pulled the file of a volunteer that was not currently with us ….I don’t think there were any glaring problems… It was nice to have someone outside of our family of San Rafael come and do a review…and I am thankful that I have a person I can ask questions if I have any concerns on how we approach something. The main office has been closed so I have not received the actual written report/evaluation of our program and I did not receive her contact information, but I will send it to you when I get it. My thanks to Dr. Mike Ralston, Gail Hurley RN,  Morena Parada site assistant, and Myan Tran pharmacy tech for all the work that they  do to keep our program offering the best services to patients and making sure that the measures we take are visible and accurate and documented.    
The program has not had many patients seeking medical attention. Morena thought it was because the weather though cold, it hasn’t rained and people maybe still busy working.  It seems odd to me. We are still offering the flu vaccine and I have received some information regarding some new upper respiratory virus to be aware of. Our Transition Clinic and all the other specialty services are going really well and I guess all is right in the world.
I have been having some problem with our refrigerator maintaining or regulating temperature and I received some info from Mike Sillman the chief pharmacist at MGH regarding a good fridge to get. I checked with our liaison at the county to see if we will be continuing to offer vaccine throughout the year. And if all is good I am going to get a new fridge for our program. This one was given to us by Kaiser and has lasted a long time….it is time for a change.
I have paid all the bills for 2013 and now we are ready for 2014. The pharmacy bill is still the most expensive...but I guess that is life. Our files are now in an approved Medical record facility and since I did that towards the end of this year Morena and I think that we are going to wait a bit before we call them to get more records. There’s still room in the files.
Here is a story of one of our patients …He first came to us 10 years ago; I remember the ride in the elevator and how red his hairline, forehead, neck was...I placed him in a room ( thinking he had a horrible case of lice or scabbies or some terribly contagious infection ). Boy was I young and dumb…It turned out that he had psoriasis, what a horrible illness!!!! He has come to us for 10 years to get his meds. He is a very very simple man, there maybe some kind of delay… but he has washed dishes for ten years as his job and has a wife and one son. I remember when I met his son I referred them to Head Start mainly because the family needed support. The child is fine and 9 years old.
Anyway, Rufino arrived at the clinic the other day to let me know that he was going back to his country, his mother was ill and he was taking his whole family. I sat down with him and explained how difficult it was to get back to this country. That it takes lots of money and sometimes there is not much that you can do for a failing parent. I told him to really think this through. He told me he had to go and then he thanked us for all that we have done at the clinic for his wife and himself and to say goodbye, there were tears in his eyes. This is the third patient that has come to the clinic to just say goodbye and thanks….I bumped into another patient that I featured in a story and she also said thanks for being there when she had no money and needed her meds. She had applied for support though the Affordable Care Act and had been accepted. She was so happy for her family!  What a place we run…it is amazing!
Clinic Report
December 2013
Sutter Labs                            17                                Dermatology             10
Quest Labs                            1                                  Psychiatry                 5
Marin General Images        6                                  Vision                         6
Kaiser Images                       6                                  Minor Injury               2                     
Marin Community Clinic     3                                  Transitional               8
Public Health                        2                                  Diabetic Ed               4         
Dental Clinic                                     3                                  Dietician                    2
Calif Vision                           1                                  Healthy Living          6
Operation Access                5                                  Relaxation                 8
                                                                                    HIV                             3
Total Referral                        44                                Vaccinations                         23
Total Patients                        139
Total Medications                 115     I will get the final numbers to you for the year soon
Data Base                                                    
December Report by Blanche on RotaCare Blanche Donaldson 2013-12-31 00:00:00Z
RotarCare Monthly Report for November 2013
Clinic Report
November 2013
Well, I hope all of you had a memorable Thanksgiving…mine definitely was, full of family, friends, and good memories. The people that we serve at the clinic are so thankful for the services that we provide. It is interesting to see the whole thing unfold….
They are standing outside the first time I see them and they are unsure as to what the process is; some of the “old timers” have told them of numbers and the minute I get in the middle of the group I start saying in both languages that everyone will get a number. In the background I hear Morena say “only get a number if you are the patient and want to be seen by a doctor” ….and then I am covered by hands, all looking for a number……I spin around and give numbers out randomly and look at them an ask if they want to be seen by a doctor, I let them know that I have enough numbers for all of them. Sometimes I stop and step away, I ask them to be nice and let them know there is no number one. It is very interesting…Lately I have been able to take everyone upstairs which is nice.
Once we are upstairs and we start passing the sign in sheet around, I apologize for standing outside, acknowledge Kaiser’s generous donation of space and explain the flow for the evening. I let them know how many doctors we will have, if we will be joined by other patients that evening for one of our specialty services, and what other services the night may bring; HIV testing or whether we have sufficient nursing staff to offer vaccines. I have been told that it is like being on an airplane and the flight attendant is explaining the airplane exit routes…Soon the patients are filling out their registrations and Morena is pulling files and more staff begin to arrive. Hellos and hugs are exchanged,” how are you” and tales of the week that was begin filling the air.  You can see the change in the patient’s demeanor; the apprehension leaves as they see us play, check-in, and banter with each other and them. Triage starts, names are called and the clinic is off and running as our physicians begin to arrive.
By the time they arrive for discharge they have been fully immersed in the RotaCare experience. Each one receives their doctor’s instructions, medications, and are briefed in the next step for their follow up care…they are now part of the group. Some want to shake hands , some say thank you with their eyes, some say how we are doing a great thing for the community, some just say thank you, some want to thank everyone they see, some want to know how much they owe, many smile..…I need you all to know how much you are all appreciated for having this clinic. You should all have good fuzzy feelings each and every Monday and Thursday and also the first Tuesday of the month…you are part of a wonderful program that does a lot of great things one person at a time. Thank you
Clinic Report
November 2013
 Sutter Labs                                       44
Quest Labs                                        4
Marin General Hospital
                        Images                       14
                        Emergency                2
Kaiser Images                                   5
Marin Community Clinics               6
Dental Clinic                                     2
Calif. Vision                                      4
Public Health                                                2
Operation Access                            5
Total Referrals                                  85
Total Patients                                    169
Data Base    
            Total Encounters                 159
            New  patients                        57
            Old patients                           104
HIV tested                                          4
Vaccines  Given                               49
Dermatology                                                 10
Vision                                                 6
Psychiatry                                         3
Transitional                                       10
Minor Injury                                       1
GI                                                        5
Diabetic Educator                            5
Healthy Living                                  7
Relaxation                                         6
We had some new people start and we also had a visit from the Kaiser Nurse Practitioner group that gave us a donation of $850.00. Thanks to Gordy for bring them to visit and for the work you do in advocating and recruiting for our clinic.  Aside from that all is good and onto December ….I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and a great New Year…..The clinic will be closed December 23, and reopen for services on January 6, 2014.
RotarCare Monthly Report for November 2013 Blanche Donaldson 2013-12-01 00:00:00Z
Pictures of our Fun & at times Exciting Meetings
As one of our regular exciting program speakers, we recently had Erin Michelson a Rotary Scholar sponsored originally by Rotary Club of Hawaii review her new book with us.  Her wonderful idea of Adventure Philanthripist as the book is called, reminded us of what we do everyday with our Rotary projects in the US and Internationally.  Here is a short bio:
Are you an Adventure Philanthropist too?
My name is Erin and I’m Adventure Philanthropist. I’m writing a book about my recent 2-year around-the-world trip. During this adventure, I visited all 7 continents and 62 countries. I traveled solo and mostly overland, taking local buses and boats.
At the heart of my travels is my volunteer work. The purpose of my journey was to get off the beaten path to work alongside local humanitarian organizations. For instance, I worked with HIV/AIDS organizations in Ethiopia, built a well in northern Uganda, visited children’s homes in central Sri Lanka, and started a library in Laos. By volunteering with more than 20 organizations, I gained an inside perspective on how people truly live.

My book Adventure Philanthropist is about this magnificent journey—the wonderful people I’ve met, the beautiful places I’ve seen, and my many harrowing encounters. I’d like to share with you what I’ve seen and learned. I’d like to invite you into the world of the Adventure Philanthropist!
Destination + Inspiration
My story traces my steps as I start my journey in the Pacific Islands and work my way around Southeast Asia. I then visit Europe before traveling to the Middle East and heading overland through sub-Saharan Africa. The second year I visit South Asia for the first time, up to the Arctic Circle, followed by many months traipsing through Eastern Europe and South America. The big finale was my visit to Antarctica!

All members are asked to share with us why they joined our Club.  This allows the newer members get to know the ones who have been here for along time as well as all to learn more about the newbies.  Another GREAT reason why our Small Club is so wonderful:

I joined Rotary because of what the Wheel represents to me.  The Wheel with all the spokes is a symbol of people, international activities, all good things in our Club, the District and all over the World.  My father was a Rotarian who finally transferred to San Francisco #2 and was a Paul Harris Fellow as was my mother.  After becoming a professional appraiser, I finally decided (after years of encouragement from my parents) to check out Rotary.  

I went to a few clubs and I was so thrilled as I had the choice to chose the club of my liking.  Upon visiting RC of Marin Sunrise, there was laughter right from the start and there were smiles every where.  Despite lots of roasting, we somehow have fun and don't really hurt others in our jests.  We mostly laugh at ourselves.  

I then became involved with our Interact at the high school level and then RotaCare.  I am learning more every day of the great feats of the Foundation such as world wide PolioPlus Program.  The BIGGEST part of Rotary to me are the PEOPLE. I also love our speakers and everything that leaders like Matt bring to our club for services.  Our hands-on projects and many other activities all come together as " The Wheel turns in the direction we want to follow"

Pictures of our Fun & at times Exciting Meetings FT 2013-11-20 00:00:00Z
RotarCare Monthly Report for Oct 2013
Clinic Report
October 2013
Well October blew by……did it really happen?? Are we really gearing up for Thanksgiving and the holidays……………Good Grief……..
Anyway, the clinic has been going well.  Morena was out for a bit and now she is back and things are moving along. Keep her in your thoughts…she is not out of the woods yet…but better. The specialty clinics and the regular services are full and at times overflowing. We are so ready for the new Transitional Clinic to start in November. Many of our staff members are so excited about the newest offering that we are going to start…they all feel it will benefit patients and it is so important for the community. I find it interesting the sense of ownership that all my staff have for the running of our clinic, they really are invested in the health of the community and the people we serve.
October was a month of events outside of the clinic. I participated in the 2nd gathering of all the RotaCare programs in Milpitas. It was interesting, they had a presentation on Chronic Care that was informative.  I wanted to see if I could get any ideas for the endeavor that we are starting. I also received information on the 25 anniversary of the start of RotaCare and how it is being planned. It will be in April and they are trying to get Michelle Obama to come……..yes. I probably will not make it, because it is on a Thursday night …but you board members should go….There was also a presentation on our image. Each of the programs have done their own stationary and brochures in the past and now there is an effort and guidance to assist us in making the look more uniformed program wide. I wish there was a different color that was chosen for our stuff….to me it looks like dried blood…but that is only me. I see the value in have things the same…then we have more recognition like the” Mc Donald Arches or the Taco Bell sign or the Target bullseye”. I understand…but still….oh well.
I also participated in a training for providers that deal with young adults that maybe in an unhealthy relationship. There have been times that we have had patients that have disclosed that they are in or have been in abusive relationships. We have the materials and resources for them if they are ready to seek change and to get to a safer situation. At times we offer them our psychiatry services. There have been moments when I have had to remind some of our younger adults that this is a waiting room and that I expect waiting room behavior or I have noticed a large age differences between certain partners, or a more hovering behavior toward their partner. I wanted to see if there was anything new in the manner to approach these situations. I realize that this is an episodic care program and there is only a mere moment to establish trust, before they are gone …but I thought it would be beneficial to see if there was anything that we could do better in our manner of offering services and touching this difficult topic, especially for the young adult group.  It was a good presentation by the Center for Non Violence and Peace (MAWS).
I was sick and could not attend the Science Fair, I am sorry, Dr. Pierce I really wanted to…but I had the worse sore throat, I just could not go, hopefully next year.
We finally received our flu vaccine from the County and we are going gang busters. Thanks to Carolyn for scheduling the nurses. We still have not received the TB vaccine, but the dose we got from Kaiser helped us vaccinate some of our staff. We finally have a new Quality Assurance person from BayArea. RotaCare and she is coming to see us on December 16th. I jokingly noted to the staff at the main office to see how many times we have been visited and assessed. I thought it was twice in the 13 years I have been here…but it was 3 times. So we will finally get a check. Again I welcome these visits to see if there is anything that can be done to improve our services…I will keep you posted.
RotarCare Monthly Report for Oct 2013 Blanche Donaldson 2013-11-01 00:00:00Z
RotaCare Management Report as of September 2013 Blanche Donaldson

Clinic Report

September 2013


What a September we had ! and now it is gone….We were very busy with referrals; early in the month we got a notice from Operation Access that they were offering a Gastro Clinic and also a vision clinic and they needed the referrals for these specialties as soon as possible…Thanks to Antoinette at Bay Area for getting the patient list of ICD9 codes to me, and big thank you to Morena who called the patients in. We were able to send a few of our patients for much needed pteryguim removal and also some scopes. I am not sure if you all realize that in order to send patients for some surgeries we have to have a specialist see them. We are blessed by having Drs. Bloom, Sadeghi, and Maddox. I also use Drs. Gross, Heineken, and Pierce for joint issues. By having a specialist name on the referral means they don’t need to go through that step. If I send someone to MCC they first need to see their primary and then to a specialist and then maybe to OA….all this is with charges to the patient.


(There was one down side to the pterygium clinic…the word got out in the community and for the last couple of weeks we have had lots of eye folk arrive…I guess that means more work…. it just never stops).


So we were busy….the first Tuesday in September had 7 patients!!! Real patients! I was so excited.

We also offer our “Healthy Living” program that night and had 6 patients arrive talking about how better they were feeling. The rest of the month was really busy …..  but great...


We lost another doctor….Dr. Smith has left to deal with some personal issues. I sent him a thank you note and Dr. Berkov oriented Dr. Matt Willis who is a Public Health officer and will be starting in October. I also received a call from a new Nurse Practitioner and she will be orienting soon, and I got a call from another Nurse Practitioner that will be restarting with us…so I guess what we learn is we lose some and we get some…BUT I CAN USE MORE!!!!


The advisory board passed the new proposal and we will be offing a Transitional Clinic on Thursdays, twice a month. I have a six page list of patients that have diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. Thanks Antoinette again…I am meeting with my diabetic educator next week and I had a long talk with dietician ( who has recruited another dietitian to come to our clinic next month). I left a list of the medications with Golden Gate for a price breakdown for the supplies to make sure we have what is needed for this service and also received a catalog of supplies from another pharmacy if needed.  I am going to be developing some tracking forms and redoing our specialty binder so we can be prepared for a start in November. Hooray!!! This will mean that we will be able to truly serve some critical patients… I am really happy.


On the last Thursday in September Walgreens arrived to deliver flu vaccines. We have not gotten our supply from the county, so they asked and I invited them…they gave out 21 doses. It was great.

Thanks to Walgreens for being a member of our community.


Talking about vaccines we have not received our order of TB, apparently the manufacturer is out. I have been ordering TB vaccine for the last 3 months and we have about 60 volunteers that need a new test so I am horribly out of compliance. One afternoon I was walking back from the copy area and I asked the Kaiser nurses if they had any….. Well they passed me a vial of 60 doses and we are slowly vaccinating. Thanks to Kaiser for helping me out. 


More news…Morena became ill at the end of the month. She was at Marin General Hospital for about 5 days. She had diverticulitis and an infection. She is home now and on oral meds and taking it easy for awhile. I need all of you to send her good thoughts. The staff has really stepped up in making sure that all is going well at your clinic. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is an honor to work with everyone that I work with. They are so caring and they all pitch in when and where there is a need. I am so thankful…we are having chocolate kisses during the month of October in honor of Halloween so all of you have a great month and we will talk again in October …


PS. I decided not to do the Health Fair this Saturday…it was just too much…This is the first time in 20+ years that I am not participating….I started participating with HeadStart, then the Literacy Program, and now RotaCare. I miss it..but next year I will be there, promise…..Blanche




Clinic Report

September 2013


Sutter Laboratory                             35

Quest Laboratory                             5

Kaiser Images                                   11

Marin General Hospital

            Images                                   10       

            Audiometric Test                  1

            Radiology                              2

            ED                                          2

Operation Access                            7

Dental Clinic                                                 3

California Vision                              3

Marin Community Clinic                 4

Ritter Health                                      0


Total Referrals                                  83

Total Patients                                    195

Total Meds                                         155


Data Base

            New patients                         60

            Returning patients               139

            Total                                       199


Diagnosis and service                    197


Dermatology                                     11

Vision                                                 5

Psychiatry                                         4

Dietician                                            3

Pre-diabetic group                           7

Diabetic Education                          3

GI                                                        4



I think that is it….Happy Halloween!!!!!


RotaCare Management Report as of September 2013 Blanche Donaldson Blanche Donaldson 2013-10-31 00:00:00Z
Quality Assurance Report Oct 29 2013
Quality Management Plan
July, August, September 2013
San Rafael
Intake Information Forms Complete                                 No Action Needed
Progress Notes Nurse
            no height recorded (3 charts)                                our height machine did break, but
                                                                                                I will address the issue with the T
                                                                                                Triage Nurse to ensure comp-
                                                                                                liance. BFD
Progress Notes Providers                                                   No Action Needed
Volunteers Files                                                                  
            Tb updated                                                                lack of vaccine was an issue, but
                                                                                                I asked Kaiser and got a vial of
                                                                                                50 doses. We vaccinated half of
                                                                                                the staff before it expired.
                                                                                                Not much that can be done….it
                                                                                                Is on order..if it get any longer
                                                                                                then I will ask Kaiser again. BFD
The illness of my assistant worried me. While I can do all that needs to be done…it is hard to not feel alone in truly knowing all that needs to be done in order to make this clinic run and run well. I have reviewed the rest of the staff to see if someone is able to take the position of assistant or co-assistant and at this time there is really no one that I can identify at our clinic that could move into that type of role, which is totally depressing.  I am glad that Morena has returned and is feeling better, but it is still is a nagging feeling. Morena can run the clinic but because of her day job she is unable of completing the tasks that need to be addressed in the daylight hours. If you all have a handle on this and can give me some guidance… I would appreciate it, I am getting older and I do believe that you need new life and energy to keep a program going and relevant to the community.
I am very excited about the Transitional Clinic, Hooray!!!  Yes it is more work…but it is going to be so great. We have a schedule, tracking sheets for the chart, booklets for the patients, all the pertinent staff have buy in and are ready to make it happen and are excited about it, we have hand outs and the RX supplies ordered to make it work. I alerted my finance committee to make sure they know if there are any grants or funders that we can approach to supplement our new program, we are contacting past patients to see if they have consistent ongoing care and we have a list of ready applicants. All is good and I hope all of you have an excellent Halloween….
Blanche Fiesel Donaldson
October 29, 2013 
Quality Assurance Report Oct 29 2013 Blanche Donaldson 2013-10-29 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 23 2013

GREETER: Pres Chuck led the pledge and there was no inspiration as we were missing our designated Greeter.  We really did not need one as the room was full of excitement and enthusiasm with almost ten guests present.  Then the speakers added a lot more inspiration as well.


Drew McIntyre, ADG from RC Novato Sunrise

Jared Vollmer. Army Vet who works for the EPA and was our most celebrated rider at Ride4Vets.  He had the most number of sponsors from all over the country and was also one of the few who finished the entire 100 Miles!

John Doolittle Sponsor of R4V , Guest of Dr Mike

Ed Dangers Sponsor of R4V , and guest of Dr Mike

Gerard Chouron Director of NCIRE

Patricia Maglinicki  Legacies in Motion and guest of Past Pres Matt

Erik Jendresen Producer of Band of Brothers and Gearing Up.

Kevin Tarrant son of Past President Ken T was his guest today


Past Pres Hank C shared the celebrations at Timothy Murphy School on our joint Garden project with Mission San Rafael.

Pres Elect Lisa P shared the event on homeless youth in Marin that the Interact Club is heavily involved with.

Past Press Cristy who attended the Foundation event in San Mateo reported no Raffle win for us! :-(

Pres Chuck reminded all of the District Training coming up at Redwood High School.  Please visit the District 5150 web site to register.

Past Pres Rolando reminded us of the Day at the Races for Rotary on November 16th.  All who received their tickets will see the charges on their next bill.

Past Pres Ken reminded us of the Food Bank event on December 7th at Whistlestop and the December 14th Holiday Social at Ken's home.

Barbara L said that our beloved Lama Tenzin will be visiting our CLub on November 6th just prior to going back to India

Past Pres Alan shared the most successful Blessing of the Keel on the new 100' schooner being built by Call of the Sea. It will be made from 100% eco green material by 100s of volunteers and a few top notch paid boat builders.  Building a ship this big on the West Coast has not taken place in the past 100 years!  Capt Alan said that the success of the Call of the Sea program (which our Club supports was one of the factors leading him to start the new boat building effort. Well DONE Capt Alan.


Gerrad Choucran - NCIRE

The physical and mental consequences of military service are serious and complicated. NCIRE scientists, clinicians and researchers are united in their dedication to care for the brave men and women who have served our country in the Armed Forces.

NCIRE is part of one of the world’s most dedicated and successful Veterans care communities, pioneering new treatments and understandings of military medicine and care. They take seriously our obligation to understand and meet the health challenges facing all generations of military Veterans. Through new technologies, novel scientific insights, and international clinical collaborations, NCIRE strives to set a new standard of health care for Veterans and military personnel.

Along with partners at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco, they:

  • Provide care for Veterans
  • Discover and develop effective, safe, and practical treatments for military injuries and diseases, and deploy them worldwide
  • Train new researchers in Veterans health
  • Prepare new generations of providers to care for Veterans in the years to come

Their focus is on:

  1. Psychological Health / Post-Traumatic Stress
  2. Traumatic Brain Injury
  3. Gulf War illness
  4. Heart disease
  5. Cancer
  6. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  7. Chronic kidney and liver diseases
  8. Readjustment and reintegration into society


 Erik Jendresen  -  Producer, Gearing Up

Erik shared a rough cut 10 minute version of the 40 hours of filming Ride4Vets.  The film, tentatively titled Gearing Up, will be used in promoting this program to all Rotary Clubs in the US and many other countries in the coming months.  In 2012, there were more suicides among the active vets than war casualties in the field.  This is a total failure on our government's part and the lack of priorities set for helping vets.  The program that was created by NCIRE jointly with the VA and UCSF has a 94% success rate and many YMCAs are now lending their facilities for this program.  There is no reason why Rotary clubs across the country cannot duplicate the program our small club has started.  Erik feels, rightfully so, that is the just the tipping point of a huge grass-root movement engender a major undertaking towards the care of our vets who need assistance at this critical point in time.

Mr. Jendresen  received a standing ovation after the showing of the film.  We're looking forward to seeing the final product.  Past Pres Herman noted that the cost of all of his work would be worth in excess of $90,000 and was all done by donations, volunteers and a team of citizens whose common motto is "Service Above Self"





Meeting on Oct 23 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-10-23 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 16 2013

GREETER: Past President Matt T shared three quotes from Aristotle, Wayne Gretsky, and the very famous, anonymous.
(Unfortunately the paper on which he had these written was put in the garbage before I got my hands on it) 

Jeff Allen, Past President of RC San Rafael and a major donor to R4V.


Matt T on the Food Bank, please keep the sealed groceries coming as they are much needed. 
REMINDER on Jan 18th, we will be helping the Food Bank package food.

Cristy E reminded us that Sunday is the Foundation event in San Mateo.
     Also, the Center for Domestic Peace is putting on their FREE breakfast next Thursday at the old Sea Food Peddler. Donations are encouraged.

Alan O announced that the Laying of the Keel  ceremony at the Educational Tall Ships in Sausalito will be on this Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00.

Matt T  reminded us to bring sponsors large and small as well as potential new members to celebrate the R4V event. Pres  Chuck said that we will show the director's cut of the documentary.  Please let Matt know if you are bringing any sponsors with you for a head count PRIOR to the meeting.


Bill R said that, unknown to most of us, Herman is a great cook. 

Dianne C solved the mystery of the missing aprons.  She has almost all of the RCMS aprons used at our Senior Dinner at St Patrick's.

Dr Mike took his RV all over the Northern and a bit of Southern California including Harris Ranch. He wrapped it up with a visit to grandson (Andy) and daughter in LA.  

Farhad and Chuck joined one of our main sponsors in a wine harvest and party. 

Hank C and Barbara took Wednesday off and went to the Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco and had a great time.

Marlyn was able to see the last show at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival  in Ashland, OR.  She recommends future events there for kids as well as adults. 

Cammie and Lisa had a very successful Rising Girls  movie at Unity Sanctuary in Hamilton.  There were over 85 in attendance including a whole table of Interacters for their fund raising efforts.

SPEAKER:  David Jackson  (We can't say it better than in his own words)

At San francisco Day School, (SFDS), each day begins and ends with a single purpose: to impart to our students the academic skills and joy of learning which will serve them all of their lives. Our founders envisioned a family school designed to teach children to achieve their highest academic and creative potential, to embrace their ethical values, and to become responsible and active contributors to their community.

Over the past thirty years, this vision has been brought to life by our extraordinary faculty, parents, students, and friends. Our teachers are deeply passionate and intellectually curious adults with immense energy and enthusiasm for their professions. Combined with our parents' stellar commitment to their children's educational efforts, and the result is not only a close home-school partnership, but a tight-knit student community that feels supported, challenged, and loved.

2013-14 is my seventh year with the School, and there are distinguishing characteristics, SFDS values, that I believe exemplify what we stand for and what we believe in.


  • We believe in bringing your whole self to school. When you’re a part of the SFDS community, we want to see ALL of you. And it is our job to provide an environment that welcomes you to share every aspect of your self. Psychological safety and the confidence to reveal your “whole self” provides the readiness for intellectual risk-taking and the basis for critical thinking. Building upon the common ground within our community, while celebrating the differences among families and individuals, are hallmarks of San Francisco Day School.

  • We believe in the power of co-education. Our school founders specifically created an intellectually rigorous institution for girls AND boys, a place for families from a wide range of racial, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Building and sustaining a truly inclusive community means using curricula and approaches that proactively address gender issues to the benefit of boys and girls.

  • We believe that learning is always active. Students listen, read, discuss, debate, and argue. They compose, revise, and edit. They build models, create presentations, program animations, solve equations, and dissect specimens. They recite poetry, act on stage, mold sculptures, paint murals, sew costumes, sing ballads, and compose rhythms. Their competence and confidence grow as they master skills to accomplish tasks they find personally meaningful. By knowing and admiring each child’s unique interests and talents, SFDS teachers inspire students to learn and accomplish even more than they thought they could.

  • We believe in providing windows and mirrors. At SFDS, cultural competence is an absolute requirement for 21st century learning, working, and living. We believe that diverse points of view and experiences are preconditions of critical thinking. Our school community works together to celebrate and foster empathy, humility, emotional literacy, and collaboration across genders, races, ethnicities, and families. We believe all students need both "windows and mirrors"; opportunities to look into the lives of others and opportunities to have their lives mirrored back to them in affirming ways.

  • We believe in the value of critical thinking. SFDS is proud to offer a challenging and rigorous academic program. To that end, we strive to teach four aspects of human behaviors integral to critical thinking:
    • Habits of mind that create resilience, perseverance, and flexible thinking
    • An artistic mindset open to learning through imagination and communicating through narrative, image, and symbol
    • Cultural competence that enables collaborative problem-solving with peers from diverse cultures and frames of reference
    • Health and wellness behaviors that support brain growth and cognitive function


And last but not least...we believe in the power of community. The unique culture and dynamic energy of our school is not easily captured on a website. I invite you to visit our campus to see our students and teachers in action, and to learn more about our programs. I am confident that there is no better place for teachers to teach or students to learn.


David E. Jackson, Ed. D.
Head of School


The San Francisco Day School educates, nurtures, and inspires girls and boys of diverse backgrounds to achieve their highest academic and creative potential, to embrace ethical values, and to become active contributors to their communities.

Academic Excellence


Academic excellence includes what is learned, how it is learned, and the context in which it is learned. The SFDS curriculum is innovative, characterized by gifted teaching and rigorous assessment. It piques the interests of and strives to attend to the needs of each child. SFDS prides itself as a community of learners in which intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning are valued.


















Meeting on Oct 16 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-10-16 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 09 2013

GREETER: Past Pres Matt T was unable to attend because his mother has fallen gravely ill.  Our best wishes to him in this difficult times.  Pres Chuck led us in the Pledge and Farhad provided the following reminder provided by Paul B from Rotary Archives to all with respect to our proposed Cuba project:

In 1918, more than one-third of the total population of Havana of approximately 350,000 were members of various clubs. So it was quite natural that Habana was the first city in a non‑English speaking country to have a Rotary club. Also the Rotary club idea was essentially different from all of the many club ideas which had found root in Havana, the city was so accustomed to clubs of all kinds that Rotary was readily accepted

In 1928, the Rotary Club of Havana was responsible for the initiation and successful conducting of the first National Congress of the welfare of the child. The statements in the resolution adopted sound rather modern, for instance:

- The child has the right to be born under social and physical conditions which

  will lead to a normal life.
 - The  child has the right to receive from society all the means for a free
  development, mentally, morally and spiritually […].


Visiting Rotarian Charlie Oewel and Susanne Karch from Mission San Rafael


Paul B reminded of us of several key activities coming up:

Cammie told us about an NPR show on PolioPlus in Pakistan she saw. Women, who are now the major force in dispensing polio vaccinations, are targeted by the Taliban and many have been assassinated.  The Ben Laden connection is the root of the problem.   A doctor who pretended to be a vaccination delivery person helped CIA to locate Ben Laden.  Now the religious fanatics are claiming that PolioPlus  is just a front of the CIA for the purpose of making the population infertile.  This is truly tragic.

Past Pres and current Foundation Chair Cristy E reminded us of the Foundation Day event. This year's Foundation event will be held at Leo Ryan Park in Foster City on October 20th, 2013.  With a theme of "Family Fun Day," there will be fun and fellowship for all.   Register online for a great time. On a Sunday afternoon, do you think of the 49rs? A family outing?   A great BBQ lunch? A concert in the park? A sail on the lagoon? other fun and games?  You CAN have it all at the Rotary Foundation Family Fun Day. There is more information at the Family Fun Day event page.  Or, you CAN  Register Here!  We will draw tickets in a raffle recognizing your contributions to The Rotary Foundation.  Our goal is to set a new record for Foundation giving in our district!

Past Pres Alan O reminded us of the Keel Laying Ceremony for the Educational Tall Ship on October 19th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at 2330 Marinship Way in Sausalito. Visit this site to get more info on the Educational Tall Ships program. (http://educationaltallship.org/)


Past Pres Hank C reminded all of the Senior Dinner coming up in the 3rd week of November. Past Pres Dr Mike reminded us that this event will be held in lieu of our regular meeting.  Hank will confirm the date as we get closer.


Pres Elect Lisa P reminded us that October 11th is the UN-designated International Girls Day around the world.  The Redwood High School Interact club we sponsor is producing this event.  Please visit the Event section of the club website or click on the link to view the exciting program.   http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Events/EVPEventDetails.aspx?accountid=8926&eid=3b07e4b7-0f45-44b3-9dd2-7b6d95c146a0&tid=1

Pres Chuck O discussed the need to raise our Dues to be in line with expenses.  He is proposing raising them to $16.66 per month from $13.33.  This is a only a $40 increase per year.  Almost all voted in a straw poll for the increase.  The proposal was brought up in the Board meeting after the regular meeting and approved.  Dues will increase starting in October.



Paul B took an R&R leave,  traveling with Phyllis to Eugene Oregon and then back via Shasta.  Lake Shasta was 39 feet below the normal level for October, very low but not a record.  He had a great time.


Past Pres Ken, pledged $200 for Good Times in anticipation of his trip to Vermont and maybe Fenway Park (in case the Red Sox win and he can get a ticket).  (Matt K, are you joining him in case the Reds win?) 



Emerson gave his usual wonderful introduction of our speakers Charlie and Susanne.   They shared their passion for the Rotary program RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards).  This has become a significantly better and more improved leadership program.  For anyone in contact with a sophomore or junior in High School, this is a must.  It is FREE to the participants as the $40,000 event cost is all funded by Clubs and the District.

RYLA is Rotary's leadership training program for young adults. It is offered by Rotary districts around the world. It emphasizes leadership, citizenship, and personal growth. The RYLA program for Rotary District 5150, now in its 30th year, is offered to high school students who are in the 10th or 11th grade. RYLA is one of the most significant and fastest growing programs of Rotary service. Each year thousands of young people take part in the program worldwide. The impact spreads further as the program influences other young people.  Participants are sponsored by local Rotary clubs in District 5150 (Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties) and are selected through a competitive online application process. For those who are selected to participate, this recognition offers the opportunity to build self-confidence, gain exposure to a variety of issues and people, meet active community leaders, and learn valuable information and life skills.   If you know any young person who qualifies, please get them to apply! 

Meeting on Oct 09 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-10-09 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 02 2013


For an inspiration, he gave a test on The Four Way Test.  The club as a whole got all of the parts.  There is some doubt that anyone got them all. 
He then related the test to humor directed at people or groups.  He believes that we pass the test for the handicapped and racial groups.  Gender and gender orientation, and national origin do not fair as well.  And we frequently fail on political orientation and occupations.   Finally, he pointed out that acting as an overly strident policeman for these failures is itself a failure of the Four Way Test.

Gus Catachi -
Nominally a guest of Rolando in fact of all of us.  Good to see you Gus. and thank you Past Pres Rolando to have him join us today.
Patricia Megilnicki, Guest of Matt T (Please visit her website to learn of this incredible individual http://www.legaciesinmotion.org/bod.html ).  She is very special person.


Cristy E encouraged us to attend the Foundation Fun Dinner

Jim C reminded us that there was no fleet week but he could enjoy the fireworks from Emerson's home.  

Past Pres Roland recruited volunteers for RotarCare.  As usual, there were few openings. That there are only few openings is one of many indications of the spirit of community service in our club.

Past Pres Rolando passed a sign up sheet for Rotary Day at Golden Gate Fields on 11/16/2013.  It's a fun outing with the possibility of meting and greeting other local Rotarians.  We need at lead eight more sign ups per list given out.  We have about 16 and need just NINE more so please bring your friends, family, prospective members. Contact Roland on the detail.

Matt T thanked the club on the first day of Food Bank donations.  After some discussion, we decided to leave a box at Whistlestop so that members can bring donations any week to hold for the monthly Food Bank collection.  So please bring all the non-perishable food that you can with you each meeting for the Food Bank for their distribution to the needy. 

Pres Chuck O Reminded us to invite sponsors to the Thank You Breakfast for R4V on October 23rd.   

Alan O announced that the Educational Tall Ships program is about to lay the keel for their first ship.  For $2,500  anyone or any organization can get naming rights.  The Blessing of the Keel will be on Saturday, October 19th from 1:00 to 3:00. Sorry, No grog will be served.


Bill R updated us about his latest trip to Hawaii.

Herman V updated us about his daughter's accomplishments he learned about on his 3-day trip to North Carolina.  It looks like his daughter has taken after her father.

Farhad T made a Paul Harris donation on behalf of Ramin Taleghani as a Good Times in advance (Per a Past Pres Rick W tradition).  Ramin, his son, just went on his own leaving a well paying job for the unknown so Farhad wishes him well with this donation.  Farhad is hoping to have the whole family present at the club sometime soon as all of their lives have been so much affected by Rotary.

SPEAKER: Kary Witt - Manager of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Kary spoke on the latest developments on the Bridge such as the automated tolls as well as the new "permanent" lane separators. 

Although the idea of a bridge spanning the Golden Gate was not new, the proposal that eventually took hold was made in a 1916 San Francisco Bulletin article by former engineering student James Wilkins.  The San Francisco City Engineer M.M. O'Shaughnessy estimated the cost at $100 million, impractical for the time, and fielded the question to bridge engineers of whether it could be built for less.  One who responded, Joseph Strauss, was an ambitious engineer and poet who had, for his graduate thesis, designed a 55-mile (89 km) long railroad bridge across the Bering Strait.  At the time, Strauss had completed some 400 drawbridges—most of which were inland—and nothing on the scale of the new project.

Strauss's initial drawings were for a massive cantilever on each side of the strait, connected by a central suspension segment, which Strauss promised could be built for $17 million. Local authorities agreed to proceed only on the assurance that Strauss alter the design and accept input from several consulting project experts. A suspension-bridge design was considered the most practical, because of recent advances in metallurgy.

Strauss spent more than a decade drumming up support in Northern California. The bridge faced opposition – including litigation – from many sources. The Department of War was concerned that the bridge would interfere with ship traffic.   The Navy feared that a ship collision or sabotage to the bridge could block the entrance to one of its main harbors. Unions demanded guarantees that local workers would be favored for construction jobs. Southern Pacific Railroad, one of the most powerful business interests in California, opposed the bridge as competition to its ferry fleet and filed a lawsuit against the project, leading to a mass boycott of the ferry service.

 In May 1924, Colonel Herbert Deakyne held the second hearing on the Bridge on behalf of the Secretary of War in a request to use Federal land for construction. Deakyne, on behalf of the Secretary of War, approved the transfer of land needed for the bridge structure and leading roads to the "Bridging the Golden Gate Association" and both San Francisco County and Marin County, pending further bridge plans by Strauss.

Another ally was the fledgling automobile industry, which supported the development of roads and bridges to increase demand for automobiles. The bridge's name was first used when the project was initially discussed in 1917 by O'Shaughnessy,  and Strauss. The name became official with the passage of the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District Act by the state legislature in 1923. Preliminary discussions leading to the eventual building of the Golden Gate Bridge were held on January 13, 1923, at a special convention in Santa Rosa, CA. The Santa Rosa Chamber was charged with considering the necessary steps required to foster the construction of a bridge across the Golden Gate by then Santa Rosa Chamber President Frank Doyle (the street Doyle Drive leading up to the bridge is named after him). On June 12, the Santa Rosa Chamber voted to endorse the actions of the Bridging the Golden Gate Association by attending the meeting of the Boards of Supervisors in San Francisco on June 23 and by requesting that the Board of Supervisors of Sonoma County also attend. By 1925, the Santa Rosa Chamber had assumed responsibility for circulating bridge petitions as the next step for the formation of the Golden Gate Bridge.



Meeting on Oct 02 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-10-02 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 25 2013

GREETER: Missing in Action (Bill R), no inspiration and a simple pledge by Pres Chuck but the meeting picked up steam with Emerson's great humor.

Mike Moyle
, Retired Lawyer from the Sausalito Club (recently joined that club)
Patricia Megilnicki, CEO of Legacies in Motion and a close friend of Francine W -- guest of Matt T
Kate Colin
, San Rafael City Council Member


Past Pres Matt reviewed the membership plans (see club document from last Board minutes on the detail)

What has Rotary Meant to Me moments (Great idea as we are getting to know everyone better)
Food bank volunteer day and starting next week PLEASE bring a can or non-perishable food to donate to the Food Bank
Rotary Club Legacy Meeting, a trip down the memory lane
Thank you breakfast for all of our sponsors of Ride4Vets day
More active links to the web site and the GREAT Facebook page being kept up by Jirayr
PERLS upcoming meeting - not just for the leaders
Corporate Membership where a business is the member and multiple persons from the same entity can attend

Pres Elect Lisa discussed the New Generations and Youth (Interact with Cammie)

Budget Funding needs to be submitted to the Board, so please send in your request on any items related to youth
The Interact Girl Rising  film coming up on October 11 at 7pm (Unity Church 600 Palm Dr, Novato 94949 415 475 5000 x121)  $10 at door
There will be a table for Interactors and for our Club to publicize the Lama Tenzin orphanage 

Pres Chuck updated us on the the future R4V activities.

The site is still up for donations and money is still coming in.  
We have raised $33K with about $10K expenses.   The Board approved a $15K donation to NCIRE for starting the program in Marin.  
Based on our records, about 62 riders signed up for the race on our behalf.  The final number has not been confirmed by race organizers. 

Past President Cristy reminded us about the Foundation Event on October 20th in Foster City.  The fee is only $48 with all proceeds going to the Foundation (Which ultimately supports our projects.). 
Use this link to sign up for the BBQ, Entertainment, Beer/Wine, Raffle, Electric Boat Rides as well as Kayak and Paddle boats


Paul B updated us on the Cuban project and how it is tied to working with Rotary International to potentially start the first Cuban Club after 60 years of absence.  It is just amazing the feats our small clubs achieves.  Great job Paul B on this lofty goal.

Past Pres Dianne won the raffle of $75!

Emerson J introduced Kate Colin, the information below is from her website.  She gave a great presentation on all the issues surrounding Priority Development Areas (PDAs).   She then went into more detail on the homeless issue when Past Pres Ken asked her about that subject.

Ms Colin was unanimously appointed to the San Rafael City Council in January 2013.  She has lived in the Sun Valley neighborhood since 1996 with her husband Jeff and teenagers Jessie and Jared.  They moved to San Rafael for its diversity of people, wonderful neighborhoods and beautiful open space.

Ms Colin was a San Rafael Planning Commissioner for nearly 8 years and she brings her land use background and long civic involvement to the Council.  Her City involvements include participating on the Citizen Advisory Committee to Redevelopment (1999 – 2004), Critical Facilities Stakeholder Committee (2004-2005), co-chairing the General Plan 2020 Steering Committee (2002-2003), co-chairing San Rafael’s Climate Change Action Plan (2008-2009) and, most recently before her appointment, participation on the City’s Homeless Stakeholder Committee (2012).

In addition to her extensive civic commitment, she has spent an equal amount volunteering for organizations in which her children were involved.  She was a Girl Scout leader for 6 years, soccer coach for 3 years, served as a Board member for Family Service Agency, participated in improving Rodef Sholom’s religious school and served as President and Board member of National Charity League’s San Rafael Mission Belles chapter – a mother and daughter organization which provides hands on volunteering to local organizations.

Kate’s primary goals include maintaining a strong economic base in order to provide high quality public safety services as well as a solid infrastructure. She believes the underpinnings of local government require a strong financial position that necessitates focusing on both short-term budget issues as well as planning for long-range commitments.  She believes strongly in planning for climate change.  Kate recognizes the diverse population of San Rafael and the importance of ensuring that all neighborhoods are represented and their voices heard.  In order to find solutions that are sustainable, she believes in collaboration and partnership with local residents, businesses and neighborhoods.

Kate has a MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a BA from Dartmouth College. She is a life-long athlete who runs, bikes, swims, plays soccer and practices yoga. She also enjoys hiking with her family and growing vegetables in her garden.












Meeting on Sept 25 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-09-25 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 18 2013

GREETER: President Elect, Lisa gave the inspiration after we sang the National Anthem played by Pres Chuck from a YouTube recording:

"Change: At the heart of resilience thinking is a very simple notion—things change—and to ignore or resist this change is to increase our vulnerability and forego emerging opportunities. In doing so we limit our options."


Jeff Allen Past President of San Rafael Club

Kyle (husband of  Pres Elect Lisa P). Thank you for joining us.

Ahmad Noshad (Contractor from Concord) interested in joining Rotary as well as participating in our Cuban Project

We had five speakers introduced by Paul B : "It is my honor and pleasure to introduce the Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance team with whom RCMS will partner and be involved in an exciting international project in Cuba. I am very excited about this because it completes a circle of my connection with Cuba where I went to school, grew up, and worked in Havana  from 1929 to 1971. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce the Bay Area Cuba Community Alliance Team."

Nina B (Paul's daughter) grew up in the Bay Area.  As a young person, she began working with and teaching under-privileged and homeless children in the community. She graduated from the New School University and Parsons School of Design. During that time she also lived in Cuba for a year in 2007. Nina was interested my history as being from  raised in Cuba when I was a teenager.


Nina returned to the Bay Area to work with children and families living in underprivileged communities in Richmond and the East Bay, working to develop self-expression and strengthening family bonds through the visual arts, and using her Spanish to help bridge communication during family counseling and support groups.


Felix and Nina met in 2009, fell in love and began working on this Cuba project together! They are continuing to work towards short and long term goals in their community there.


Felix (Nina's husband) was born in Havana, Cuba, and lived there until he was in his early twenties, when he moved Havana, a very historically cultural area and popular tourist spot. You will be able to fine much about his group surfing the internet and YouTube.


Ernesto Moran, a Cuban national, who is currently the owner of Tropical Malecon Travel and Entertainment Company. He is also a Cuba Business and Travel Consultant.   He had worked for the Cuban Diplomatic Corps for over 15 years, and served as a diplomat at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, D.C.  The experience serves him well in his knowledge about other countries and the peoples of diverse cultural backgrounds.


In 1998 Ernesto joined the burgeoning Cuban Tourism as a professional Tour guide. Later started escorting hundreds of international visitors like Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings , Dan Rather, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Sean Penn, Robin Wright, Ry Cooder (Buenavista Social Club),Tommy Morello (Audioslave), Peter Nyggard, The Kooks (UK), to mention just a few. 


Past President Hank reminded us of the great speaker Richard King (P Pres of RI) at Well Fargo Center in SF on Sept 20th.  This is a great event to attend and take a prospective member who likes to learn more about Rotary.http://rotarysfbayarea.org/Rotary/Pacific_Currents_Aug_2013.pdf (the information is on the PDF file or District 5150).

Pres Elect Lisa P noted the decision of the State of CA to defer all major SAR testing for a period to revamp the entire educational process -back to basics and not just test taking.  The idea is to slow down the learning process and use essays and not just multiple choices.

Bill R reviewed his sailing event with Jim, Cristy, Barbara, and Stephen. .

Marlyn M explained the concept of Fellowship with the Flying Rotarians.  She is a pilot and a member of the group.

SPEAKER Nina, Paul's daughter on theCuba International Project.


BACCA/ENM Presentation Notes: http://www.ecolonianuevomundo.com/


            My name is Nina: I am a community educator and artist from the Bay Area. I live in Fairfax now with my family and my new baby Inti, after having lived in various places, included Havana for a year.


What to expect during presentation?:  I am going to talk about four specific projects/goals we are currently working on in a special area in Cuba. Then I am going to briefly go through a detailed power-point presentation and talk a little about the current and historical and socio-economic context of the work we are doing. When we have gotten through the power-point, we will then open the floor for a brief Q&A. We have a dozen or so thumb-drives to give out at the end of the presentation with the power point saved on them, if you are interested in reading more in-depth about the project, and we have a few hands outs with an over-view of our organization and some info about a few of our current goals.  To begin:


•       What is this Project: Ecolonia Nuevo Mundo (ENM) is a a sustainable environmental community oriented empowerment project located in a beautiful /UNESCO world heritage site and National Park called Parque Nacional del Desembarco del Granma. It lies in SouthEastern Cuba in a community called Nuevo Mundo or New World. We are currently working towards realizing four main projects in collaboration with this community.  


•       1) Water Works: The small colony of Corcobao (1,500 people) which lies 2 kilometers from Nuevo Mundo, (our project site) has had a dry well for many years. A decade ago, the gov’t began installing plumbing to bring water from an abundant well in Nuevo Mundo to Corcobao, but the water works project was never completed because the turbine was taken for use in another region of the island. We want to complete this stalled project by procuring for the community a turbine pump, two large water tanks, and the installing the remaining pluming. Walking two miles roundtrip to the nearest well, or paying to have their small house tanks filled daily puts unnecessary strain on the community. The pump would allow people to farm year-round, save residents’ valuable time and money, and build a necessary foundation for economic growth within the community, that would be otherwise impossible.


•       2) Super Adobe Earth Bag construction community center: Implement this building method which uses inexpensive renewable local resources to build a resource/information/library/education center, internet connection point, and workshop space. Most importantly, the center will serve as an Earth Bag training institute to teach this sustainable building method to visitors from the island and elsewhere. The presence of this institute will help to jump-start local economy via eco-tourism. The resource center will provice agricultural and youth empowerment, and serve to teach sustainable technologies that will widely benefit the region.


•       3/4) Salary for Bernarndo Pitaluga Alvarez: Community Liaison: In order for ‘Pita’ to move from Havana with his family and dedicate himself full time to assist, organize, and facilitate this project from within the island. The goal is that within three years he will be supporting himself by establishing a honey bee colony of 50 + hives, and organize a collective of local bee-keepers in the community. Honey is an important Cuban export, and is world-renown for its purity and flavor. Apiarists also make a good living in this region.


•       Why we are here: Our non-profit organization BACCA (BayAreaCubaCommunityAlliance) is currently collaborating with the Nuevo Mundo/Corcobao community to carry out a number of projects aimed to create simple but fundamental changes towards the improvement of local conditions and provide the community with the encouragement and empowerment to sustain these improvements into the future!


•       Why? Benefit? The Return on Investment (ROI) is huge: 24 Cuban pesos is roughly equal to 1 US dollar, so any donations go a long way to help this underprivileged community get on its feet and create sustainable economic developments with wide reaching benefits for this and surrounding communities.


•       This is an excellent moment b/c of important changes in Cuba that allow individuals to participate in business for the first time.


•       Because there is very little  tourism in this area, this region is especially oriented around the peso economy, making the ROI even more significant


•       What do we need to accomplish today? Fundraising!!! We are seeking funding, donations, and support of any kind towards the continuation of these projects,


Especially: Water Works Project, Earth Bag Project, and a fixed monthly salary for Bernardo Pitaluga, our manager and community liaison in Cuba.


•       We are coordinating a week-long trip to bring folks out there so participants and donors can meet and interface with this Cuban community, bring needed supplies, such as donated cameras/computers/and school supplies to the area, and of course also see other parts of the amazing island.






Meeting on Sept 18 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-09-18 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 11 2013

GREETER: Past Pres Cap Alan, who after leading the pledge gave the inspiration:

I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.

OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, .Josephus Daniels, ambassador to Mexico, sent this quotation to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, January 1, 1936, in a note of New Year greetings, with this comment: Here is an expression from Holmes which, if it has missed you, is so good you may find a use for it in one of your fireside talks


Dr. Mike started his speach by noting that he had loved Trish's AHA speech on her Rotary Moment(s).  About 15 years ago as active surgeon at Marin General, he was approached by Linda T about the new Rotary Club that was being chartered by both men and women.  It was the first time women were part of the chartering group in the history of RI.  He met so many new friends that he would never have had the opportunity to met and socialize.   But most importantly, he felt it was time to give back to the community.  Because he was born with many more advantages than so many others,  the urge to give back was very strong and he could see that Rotary provided a means for giving back and more.  The chartering group had Chris B as one of the first Rotarian woman Presidents in RI.   Our very first major project lead by Dr Andy M was for drug free youth programs and mentoring.  Our Club was a major sponsor of the Run Across America.   We started the RotaCare clinic, followed by the Centennial Garden Project at Redwood High School and, most recently, the Ride4VetsDr. Mike appreciated the great speakers at the club recruited for years by Phil D and continuing now under the capable leadership of Emerson J is a huge plus.  Enough to make up for his two hour drive from Bodega Bay every Wednesday.


Pres Chuck announced a Board meeting next week after the Cuba International Project presentartion. (Your Editor, the speaker, will start at 7:45 to allow ample time for the full program.  PLEASE be on time because the meeting will start sharply at 7:15. )

Past Pres Herman updated us on Susan W's condition.  She has finally been diagnosed with cancer and is going through chemotherapy with a great spirit and a good prognosis.

Past Pres Cap Alan announced the special schooner sail (FREE) for all interested.  There are only 15 seats and you need to contact him ASAP.  It starts at 10:30 an should be back by 3:00 pm.  Late breaking news:  Sign up for the wait-list. 

Paul B proposed we work on a project with the Foodbank on the last Saturday in January.  It is for just 2 hours and we need 20 volunteers.  The club overwhelmingly approved and so PLEASE get the word out to your family and friends.

Pres Elect Lisa talked of her newly found respect for the Call of the Sea and Educational Tall Ships projects in Sausalito. She and Kyle worked on the ice cream booth at the Sausalito Art Festival raising funds for the projects.

Jirayr K reviewed the amazing work he has done building our Facebook page.  Please check out the page, like it, and sent an invite to all of your friends. Here is the website.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rotary-Club-of-Marin-Sunrise/166110816879568


Past Pres Jim C spent day on the Bay with his brother-in-law.  He visited the Educational Tall Ships and met Bill C at the Bay Model.  Then they strolled along the SF waterfront to watch the America's Cup.  They found a front row seats for watching the event.  It is truly amazing to watch the boats go up to three times  faster then the the speed of the wind.  In the Bay, they can get up to  40 to 50 miles pre hour with their new designs.

Past Pres Cristy E attended an Indy Race at the Sonoma Raceway and took in the whole show with planes and parachutists.  It was truly amazing.

Cammie D noted that after the Lisa and Emerson rave book review of Teach Your Children Well. (a MUST read for any one interested in Education), she went to the Mill Valley Library to check out a copy.  She noted that every 1st Friday, there is a get together at the Library on new books, projects and lecturers.  It is open to public and a great place to meet like minded people.


Adam Frey was one of the bright students during Emerson's tenure at the highly regarded West Minister Independent private school in North Carolina.  Adam said that when Emerson arrived, the entire school changed its character to become an institution that everyone, especially the students, looked forward to attending.

Adam spent ten years in the clothing industry and then moved to non-profits and is now a Management Consultant. 

 I enjoy figuring out how people and organizations work—celebrating unique strengths and identifying facets that are ready to blossom.

His specialty, despite not being a psychologist, is taking C G Jung's Psychological Types Theory and using it in assisting entities to maximizes their communications.

He reviewed the 4 type of Perceiving and the 4 types of Decision making processes. 

It was a very revealing talk and had many in the room wondering about which category we would fit into.  



Meeting on Sept 11 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-09-11 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 04 2013

GREETER: Barbara L offered this inspiration

     Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.
                       J K Rowling, (Harry Potter)


Trish G gave a short talk on "Why I joined Rotary".  

(Her husband) John was in the Central Marin Club.  I decided the time and location of RCMS was perfect.  I have had a lot AHs not just a single AHA moment.  The first was Bill R who met me upon arrival with an honest unpretentious welcome. Then meeting Dr Mike and finding out that he drives two hours each Wednesday just for the Wednesday meeting.  This must be a special club.  Next the Halloween Party at Maggie's and then the golf tournament dinner.   I was given the Secretary's job and then the Treasurer's so now I am hooked. The parking job for the Sonoma and the the Ride4Vets rides were key highlights for me as well.  Once Eric spoke to our Club, I became a very proud member and realized that we are all like acorns on a BIG TREE".


Pres Chuck  met with Supervisor Katie Wright and will be meeting with Veterans Services and Blue Star Moms as well to get rolling on our project.  Lots of work but very fulfilling.

Jim C  shared a few moments to tell us about an initiative for Marine Corps that needs funding.  It is for packages of goodies being sent to active duty Marines in the field.  Please review his last e-mail and help if you can.

Cap Alan sponsored a very successful ice cream booth at the Sausalito Art Festival.  It netted close to $12,000 for the Educational Tall Ships and Call of the Sea programs

Rolando announced the open dates for RotaCare.  Please contact him as many slots need volunteers.


Cammie dressed up and attended the opening night of the Symphony with Tony Award Winner McDonald on stage.  It was incredible. They even had banjos in the band because they knew Pres Chuck loves that music!

Bill R has just returned from Cancun.  He now believes that he has seen all the ruins in the entire Yucatan Peninsula. 

Jim C reported on his trip to Elko NV where he visited the incredible Lamoille Canyon.  It is a beautiful place with very few visitors!

Dr Mike shared a snake story (Racer Striker).  Not poisonous but a very nasty bite as they grew older!!

Ken and LeAnn went to Glen Ellen instead of the traditional Tahoe trip because of the heavy smoke up in the mountains.  He also enjoyed hearing about the great opening games by our local players at Cal and North Western.


Ben Rowe graduated from the Cornell Hotel School and has an MBA from Stanford.  He is the Chief Finance Officer for Kimpton Hotels and lives in Corte Madera with his family.  

The Origin
In 1981, Bill Kimpton pioneered the boutique hotel concept in the United States. His dream was to provide weary travelers with a haven of comfort, service, security and style. Oh, and how about a nice glass of wine and a good meal at the end of the day, too? Today the Kimpton Hotels hold true to Bill Kimpton's legacy by offering personalized service, feel-good amenities like Hosted Evening Wine Hour, and their one-of-a-kind hotels and restaurants.

Staying True
Kimpton employees believe in a culture that includes people, one that celebrates the individuality of their guests and employees alike. They are equally devoted to the greater good and have led the hospitality industry with their innovative EarthCare program. Perhaps it's this unique mix of individual expression and social responsibility that inspires a strong emotional connection with their guests. According to Market Metrix Hospitality Index™, Kimpton has the highest customer satisfaction scores (93%+) and emotional attachment scores (89%) of any hotel company operating in the United States.  


NEWS FLASH:  (Except it isn't)   This just in from our Honorary Member Matt Kawajiri:

I want to share my thoughts with American friends about my bet on the selection of 2020 Summer Olympic site.  Please pay attention to news on Monday.  I bet that the IOC will not select Tokyo the 2020 Summer Olympics on Monday next week.  As you may know, the candidate cities are Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo.  I joined the petition organized by an international NPO to stop Tokyo from being selected. I made commented as below.
The radioactive contamination is spreading to all over Japan. Tokyo is only 100 miles away from Fukushima. Korea has declared that the country will ban all imported marine products from Japan. The government of Japan has done little to cope with the situation. Instead, under the leadership of (expletive deleted) Abe the country is trying to export nuclear plants to emerging markets such as Vietnam, Turkey, and countries in the Middle East. Japan has failed controlling nuclear accidents, regulating nuclear power companies, not protecting Japanese lives and properties. Fukushima residents will not be able to return to where they lived prior to the accident. Radioactive contaminated water is leaking to the underground water and to the Pacific Ocean. TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co) and the government have being lying to the Japanese people that everything is safe.
In addition, I also commented the fact that the Abe regime has denied the historical facts of all atrocities that Japan committed to its neighboring countries during WWII, including the Nanjing Massacre and Korean comfort women incidents.

 For American friends, be aware!  As the current of the Pacific Ocean flows to the West Coast from Japan, as already witnessed that a lot of tsunami debris have reached the West Coast from Japan. Contaminated fish will be swimming to the West Coast. Very scaring.

Best regards,
Matt Kawajiri



Meeting on Sept 04 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-09-04 00:00:00Z
Meeting on August 28 2013

The meeting was lead by Past President Ken T who was superb in the role. Pres Chuck had an operation on his shoulder the day before.  Chuck is doing well and recovering very quickly.

GREETER: Jirayr K was the greeter and after the pledge he had a great quote from a famous sports figure.  Take a guess - the answer is at the end of this bulletin (*):

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed"

GUEST: Jeff Allen, Past President of San Rafael Club and a major sponsor for the Ride4Vets.

ROTARY MOMENT: Jirayr shared the first time he participated at the annual Senior Dinner sponsored by our Club.  He felt very much part of the club and was able to get to know many of our members for the first time as he then was a relatively new member.  He was far more eloquent than your editor's writing and gave a very touching speech.  He received a full ovation on his remarks.  Your Editor is getting old and when the bulletin is not immediately updated, the facts fade very quickly. (And the Editor's copy reader is even older!)


Rolando/Farhad reminded all that Blanche was doing it all by herself as Marianna was out with a "bug" (Dengue) fresh from her trip to El Salvador.  Please try to go earlier to help her filling forms and pulling files.  Gus C is about to go into surgery and was quite positive to the point of hoping to rejoin us if all goes well.  Susan W was still fighting off an unknown ailment that has sapped all of her energies. You can call them both in the morning when they have more energy to cheer them up.

Past Pres Cap Alan announced the Annual Sausalito Art Festival on Fri/Sat/Monday.  Tall Ships was given the Ice Cream Booth for fund raising. It should net about $8,000 for the Educational Tall Ships and Call-of-The-Sea programs.  They really need a few more volunteers.

Past Pres Matt reminded all to invite quality prospects for new members, but he empathized that more importantly we need to retain our members and share personal Rotary Moments much like Jirayr did this morning.

Past Pres Hank reminded all of RI President Richard King's much anticipated speech at Wells Fargo center in SF on September 20th.  This is a great event to invite prospective members.  Hank also had mounted a great series of collages from the pictures he took on Sat at Ride4Vets.  THANK YOU HANK. To get up to date info on this event and all other Dist 5150 events go to Download District Newsletter August 2013 (pdf)

Past Pres Dr Mike reviewed his discussions with Whistle Stop on participating with their golf tournament for a small fee.  He is still continuing his discussions.


Past Pres Ken celebrated LeAnne's birthday as well as MLK day and the Marin Catholic player who is now the quarterback for Northwestern playing against Cal.

Marlyn reminded us of her proud moment reading the cover story on the RI new VP who is wonderful lady and the first woman for RI in that position.

Matt T lead the singing for Dr Mike's birthday and all joined in.

Stephen S shared the great time he had listening to the three opera singers at Concord Pavilion.  He said that this was a must see for anyone interested in music.  Marlyn, reminded all of the great series of opera appreciation events at JCC in San Rafael.


Pres Elect Lisa and Emerson lead a wonderful discussion and review of Madeline Levine's Book on education

Teach Your Children Well:

Madeline Levine, Ph.D. is a psychologist, educator and co-founder of Challenge Success a project birthed at Stanford's School of Education. A New York Times Bestselling author, she is a frequent keynote speaker for schools, parents and business leaders. Dr. Levine lives just outside of San Francisco with her husband and is the (extremely) proud mother of three sons.

Levine’s highly anticipated new book TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL: Parenting for Authentic Success (Harper/HarperCollins Publishers; ISBN 13: 9780061824746; $25.99/$33.99 Can.; Hardcover; on-sale: July 24, 2012)  acknowledges that every parent wants successful children, but until we are clearer about our core values and the parenting choices that are most likely to lead to authentic success, we will continue to raise exhausted, externally driven, impaired children who believe that they are “only as good as their last performance.” Real success is always an “inside job,” argues Levine, and is measured not by today’s report card but by the people our children become ten or fifteen years down the line.

Refusing to be diverted by manufactured issues such as “tiger moms versus coddling moms,” Levine confronts the real issues behind the way we push some of our kids to the breaking point while dismissing the talents and interests of many others. She shows us how to shift our focus from the excesses of hyper-parenting and our unhealthy reliance on our children for status and meaning to a parenting style that focuses on protective factors known to contribute to both academic success as well as a sense of purpose, well-being, connection, and meaning in life.

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL focuses on choice—how we view success, raise our children, and expend our energies and resources. It is also about the courage to make the changes we believe in. The time has come, says Levine, to return our overwrought families to a healthier and saner version of themselves.


(*) Michael Jordan was was the source of the quote.






Meeting on August 28 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-08-28 00:00:00Z
Meeting on August 21 2013

GREETER: Emerson got us started with very statesman-like quote (from memory): (This was very appropriate for yours truly who barely made it to the 76 Miles mark of the intended 100 Mile ride on Saturday)!

"We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."  Winston Churchill 


Pres Chuck: The Annual Bocce - BBQ and fund-raiser is on for August 25th from 9 am to 4 pm.  Please contact Peter ASAP is you wish to attend as your organizer, Farhad has a conflict and will be in Tahoe :-(  This is truly a fun event and you need not have a six member team as they fill fit you in with another team.  Contact Peter Lagarias 415-460-0100, ext. 111

Past Pres Rolando announced that that all dates in September, just two weeks away, are available for RotaCare.  Please contact him for signing up if you have not done so already.

Past Pres Ken reviewed the great time and hard work that he with his son Kevin had on the Rid4vets tandem bike on Saturday.  He was interviewed on record without knowing he was being filmed.  We will have to wait to see the edited version.  He is using the GOFUNDME website and has so far raised $450 from that site.  He has totaled $2,000 for the event and met his goal of $1,000 per person.  Well done Ken and of course Kevin!

Past Pres Phil was reminded of a time when hr was to give an interview.  He did what he thought was a practice but it turned out to be the final recording, just as the interviewer had intended. It came out to be quite professional precisely because he was not aware that he was being filmed.

Past Pres Farhad joined Jeff Allen at the Rotary rest stop and unknown to both, ended up riding an extra 22 miles when they were ready to quit.  Farhad had a poor sense of direction because there were no sand dunes or camels to guide him!

Past Pres Herman shared his interaction with the film crew.  Our club will be starring in a film worth about $90,000 to promote many such events at  Rotary Clubs in the US (and maybe even in allied countries) in support of our veterans.  The entire event from the flags and memorial mile signs to the rest stops and finally to the music and home made lunch was filmed.  The West Marin Services group put on a first class individual and family event for all to enjoy in a friendly and informal atmosphere.  It was an honor for us to be part it.

Past Pres Hank pointed out the incredible collaboration among all volunteers to produce such a great event.  Past Pres Herman applauded Pres Chuck for his 100's of hours that he put into the event from the website work, to recruiting key volunteers, and fund raising.  The final results will be available next week.  We have not stopped the fund raising and the site www.Ride4Vets.org is still up if you wish to support the funding.


Katie Rice, Marin County Supervisor (not to be confused with Kathrin Sears )

Emerson introduced Supervisor Rice.  She grew up in Mill Valley, went to Tam High and Sonoma State for a BA.  She has three children, ages 16, 25 and 26 years.  She joined Supervisor Hal Brown's team and then became his chief of staff.  Her two main interests are public administration and preservation of Marin County.  She lives in San Anselmo and is quite active with Ross Valley water preservation efforts.

Ms. Rice's message to us was that after a few bumps, Marin County is in an excellent shape fiscally and is planning ahead for many challenges.  The work force is  now 10% fewer than recent past and the issue of pensions is behind us with no layoffs planned in the future.  Our County now has a AAA bond rating.  She then reviewed very quickly the current concerns on land use and affordable housing as the next hot items on the public mind.

She then opened the floor to general discussions that were cordial and informative.  She appreciated the atmosphere of our club as opposed to many contentious meetings most supervisors are facing including few who may face recall.  Thankfully, she is not one of them and, given her obvious integrity and openness, your editor can see why.

She promised to be back for more informal discussions.


Chuck won the ticket to choose ONE of the TWO remaining marbles to win $500, but he choose the wrong one!!  Attend next week to WIN the largest raffle we have had in years!!







Meeting on August 21 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-08-21 00:00:00Z
Meeting on July 31, 2013

GREETER: Since no one took the lead, President Chuck who was fresh from a great trip led the pledge.


Joanie, Ryan and Steve Wynn from Journeys 4 Good (Invited by Interact and Lisa P and Cammie D)
Siena and Cindy Traverso Vice Pres of the Redwood High School Interact and her mother.


Past Pres Cristy E reminded us about the Foundation event coming up on October 20th from 10:30 to 3:30 in Foster City.   There will be a BBQ and picnic as well as a ton of opportunities for fellowship.  You can buy raffle tickets online or from Cristy to qualify for prizes as well as getting entrance tickets for Foundation credits.  Cristy's goal is to have everyone donate at least $25 to the Foundation.  The real goal is to donate at least $150 per person per year so that we can begin funding projects three years from now.  Every penny that we donate will come back to our Club for approved project spending.  

Pres Elect Lisa P reviewed the assigned area for solicitation on Miracle Mile.  (We need 300 $100 donations to reach our goal of $30,000).  We also need security volunteers for the Century Ride to earn our Club $1,500 for the work.

Past Pres Herman V updated us on the latest efforts of NCIRE and Eric J.  The Band of Riders  filming effort will be coming up shortly.  The film crew, who will be staying at Herman's house, will need about $5,000 for their out-of-pocket expenses.  NCIRE has so far agreed to fund $2,500 of that sum.  Once filmed, the documentary will likely cost an additional $70,000 to complete the editing and distribution.  These costs will be paid by NCIRE. The film crew will document the entire race and once edited (huge job) it will be used for all future rides across the country to raise money for this great cause.

Past Pres Hank C  noted the meeting coming up on Sept 20th with Richard King at the Wells Fargo Center. This will be an opportunity to share Rotary with prospective members or your extended family and to appreciate the many Rotary International projects.


Bill R listed many of the places he visited over the last two weeks on a car tour.   It is a good guess that most of the fascinating sites he visited are unknown to many of us.  His tour of California covered roughly everywhere south of here.  He called it  his "'Round Toit Tour" -  places he would go if he ever got around to it.  It appears that he finally got one.    (Un)fortunately, he said that he made up a brand new list and is looking for another Toit to get started. On the trip, he celebrated his 75th and was serenaded by the club.

Pres Chuck O shared a week long vacation with his brother who used to work for the Pentagon but is now semi retired.  They rented an RV and traveled all over Alaska.  He said that it could not have been better.   He recommended that we should forget cruises when it comes to seeing Alaska.  The way to see this great state is by car and then boat/raft some rapids!


The team of Wynn has taken a detour from their commercial video production (Corporate marketing/PR/communications) and started Journey 4 Good.  Our Interactors were the first to meet this group and they (Lisa P, Cammie D, and Sienna T) invited Journey 4 Good to address our Club. 

PLEASE visit their web site http://journeys4good.com/ where the following excerpts were taken:

Working with people or animals, short-term or long, student or senior, solo or family — the ways to volunteer travel are as varied as your individual interest.

We hope to provide you with the inspiration and information you need to find the perfect volunteers experience for you. And whatever you choose, we wish you these indelible rewards: a deep and meaningful travel experience, a connection to the global community, a sense of pride and accomplishment, a fresh perspective and, above all else, memories you bring home that will last you a lifetime.

Inspiration: Through our original blog and video content, you can explore the range of opportunities to fine tune the right kind of trip for you.

Information: Resources, links, tour information, travel details and other cool stuff will help you take the next steps in your research process.

Celebration: Check in often to find out what our volunteer heroes are up to around the world. You never know what our next story will be.

And please, help us spread the word…..we are committed to growing this community of like-minded global citizens.

 Our Story:  Over the last 15 years, husband and wife production team Steve and Joanie Wynn have traveled the world together, producing stories for Travel Channel, History Channel, Discovery, HBO and Conservation Corporation Africa.

Recently, they traveled to Tanzania to produce a story on volunteer travel for Roadmonkey Adventure Philanthropy.  Steve and Joanie were inspired by the incredible group of volunteers who worked hard to refurbish classrooms at the Bibi Jann School for AIDS orphans. Their documentary, “A Journey for Good: Tanzania” aired on public television stations around the country. They returned home inspired and motivated.  They decided to develop this site as a way to spread the message of volunteer travel.  They hope to tell more stories about the everyday heroes who use their sweat equity as a way to give back and connect to the world in a meaningful way.

Steve and Joanie own and operate Bayside Entertainment, a full-service video production company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past fifteen years, they have produced projects for clients like zynga, Lucasfilm, Sony, Walt Disney and Electronic Arts. In addition to work for their Fortune 500 clients, they also enjoy producing video for smaller companies and non-profits. In addition, they also pursue independent documentary projects, like their documentary, “A Journey for Good: Tanzania”, which recently aired on public television stations across the United States

Steve and Joanie were inspired to start Journeys for Good after experiencing several transformative volunteer trips in Africa and Nicaragua. Their dream their skills as storytellers to celebrate voluntarism and the global partners who make it an exciting and transformative way to travel.

We are hoping that the Wynn team will join us with our international project in Cuba.  On Sept 18th Nina Basker will geve us a presentation on the project.


Meeting on July 31, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-07-31 00:00:00Z
Meeting July 24, 2013

GREETER: Past Pres Matt T presided over the meeting because Pres Chuck was on a family trip to Alaska.  Trish G lead us in the pledge and gave us the following inspiration:

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." -  George Eliot

Wikipedia informs us that:

Mary Anne (alternatively Mary Ann or Marian) Evans (22 November 1819 – 22 December 1880), better known by her pen name George Eliot, was an English novelist, journalist and translator, and one of the leading writers of the  Victorian era. She is the author of seven novels, including Adam Bede (1859), The Mill on the Floss (1860), Silas Marner (1861), Middlemarch (1871–72), and Daniel Deronda (1876), most of them set in provincial England and known for their  realism  and psychological insight.

She used a male pen name, she said, to ensure her works would be taken seriously. Female authors were published under their own names during Eliot's life, but she wanted to escape the stereotype of women only writing lighthearted romances. An additional factor in her use of a pen name may have been a desire to shield her private life from public scrutiny and to prevent scandals attending her relationship with the married George Henry Lewes , with whom she lived for over 20 years.

Your assistant editor notes that her gravestone in Higate Cemetery indicates its interee is:

          George Eliot
          Mary Ann Cross

Cross reflects her marriage to John Cross.  The marriage lasted less than a year when she died of a throat infection and complications of a kidney disease.

GUESTJeff Allen, Past Pres of the Rotary Club of San Rafael 


  • Past Pres Rolando reminded us that we need 10 volunteers for Sat. August 3rd as security for the Century Ride in Mill Valley.  They will pay our club $1,500 for the task and it is a great bonding experience for those who get up early to help out.  Paul B added his name to the list. We just need one more person.  Rolando also reminded us of the open dates for Rotacare in August.  Finally, he announced the Rotary Day at the Races on Nov. 16th.  There will be about 500 Rotarians present.  10% of all ticket sales will go to the Rotary Foundation.
  • Past Pres Matt T wished to publicly thank Trish and Rolando who beat all in getting to the meeting get us all set up.  They are the true heroes of the day! Thank you Trish and Rolando.
  • Past Pres Hank C attended a meeting with Keith and Holly Axtell, Past District Governor who announced a donation of $1,000 from the District for Ride4Vets.  Trish G has not seen the check, but we assume it is in the mail!
  • Pres Elect Lisa P made a passionate appeal to all to do their part in getting sponsorship for the Miracle Mile.  This is money that will pay for our expenses as well as for our events this year.  Lisa divided the area by person and several members present volunteered to do their part.
  • Past Pres Matt T announced that the raffle is up to $447. We hope when Phil D is with us next time there will be a winner.


  • Jeff Allen, pres of the San Rafael Club when it was over 500+ members, announced his special project in Tijuana where he is helping a family with a new home from his funds and many Rotarian friends who are helping out.  This is for a son who lost his mother in a fire that destroyed the whole house and all their belongings.
  • Past Pres Dianne C thanked the many Rotarians who have helped her over the last three years.  She has had to deal with too many health issues as well as the resulting fiscal problems. 
  • Marlyn M just came back from a trip in Aspen where her daughter has a beautiful house.  She had a great time.
  • Cap Alan O had a whole crew of googlies (volunteers) at the Tall-ships Project with Past Pres Jim C overseeing all the paint work. They painted the containers that are used as support structures for the tent as well as a storage location for their tools.
  • Past Pres Farhad T described the training that he and Paul B went through in the hot high desert of Hesperia.  They learned how to make adobe with earth and bags to go to Cuba to teach Cubans how to make a building for a youth center with near zero impact on the environment. 
  • Past Pres Hank C shared a story from one of his Navy acquaintances on how hot it is in submarines .


Past Pres Matt T who is now the chair for New Members led an informal discussion on improving recruitment:

  • MATT: We need to bring in new members but not just anyone off the street.  We need high quality professional and engaged members.  With that note, Matt confessed that his own engaged mode has diminished and he remembers well when he lead us in our baseball games, food bank drives and many other projects when he was truly engaged.  He suggested that we compare our club to many businesses that go through cycles of up and downs.  They grow and then hit a plateau,  If they cannot reinvent themselves and reengage, they die. 
  • ALAN: What is it that we as a group need to do to get it going again?
  • HANK: Speakers are one key and thanks to Emerson/Herman's efforts, we really are well set on that path.
  • MATT: A great question would be what inspired you to join and stay in the Club?
  • ALAN: Garden project, hands-on projects that are simple but yet bring the whole club together like the paint job we did for Huckleberry House or when we cleaned up the women protective services facility.
  • ROLAND: Let us hear from our newest members: Jirayr, Paul, Trish, and Will as what inspires them about the club and Rotary
  • PAUL: After years of badgering from Farhad, finally Liz's project and her own inspiration about the club during the Garden Project was what moved him.  The key was understanding the Service Above Self motto.
  • JIRAYR: I loved the St Patrick's Dinner, the Garden Project, and finally being asked by Herman to take an active role.  I never got a new member orientation so seeing that it is back is a plus.  I like the way the New Generation Club in SF takes one day off their regular schedule to meet for a community project.
  • MARLYN: I have academic background and we need to take advantage of our proximity to Dominican University with all of resources and great offerings they can provide to us as a club.  We in turn can get them involved with our International projects.
  • WILL: For me, the opportunity of fellowship has the greatest value.  I met a whole new circle of friends and I would like to see retreats as my old Ross Club had.  There were heated discussions on exciting subjects that brought all of us much closer by the end of the retreat.
  • TRISH: So many people do not really know about Rotary.  We do not do a good job of marketing ourselves so events such as the one coming up with San Rafael Chamber of Commerce where Mission San Rafael Club is participating would be a great one.  It does not cost anything and we meet another club while promoting Rotary.
  • BARBARA: We need hands-on activities that are not just giving money away but projects that bring us together.
  • MATT: On that note, it only takes inviting someone to our meetings or even events and the club will sell itself.  I would like Emerson to review the programs.
  • EMERSON: We should do a lot of tag-along projects such as the Food Bank that Past Pres Matt was on its board.  It is well organized and you really feel like you accomplished a great task.
  • For speakers, we have Cammie next week and then Club Assembly and finally the Marin Supervisor.  Marlyn has also invited our state representative.  Please check the website in a few days when it is updated with the latest speakers and bios.









Meeting July 24, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-07-24 00:00:00Z
Meeting on July 17th 2013

GREETER: Farhad took over for Trish and read the Rumi note: "In the hands of the wise, the earth turns into gold".  The 2nd one that he forgot to recite was "What you seek is seeking you".  Both were based on the excitingly HOT experience of 14 days work in Hesperia with fellow Adobe builders that included Paul B the organizer of our international project in Cuba.

ROTARY MOMENT: Pres Elect Lisa P, played the winner of the International Convention Song in Lisbon by several teenagers from Germany.  It brought tears to my eyes as it is so moving and right-on about what Rotary is all about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8iKAk8VsNE.  If you missed Lisa's presentation, please visit YouTube to view this.  It is quite inspiring.  If you wish to bypass the intro, forward exactly 2 minutes into the video for when the song starts.


  • Eric Schmautz, District Governor 2013-2014
  • Drew McIntrye, Assistant District Governor
  • Peter Lagarias, Past District Governor and co-founder of RotaPlast
  • Clint Collier, Rotarian from Walnut Creek who was here to help with Capt Alan's Fund Raising event for the Educational Tall Ships  Project


Paul B reviewed the Hesperia Adobe building design with earth, bags and barbed wire (certified 4x the Seismic CA tests for earthquakes).  He lost ten lbs. while working and learning the technique to be taught in a club International project in Cuba.  Paul's son-in-law, a Cuban, has started an Eco Tourist center.  Next he plans to develop a youth arts center in Cuba with full government approval.  Our Club volunteers will be soon visiting Cuba on two trips.  The first is to find out more the local needs while addressing only one item: a pump for a water system.  All infrastructure is in place except for the pump.   All the pipes are connected to an existing well but it is missing a pump!  The 2nd trip will be for teaching the locals how to build with the Adobe Earth bag technique (Cal Earth http://calearth.org/).  

Ken T made a passionate speech on why we need to raise as much sponsorship funds as possible for the Ride 4 Vets.  He also auctioned off four seats for next Giants game. 

Past Pres Rolando reminded all of two hands-on projects: Volunteering for the August 3rd Century Ride as bike security staff (that would bring us $1,500 for our CLub) and the two RotaCare spots left (two in July and then all of August).  Get engaged and help out -- we need you.

Barbara L shared great moments of success with her ability to ask anyone for donations (Including Cain Tires who ended up giving her a check as sponsors).  

Dr Mike O shared how his group of golfers,  includes a former Navy Seal, are going to help with sponsorship as well as supporting the RotaCare Trust.

Past Pres Herman V announced that Susan W is sick at home and the last two meetings are the very first ones that she has ever missed.  In respect to her wishes, we are cancelling the Bark in the Park dog show.  We will keep you posted as we get more news from her.  Her son Corey is with her presently and she is being taken good care of.  

Past Dist Gov Peter L shared a Facebook ping from Past Pres Sharon who has now taken up golf and is very excited about it.  Maybe she can join us for the next event that Dr Mike is contemplating.

SPEAKER: The new District Governor Eric Schmautz (Wells Fargo, VP in Charge of Strategy)

Eric had a meeting with our Board the night before.  I can report to all, that in my 15 years with Rotary, this is only the 3rd time that a DG has started and did not push or even ask us to do anything special.  He frankly said, no one likes to hear what a DG "needs".  He only wishes to help each and everyone of our clubs to excel.  He lives in Corte Madera and quite keen on helping our club as it is so close to his home.  He is consumed by all activities dealing with Rotary including chairing multiple important posts within the District.  He has been overseas to dozens of countries including Bangladesh, Vietnam, Chad, Zambia  with RotaPlast as well as for other missions.  He recently was married to Stephanie who heads the New Generation Clubs at the District level.  

Eric noted that Rotary has four major goals:

  • Reduce Poverty
  • Feed Hunger
  • Reduce Ignorance
  • Reduce Fear

RI is known to have saved over $2 Billion with Polio Plus; set up hundreds of micro credit banks as well as locally for such events as our own Ride4Vets, and RYLA & Youth Exchange.

Eric shared his latest trip to Zambia where Foundation funds and local club efforts helped with PolioPlus as well as providing books and school supplies for the youth in need of all assistance.  The new policy of RI is to encourage sustainable, long term projects and more formalized planning and local involvement.  Please visit the District 5150 website for all the upcoming educational and vocational events.

KEY DATES FRO DISTRICT 5150: (Please Visit the District 5150 site for registering http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Home.aspx?did=5150 )

  • 07/27 Program Training
  • 07/27 Foundation Training
  • 07/27 Global Grant Workshop
  • 08/03 Membership Training
  • 08/03 PR Training
  • 09/30 Membership Relations Training
  • 10/20 District Foundation Event
  • 10/26 Program Meeting
  • 10/26 Foundation Meeting
  • 11/02 Membership Meeting
  • 11/02 PR Meeting
  • 01/18 Foundation Meeting
  • 01/18 Rotary Foundation Chair DK Lee Visit
  • 01/25 Membership Meeting
  • 01/25 PR Meeting
  • 03/22 District Assembly
  • 05/01 Pre-Conference Activities
  • 05/02 District Conf
  • 05/02 Program Meeting
  • 05/02 Membership Meeting
  • 05/02 Foundation Meeting
  • 05/02 PR Meeting
  • 05/04 Post Conference Meeting
  • 06/01 International Convention  








Meeting on July 17th 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-07-17 00:00:00Z
Meeting, July 10 2013

GREETER: Cristy E led us in the Pledge.  For an inspiration she noted:

                 People do not care what you know until they know that you care.

            Chris Gregorio, Insurance, prospective member

ROTARY MOMENT: (We don't get enough of these)

Cristy E remembered her trip to Calgary for the Rotary Convention just before her turn as president.  Too many delegates were registered for the number of hotel rooms, so local Rotarians put up some of the attendees.  Cristy and John were two of the lucky ones who stayed with a local Rotary family.  She realized that while Rotary is a service organization, its international scope makes it a World-wide peace organization as well. 


Rolando noted that Whistle Stop needs some volunteers for the summer when some of their regulars go on vacation.

Dr. Mike added that Whistle Stop is interested in working with us on a golf tournament.  He told them that we have had some experience in that area.

Pres Chuck did some surfing and found out how many sponsors other clubs were able to recruit.  In one case, 37!  We seem to have 7 or so.  More work is needed.


Will W told us about his good time at the World Series of Poker
Unfortunately for him but fortunately for us, he is back on the job instead of on a tropical isle sipping a drink with an umbrella. 

Chuck O had a good time with friends and family celebrating the Fourth.

Jim and Jodie C Went to Apple Valley for his grandson's birthday then on to the Colorado River at Needles (The needle was pegged to the hot side). Finally they did some rafting and sightseeing on the Colorado (using a boat instead of a wire).

Farhad T and Paul  B are down south (Hisperia) learning how to make a kind of adobe house so that they can, in turn, help others make them.  Its a little warm there also.

Farhad T let Pres Chuck O use his Tahoe cabin.  Chuck learned how to navigate a stand-up paddle board.  Not all his spills were accidental.

Dr. Peter M has had an eventful life since we last saw him. Two hernia operations and a visit to, it seems, every place in the UK from Inverness to Wales.


The big secret is that the speaker Emerson J recruited was called away.  So Emerson swaped with him and gave a talk scheduled a few weeks from now.    The subject was Gen Matthew RidgewayGeneral Ridgeway headed up the 82nd Airborne in WWII.  Later he led the 8th Army in Korea.  Finally, he became Secretary of the Army. 

Emerson first met the geneeral when he was at Shadyside Academy.  Gen. Ridgeway's only son had been a student at Shadyside when he passed away.   Emerson persuaded him to return to be interviewed by the History class.  A major accomplishment, because Ridgeway's grief for his son led him to vow never to set foot on the campus again.

General Ridgeway's final duty was to accompany President Reagan to the Bitburg Cemetery remembering the soldiers who had died in WWII.  A very sensitive assignment.



Meeting, July 10 2013 William Ring 2013-07-10 00:00:00Z
Meeting June 19, 2013

GREETER: Phil D pitched in for Cammie but since my notes are now seven days old I can not recall his words of wisdom and his seven "Ps".  I do recall he said live the present as there is nothing you can with past and future is not here yet.  I paid $2,000 for a retreat in Carlsbad with Deepak to learn that, I should have just paid Phil and it would have been a lot less expensive!!


Kyle Cato (Our Pres Elect's husband)

Chris Gregorio, Insurance, prospective member.



  • July 3rd is dark
  • Board Meeting/Assembly meeting next week
  • A social coming up at Ken Tarrant Home on the 29th
  • The Bark in the Park dog show is coming up on August 31st, organized by  Dr. Susan Wright.  We're hoping for a good review by Yelp. 
  • Our Marbles Sock kitty is now $400.  Since there are so few marbles, we decided to add a marble for each one removed until there is a winner. 
  • Pres Chuck reminded all that we need to really push for more sponsors. Past Pres Herman demonstrated the ease of fundraising by asking "Do you give to Charity?" If the answer is yes as it would for 90% of people, then ask "How about giving $200 for our Ride4Vets event?"  We will put a sign with recognition for your contribution for 100's to see on August 17th


  • Lisa was gone for two weeks when Kyle took over the household chores and the twins, who no longer really need anyone given their amazing achievements.  Lisa was in London and saw one of Gus C's products in a Museum shop.
  • Capt Alan had an successful fund raiser for Call of Sea and thanked the many members who supported the fund raiser.  If you have not been there lately, you must visit his office. It is absolutely amazing with the tent and setup.  They need $6 Mill over the next three years to finish the Educational Tall Ships project.  I just checked Google Earth and the satellite picture has not been updated yet but it will soon!
  • Bill R went all over the Europe; the trip included London, Kaliningrad, Warsaw, Vilnius, Tallinn, St. petersburg, Moscow and Manchester UK. 
  • Past Pres Jim, shared a whole packet of thank you letters from the kids in St Patrick's who were lucky enough to get the Dictionaries we distributed. The scanned copy of a few are in our Document Depository.  So please visit and you will be so delighted that there are still some who can write beautifully in cursive handwriting.


He was no other than our own "Budd" who was in charge of Rotary membership till he had to get major back surgery. His insight plus 200+ slides on N Korea was quite interesting and sad.  The contrast between the split countries is so appalling that it was hard to watch the torment the N Koreans are going through under an extremely repressive regime. 


  1. Ride4Vets with updated information.  Check out the new Truck Ad built by Paul B and the new signs.  The signs are professionally developed by the team of graphic artists who make the film, Band of Brothers.  The poster says Band of Riders.  It is really cool. I drove it all over town on Sunday and got a lot of heads turning. https://www.Facebook.com/pages/Ride-4-Vets/174325356066477
  2. Check out the Facebook page maintained by Jirayr with great pictures of our weekend social FUN RAISER.  We had 22 members and family attend and then another 50 non- members.  That included the 5 person band.  It was like a huge family party with Greek and Persian dancing.  We raised over $3,000 for Meals on Wheels.  How cool is that for a little club like ours?! https://www.Facebook.com/pages/Rotary-Club-of-Marin-Sunrise/166110816879568 The first 13 photos are from the event.  THANK YOU Jirayr










Meeting June 19, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-06-19 00:00:00Z
Meeting on June 5, 2013

GREETER: Past President Jim C finally got to be greeter. His inspiration was based on some current events - Cases of sexual harassment in the military.  He noted that General Patton had a solution:  "Anyone caught sexually harassing anyone will be shot!"  Probably would not happen, but it was effective.. 

GUEST:  Joan Rodway guest of Rolando


NEXT WEEK - We will meet at McGinnes Park at 6:00 pm to socialize and have a great meal.

June 22 - Greek-Persian Fundraiser -  Sign up now

June 26 -  Club Assembly

June 29th - Gus C is hanging it up - a reception is planned. We'll miss you.

July 16 - The new DG Chris Gallagher (Col. Cope's boss)  will meet with the board at 4:30 - locale TBD
July 17  -  The DG will attend our meeting and ream us out for our indolence get us up to date on District plans and programs

Grants - Several grants have been received and some are lost.  Any info will be appreciated by Pres Chuck.


Our speaker, Stiewe Payton has the distinction of being born in the US and raised in Germany.  He is a salesman. Over his career he has sold jewelry to high end clients as well as (now) high end real estate. 

Mr. Payton  outlined the current real estate situation and who is buying.  It came as a surprise to many that about half of the sales are "all-cash" deals and that, in many areas, housing prices have recovered to the pre 2008 levels.

Another, not so pleasant, surprise: was his prediction that the mortgage deduction will soon be limited.






Meeting on June 5, 2013 William Ring 2013-06-05 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Mar 29, 2013

GREETER: Past President Jim C was all set and ready to deliver his inspiration but Pres. Chuck skipped all that and went to a full explanation of our special Persian Breakfast at Call of the Sea facility hosted by Past Pres Alan.  Past President Jim C will be our greeter for our next meeting!!


Paul Koski, Retired Teacher, Docent at Audubon Ranch, Expert Bee Keeper and Mycologist (mushroom expert) guest of Farhad

Tom Bauch, Avid sailor as well as son of a paratrooper of WWII, long time supporter of our Club guest of Farhad

Chris Gallagher, Governor Nominee for District 5150 and head of Bay Model Army Corp of Engineers, guest of Cap Alan

Angie Olson, Wife of Cap Alan and supported of every aspect of Call of the Sea

Janet Baltzo, Visiting Rotarian and musician from Seattle performing in Bay Area; guest of Barbara L and Stephen Scott

Narayan Baltzo Diito above


Paul B, Jirayr, Hank, Lisa, Chuck, Will, Dr Mike, Jim C and Herman as well as few others were busy from 7 am preparing the great spread of Persian goodies.  But in all honestly , half were of Armenian and Lebanese origin such as Lavash bread and Halva.  The Persians like to take credit for all things invented on earth if the Greeks have not done so already.

Narayan and Janet (www.narayanjanet.com) are travelling the whole country and singing about peace, love and creating goodwill.  They are members of Rotary Club in Seattle.  They offered to join in with Call of the Sea fund raiser on June 15th for silent Auction item. Please viisit this site for all info onteh Call of the Sea and the event:  http://www.callofthesea.org/home.php


Past President Alan who hosted the meeting then gave our first presentation:

After a brief intro by Farhad, our little family of Rotarians really got into the spirits and even the Persian tea was totally finished by the end.  If Past PRes Dianne did not find a single item that bothered her, then this was a superb perfromance by all.  Thank you Past Pres Alan for the facility, I personally wish we could meet here every Wed as it was superb.

Past President Alan gave us a brief overview of the Educational Tall Ship project.  It is a $6Mill project to build a Tall Ship that is almost three times the size of the Seaward.  The latter is the Tall Ship presently used by Call of the Sea for its youth educational program.  

Educational Tall Ship’s mission is to build a historic and sustainable wooden tall ship for the San Francisco bay area. During construction the community is invited to visit and observe construction, tour the Visitor Center, volunteer and get involved. Special school programs for K-12, and young adult work training opportunities are available. This boat will join the present Seaward of Call of Sea that is almost 1/3 of the size of the to be built boat.

Call of the Sea now serves 5,000 students per year with hands on programs that connect them to the sea, sailing and our bay watershed. The experience of learning to sail a tall ship builds teamwork and leadership. Participating in on-board marine science experiments and observations stimulates curiosity and knowledge of their environment and will help inspire their future as stewards of the world.

Seaward has already taken several trips all the way down to Baja in joint efforts with other local Rotary Clubs delivering much needed school supplies and chidlren's clothing for the isolated villages on the coastal areas.  They also took many of the youth on the ship for a hands-on experience.

President Chuck delivered a summary of Ride4vets event to date

The website, Facebook, donation directly to our Foundation Account is all setup and running.  We are getting sign ups daily including donation in form of pledges to the riders.  All Corporate Sponsors funds are being used to promote and run the event while all donations to the riders as pledges are being given 100% to 501 (3) C registered entities. 

Jirayr who has been working very hard on our Facebook suggested to all to visit Ride4vets site and press like it so that all those connected to them will increase its exposure. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ride-4-Vets/174325356066477

Any amount given as pledges to Marin Sunrise Rotary Club will be given as 100% to the Vet (NCIRE) for establishment of a pilot program that is running so successfully at the YMCA in SF as a joint program with Vet Admin as well as UCSF.  All coordinated by NCIRE.  Our little Club has attracted major players and if all goes well we may start a national program for all Rotaries across the US.  The main force behind Band of Brothers successful nine HBO series are in the planning stage of sending a skeleton film crew to create a documentary on the Rdie4vets.

There were lots of Questions and Answers on both presentation and the meeting closed with very high spirits.Image






Meeting on Mar 29, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-05-29 00:00:00Z
Meeting on May 22, 2013

GREETER: It was to be Past Pres Jim C but Pres Chuck graciously took over as Jim was missing in action!  Pres Chuck shared the singing of national Anthem on a YouTube video.  For his inspiration moment as a vet, he simply mentioned that we all should think of all men and women who have served our country.  This is such a special moment given our upcoming special event: Bike4Vets (www.bike4vets.org).  Please visit the site and help us start a great pilot program in Marin County at YMCA with jointly with UCSF, NCIRE and Veteran's Admin.  This program is incredibly successful in SF in improving the lives of so many vets returning home.  


Jeff Allen,Past President of San Rafael Club and an avid biker

Valentine Mroozoff, he is a confectionery (makes chocolates) in Japan and recently purchased a home in Marin.  He had visited us many times when we met in Corte Madera.


Past President Alan Olson invited all members to his new office location in Suasalito for next week breakfast.  The Whistlestop has an event scheduled which would take all the parking hence they asked if we do not mind meeting somewhere else.  As a social/fun-fundraiser for Cap Alan, all members will be charged the normal $15 and 100% of proceeds will be given to Call of the Sea/Educational Tall Ships.  You should try to attend as this is one of the most exiting projects in years with respect to wood ship building involving youth and master shop builders.  The venue is Persian breakfast.  The correct address in Sausalito is: 2330 Marinship Way #150

Past Pres Jeff Allen announced a $500 donation from his firm as our first corporate donation to our club.  He promised another $500.  The $1,000 donation will be added to another $2,000 by one of our former BOA long term supporter who will then apply for $3,000 match from BOA making our very first $6,000 fund for our Club.  Thank you Jeff and BOA.

Past President Ken also announced a $1,000 corporate sponsorship from his company for the Club in support of the Bike4Vet and other programs of our Club.  We are now only $23,000 more to go to reach our minimum $30,000 goal for our 2013-2014 year.  We have a Miracle Mile on the ride and for each $100 donation, a sign will be placed.  In Napa, they raised $34,000 from just this sign.  So please approach any vendor/business you know for a donation.

Past President Herman gave us a simple ASK strategy for donation.  He simply asked if the business he was at makes donations and then if so, would they consider donating to Bike4Vets.  He is 100% so far and has raised $600 just by asking!


Pres Chuck thank all the members who lend a hand on last Saturday in helping the Sonoma Rotary club on a major bike event with over 1,000 riders.

Cammie had a great celebration on Friday night and then showed up for volunteer for the Sonoma bike ride with only three hours of sleep!!  She did better than most of us who had far more hours of sleep!

Past President Ken had a great time in Tahoe and share who his son great positive impression from our new ww.bike4vets.org website.  Kevin was inspired to the point that he volunteered to bike on a tandem special cycle with Ken! WOW!

Paul Basker save the day in making quick peace with a very angry person whose garden was  invaded by yours truly with the Bike Parking signs without a prior permission.  It turned out the gentleman was a vet and he fully calmed down after Paul mentioned our ride in August! :-)

The authorship of this Bulletin is credited to Jirayr K as he so kindly took the notes on the speaker:


Rachael Brody: Tunics and Jews in the Garment Clothing

Rachael began by reflecting how throughout history, human labor has been considered cheap and property is the valuable asset. There have been numerous tragic events in the clothing business where there are fires or other catastrophes at factories or sweat shops. Clothing is evocative. It brings up memories of us wearing them at a time in the past. Clothing activates the sense of smell. Some people don't want to wash a pair of clothing because of the smell that lingers on it, often of a good memory. It defines people and gives them identity. Clothing allows people to assimilate into a society and is their ticket to blend in and participate in a group.

Throughout times in history, Jews have been forced to wear certain clothing as a means to dissimulate them from society and identify them from the natives. Rachael went on to ask the question - how did Jews go on become involved in the garment business? She revealed that according to their religion, Jews could not wear clothing made of a wool & linen mix. As most clothing was not labeled at that time, they did not know what the clothes were made out of. Therefore, they had to start making their own. No one knows why that particular mix is not allowed.  Some societies also had Jews ordered to wear distinct clothing. People thought Jews were starting to look too similar to the native population.

Clothing conceals but can also be revealing. Rachael describes how in the Hebrew language, the words for naked and wearing have somewhat alternative meanings. A lot can be learned from history from what people wear and do not wear.









Meeting on May 22, 2013 Jirayr Kembikian 2013-05-22 00:00:00Z
Meeting on May15th 2013

GREETER: Past President Bill C led the group in our national anthem on YouTube as showed by Pres Chuck.  Bill had the Quote (Life's Greatest Lessons, 20 Things I Want Kids to Know by Hal Urban); Thank goodness there was not enough time for good times & announcements as I do not like typing so much!  Great items to think about for all of us, Thank you Bill C,

1. Success Is More Than Making Money
2. Life Is Hard...and Not Always Fair
3. Life Is Also Fun...and Incredibly Funny
4. We Live by Choice, Not by Chance
5. Attitude Is a Choice — the Most Important One You'll Ever Make
6. Habits Are the Key to All Success
7. Being Thankful Is a Habit — the Best One You'll Ever Have
8. Good People Build Their Lives on a Foundation of Respect
9. Honesty Is Still the Best Policy
10. Kind Words Cost Little but Accomplish Much
11. Real Motivation Comes from Within
12. Goals Are Dreams with Deadlines
13. There's No Substitute for Hard Work
14. You Have to Give Up Something to Get Something
15. Successful People Don't Find Time — They Make Time
16. No One Else Can Raise Your Self-esteem
17. The Body Needs Nutrition and Exercise — So Do the Mind and Spirit
18. It's OK to Fail — Everyone Else Has
19. Life Is Simpler When We Know What's Essential
20. Essential #1 Is Being a Good Person


  • Jeff Allen, Past President of San Rafael main club as well as a member of SR Harbor
  • Dr Earl Johnson, past member and present member of Tiburon Evening
  • Erik Jendresen, Author, Producer and Film director, most notably the most successful nine series by HBO: Band of Brothers with co-producres: TOm Hank and Steve Spielberg
  • Girard Choucroun, Deir of VHIP of NCIRE (The NGO behind the Vet program we are funding)
  • Joan Corbett, Executive Director of WMSS who are the main force behind Holstien 100 in its 20 Bike Ride event
  • Paul Kochis, Board of Directors of SF YMCA, the source of Pres Chuck's inspiration to help the Vets
  • Doug Kahn, Jewish Community Relations Council
  • Nazan Orr, Pres Chuck's spouse
  • Casandra Heron, Banker with Chase and good friend of Jirayr 
  • Peggy Clark, The Bike Ride Coordinator for Holstein 100


Pres Chuck reminded all the Ride4Vets committee chairs of a meeting at his home at 5:00 on Thursday.  The Whistlestop will be closed on Wed May 29th and we will be meeting instead at new offices of Call of the Sea/ Tall ship Educational Foundation (All $15 breakfast fees will be donated to the Tall Ship foundation after the cost).  It will be a fabulous Persian Style spread so PLEASE attend as our host Cap Alan as some amazing items to show us all. 

SPEAKER ONE: Eric Jendresen opened up with the meeting with reference to his undertaking of the HBO series Band of Brothers and the importance of taking care of young veterans who are coming home from traumatic experiences.  Per latest research 80% of the returning vets are suffering from some kind of Post Combat Fatigue and for the first time in our history, there are more suicides among the troops than the actual casualties on the battle ground.  Eric remarked that this Ride4Vets  could be just the tipping point of our entire nation coming together to help where the government has failed.  Rotary International has shown the world through its large number of members and dedicated volunteers how grass root action can make a dramatic difference in lives of so many.  After all, Polio-plus is a prime example of how the world is better because of Rotary International.  

Eric's message was timely and well received.  He is hoping to help us with some graphics ideas from his poster as well as send a skeleton crew to do documentary of the ride for future promotion for Rotarians across the nation to start grass root support for our Vets.  Past Pres Herman was the person who met up with Eric and he deserves a huge THANK YOU for his efforts to have Eric join in with our cause. Great work Pas Pres Herman.

SPEAKER TWO: Doug Kahn who is the PR coordinator for about 80 Synagogues was introduced by Marlyn M.  He has an impeccable resume per Marlyn and takes multiple trips to Israel in promoting better relationship with US.  He pointed our that for 2,000 years the Jews had not had home or state and were the target of persecution.  Finally in 1948, the State of Israel was created in Palestine.  The original idea was a peaceful and wonderful Utopian society with religious freedom for all. He pointed out that Israel is surrounded by hostile countries with the exception of Jordan and Egypt and that they are constantly under attack. Unfortunately, events have changed so much that one finds, especially among the radicals of both sides hatred and distrust.  The best closing was the answer to Dr. Earl J as to what Mr. Kahn  would like to see in 30 years with respect to Israel. His answer: "To see news of Israel on page 75 of the newspapers" instead fo page 1! Peace and tranquility for all.



Meeting on May15th 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-05-15 00:00:00Z
Meeting on May 8th 2013

SUMMARY OF EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES (Per request by our ex member Heather F, living and loving Italy at the present with both Brownlees! )

  • The Sonoma Bike Event: We are the volunteers for the parking signs and parking directors; 1500 riders !! For our efforts, we were given about $5,000 of free website design for our own site
  • The August 17th Ride4Vets event on August 17th: We need sponsors for the funding.  The sponsorship levels are $250, $500, $1000, $2500 and $5000.  One of our anonymous members will match any amount for the top level of $5,000 if that amount (at least $2,500 can be sent in by next Wed Meeting). Get in your funds via an email to farhad@taleghani.com ASAP as he is coordinating this effort; the match will be coming from two of our loyal sponsors who have supported every Golf Tournament of ours over the last five years)
  • The Greek/Persian Festival on June 22nd.  All proceeds after costs will go to Meals on Wheels.  We have three members who serve as volunteers for this great service. 
  • Bark-in-Park event for a spectacular fun Dog Show for everyone organized by our Club to fund many of our present projects next year

GREETER: Past President graciously took over the role as yours truly had forgotten to remind Past Pres Bill C to do take  on the duties.  A metalltica version of the national anthem played at the last Giants Game when Buster hit a home run at the bottom of the 9th inning for a great win was played.  The inspiration for the date was: "If you don't stand up for something you will fall for anything"

The first person to identify this quote will get a FANTASTIC prize from me personally to be mailed to presented in person.  Hint, I have had a deal for the last 10 years with Brian, my Little Brother.  On my Birthday (60th on May 17th) I always give a gift.  The one condition is that you were not present at this meeting!!

GUESTS: Matrlee Johnson, amazingly talented and the power behind her husband Emerson


The Board (post meeting) approved Bark-in-Park Event on Aug. 31 was formally announced to the Club by our very own wonder woman: Dr Susan W.  She had been planning this event for almost four months with full blessing of Past Pres Herman and Past Pres Farhad.  It has taken an incredible number of hours as well as patience as the Mill Valley Community Center was very tough to deal with it but due to her persistent they gave in and our Club will be sponsoring this fun event with many other community organizations helping us.  This is for everyone and not a "real dog show"; there are only three categories: Small, Medium and Large Dogs with prizes for all!! Dr. Susan has already arranged for a food vendor who will be serving RotaDog for food at $5 each.  We expect to raise at least $10,000 for the Club if all goes well.  

The Interact at Redwood High School had a guest on Wed for the first time as announced by Cammie.  They are dong well especially after the successful April Event last month.  Kudos to Cammie and Lisa and of-course to the team at RHS who really deserve  recognition.

Past Prese Captan Alan announced the major fund raiser on June 15th for Call of the Sea in Sausalito.  The Educational Tall Ship and Call of the Sea have a new home at AutoDesk old digs with beautiful new offices to build a brand new Tall Ship; this is a first in Marin in decades.  Youth are involved as key part of this historical major undertaking.  They need our help to fund. Please contact Cap Alan directly to help as they also need hands-on tasks.  This is a long term project and only some one with Cap Alan's stature and incredible steely drive can do it.

Pres Chuck attended the District Meeting last weekend.  I worry about the time he is sparing for our Club as his wife must be very upset; so PLEASE step forward and start helping him as we are staring the new year a bit early with lot of activities.  We won two major awards:

  • Best Community Award for all the garden works as well as our very own most successful RotaCare in its 15th year Free Clinic for anyone without Insurance Coverage in Marin County.  Thanks to Past Presdients Hank and Ken for their leadership in this area.
  • Best International Award for the joint Micro Credit work in conjunction with Keith A of Marin Evening Club.  Thank you Barbara L

Past Pres Ken announced the wonderful surprise visit by our past Treasurer and member who started our Club on the new direction with the idea of Bike4vets.  Peter D daughter is a professional rider and was on the team at U C Berkeley and she is still riding every day to work.  That is almost a 50+ mile ride per day!!!  David met with Ken to clear his account as well as even give us an extra funds to help our projects.  THANK YOU Peter form all of us and if your business permits, please come back.


Cammie's bithdate was celebrated for the 29th time.  I may have the number wrong but she does have so many fans that the year does'nt really matter does it?!

There are now only two marbles left in the weekly raffle!!  The kitty is over $200, Retired SFO SPD office and a hero of our club will gladly accept purchases if you wish to participate in this sure win.  But please be forewarned that there are a few crazy members who go nuts when the odds are this good!!

SPEAKER: Dr Ronald Simon on Educational state in US

This is was an incredible occasion to hear of all the work on evaluating the whole educational process. The college teaching as genuine scholarship.  The findings of Ernest Boyer ("Scholarship Reconsider: Priorities of the Professoriate").  It is a shame that we did not promote this meeting as so many of our educators would have really appreciated this speech.  The executive summary were the key measurable elements of:

  • Discovery
  • Integration
  • Teaching
  • Application

I could not help by think back on our last speaker, the professor from University of Dominican.  She matched each of these areas perfeclty with her directorship of Big History course for the students.



Meeting on May 8th 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-05-08 00:00:00Z
Meeting on May 1st 2013


Past Pres Roland joined Pres Chuck in a YouTube version of the national anthem.  Then Roland provided several wonderful quotes and the one below was his choice for our bulletin

"There are many doors to goodness (Saying) "Glory to God", "Praise be to God". There is no deity but God' enjoining good, forbidding harm from the road, listening to the deaf  (until you understand them), leading the blind, guiding one to the object of his need, hurrying with the strength of one's legs to one in sorrow who is asking for help and supporting the weak with the strength of one's arms. All of these are (forms of) charity prescribed to you."

---Prophet Mohammad (s) in Figh-us-sunnah Volume 3 Number 98


Jeff Allen, Past Pres of San Rafael Club and present member of SR Harbor

Romy Mogrovejo, A colleague of Melody and Guest of Jirayr who met Romyat a social function

Dr Mojgan Behmand, Professor at Dominican University and Guest Speaker


Pres Chuck and Emerson announced that even though we typically do not have  a speaker when we have our wonderful annual RotaCare Dinner, we will this time.  The speaker is coming from out of town for our benefit and he had been cancelled once already.  

Past Pres Jim C announced the event on May 18th, the evening of the Petaluma Ride at ST Patricks. The Fund Raiser is for the Fisher House which provides temporary housing for  injured service members and veterans and their families who need medical help far from home. (www.fisherhoiuse.org).  The theme is "An Afternoon at the USO" and will feature USS Hornet so prepare to Swing.

Please mark down our first social on June 22nd with the Greek/Persian Festival at Whistle Stop form 12:30 to 4:30 (Music, Dance, lots of Food and great time to see the two great cultures compete for your attention!)

Pres Chuck Announced  the June 12meeting will be a social event at another venue... to be announced soon.

Will Announced the Celebration of his bank's 50th anniversary on June 12th as well; by invitation.

Members spit into four groups to write down  potential sponsors for solicitations for our Club Rid4Vets;  the papers were collected to be copied.  The original will be sent back to the individuals as a reminder to start  fund raising.  A few brochures and a sample elevator pitch will be sent as well.

We have our first Major Sponsor;  Past President of San Rafael Club, Jeff Allen on behalf of Minto and Wilkie Insurance Firm,  THANK YOU Jeff.


Dr Melini announced two great movies for all to see.

Past Pres Dianne announced that she is now legally permitted to drive her own car again.

Past President Farhad reviewed his retreat with Nahal at Deepak Chopra Center in La Costa resort.  He was having so much fun that he lietrally got sick the 3rd day!  Apparently there were 500 attendees but only 30 of them were men!!


Dr Mojgan Behmand has a PHD from Germany.  She started her career at Dominican in English Literature and then became interested in the larger history of the world called Big History. It examines how all history is related. She noted that regardless of our backgrounds, we are all connected when you view cultures from a longer, comprehensive view point. d. She is the key course designer and Director of the Big History Program at the University.  

Big History is a universal and trans-disciplinary narrative that examines the timeline of our Universe on the largest possible scale. Coined by historian David Christian, the term “Big History” means “a modern, scientific creation story…based on the best findings of modern science…a history that includes all human societies and places their histories within the larger histories of the earth and the Universe as a whole” (Christian, Brown, Benjamin 2010). Big History begins with the Big Bang, the creation of stars and planets, the emergence of life on Earth, and extends to human beings and societies that have existed up to the present. This is by nature a multi-disciplinary study, employing astronomy, anthropology, biology, ecology, geology, literature, economics, political science, and sociology, among other fields, in its approach to understanding our collective past and possible futures. While Big History is taught in higher education at universities around the world, Dominican University of California is the only institution that has utilized this content for a one-year course.

She explained how the root of so many issues is not religion or country but the social-economic. using Iran as an example and showed a film in which ssues with young abused girls in Iranian society is a direct testimony to the complicated societal problems in Iran and not just a religious issue.  Three short bios of young girls given a second chance to start their live over again was shown.  The NGO that supports this entity is named OMID Foundation; it means Hope.  Its Board of Trustees are in London with offices in Washington DC.  It is an approved NGO for donations by State Department of US Government. 

Dr Behmand was very eloquent and it is no wonder she was voted as the Teacher of the Year for 2010 by students at the University.









Meeting on May 1st 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-05-01 00:00:00Z
Meeting on April 24, 2013

Paul B welcomed all and read the inspirational poem "Kindness" by Naomi Shihab Nye. It reminded him of the nature of Rotary and the motto, Peace Through Service.

Sharon Jackson
, visiting Rotarian from the RC of Mission San Rafael
Jeff Allen, visiting Rotarian from the RC of San Rafael Harbor


Bill R gave highlights from his recent car trip in the form of trivia questions:

-Where is the first George Lucas Park? Modesto, celebrates "American Graffiti"

-Where is the largest Monopoly board? Human-size board in San Jose

-Where did the first powered, heavier-than-aircraft fly? Near the San Francisco Airport
-Where is Casa de Choo Choo? Grounds of Casa de Fruta.

Roland C was very happy to be back and spoke with much energy and enthusiasm. He discussed RotaCare and its benefits to our community, which has saved $1.2M. It is, unfortunately, a too well kept secret.

Cammie D visited Rotary clubs on behalf of Interact Inspires. She also promoted the recent fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Tiburon, saying it will be a fun, festive event where you can win prizes and cash.

Dr Mike O spoke of his time at the Interact Inspires event. His grandsons joined him and they were awed by the very impressive speakers, Paul Kingsman and Kaila Mcdonald. Dr Mike's grandsons were able to take pictures with Paul Kingsman's Olympic medal.

Matt T announced how impressed he was with the Interactors. They are very poised and passionate about what they are doing. He also thanked Dr.  Lisa P and Cammie D for all the work they have done with the group.   All agree they have done a great job with the Interacters.


Dr. Lisa P spoke regarding the Interact Inspires event as well. They raised $1,000 for AHO, towards their center in San Rafael.  She and others also had a nice dinner after the fundraiser with Kaila and others from the AHO program who were or are still affected by homelessness as a youth.


Dr Mike O presented Jon Friedenberg a certificate for all his help and efforts over the past 16 years at Marin General.

Pres Chuck O
spoke of how he rode in the Napa "Cycle for Sight" ride. He noted that it was more of a wine tasting than a bike ride. However, he was surprised that, when he finished the ride, there was no free beer or food. The ride raised $130,000!!!

Herman V  was so inspired by the ride that he got out his bike...but still hasn't ridden it.


Hank C discussed speaking with a veteran friend, Will W, who did his service on a submarine. Hank is going to join Will next week at the RC of Larkspur to introduce and promote our fundraiser to them.


Phil D  needs volunteers for the Petaluma ride on Saturday, May 18th. from 6am - 930am. This will be a nice run through for our own ride. We need people to help usher and direct parking for the event.


Emerson J delivered a story regarding the late Margaret Thatcher. One day there was a knock on her door, an aide delivering the bad news that "The Germans have defeated the Brits in our national game." She reminder the messenger, "We have beaten the Germans twice in the last century at their national game."




Emerson J  introduced  Jon Friedenberg of Marin General Hospital.  Jon is the Chief Fund and Business Development Officer.   He talked about their plans for building a new community hospital. He gave an in depth look at how Marin General will be remodeled to better cope with new safety, seismic  and medical care standards.   It also must be able to serve the community's advancing and progressing needs. Mr. Friedenberg also discussed how the hospital plans to fund the remodeling effort and what it might look like.


Hospital rooms now have larger needs than they did 50 years ago.  Under state law, the district has until 2020 to make Marin General Hospital earthquake safe by either building a new hospital or retrofitting the existing structure.  In the new buildings, Marin General will address these issues to be able to stay at the forefront of healthcare.   Pressed to estimate the cost of the new hospital, Mr. Friedenberg said it will amount to about $500 million. He said the district plans to ask voters to approve a general obligation bond of $300 million to $350 million with the rest funded by revenue bonds.

Meeting on April 24, 2013 William Ring 2013-04-24 00:00:00Z
Meeting on April 17, 2013


Will W, did a great job of welcoming all and then Pres Elect Chuck (who as of last Board Meeting is now the President) played a wonderful YouTube "America the Beautiful" in lieu of the pledge.  I have to admit, given all the incidents that has taken place lately, it was a very touching tribute to US and made all of us proud.


Harry Willis, Lawyer and Ex Member of RC Marin Sunrise

Mike and Fariba Shamsian, long time supporters of our Club

Teddy Preovalas, Retired Dentist and our Greek organizer

Nahal Taleghani, Farhad's boss

Peter Lagarias, Past District Governor and co-founder of Rotaplast

Joe Grasso, Speaker and retired businessman


Emerson recovered from his eye surgery and got a gift called the "Last Widow of a Southern Gentleman Confederate"  for being such a good patient.  Matilee will be away for a week so he has plenty of time to read the book.  He did say that cataract operation is quite minor for all except those that get the surgery!

Past Pres Dianne donated a great book to Phil D who announced the great news of selling his home above the asking price.  I am glad as I am not sure given my acrophobia (Greek for fear and summit), I could have taken the steep driveway any more.  Congratulation to Phil and Noreen.

Phil mentioned we need five volunteers for two hours on evening of May 17th.  It is Farhad's 60th birthday and he is in charge of that night.  All volunteers will be treated to a great Persian light meal on-the-go.  You need to (please) sign up on the web http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Events/EVPEventDetails.aspx?accountid=8926&eid=c62c9e30-4c54-4807-af0d-ab54868fab86&tid=1

Past District Gov Peter L announced the formation of a New Generation Club in San Rafael.  Farhad is one of a dozen Rotarians helping the Club to launch.  It is quite different than ours and it is meant for 30+ youth who are not ready for a regular Rotary Club.  If you know of any 30ish person who is interested please contact Farhad.  The first meeting will be in May.

Cammie and Lisa gave a wonderful speech on the April 19th event http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Events/EVPEventDetails.aspx?accountid=8926&eid=83c6078c-bb6c-44ef-9a5c-ab4d2bdd4370&tid=1 PLEASE join them this Friday if you can.  Cammie also wore her Runner warm-up suite in respect to the Boston event tragedy as she is an avid runner just like her mother.  She pleaded again that attending the April 19th is really very important to our youth; it is in Petaluma so very near to all of us and in particular it is only half-way for Dr Mike and Dee from Bodega Bay!

Pres Elect Lisa sent the sad news on past mayor of Corte Madera who was in a car accident in Mendocino with his nephew in the car and both were killed as a result.  Robert Dunn was 74 and his nephew was a sophomore at Redwood High School


We had two, one from Will W about the grasshopper that enters a bar and is told about a drink named after him.  He responded, "Why would they name a drink Bob?".  The other came from Chuck about aging and memory loss; the wife asks the husband to make some oatmeal and followups with a reminder to write down the item to which he responds, no problem, I will remember.  When he returns with two scrambled eggs, she screams at him " I knew you would forget, I wanted them sunny side up".  You be the judge as to which is the funnier.


Pres Elect Lisa P is visiting clubs promoting the great event his Friday and Pay It Forward.  She subsequently received the following email from Past Pres of RC of Novato:  Here’s another idea to add to the Acts of Kindness list...Treat a stranger to dinner.

About 6 weeks ago, Diane and I were waiting for a table at Marin Joe’s and a very nice couple with a young daughter sat next to us.  It was his birthday and he mentioned that he always tries to take his wife and daughter to Joe’s on his birthday and they don’t get there very often.  We found out he works with autistic adults and is on a limited budget.  After they were seated for dinner, I mentioned to my wife that I felt like buying them dessert and she suggested we make their evening by picking up their tab.  And, that’s exactly what we did!

THANK YOU Peter (Past Pres Rotary Club of Novato)

Past Pres Ken mentioned how the Yankees normally dislike the Red Sox; bu then they actually sang the Red Sox favorite song: Sweet Carolina by Neil Diamond.  This is very special if you only knew the rivalry between these two clubs and their fans base as well;  our dear member Matt K knows this well.

Past Pres Herman mentioned the college visit to University of S. Carolina with his daughter who finally committed to the school and now Herman has to really work hard to pay for four years of her fun!! Thankfully she did get a grant so the pressure is a bit less for the family.


Our Guest Mike Shamsian a long time supported of our Club and sponsor of every Golf tournament for the past few years introduced Joe as he has known Joe for years.  Mike owns the Arco station right off 101 with the lowest prices anywhere in Marin!!

Joe Grasso is really a Rotarian by act without being a member of any Club.  He volunteered to nine Rotaplast trips taking him from Latin America to S E Asia.  He has been a dedicated coach to Special Olympics for three decades and still working very hard for this group of youth that cherish these events as it is the highlight of their lives.  Finally Joe's Godson is Governor Christie of New Jersey and despite having differences in politics, Joe gave a very personal and heart warming review of him.  THANK YOU JOE for all that you do and your testimonial of Rotary's good deeds as he was so complimentary to all of work locally and world wide.  Now you just need to join our Club so that we make your Special Olympics as one of our key projects over the years.   

Joe's actual speech was less than fifteen minutes, a true humble man given his amazing success in business and community involvement including so many Board that he sits on including Branson School.  Then for the nest 20 minutes our Club bombarded him with questions on all three aspects of his speech and no one was disappointed with his honest answers from his heart.





Meeting on April 17, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-04-17 00:00:00Z
Meeting on April 10, 2013

GREETER: Susan Wright, after the pledge, the inspiration was a great video provided by Pres Elect Chuck from Susan Boyle, if you have not seen it you MUST review it on YouTube: google Susan Boyle Sat 11 2009 version


Past President Ken was late to the Giants and did not get the collector's watch; it serves him right as his real heart is with the Red Sox anyway; he did get a snowgoglie (?) for LeAnn so she is quite happy for her collection.  While Pres Elect Chuck's grandson tried selling his watch for $40!

Past Pres and Charter Member Dr Mike and his daughter from Los Altos wen to the game as well and were early enough to even get a magnate calendar and were able to see up close the batting practices of the Rockies; he was treated to a great hotel stay at the Marriott FREE!!

Pres Nominee Lisa P had a great business week and paid a fine towards that; she also make a great connection from across the street with a Persian (?) coffee shop owner who may be interested in our Persian/Greek festival on June 2nd

Paul B, our new active member was thrilled to donate a 4500 lbs kiln that was bought long ago for Phyllis (his wife).  The lukcy recipients were a group of young pot heads (as in pottery making ) in Berkeley.  He said the sincere feeling of GIVING with no expectations back was amazing.  The young group were thrilled at this great gift and after a major coordinating effort by Paul, they managed to load and transfer the kiln across the Bay.

Past Pres Cristy mentioned of a great place to stay in NYC for just $145 per night as she was there with her son visiting friends how were having a baby; she was sick all week on her return; She also announced the Center for Domestic Peace annual event on Friday April 10th.  I personally have attended this event several times with Nahal.  It is one of the best inspirational events of the year; take plenty of handkerchives as you will be move by the emotions among the 200+ attendees.  The key note speaker is Christine Bronstein (founder of a social media for bringing women together call A Bank of Wives http://abandofwives.ning.com/. This is such a great program that we will donate as we have done every yea. Tto register please to to: http://centerfordomesticpeace.blogspot.com/

Pres Elect Chuck announced the May 11 event for Project Amigo please visit the District Calendar: 



Pres Nominiee Lisa P announced reminded all of the attendees of the April 19th Interact Event that we all need to truly support.  Paul Kingsman, our honoree member, was present at the meeting and promised a great youth oriented inspirational key note speech.  See our events page on Lisa's write up, we certainly plan to go. (http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Events/EVPEventDetails.aspx?accountid=8926&eid=83c6078c-bb6c-44ef-9a5c-ab4d2bdd4370&tid=1)

Pres Elect Chuck reminded all present Board and Incoming Members to attend the next Board meeting next Wed., after the regular meeting.

Please go to the Events Page to Register to help, on May 17th and18th, to assist the Petaluma Club with their  rides. http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Events/UpcomingEvents.aspx?accountid=8926


Pete Bartlett who holds a PHD and is the Director of new Development at Chevron gave a speech.  There seems to be a huge amount of hope for new sources of fossil fuel energy within the US.  This involves many new methods and reservoirs.  There were quite a few questions but time ran out and the discussions ended abruptly.  He was kind enough to send a series of slides that we will try to out on the websites when we have reduced the size to the limitations of the site.




Meeting on April 10, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-04-10 00:00:00Z
Meeting on April 3, 2013

In Lieu of our annual Golf Event, we are using the www.Ride4Vets.org in raising funds in form of Sponsorship for our 2013-2014 budget.  Please help us keep the great activities of our club funded by donating all you can.  The sponsorship levels are: $5,000, $2,000 and then $1,000 but any amount will help.  Please contact Farhad@Taleghani.com as his is leading the effort and you can even do it online once you discuss with him your level of donations.  It will be fully tax deductible given that we now have a 501(c)3 entity in place as our new foundation.  The goal is $30,000 to fund all of our work.

GREETER: Pres Herman opened the session and lead the pledge & the inspiration was a quite he wrote to his daughter just before she left on long term community project in Latin America:

Success in un-natural and not to be achieved by following our natural likes and dislikes, nor by being guided by our natural preferences and prejudices.  If everyone followed their natural instincts, everyone would be successful.  Successful people are influenced by the desire for pleasing results and do the things they do not like to do to accomplish the things they want to accomplish.


Pres Herman announced his intent to step down and allow Pres Elect Chuck to begin his term immediately.  Pres Herman graciously stepped forward three month prior to his term and hence he has been our leader for the last 12+ months.  His family obligations and work related constraints does not allow him to fully engage his attention as he feels our club need.


Past Pres Ken gave a wonderful appreciation speech to Herman for all that he did and promised a full roasting during our annual year end party.  The entire club gave Pres Herman a standing ovation for all that he has done and a promise to stay active even as a regular Past Pres member for his valued contributions and insight.


Lisa was concerned on the whole issue of the change and Pres Elect Chuck indicated that he had already passed this idea by the District and there were no issues with this.  The Board will meet as there needs to be a formal transition from the present Board to the new Board.



Bill R upped the ante on the dazzle factor for "Good Times" announcements with his slide presentation on the three Fiji Projects he has been involved with.  He recently returned from a week-long visit to the Fiji III project sites.  Highlights were his trip to the island of Ovalau where he lived with a Fijian family, drinking kava more times than he can remember (we wonder why?), and being presented with ritual forks to be used when you are having strangers for dinner.


Melody announced a great news item.  Her aunt who had been in coma for a month came out just two days ago with all her mental facilities intact unlike what they had expected.


Phil announced a huge Spring day celebration for five birth-dates and 2 wedding anniversaries for month of April.  This was done in one day with entire extended family.  It was a great day and he gave generously a donation to the Club.

Past Pres Matt auctioned off four Giants tickets on third Row the tickets were worth minimum $150 dollars and were bid up to $40 by Pres Elect Chuck!  What a deal...


The meeting was organized by Pres Elect Chuck with music and video but unfortunately the video did not work!  The music was fantastic and got all of us inspired for a very lively meeting.  The survey of our members are review and the following points were brought up:

  • Need to have more members engaged in the Club
  • Better speakers (more organized themes rather than all non profits or all businesses; need vacation oriented, more other Clubs summary reports on their projects;) We also need more days open for our own assembly and open group meetings
  • Need to do a much better job with our own activity public relationship and media exposures
  • Need an active buddy system where when one does not show up, a close friend will follow up with a call as to how the member is doing; we are family and need to act like one
  • Create a joke of the day as part of our Goodtimes and then reward the Best and Worst jokes of the month with a cash reward
  • We need a permanent Good Time fine master who knows everyone and can generate a lot of enthusiasm among members to share
  • Meet more social meetings and events such a progressive dinners/outtings where we rotate among a few homes that are close together
  • Expanding Cultural diversity of the members; reach out to invite other races, nationalities and diverse interest/bakcground
  • Need more hands-on activities for community and international & not just give money away for random causes
  • Need a long term (5 year) strategic plan for all avenues of services of the Club (Service, Youth, Vocational, International, ..)
  • We still need small projects among our larger ones to keep the club connections strong
  • A position was proposed for a clearing house of all the ideas for the Club (Past Pres Ken volunteered to be that person)

Chuck closed the meeting on a high note and that we need now to totally focus on the Bik4Vets event coming up on August 17th.

ROTACARE CORNER BY BLANCHEhttp://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/news/HomeNewsDetail.aspx?accountid=8926&nid=48842

Balnche, Director at RotaCare prepare a great monthly meeting and it will be posted in our NEWS section of the web.  Fantastic reading and really fun to review for all.  I will only out a short insert from each monthly meeting that provide a window into this wonderful community service that we all should be so proud of:

I took another woman to get her hearing aids the other morning and she lit up like a sun

rise once she had them inserted….She told me she had no excuse for not going to church anymore,I told her she was going to have a special Easter this year. She said she would now be able to participate in the discussions with the women at school, before she would just say “yes” and nod her head, now she would hear what they were saying. In the car she told me she could hear the engine. It was all brand new again, like she was reborn.  She did not stop smiling or talking, such a difference from the ride up. I asked why she did not seek help before… she said that she had gone to another clinic to have them help her with her hearing, but nothing came of it. She said thank you…… …..Have a great spring Blanche.








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Meeting on Mar 27, 2013


Past Pres Ken T lead us in the pledge as well as the inspiration by famous basketball coach of UCLA (the highest recorded win by a collegiate coach in US): by Coach Wooden “You can’t have a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” 


Monica Brewer; VP of Rotaract of Novato Club
Charles Hoeveler, CEO and Founder of US Sports Camps Inc


Past Pres. Dr Mike O just returned from a two week road trip with Dee.They attended their daughter's wonderful wedding at Sheridon, Wyoming .  He also visited a sister in Scottsdale, Arizona. He finished  the trip in Las Vegas where he attended a 1500 strong meeting of surgeons to learn emergency preparedness in case of disasters.

Trish G and Dr. Mike told us about the RotaCare  dinner date on May 8.  No regular meetings that day for our Club.

Cammie D had a problem with her back while she was using her computer.  

Bill R, visited FIJI Islands where containers full of books and computers were delivered as part of our International Projects.  He promised a full slide show at our next meeting.

Past Pred Jim C announced a great find. The title of the VCR was "if only I was President again."  Pres Elect Chuck has the tape for anyone who has not seen it yet.  

Lisa and Cammie D reminded us about the April 19th event at Rickey's in Marin where Paul Kingsman will be giving a speech.  PLEASE support our Interact community and attend.  All funds will be donated to AHO (Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity assisting homeless teens in Marin).

Pres Elect Chuck O gave us a brief summary of the work on Ride4Vets.  He is working on the website with the site manager.

Herman V and Chuck O announced the agenda on April 10th where we will be discussing the following:

  1. The survey result on our Club
  2. The Ride4Vets details

Phil D reviewed the work his buddy from SFPD (Stan) is undertaking with our volunteers on May 18th.  We need 15 volunteers for Saturday and just five for the Friday before.  The signup sheets are on the web under EVENTS.  They are open to non club members for sign ups.

Lisa announced her birthday and we were amazed the beautiful singing by Cammie.  She was terrific.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lisa.

Barbara L recommended Enchanted April at Ross Valley Players.  She and Stephen felt that this was by far one of the best plays they have seen in years.  It will run though end of April.

Cammie gave a thumbs up to the San Rafael Gershwin production where one of Lisa's twins danced and sang professionally.  

Past Pres Ken auctioned wine and chocolates from Santa Barbara. Farhad gave both to Lisa as her birthday gift.

Monica Brewer announced the annual clothing drive for young professionals in need of assistance in Marin.  Monica is the VP of the Rotaract Club of Novato and this the 3rd Annual clothing drive.  All clothes in good condition can be taken to Novato Courtyard Marriott main entry where there is a drop off bin.  The end of the Clothing Drive will be celebrated with a party at Rickey's in Novato on April 3rd at 6:30 PM.


Charles Hoeveler, CEO of US Sports Camp with $27,000,000 revenue covering 600 camps, serving almost 60,000 youths.  He graduated from Dartmouth and then received an MBA from Stanford.  Hoeveler's big break was when a new company started by Billie Jean King's Tennis America, went broke. Hoeveler worked for Clossco, western states distributors of Adidas athletic shoes. Its owner and Hoeveler's business partner, Bill Closs, started investing in Tennis America in April 1974. Closs asked Hoeveler to step in part time and rescue it For 10 years, he crafted a business model for U.S. Sports, creating youth and adult summer tennis camps by utilizing college tennis coaches and their staff and facilities, while lending administrative expertise to support them. Then Adidas decided one day to buy out all its distributorships. Hoeveler and his business associates were offered jobs elsewhere in the company.Now, Hoeveler has camps of all kinds, including the first tennis camp they developed at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass.




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Meeting on Mar 20, 2013


Past President Farhad welcomed all early risers with a HAPPY NOU ROUZ hug (Persian New Year, it was the first day of Spring).  It is celebrated exactly at the moment in time when the vernal equinox takes place.  His inspiration from this ancient Zoroastrian religion and favorite of German Philosopher Nietzsche:

  • Pen-dareh Neek (Good/Pure Thoughts)
  • Gof-tareh Neek (Good/Pure Spoken Words)
  • Ker-dareh Neek (Good/Pure Deeds)


Richard Thomas, chemical engineer graduate of Cornell University Class of '53 and guest of Emerson our very own southern gentleman.  Richard is visiting Emerson from S Carolina; he has to be a great person as you humble editor is also Cornell Engineer Alum Class of '75!

Millie, Volunteer Directory at Whisetlestop, our new Trainer for all us who are planning to ride in the Ride4Vets event on August 17th. 


Pres Herman lead a great ovation in appreciation of the hard work by Pres Elect Chuck for the Ride4Vets event on August 17th.  We are almost ready to begin our internal promotion as well as recruiting for this Event.  We need five volunteers for May 17th in Petaluma to assist their Bike Event.  We also need 15 volunteers for the next day, Saturday May 18th; all of this work is being coordinated by Phil D who is working with his buddy Stan from SF Police Department days.  Our club will be getting over $5,000 worth of website design in critical need; thanks for Pres Elect Chuck's negotiating skills.

President Nominee (President Elect Elect) Lisa gave a summary of Interact Day on April 19th.  Please take on a good deed for that day if you are not already doing one.  Our honorary member Paul Kingsman has offered an Inspirational Event for all on that day to celebrate Rotary Interact Day for Marin.   Paul is a former Olympian medalist who is known for inspirational programs through out the Bay Area.  Please contact Lisa for any suggestions as she is finalizing the venue for that event.  All funds raised by our great group of young future leaders of Interact will be donated to the AHO organization that takes care of homeless teens in Marin County  Ambassador of Hope and Opportunity (AHO) is the only organization with focus on teen homeless issue in Marin County.


Past Pres Dianne with two "n's" as Past Pres Rick W always called her, updated us on the Dog Park listing that she founded in Sausalito named after her and her dog.  The Dog Park was listed as one of the best Dog Parks in S Marin in the latest Sausalito Directory,

Past Pres Jim C shared his time on 8,000' high old volcano in Soledad prior to 1000's of years of erosion.  This location is on the San Andrea's fault with great vistas.  This is the city that was the backdrop for John Steinbeck's famous novel Of Mice and Men.

Past Pres Alan shared his excitement to have his 14 year old granddaughter visiting him from Minnesota.  The little kid is far smarter than most others as there is still snow on the ground in Minnesota! 

Pres Herman's daughter was accepted in S Carolina in the International Studies program (number #1 in US).  This calls for a BIG donation, would not you think so?

Lisa also announced the play of Isabella at San Rafael HS where Sophie (one of Lisa twin daughters) is the costume desginer.

RAFFLE OF THE DAY: Phil D gathered another session of funds, now totaling to about $90 and no one won!!


 Carolyn Gauthier's presentation was on Bread and Roses.  The name comes from a famous poem relating to a strike in New England that helped organize the mill workers.  This organization was founded by Joan Baez's sister; it brings " Hope, Healing and Joy through live music to hidden isolated audiences".  This includes rest homes, hospitals for terminally ill, prison and city schools as well as 9 other groups types.  They perform 600 shows a year to 29,000 total audiences.  Below is a summary of some of those served:

  • Low Income Childcare 17%
  • Senior Center 16%
  • Convalescent Home 14%
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers 11%  

 They accomplish this all by volunteer musicians and other hosts.  They were formed in Marin County and hence 40% of all activities are in our own county.  They have 946 volunteers with seven full time employees and two part time consultants.  Please use the link below to get a real feel of this successful organization.  It is only a few minutes long.

The best part was Carolyn leading us in a song with her beautiful voice.  Stephen lead the tapping with his percussion skills! :-)  Loved the ending.  I suggest we either start our meetings or end them all this way.  It really makes you feel so good.  It does not have to be some nationalistic song but a heart warming & simple one for joining our voices in a group session.  Is that hard to do?


Meeting on Mar 20, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-03-20 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Mar 13, 2013

Greeter: Past Pres Matt was a wonderful greeter; with his spinning classes, he lost so much weight many of the members did not recognize him.  He led us in the pledge and had two inspirational messages:

Alice in the Wonderland:'When you come to a fork..."If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there.."

Yogi Bear: " When you come to a fork in the road, pick it up"

GUEST: Drew, Assistant District Governor (ADG) who gave a short description on role of the ADG and then wished to make two points

  1. The PET (Pres Elect Training) was last weekend and our very own Pres Elect Chuck was a true trooper and attended all the important sessions.  Judging from many of his emails immediately afterwards, the editor can concur that he is very much ready to go.
  2. The most important meeting is this weekend for the District Assembly.  With the last count our club may have nine attendees: Paul B, Melody, Jirayr, Lisa, Chuck, Herman, Will and Farhad.


Melody reminded all of the April sign-ups for RotaCare.  Per Past Pres Roland's suggestions, as soon as he resurfaces from the tax season, April 16th, the list will be maintained on a Google calendar with automatic reminder emailed to each volunteer prior to the meeting.  This will be on Google and free of any charges.  Thank you Melody for jumping in to help on our most important community activity.

Pres Herman gave a quick review of our RotaCare activities for the benefit of Drew our ADG of 5150.

Pres Nominee Lisa reminded us of Interact Day on April 19th.  Everyone is encourage to undertake an act of kindness and if you are already doing one, then take on an additional one.  Our very own Honorary Member Paul Kingsman will be providing a major inspirational speech for the group at no charge to Interact (worth about $1,500).  All proceeds from the activities will be given to Ambassadors Of Hope (AOH), the only organizations in Marin assisting homeless teens.  The executive director and one of the graduates of the program shared their passion with us last week.

Phil D gave an overview of the all logistics around the parking of Petaluma Ride that will be going on on May 18th.  We need a group of five volunteers for the night before and then on the next day, Saturday the 18th of May, we need 15 volunteers to help as parking coordinators.  Our boss, Stan who is a retired SFD officer was in charge of many major public event coordination.   He is a pro; thank you Phil for recruiting Stan!  Our club will get all the Web Site work already done Free as an exchange for the help.  This is worth well over $5,000!!

Past Pres Ken asked for volunteers to help on calling of major sponsors and donors.  He will then need help to drive to some of these; Pres Herman and Past Pres Matt both volunteered to help.  Past Pres Farhad will join is during a brainstorming session to be organized by Past Pres Ken.

Past Pres Farhad reviewed few details on Greek/Persian Festival for June 22nd.  This event is in the final planning stage.  This will be a social event for our club but with a purpose.  Farhad would be meeting with Father Luke of Greek Orthodox Church in Ignacio to firm up Greek participants.  As of now, there is to Greek/Persian food, Dancing, Singing, as well as music.  We may even have a Beauty contest between the two groups.  Please stay tuned as this event is in its final planning stages.  Yvonne who is Development Director at Whistlestop is our main guru on all of this.  Our present committee consist fo: Past Pres Gus, Dr Teddy P, Past District Gov. Peter L, Jirayr and Paul Basker

An update was given for Marlyn.  She is still not ready to accept any visitors but feeling well enough to be going to a short trip to her favorite spot in Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare festivals.

SPEAKER:Tamra Peters gave an educational presentation on our local carbon foot print and ways to reduce it.  In summary, if everyone in the world lived like us in Marin County, we would need twenty five more earths to support us.  So it is time to get together & take a measure of our present carbon foot prints so as to reduce it to as low as possible.  This not just for us but for the benefit of all of our future generations.  Based on numerous studies, 70% of all CO2 discharge comes from the residents in Marin.  Transportation alone accounts for 43%, while 22% is from home energy and finally 14% is from waste.  Simple tasks such as composting, turning off all electrical transformers while not in use.  Since we are a big part of this national problem, we have a great opportunity be a part of the solution as well.  We can join in with others in work or our neighborhood and being a Resilient Group through Tamra NGO organization at no cost to any one of us.  She defines Resilient as: It’s the ability to respond with flexibility and strength as local and global conditions inevitably change.  So please try to reduce our carbon foot prints by staring a group and then begin taking any of the 76 steps listing on the site to be part of the solution: 

Tamra Peters, Director



Meeting on Mar 13, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-03-13 00:00:00Z
Meeting on March 6 2013

GREETER: Pres Elect Elect Lisa P provided a poem titled: Love Is for Everyone, for the sake of space we will quote the last few lines:

When we commit our lives to joy,
When our hearts are bathed in peace,
When we commit our lives to service,
Each of us can make a difference.
When we demonstrate
In every possible way that
Love is for everyone

Jim Carriere, Rotary Club of Harbor San Rafael. Visiting Rotarian who did not get a chance to promote his raffle tickets!!
Angela Arenas, Marin County Probation Counselor, Guest of Farhad


Pres Herman thanked Past Pres Christie for her hard work on setting up a Foundation entity for us.  All members should be reviewing the By Laws that are on the web site under Club Documents.  We need 40% of the membership to vote on this as well as to elect a Board of Directors during our next week meeting.

Pres Elect Elect Lisa P announced the great team work on getting Paul Kingsman to do an inspirational speech for all High schools in Marin County to raise awareness of Interact as well as raise a few funds.  It will be called the Interact Day, April 19th.  The two goals are: 1-Recognition and Promotion of Interact organization; 2-Raise Funds for all of their incredible community services

Pres Herman presented a check for $300 to Angela Arenas to support her successful program using her own time and funds for inspiring the young women in spite of very little support from the County.  She is probation officer assistant and counselor for the Marin County Court system.  She is using physical training and athletics as a way to raise self esteem and better health for the young women who end up in the Juvenile Justice system.  Angela and her husband are tri-athletes.    She will be buying jump ropes and yoga mats for the girls.  There is to be a challenge by her team against a team we form climbing Mt Tam (almost 3,000' elevation).  At present, our team has only Past Pres Ken and Past Pres Farhad on it.  It will take place sometime in June.

Emerson J, our most honorable southern member and our program director has announced an extended stay with our Club replacing his original plan to return to South Carolina which has been deferred.  This is particularly great for us m as Emerson has done such a fine job finding interesting and meaningful programs. 

Pres Elect Chuck shared the inspiring experience that he had at the PET two day training in San Jose last weekend.  He also reminded all to attend the District 5150 meeting on Saturday, March 16th at Redwood High School.

NEW MEMBER SPEECH: Our Newest member Will Walsh gave an inspiring three minute presentation of his life story.  He is currently with First Federal Bank.   It just celebrated 50 years in the mortgage and savings business.  They fund, originate and service all of their loans.  As a result of keeping loans in-house, they were very careful and had none of the meltdown issues affecting other banks, Fannie Mae and Genie Mae.  Will was born and raised in Marin County.  He attended Redwood High School and then went to Dominican University majoring in Fine Arts and Piano recieving a BA in Music.  He then pursued acting and dancing with a successful run with Holiday Hello in Reno.  Will returned to Marin and began his career in retail banking. The group was thrilled to hear of Will's varied activities.  


Pres Ken shared his great time at PET and the inspiration one gets from attending the Rotary International Convention, this year it will be in Lisbon.

Bill R shared the Foundation benefits and then announced his trip to FIJI that will include two containers full books and computers for the youth.  He has been doing this great multi-club project for a few years and we are so proud to be part of it.

Past Pres Gus C was present and announced his 84th birth date with a $100 check to the Club.  Gus is one of our main committee members for the Persian/Greek festival with a well proven recipe for several Greek dishes.  Gus spent years in food services and used to be the head chef for our Thanksgiving dinner.


Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity (AHO)
What a wonderful program for the homeless youth that have no organization to go to as adults do.  This program is a safety net of stable housing, guidance and community connections for young adults ages 16 to 25 who are at risk of no homes to live in or are already homeless.  The youths in Marin County are not visible and yet we have over 2,600 homeless youth in one of the wealthiest counties in US.  They are constantly on the move and do not mix at all with so many adult homeless who have drug or sever mental health issues.  These homeless youths are not appropriate for adult shelters and need special care.  The best route for their saving is by the way of education with a bit of nurturing and support from all of us.

Zara Babitzke 
AHO Founding Director 


Ms. Babitzke received the 2007 Jefferson Award for Humanitarian Service, a national award for her work with homeless young adults. She brings 18 years experience in social service in Marin County. Eight years as Resource Development Director for Marin County Children’s System of Care. She developed critical resources that prevented thousands of Marin’s lowest income families and youth from falling through the cracks of the system working with the teams at Health and Human Services, Social Service, Community Mental Health, Juvenile Services and Education. In 2003, she was hired by Sunny Hills Services, a residential placement facility, to design, implement and manage the first transitional housing program for young adults ages 18 to 22 in Marin County. When that program was cut due to funding, AHO was founded to meet a critical gap in services for young adults ages 18 to 25 who exit the system without a caring adult, resources and guidance. Eight years in private practice, she assisted families with young adults ages 18 to 25 with special needs to transition from their parents home to independent living.  As Executive Director of AHO, she developed the AHO Alliance for Youth, 22 community partners she has brought together on behalf of youth at risk in Marin.  She participated on the Marin County Strategic Sub-Committee for Transitional Age Youth (TAY), College of Marin’s TAY committee, Marin County TAY committee, County’s Coordinating Committee. A member of the Marin’s Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership and Marin County’s Visionary Team on the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness she has been active in advocating for young adults. Ms. Babitzke received her BS Degree in Education Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh in 1972, and her MA in Special Education Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State University in 2000, and an Integrated Services-Community Collaboration Credential from SF State in 2001.  She has 2 sons, one age 25, and two grandchildren ages 1 and 15.



Kaila Brittney McDonald 

AHO Youth Program Advisor

Kaila Brittney McDonald, at age 18

Kaila is half Latino and half Caucasian. She grew up in the East Bay in a home atmosphere of drugs, sex and violence.  In December 2007 Child Protective Services removed her from her home after she ran away to protect her safety.  She was then relocated to Marin County with relatives who were willing to take her in to keep her from being thrown into the Foster Care System or a life on the streets. Facing the new environment and culture left her in shock and feeling financially insecure and she began working 3 jobs. When she found AHO she immediately became involved as an active member of the group as the youth program advisor, writing to government officials about the homeless problem in Marin, and sharing her story with other youth in schools. AHO has guided her to these opportunities and other resources including legal advice from one of AHO's community partners, and marketing training through United Way of the Bay Area.  Kaila recently graduated from Tamiscal High School with high honors and is attending UC Berkeley on a full scholarship to pursue her studies in psychology and law. In 2008, Kaila received the prestigious $10,000 National Nordstrom Scholarship Award over 225 other applicants. Kaila has been an active participant of the AHO youth team projects for the past 2 and 1/2 half years.


At the suggestion of Heather F our ex member now in Italy, we will start listing our major projects and goals as an introductory for all:

June 15 Persian/Greek Festival Our goal to raise $30,000 for Meals-on-Wheels.  Sponsors and donations are encouraged.  There will be a food court with recognition for the best ones, dancing, music/singing and a major raffle ($200 per ticket) for the grand prize - A Prius!

August 17 Ride4Vets cosponsored by our Club.  This is the BIGGEST event our club has ever undertaken.  Sponsors funds will go to our general project accounts while pledges brought in by the riders go to the NCRIE (the non-profit NGO helping vetrans adjust to civilian life).  We need sponsors (especially those who work for companies that do matching grants) as well as pledges by everyone to support the riders we sign up.  The last Rotary sponsored ride which was held in Arizona raised $600,000!!

Meeting on March 6 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-03-06 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Feb 27, 2013

President Herman was back in full spirits after a week off in Atlanta with his 98 year old mother who still drives and has two drinks a day.  He did say the she only drives prior to the drinks.  He was totally unhooked to any and all electronics including the phone.  He loved it.

GREETER: Past President Dr Mike led us in the Pledge.  We all spent a minute of silence with good thoughts and prayers for Marlyn's quick recovery


Retied Police Officer Stan Damas who is heading the parking support effort when we help out at the Petaluma Bike Fundraiser. 

John Craig, our speaker and guest  of Emerson.  He is in charge of the America's Cup logistics on the water.


Will Walsh who recently transferred from the Ross Valley Club was inducted as the new member by Past Pres Ken.  Welcome Will and we are so proud to have you with us at one of the most exciting time of our Club history as we make the change into a whole new age.  He will giving his three minute speech soon.


Melody is off visiting relatives in Buffalo.  I think she just wants to appreciate our weather so a little freezing cold will do her good.

Bill R gave an update on Dianne who is not doing well and, per David Simpson's last e-mail, she is back in the hospital.  Most likely the county social workers will take over her case.

Past President Cristy updated us on Marlyn who will be coming home from the hospital on Friday.  Husband Larry really appreciated all the e-mails.  He read them to Marlyn and she loved every one.

Pre Elect Chuck updated the latest on the Ride4Vets as we roll (cycle?) into the final negotiation stages with West Marin Social Services.  He produced a list of suggestion all major donors with a column for those who have given to the race in prior times.  Farhad is heading the major sponsor drive.  His goal is a minimum of $5,000 and hoping to get $30,000.


Pres Herman shared the news of his daughter's acceptance into the South Carolina International Studies program despite the fact that she did not even apply for early decision.  This is truly a incredible feat.  Congratulations.  The fine-master duly took note.

Past Pres Dr Mike shared that it is Dee's 75th birthday (his wife of 40 years). They are going to dinner tonight in Santa Rosa and then on Tuesday off to Scottsdale for the wedding of the daughter of her cousin.   They will also visit her sister and one more event (but I can read Dr Mike's hand writing amended my notes).  (We need to recruit a druggist into the club for this purpose.) They will be back home in two weeks.

Paul  is back from visiting a close friend who was suffering terribly until they found the cause just last week: Lyme disease.  They are so glad of the proper diagnosis and all should be well now.

SPEAKER:  John Craig

It was a treat to hear, see, feel and get into the spirit of the America's Cup.  We should be, as it has been and will be right here "in our own backyard".  The main event will be this summer.  Here is a summary of John's background:


Principal Race Officer for the America's Cup

The  America’s Cup Race Management just made a brilliant move. They’ve hired John Craig to join them as Principal Race Officer for the America’s Cup World Series, Louis Vuitton Cup, and the 34th America’s Cup. For eleven years, John has been the race manager at the St. Francis Yacht Club, responsible for overseeing 120-130 days a year of racing on the Bay  where the Cup matches will be held. John knows every nuance (and hammer blow) of San Francisco Bay. And in addition, he’s been talking to the Bar Pilots, Vessel Traffic Controllers, fishermen, rowing and swimming clubs, Rec & Park, and the  SFPD Marine.


Everyone was nailed to their seats and not one person had left at 8:40 when Pres Herman finally rang the bell.  There were lots of questions afterward.  Thank you Emerson for this informative and exciting speaker.

See the YouTube short presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VndIuL_NlJY


















Meeting on Feb 27, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-02-27 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Feb 20, 2013

GREETER:  Pres Elect Chuck led us in the pledge and his thoughts of the day:

The Seven Social Sins:

Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Science without humanity.
Worship without sacrifice.
Politics without principle.

Will Walsh, Banker and ex member of Rotary Club of Ross
Paul Kingsman, Guest and colleague of Past Pres Matt T
Doug Ferguson, Speaker and Lawyer
Todd Juhnky, Software Sales for Beaverton OR, Guest of Farhad
Dr Earl Johnson, Ex-member of our Club

Past Pres Dianne note of appreciation to Dr Earl for his humanitarian efforts in fixing her fence to keep Rocky inbound!

Pres Elect Chuck announced an urgent need for May 17th (five people in the evening) and 15 more on May 18 for help with the Rotary Club of Petaluma's ride.  They are giving us $4,000 worth of website for our Ride4Vets event.

Melody G was staying with her aunt who after being sent to hospital for pnemania went into a coma.  All of our thoughts and best wishes are with her and her family.


Pres Elect Chuck shared the amazing speech of Vice Adm Surgeon who was introduced by Past Secretary of Defence and State Schultz.   He cited a set of statistics about our combat injuries.  Almost 98% of all injured soldiers survive if they get to the hospital (remember MASH?) and 50% of all injured soldiers are the medics!

Bill R shared his Arkansas trip.  Including being 23 hours late for his flight there.

Dr Earl  shared his story of a mistaken trip to Monterrey Mexico instead of Monterey California!

SPEAKER: Doug Ferguson

What a treat to hear Doug in person at our Club.  I will quote a few items from Citizen of Marin from a recent article on Doug:

Although attorney Doug Ferguson says he has a short attention span, he’s a man of impressive consistencies — married to the same woman for 54 years, practiced law for 51, lived in Marin for more than 40, served the Trust for Public Land for 43, occupied the same Shelter Bay law office for 32.

“As my wife, Jane, has said, it’s a ‘superficial steadiness,’” Ferguson says, “and she both commends it and is concerned by it. I find myself doing 73 different things a day, and that keeps me fulfilled to the point where I don’t need changes in location, occupation, or volunteer pursuits.”

Scattered among the 73 different involvements that occupy Ferguson’s day are serving as a director of the Trust for Public Land, a national organization that acquires open space; acting as a pro bono legal adviser to EAH, a Marin-based nonprofit builder of affordable housing; and working with the volunteer entertainment troupe Bread and Roses; the West Marin nonprofit teaching farm Slide Ranch, and the Marin Theatre Company, Rafael Film Center, Larkspur Cafe Theatre and Save San Francisco Bay.

Oh, yes, Ferguson also been filmmaker George Lucas’s personal attorney untill just a few years ago and served on the boards of most of Lucasfilm Ltd.’s wide-ranging business interests. He also writes music, plays the piano and sings (“badly,” he says). 

 What do you consider your greatest personal accomplishments in Marin County? I’ve been lucky to have participated in a number of projects I’m really proud of—most of which I did with the help of several other folks. However, the one I did virtually by myself was acquiring Slide Ranch, the nature center near Muir Beach. In the mid-’60s, my father had died and I was ruminating about a fitting memorial and just happened upon Slide Ranch, so named because it was literally sliding toward China. 

I tracked down the owner, a Hollywood scriptwriter, and began 30 months of negotiations that ended with the acquisition of the 150-acre property for $150,000, which at the time seemed like an astronomical sum. The seller’s vision was to build a hotel there and he initially thought it was worth 15 times that final price. After purchasing the property, my family conveyed it to the Nature Conservancy and it has continued to this day as [the site of] a wonderful program where people of all ages learn about nature, good nutrition and good animal care.

Doug's final comment to many questions from the floor was "Revolutions start with ONE person who is focused and dedicated; if you really believe in a cause, put all of your energy and work intelligently towards the end result and it will happen".

Meeting on Feb 20, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-02-20 00:00:00Z
Why we support Past President Cap Alan passion for Call of the Sea

Sailing Aboard Seaward: A Message From Alan Olson word


What else do we love? We love the reason we are building this vessel as relayed in this bit, written by Alan, about his recent trip aboard Seaward.
"I just returned from a sail to LA on Seaward with 11 teenagers. The weather was rough and cold leaving San Francisco, with heavy rain until we approached Pt. Conception. Once there, the sun shined bright and warmed us up for a beautiful sail rounding into the Santa Barbara Channel. We anchored twice at Santa Cruz and explored the island, sailing on to the backside of Catalina's Two Harbors. The kids were great! They stood their watches regardless of whether they were seasick or cold and wet. They didn't complain and all were eager to learn what they could. It was great that they had both good and bad weather experiences from which to learn. I had not expected to join this leg, but a last minute crew change required me to go. When it was all said and done, I was very happy to have had the opportunity to join with the kids and crew, to experience why we are doing this and be reminded of the value of our endeavor."
-Alan Olson
Why we support Past President Cap Alan passion for Call of the Sea Susan Wright 2013-02-18 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Feb 13, 2013

Pres Elect Chuck began the meeting on behalf of Pres Herman who who couldn't make it due to illness.

GREETER: Past Pres Captain Alan led the pledge and used his inspiration time to review The 4-Way Test:

1. Is is the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4-Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


GUEST: Will Walsh guest of Past Pres Ken and long-time friend of Past Pres Hank (35 years);  He would like to transfer from the Rotary Club of Ross.


Pres Elect Chuck reminded us of the District Conference on March 23 at Redwood High School.  The Club will pay the fee for members as well Interact Club members who wish to attend.  Pres Elect Chuck, Past Pres Farhad and our newest member Paul  will be attending.  To qualify for the Best Club, we need one more person  to attend.

Past Pres Dr Mike reminded us to clear our calendar for April 3rd that in lieu of the meeting, we will go to the Annual RotaCare Dinner. 

We need volunteers for the Rotary Club of Petaluma Backroad Challenge biking even on May 18th.  We will tb given $4,000 worth of Web services for our efforts.  We need five persons for May 17th (Farhad's BD) and another 15 the next day.  Please contact Pres Chuck for the details.  This is very critical for our own August 17th event.

Past Pres Ken and Pres Elect Chuck suggested attending the March 23rd Big Brother Big Sister bowling event.  This is a great social event as well as a fund raiser for an important cause.  Pres Elect Chuck will take names for those interested.  Four people raised their hands: Melody, Farhad, Chuck and Jirayr

Melody announced the exciting news that her boyfriend is moving to Marin.  We cannot share this with her mother untill all the the details are settled!

Farhad (Co-Chair of Membership) announced the need for everyone to get involved with recruiting members.  Here are some classifications we might try to fill:

Cost Engineer working at City level
Mayor, City Manager, Fireman, CHP, Sheriff 
Restaurant Manager/Owner

Pres Elect Chuck mentioned that if each one of us could bring just one single guest, the chances are we will have plenty of new members to make up for the attrition that we have experienced this year.  We ONLY wish to recruit great members and not just warm bodies.  We have a wonderful club with a lot of spirit as noted by many who visit our club. So please keep[ on inviting guests.


Bill R is off to Little Rock to see his children/grand children so that is the good time and he will soon be going to Fiji again in May and that is also a good time.  He has been arranging transportation for Past Pres Dianne.  She needs help for going to meetings and a weekly doctor's appointment. Several volunteers raised their hands, but more are needed. Once a month would make a big difference.  Dr Susan volunteered to edit our newsletter.

Past Pres Ken announced the hiring of his son, Kevin, to be working with Ken's team at Smith Barney.  Kevin and his wife Jacqueline will be living at home with LeAnne and Ken for a few months till they are settled in Marin after relocating from Monterey area.

Cammie reviewed the movie Silver Lining and the Playbook (Robert DeNiro).  It has a bit of all activities and was recommended.

Past Pres Farhad announced that our new member, Mahsa, was able to get a permanent job in Marin as project manager with Marin Housing. Unfortunately her work starts at 7:30 am every morning.  Mahsa in her resignation note mentioned her full commitment as a Triage Medical Assistant work will continue Monday nights.  RotaCare gained one and we lost one.  We NEED more members.


Today was a Assembly and most of the time was spent on Ride4Vets coming up on August 17.

Pres Elect Chuck noted that we have lots of work already accomplished, such as the logo, draft brochure (Dr. Susan volunteered to edit and Dr. Lisa volunteered do layout), Christie is working hard on our Tax Exempt Status.  There were a lot of questions and suggestions.  For example, sponsorships, donations, fees, logos, as well as the continued negotiations with the West Marin overall organizers. They will get all proceeds for registration and our club will get all pledges by the riders (Our goal is to have $1,000 per rider pledged) plus another $4,000+ pledges to pay for advertising etc.

A Board meeting immediately followed the meeting.


Meeting on Feb 13, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-02-13 00:00:00Z
Seven Blunders of the World by Modandes Ganhdi
 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

  Seven Social Sins
- Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Science without humanity.
Worship without sacrifice.
Politics without principle.
Seven Blunders of the World by Modandes Ganhdi Farhad Taleghani 2013-02-08 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Feb 6, 2013

GREETER: Dr Peter  led the pledge and inspired us with his professorial wisdom:

"Everything Begins in Faith and Ends in Politics" Charles Peguy (1871-1914)
"Our Country Right or Wrong; When Right, to be kept Right, When wrong, to be put Right" - Carl Shruz (1829-1906)
"Only the mediocre live up to their potential" - Jonathan Winters


Will Walsh who wants to transfer to our club.  Guest of Ken
INTERACT CLUB: Ava Sholl, Callie Monroe Watts, Caroline Blattt, Emma Peters, Jade Granger, Siena Tracerso


Barbara made us aware of a few fund raisers of other clubs: Marin Evening Club Sat April 13th at 6:00 PM. Dance to the music of the Sandy Geller Trio (If you like to see a great dance, come to the event to see Pres Elect Chuck dance with his wife and maybe daughter that night. He is one heck of a dancer).  $75 per person for dinner (Lobster and Filet of Beef) and raffle. Marin Evening is a major supporter of our Club for our International projects.  It is one of the best clubs to go to have a make up. They are small like us, with one heck of an active group.

Barbara Also announced a May 18th Rotary Club of SF Chinatown Mad Hatter Tea Party.  It should be lots of fun for $88 per person.

Pres Elect Chuck is forging ahead with the Ride4Vets .  He arranged for a potential savings of $4,000 for our club for the ride if we can supply 20 volunteers for the Petaluma Club sponsored Ride on May 18th.  By helping out, they will give free use of the website that they developed.


Pres Elect Elect Lisa introduced the six members of the Interact Club.  
Pres Caroline
Treasurer Jade
Secretary Emma


Pres Caroline summarized some of the project that they are involved with.  They had a big Bake Sale to raise funds the Toys for Kids program of the Unity Church which supports youngsters in the Canal Area.  They volunteered for the Tri Athlete program which Cammie is involved with.  Proceeds will go to causes in Marin County.  They are also working with Journey for Good.  The founders or this program will be at our Club for a presentation in March.  One of the recent trips of Journey for Good was to Cambodia to assemble wheel chairs for the needy.

Cammie then auctioned items the group had made, cooked or assembled.  This included a beautiful knitted shawl made just for the auction.  There were also cookies, cakes, and chocolates.  

The Interactors enlivened our meeting and we wish every meeting had as much energy as this one!! :-)


Girard Choucroun and Robin Morikian of NCITE (Northern California Institute for Research and Education)

Ms Morikian introduced the group and Mr. Chouocroun, who is the Executive Director at NICRE gave an inspirational talk about the  work or NCITE.  Girard apologized for the irrelevant name but the cause is well worth it.  NICRE is doing research at the VA Hospital (privately funded) in conjunction with UCSF.  The goal is to find ways to help veterans in the program psychologically and physically.  There 23 million veterans of which 2.5 millon are just from the 2001 to 2003 returning from the Middle East.  One in five have some sort of post trauma syndrome.  If we do not begin proper treatment now, we are going to have much larger and potentially incurable issues in the future as evidenced by several recent mindless disasters.  

There are no magic solutions.  The key is promote self care via guidance.  The YMCA and UCSF have started a pilot program where physical activities including non-traditional healing such yoga and meditation are showing remarkable results in the early stages.  This is not a solution for all veterans but, for many, it may be just the key towards their self help goal. As Bill Gates said praising Rotary for Polio Plus, you need precise measurement and statistics to go forward.  This is exactly what UCSF and a group of 200+ doctors and support team are doing in evaluating the effectiveness of the programs. 

There were many questions from the floor.  It was an excellent and relevant program as so many of our own members are either veterans or have very close relatives that have been affected by combat, both recent and going back to WWII.






Meeting on Feb 6, 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-02-06 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Jan 30 2013

GREETER: Marlyn provided several inspirations after leading the pledge. Here is one that was recorded: "Opportunity Favors the Prepared Mind".  Well said, and a great way to start the new month of February 2013.


Maryam Pirooz, Guest of Mahza.  Maryam is a young student from Iran whose dream has been to study in the US.  After multiple attempts, she was finally able to obtain a visa.  After she got off the plane and on the way to Mahza's home, she said that being here is like a dream.

Yvonne Roberts, Development Director of Whistlestop

Millie Mekarewicz, Volunteer Coordinator of Whistlestop


  • Yvonne Roberts gave a short history and review of Meals on Wheels.  It is a much needed service with several of our members participating (Paul B, Roland after tax season, Nahal Taleghani (RotaRooter) and her best friend as well as Mahsa's father.  Farhad and Peter Lagarias will be heading up a Greek/Persian Festival in June or July.  (It is not clear at this point if it is a joint effort or a replay of Alexander the Great.) The goal is to raise $30,000, the financial gap in the program presently.
  • Pres Herman took a show of hands for the boat ride option for our social.  As he had only four takers, it was shelved. Suggestions for alternate venues are encouraged.
  • Dr Mike made an urgent call to complete the 501(c)3 registration for our club before the Ride4Vets event on August 17.  It is believed that Christie is in the final stages of filing the paperwork. 
  • Pres Herman noted that Pres Elect Chuck is making good progress on Ride4Vets. Our speaker next week will be from the organization that will be the beneficiary of the fundraiser. 
  • PLEASE attend next week.  Lisa, our New Generations Director, has arranged for the Interact group or make breakfast for us and present us with a little surprise. We would tell you, but it wouldn't be a surprise.


  • Bill R paid a fine in order to have Farhad tell us how hard he worked at getting a great speaker today.  Bill had arranged for Rachel Misrahi, who visited us last week, to attend and he wanted the speaker to be a good one.  After finding out that all was re-arranged, he got a call saying that she could not make it after all.
  • Lisa made a donation on behalf of her twins who are now attending San Rafael High School after years in a small private school.  She was very worried about their ability to cope with the new environment.  They not only excelled with all A's, but are very much involved in many social projects and activities including being on the Alumni Board of the school.  Lisa just received a letter telling her that they received a California State Achievement Award.   This made Lisa the proudest of all.  Having reared two kids (Redwood High School), your editor offers a heartfelt congratulation to her on behalf of the whole club.  The parents are what makes successful kids, GREAT JOB LISA and DAD.
  • The raffle for the day was a beautiful gift package of cologne.  Mahsa out bid several others to be the lucky prize winner. 


Chris Valentino is an alumni of two schools that we have supported in the past: Davidson Middle School and San Rafael High School.  He got his BA in Biology from UC Irvine.  After working for Bechtel for several years, he headed to the University of Texas for a degree in Public health.  He worked for several more years at Bechtel (12 years altogether) before starting his own business with a close friend who is a doctor.  Their company sells and sets up medical office systems.  

On one of his trips to Africa, Chris encountered the misery of far too many children, and especially girls, after losing both parents to the AIDS epidemic.  He and ten friends from around the Bay Area started a one-on-one sponsorship program for these children in 2006.  It is called Children of Strength (CoS).  CoS mushroomed to 300 within a year.  CoS is a non-denominational but spiritual organization that supports over 500 children from age 8 to about 16.  They have built and maintained middle and high schools.  By meeting national standards, the schools are now supported by the Kenyan government in a location where none had previously existed.  As a result of the community outreach of CoS, the status of the participating children has been raised from outcasts to even higher than non-orphans.  The program is funded 80% from sponsorships with the remaining funds coming from institutional grants and donations.  

CoS started with 2 cows and a small vegetable garden.  Now they have 12 cows, a methane gas production facility, sell milk to the villages, and are self-supporting for many of their basic food needs.  In an area that most children only get one meal a day at home, the orphans are very well fed.  The best part of the program is the one-on-one aspect achieved by monthly social worker contacts, the relationship to their sponsors and the emphasis on getting the children back into society.  

Chris is supported from several European countries, and in Kenya, Rotarians have been a major force in helping CoS projects come to fruition.  The executive director of the school is a Rotarian.  

Chris has five children and his wife is a full time nurse at Marin General Hospital.  We hope to see him more often and recruit his wife and her nurse friends to our expanding RotaCare program. (RotaCare plans to add one more day per month to serve the overwhelming need for medical services by those who have no other means of paying for them.




Meeting on Jan 30 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-01-30 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Jan 23 2013

GREETER: Barbara gave up her slot to Farhad due to heavy traffic!! Farhad led the pledge and used his inspiration time to share the great time he is having as a once a week volunteer to deliver food for the Whistlestop Meals on Wheels program.

Rachel Schutt-Mesrahi
guest of Bill R.  She is a very accomplished stained glass and jewelery maker.  She has taught locally at College of Marin and internationally in Canada, Japan and Mexico.
Millie Mekarewicz: Head Volunteer recruiter at Whistlestop
Krista Pelletier: Program Coordinator for Meals on Wheels.

 announced a get-together with another Rotary Club in April.
Matt announced a lunch-social at Toscana Restaurant on Friday with Past Pres Sharron Newton
Pres Elect Chuck
updated us on the Ride4Vets fund raiser.  He is working very hard to ensure a success.  Chuck rode all the routes and gave feedback to the organizers.  He is making progress to create a web site as the main instrument for all marketing and fundraising.  (www.ride4vets.org) Chuck, Herman and Bill R had a meeting Thursday with a major veterans organization,  NCIRE (Northern California Institute for Research and Education).  NCIRE, in conjunction with UCSF is conducting a program of physical fitness that has been shown to improve mental health as well.  We are considering providing assistance to this program.

PAUL BASKER gave his three-minute speech. Since the speaker misunderstood the meeting time and was unable to attend, Paul was encouraged to tell us more. And it was well worth it. Paul's mother who was a holocaust survivor met his father in the UK after the war.  His father had Armenian roots.    The family went to Chicago and when Paul was 14, his parents, who were life long socialists, decided to go to Cuba.  Unfortunately, they were stuck there for a while after the revolution.  The family became active in many areas including resistance to some of the severer mandates of the new regime.  They were active in helping with education and the needs of many Cubans after the departure of the Westerners.  After being disenchanted with Cuba and the Communists, they were able to emigrate to Canada and, finally, back to the US where they settled in the Bay Area.  Paul is to say the least, a multicultural man.  He is thrilled with how socially active our Rotary Club is and has already spent time with Blanche at RotaCare where his Spanish is being fully utilized.  

Paul worked with large construction firms prior to starting his own general contractor business in Fairfax.  His daughter, who attended Tamscal and Redwood HS was born on the same day as Farhad's daughter.  Liz was instrumental in convincing Paul to join us with the Senior Garden Project that Paul took on even before he was officially a member.  He is now a grandfather with a Cuban son-in-law.  

Herman then solicited some more three-minute-plus talks.  

Dr. MIKE was working at MGH with Linda Tavassi.  She tried to recruit him to her Rotary club but he kept putting it off.  When he finally gave in, he realized how wonderful it was to be with a diverse group of civic minded citizens that was totally different than his normal group of medical colleagues.  That was about 17 years ago.  Dr Mike is one of the founders of our Club and he is one of the founders of RotaCare in San Rafael.  He currently serves as Fund Raiser Chair.

Dr. Mike had two brothers who grew up in Denver with a father who was a surgeon.  He promised himself to never become a surgeon. He thought of OB/GYN and then Pediatrics but finally ended up as a surgeon just like his father.  Dr. Mike met Dee during his first year at Colorado College and they married after graduation.  This was during the Vietnam war so enlistment or the draft was an important decision. He elected to join either the Air Force, Army, Navy, or Public Health.  He ended up with Public Health even though it was his last choice.  He was stationed in Norfolk VA and then assigned to take care of Indigenous Americans on their reservations.   This led him to an assignment to Montana where Custer's last stand took place (Cree Indians).  They had their first child there and then then moved here to fill an opening for a Public Health Doctor in San Francisco.  They were so excited to go to the North Beach. When they visited it, they realized it was not a swimming hole!  When they visited his great aunt in Corte Madera, they were hooked.  Dr. Mike joined a local practice that increased to five doctors over time but since then has disbanded.  

He has been married for 52 years (lots of applause from all).  He has been in Bodega Bay for 20+ years since leaving Corte Madera.  It normally takes over 1.5 hours each way when he visits the Club most Wednesdays.  THANK YOU DR. MIKE FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US.  

Phil also took us on a wonderful ride through his life.  He joined Rotary about 18 years ago and just last year realized that for 16 of those years he was in charge of the Program/Speakers.  He was career policeman with the SFPD and rose to the rank of lieutenant after 35 years.  For many of those years he was a top notch detective.  One of his four daughters is also with the SFPD and is now a lieutenant and will be retiring next year.  She is in charge of assisting other colleagues for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can occur when a SWAT team or beat officers are involved in fatalities.   His proudest moment was when he gave his badge *99 to his daughter whose license plates reads : AGENT99! 

Phil's father worked the Mint (He made a ton of money there, but not for himself!)  Along the way, Phil became interested in Forensic Hypnosis where memories of observers under extreme trauma are scattered and need help in retrieving information.  He has been teaching the young cadets up to last year and loved seeing so many go through his mentorship.  

Phil claimed that the real reason he joined the Club was to force himself to rise at least once a week early enough to avoid sleeping really late.  His love for the Rotary Club goes beyond our club and has been involved in RotaPlast missions to help children who are born with cleft palate.  This issue is related to lack of folic acid and pollution.  It also has a genetic component, especially among Asians,  Indigenous Native Americans and Latin Americans.  RotaPlast trips organized by Rotary has affected literally 1000's of families around the world.  Many attribute the success of PolioPlus to the systematic organization of RotaPlast which involves local participation.






Meeting on Jan 23 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-01-23 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Jan 16 2013

GREETER: Bill R lead us in the pledge and gave the Inspiration.  - A quote from his recent compilation of Sueisms:  "It is what it is".  If you can help the situation, then pull up your sleeve and do it without a fuss, but if you have no control or impact, then c'est la vie. 

GUESTS: Tim Carueke, Past Assisttant District Governor and member of San Rafael Harbor
              Matthew Briggs, attorney and brother-in-law of Matt T
              Will Walsh:
Banker and transferring from the Fairfax Club 
              Millie Makarewicz, Volunteer Coordinator of Whistlestop and guest of Farhad

This was one of our best attended meetings and we would like to share Past Pres Rolando's notes on the meeting
                 (without his permission).

Great meeting, the man behind the curtain; we try, you succeed - Herman
Great speaker, 29 attendance, record for the last 5 years - Emerson
Great energy, a driving force, good organization - Chuck
Great behind the scenes work, quiet but oh so loud, it is what it is - Bill
Great energy, great behind the scenes work, will always get the job done, not so quiet, but oh so effective - Farhad
Thank you for making me (us) better people.

Roland Carr

Written in the style of a race horse handicapper. I will always bet on you.


Pres Elect Chuck spend a bit of time on the Ride4Vets.org event scheduled for August 17, 2013.  We will need a lot of volunteers.  Jirayr stepped forward to be the official photographer for the event.  Chuck and Herman are meeting with a veterans organization and with West Marin Social Services to initiate the many preparations required for the event.  Chuck is even in touch with singer John Meyer who is quite involved with veterans programs.

Barbara and Stephen finally returned home after a three months stay in Italy.  They loved the trip and visited the ONLY three Rotarians who are on the list of home visits for the entire country!!  Barbara brought back a bunch of flags.  Stephen said that the highlight of the trip for him, without a doubt, was visiting Rotarians.

Dianne announced that she would like to hear back from anyone who knows members in Marin Yacht Club.

Cristy and friends visiting her had a great time exploring our beautiful Bay Area

Jim shared his time in Mojave desert with daughter and son-in-law.  His Rotarian contacts helped to get his son-in-law's car fixed right away!

SPEAKER: Our own EMERSON JOHNSON talked about his experiences in the South as segregation was being dismantled.

Emerson lived through the aftermath of the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. He shared his first hand experience of what the South was going through starting in 1954 and continuing through the the next decades.  Hearing history from a devoted and outstanding citizen like Emerson was riveting.  He reviewed how the system was skewed in favor of whites, especially the school systems.  His own personal experience in helping the totally desolated blacks was eye opening.  

What finally broke resistance to change turned out to be the power of economics as exercised by our military. It was our admirals and generals who finally convinced states such as Virginia and South Carolina (where there were many economically important bases) to change.  As Emerson noted, the battle is not over.  All we have to do look at our own club that, despite having members from multiple countries and religions, we no longer have an African American among our ranks.  

A GREAT SPEECH.  -  It was such a spell binding 35 minutes that your editor did not dare to take notes for a chance of missing his comments.


Meeting on Jan 16 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-01-16 00:00:00Z
Meeting On Jan 9 2013


Our newest member, Paul Basker, who is well on his way to his Blue Badge was our greeter. and after the pledge provided the Inspiration:


May the Angels in their beauty bless you.

May they turn toward you streams of blessing.

May the Angles of Awakening stir your heart to come alive to the eternal within you to all the invitations that quietly surround you.

May the Angels of Healing turn your wounds into sources of refreshment.

May the Angel of the Imagination enable you to stand on the true thresholds at ease with your ambivalence

And dawn in new directions through the glow of your contradictions.

May the Angels of Compassion open your eyes to the unseen suffering around you.

May the Angel of Wildness disturb the places  where you live domesticated and safe

Take you to the territories of true otherness where all that is awkward in you can fall into its own rhythm

May the Angel of Eros introduce you to the beauty of your sense to celebrate your inheritance as a temple of the holy spirits

May the Angel of Justice disturb you to take the side of the poor and the wronged.

May the Angel of Encouragement confirm you in worth and self-respect,

That you may live with dignity that presides in your soul.

May the Angel of Death arrive only when your life is complete

And you have brought every given gift to the threshold where its infinity can shine.

May all the Angels be your sheltering and joyful guardians.

GUESTS: Peter Lagarias, Past President of SF#2, Past District Governor and co-founder of RotaPast


LARGEST FUND RAISER TO DATE: Ride4Vets in N Marin and S Sonoma.  Please endorse anyone you know that will be riding for pledges (our goal is to have 100 riders who pledge $1,000 each).  See Web side for this Aug 17th 2013 EVENT: www.ride4vets.org  We have five members and guests who are already riding (Farhad and Chuck from our own club with each bringing with them another 3+ riders, you can start your pledge NOW)

Lunch with the Rotary Club of Mission San Rafael on Thursday 1/10/2013 to honor Dave Phelps for his contributions to the Mission/Sunrise garden project. .

Pres Elect Chuck reviewed the goal and purpose of the recent Survey sent from Rotary International.  

The results are directed only to the club that you belong to. It takes less that 5 minutes to fill it our online, please do it for our Club improvement.

Past Pres Dianne volunteered to organize the holiday social event.


Past Pres Capt Alan had to step in and lead the sail of teens and at-risk youth headed to LA area.  There were 11 teens with 8 girls and three happy boys on the trip.  It was an amazing five days and four nights of adventure.  They traveled around the clock and each crew member had specific roles including night watch. Despite a stormy weather and rough sea start, they sailed to Catalina and Pt Inception off Santa Barbara.  The group was totally elevated by the experience.  Capt Alan thanked the Club for the donations that made this trip possible for so many.  His best reward was recruiting a fully certified, young new Captain to help on these trips.

Marlyn celebrated her birthday on Christmas day at the Comedy Club in SF.  She highly recommends this event to all.

Mahsa shared a great moment of running after and worrying about their newly joined member of her family: a small dog who has changed the life of her family.

Pres Herman celebrated Christmas with a fresh crab dinner from (after much discussion) the Western Boat Shop.  Several other members also highly recommended this location for both fishing supplies as well as seafood like fresh crab.  Apparently the owner/manager is such a great character that it is worth a visit just to meet him.

SPEAKER: Peter Lagarias told the story of how he became a member of Rotary and all the many good things that followed this event.  His connections and the world of Rotary make it possible to create one of the most successful medical missions, RotaPlast.  It has set the standard for all such undertaking including PolioPlus.  Peter is a lawyer by profession with specialization in franchising.  Rotary International with all of its members around the world helps make any of our dreams to help the World come true.  There is no barrier if you can dream and then follow through as there are millions of aspiring other Rotarians who, like us, wish to make a better world.

Mr. Lagarias has Greek roots and has volunteered to be our Master of Ceremonies for the yet to be announced Greek/Persian event fund raise in the Spring.  The event is to raise funds, volunteers and awareness of the Meals on Wheel program of Whistlestop.   Past DG Peter thanked our Club for our support of the RotaPlast as we have supported RotaPlast with checks as well as sending Phil and former member Sharon on RotaPlast trips a few years ago.  

Meeting On Jan 9 2013 Farhad Taleghani 2013-01-09 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Dec 19 2012

GREETER: Bill R mistakenly began greeting until Lisa arrived and took over the task.  She led the pledge and then we had a moment of silence for all the children in Connecticut as well as the women who were killed in Pakistan while providing polio vaccines. 

INSPIRATION:  Do a meritorious deed and dedicate it to those who suffered from the recent tragedies.

GUEST: Harry Willis, past Rotary member as well lawyer friend of Farhad.  Harry is a classical guitar player, active in his law practise in San Anselmo, and former Youth Exchange sponsor of our club.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The bulk of the time was spent on a training headed by Melody who showed us: How to login, send e-mails, check club documents, check attendance record and pay your bills.  The most important aspect was the updating of your profile which is linked directly to the Rotary International website.   Bill R passed out a cheat sheet to take home.  Then Mahsa provided a ten minute overview of all the Website features accessible by the public without a password. Stories (back dated bulletins), news (Any pertinent information such as the e-mail from Stephen and Barbara in Italy), and the e-mails from Lisa and Cammie on their New Generations activities. The Calendar and Speakers areas were also shown, and the new link for prospective interested parties was pointed out (Responders will be added as Friends and get the Bulletin as well).

GOOD TIMES: Cap Alan gave us an update on the Educational Tall Ship program. This is a major project with a total budget on the order of $5 million.  The well oiled organization of Cap Alan had just agreed on the site to be used.  It is next to the old AutoDesk headquarters in Sausalito. (next to the tennis courts by the Bay Model).  Once the tent is up, our club will hold special breakfast meeting at the Bay Model followed by a personal tour by Cap Alan with proceeds to go to his project.  Incidentally, anyone wishing to get a big recognition plaque ($2,500), this is the best time to get in your donation for one of the best locations (and it's 100% tax deductible).  Your name will be immortalized for centuries on this wooden tall shop being built from ground up.

Dianne gave us an update on her sunshine function and her note to Dr Earl as well our dear friend Steve Thompson.

Past Pres Ken shared the long and great life of his Grandmother Peggy who recently passed away. She has more than 45 surviving children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!!  She was a very devout Catholic

NOTE: Ex Olympian Medalist Kiwi Swimmer, Paul Kingsman was nominated to be our newest Honorary Member.  This is an official announcement to the Club.  Please let any of the Board Members know if you have any objections.  He will be inducted into the Club early next year. 


The rest of the meeting was devoted to a presentation by Pres Elect Chuck on his major bike ride fun/fundraiser.  Our Club will be joining with WSS (West Marin Social Services - similar to Whistlestop).   WSS has been producing this event for 20 years.  It is a 100 mile bike ride through Marin and West Marin with shorter goals for the less athletic riders.  The Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise will be the only other organization sponsoring this event.  Pres. Herman took a vote and found overwhelming support for this project.  The event will not only add the possibility for raising funds for programs supporting Veterans (the primary focus) but it will also support the general fund of our club.  He plans to volunteer the Club to run the first stop as well as offering major raffle prizes at the celebration event at the end of the ride.  Each rider who signs up pays an entry fee of around $85 to WSS and we ask our riders to find pledges of $1,000 to support our project to fund Veterans programs in the Bay Area.



Next Meeting on Jan 9th 2013.  

Have a great holiday.





Meeting on Dec 19 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-12-19 00:00:00Z
Meeting On Dec 12 2012

GREETER:  The Pledge was led by Pres Herman and the

INSPIRATION: By Past Pres Dianne:  "Be yourself because all others are taken".  Attributed to Oscar Wilde

GUEST: Jill Carmody,  hair stylist.  Guest of Pres Herman.  (Jill's husband is a doctor at the VA hospital and will most likely assist Pres Elect Chuck with the bike event next year!:-)


Next meeting will be a very important Club Assembly.  Major new fundraisers will be discussed and a training on how to use our new website including the new billing system.

Community Activities were summarized by Past Preses Ken and Hank: Senior Dinner, RotaCare, Timothy Murphy School Garden, St Geronimo School, and the Dictionaries projects.   Past Pres Ken reminded us of the celebration lunch at Mission San Rafael Club in mid January


Dr. Earl had a great time skiing in Heavenly at the higher elevations on the fresh (and only) snow.  He also won the raffle.  He then announced that he was resigning to join another Rotary Club for personal reasons. We'll miss you , Dr. Earl.

Past Pres Farhad barely averted a biker who flew through a red light in Tiburon Blvd.

Past Pres Cristy wished everyone a great holiday with her newly printed calendars.  Many of us look forward to them as they always have excellent art and lots of space for notes. 

Pres Herman celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary.

Past Pres Phil had a great day at a surprise 27th year retirement party honoring his teaching police cadets in Sacramento

Past Pres Farhad gave another $100 to celebrate his future son-in-law's job offer in the Bay Area.  This means his daughter will be back close to family!

Marlyn shared the reasons to attend next year's RI convention in Lisbon.  Pres Elect Chuck will be joining her at this annual event.  Next will be in Australia.

Pres Elect Chuck just returned from visiting his grandchildren in Selida, Colorado.  The location is in the high desert of the Rockies and quite beautiful.  He also went skeet shooting.  All the skeet survived untouched.     

SPEAKER:  Assemblyman Marc Levine

Mr. Levine was recently elected to represent our area in the California Legislature.  He is very keen to keep the recently-passed taxes for schools and teachers and out of the hands of the other politicians favorite pork projects.  He lives with his family in San Rafael and is one of the 38 new members of the legislature.





Meeting On Dec 12 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-12-12 00:00:00Z
Meeting Dec 5th, 2012

Pres Herman led the pledge and gave the inspiration.

Mahsa presented her very entertaining 3-Minute Speech.  She came to US in 2007 after establishing her own business in Iran for computerized library systems developed by 3M.  She was also working for a health care for a firm that specialized in replacement body parts such as hips, heart valves, knees, etc.  It was very difficult to work in that environment with all the sanctions.  She started her own beauty product line as well as a retail business that is still going strong, but the partnership did not work out.  She returned to health care and is working part time at a San Francisco hospital as a Certified Medical Assistant.  

Mahsa is planning to get another health care degree through Berkeley.  She has been volunteering as a Triage Medical Assistant at RotaCare every week since joining our Club.  She announced that those few hours are her best of the entire week!   If that isn't enough, she is balancing life with her husband of five years and a recently adopted dog.  She is in the process of working on adopting an orphan but it is very difficult.  It has been almost a year since the process started.  She offered for sale a special spray for dry feet with all the proceeds to be given to RotaCare.

Lisa, our Chair for New Generations gave a review of the Interactors at Redwood who had joined many other youth at Whistlestop to prepare 20,000 food packages for those in need. The Interacters are also working on a daycare center and fund raising through Unity Church for another good causes.

Past Pres. Hank shared a picture and write up on the turkey distribution headed up by Rolando two weeks ago.

Past Pres Rolando announced that the only opening over the next two months for RotaCare is Jan 3rd, 2013.  Please contact him if you are interested to volunteer.

Past Pres Cristy, announced the arrival of her beautiful calendar. If you love Marin, you need to get one as it has some awesome local pictures.

Past Pres Dr Mike came up with lots of interesting stuff as he was cleaning his old computer.  For example, book labels, new member forms etc.

Past Pres Dianne announced that her good friend (Saint) Steve Thompson must to visit the hospital another more time as pressure on his skull is building up. We all wish him the best in this struggle.

Trish and Farhad will be getting the next billing out after our last meeting this month (12/17/2012 next week).  This will include two quarters of meetings, fines, makeup fees and any good times that were recorded but not paid! They ask for your understanding and forgiveness in case we err in any way.  It has been a tough time with the changing of the guard but we think we finally have it under control.  The frequency of the billing now is totally up to the members as it is much simpler and quicker than the prior methods.


Pres Elect Elect Lisa, had a great pass-forward story.  A friend of hers was passing a homeless looking character asking for money.  A $10 bill was given to the person who in turn gave back to the generous donor five one-hundred dollar bills! :).  He explained that he is passing forward his good luck in life to others.  The recipient, immediately gave the money to few causes including a turkey purchased for St. Vincent's kitchen.  What an inspiring story.

Past Pres Cap Alan shared his delight over his night of Persian food as part of a $1,000 benefit at Chez Nahal.  Cristy and John also joined in the fun.

Past Pres Dr Mike  reported Dee's fall that had her in bed for several days.    Past Pres Jim added a note on the extra precaution we all need to take when using a ladder.  Unfortunately Jim's warning came a bit too late for Farhad who took a nasty fall in his basement. He is still with us and, so far, with all body functions in tact.

SPEAKER: Mark McCormick of the Buck Center spoke on his research on ageing. Mark provided a fascinating view of his research on yeast and worms investigating the pathways and genes that control aging.  (Personally, I am not sure if I really wish to live any longer than so many already do.   But, if I can stay productive, then that is a whole new story. - Farhad)  






Meeting Dec 5th, 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-12-05 00:00:00Z
Meeting Nov 28th 2012
Pres Elect Chuck led the meeting as Pres Herman had a conflict.

GREETER: Past Pres Farhad lead the pledge and quoted Blanch, our RotaCare Clinic Manager for the inspiration: "Congratulations to all. I celebrate your wonderfulness and thank you on behalf of all the patients that we have seen in the RotaCare and all that we will see in the future. You are all such amazing beings!"

GUESTS: Goran Kovacevic, guest of Susan  and speaker

Rotarian John Burke from the Rotary Club of Mill Valley who mentioned that the time is listed for our Club as 8:00 am.  (He may have mistaken our Club with the San Rafael Harbor Club.)


Paul Harris Award:  Jirayr awarded Dr Earl with a pin for his 5th $1,000 donation.  Dr Earl noted that if you had been a member since 1968, it is easy to pile them up!

Community: Hank and Ken as well as Pres Elect Chuck gave a review of the successful St. Pat's Senior Dinner.  According to Pres Elect Chuck,  there were more Rotarians there than at our normal meetings.  Jodi Costello's class presented a series of songs including a medley of military songs for the Veterans present that was very appreciated by all.

New Generations: Lisa mentioned that today at 11:15 the Interact Club will be meeting in Liz's classroom.  If you have the chance, please visit and support them. (And it can count as a makeup.)  While visiting, take a moment to appreciate the garden, our centennial project few years ago.

Membership: We have three new members in the pipeline: Steve (Roland's friend), Harry W (an ex-member who is a lawyer friend of Farhad and will be re-joining), and our speaker of the day, Goran Kovacevic, sponsored by Susan.

Pres Elect Chuck announced that there would be no meetings on Dec 26th and Jan 2nd.

Bill R gave us a quiz on the The Play at the Big Game 30 years ago.   ...... No one won, but he donated $20 anyway.

Susan gave an update on the idea of a fundraiser dog show.  More information will be forthcoming.  

Past Pres Dianne mentioned that a while back, the rotary Club of Tiburon/Belvedere held one.  It was discontinued because they felt that there was not enough interest.  Past Pres Dianne will do a little research on that event and its ending.

Past Pres Rolando reviewed the Day at the Races with 500+ Rotarians from across five Districts.  He presented Dr Earl with a personalized picture of the Jockey with the best winning record. Ever on the case, Dr. Earl noted that he needed some orthodontic work.

GOOD TIMES: Past Pres Ken gave a summary of his South Pacific cruise through Bora Bora and Fiji.  He was not tanned as he used a ton of sunblock.  The kindness of natives living in Fiji combined with their calm and easy disposition provided a long lasting therapy for Ken that he still enjoys today.

Past Pres Matt shared his good time with his buddies elk hunting while at a Linfeild College reunion.  They did not shoot any Elk so he had to admitt that the elk won this year as well as his Alma Mater which is now in first place in their league.

Paul  won the lottery but did not find the magic marble in the old sock.

SPEAKER: Goran Kovacevic gave a fantastic but scary summary of all the viruses and malware that may attack our computers.  He reviewed his background dating back to the old NCR bank computers back in Ohio in the 80's and how he was involved with the network setup at the Sarajevo Olympics.  When his work at Price Waterhouse Cooper became well known, he was picked to be the head of IT Security for VISA.  When asked by Bill R if there was a safe way to frustrate key-loggers, he responded with a definite negative.  He had a few suggestions on how to protect yourself.  We plan to publish these as a news item shortly.  The meeting was very interesting and went overtime because of many questions and inquiries. 







Meeting Nov 28th 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-11-28 00:00:00Z
Meeting on 11 07 2012

GREETER: Pres Elect Chuck was the greeter. He provided the inspiration for the day: "Life is all about your attitude, so pick a good one."


Every 2nd Wednesday the RotaCare Board meets and every 3rd Wednesday our Club Board meets.


SENIOR DINNER: Nov 14th at St. Pat's (We will be serving over 100 senior citizens for Thanksgiving.)

TURKEY DISTRIBUTION: Nov 19th and Nov 20th (delivering 100s of turkeys and food baskets to the needy in Marin) in conjunction with Big God Ministries.  We need at least four volunteers to distribute turkeys in Marin City on Nov 19th and in the Canal area on Nov 20th.  Don't be a turkey, give them away!  Sign up in the Events section.

PROJECTS IN CONSIDERATION: Crab feed joint project to raise $30,000 for Meals on Wheels/Whistlestop (See our last bulletin under stories).  We need a lot of sponsors and donations for this event.  If you are interested please contact Farhad.

ROTARY PERSIAN DINNER by CHEF NAHAL: This event is coming up on Nov 30th.  We are delighted to announce that we're sold out but there is a waiting list.  AND donations are welcome.  The money goes directly to the Club. 

EVENTS:  Rotary Day at the Races on Sat Nov 17th.   Check Events if you have not already signed up.

Nov 14th there is no meeting.  Sign up for the Senior Dinner.

Past Pres Hank announced a change in the joint luncheon meeting with RC of Mission San Rafael.  It will be rescheduled for January

Past Pres Rolando was pinned as extraordinary member for his introduction of a new member with a special pin from Membership Committee

Bill Ring gave an update on the FIJI III project.  The boat is winding it's way through the Pacific with an expected arrival at the end of November.  It is carrying a literal ton of books and twenty computers for two schools.  A commemorative plaque will be unveiled honoring several Rotarians, members of the computer club and volunteer from GBX who contributed to the project.

A new seating arrangement with placecards was started today as recommended by Past Pres Dianne and Pres Elect Chuck. (It went well after a bit of grumbling.)

Pres Elect Elect Lisa gave a report on the New Generations area of service.  With help from Cammie, the Interact Club at Redwood High has become an active, involved organization.   The Club participated in the in Marin Triathlon and are thinking of proposing a Random Act of Kindness Day.  It meets every Wednesday in Liz's classroom.  Feel free to drop by, and when you are there, take a look at the garden that was our Club's centennial project  

Pres Elect Chuck gave a summary of the Bike Event planning.  We are still searching for a go-to person or organization to help our Club on this event.  

Past Pres Rolando announced that our RotaCare volunteer sign ups are booked through January 2013.

Pres Herman led a discussion as to how we could best help the victims of the big storms on the East Coast.


Paul Kingsman (see his resume under stories), gave a spell binding speech.  His topic was how to overcome distractions.  His 13 year quest in getting the first swimming medal for New Zealand was so compelling that yours truly did not take any notes.  His key point was that passion is what you need.  But the passion is unlike all the touchy-feel books, serious passion is needed.   One must be ready and focused on taking on the hard work that comes with the goal.  One key element in setting any goal is the time line.  Passion and hard work with time specific goals is what keeps us on path and avoids the distractions which keeps us from out goals.   He characterizations of passion for goals with his Olympic medals and distractions by his Speedo swimsuit was an effective illustration of his points.

Meeting on 11 07 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-11-07 00:00:00Z
Former Olympian Visiting Rotary Club of Marinsunrise

Paul Kingsman (born 1967) is a swimmer and Olympic medalist from New Zealand. He participated at the 1988 Summer Olympics, winning a bronze medal in 200 metre backstroke. He also competed at the 1984 Summer Olympics.[1]

The 21-year-old went into the 1988 Olympic Games the 20th fastest backstroker in the world over 200m. He qualified for the final and raced in lane one. Kingsman's time earned him a bronze medal in the final few strokes. His time of 2:00.48, which set a new Commonwealth record,[2] is currently the longest standing national record in New Zealand swimming at 20 years (broken in 2008 by Kent Basset).[3]Kingsman was New Zealand's first male Olympic medalist in an individual swimming event.[4]

Over his swimming career, in addition to his Olympic medal, Kingsman also earned four Commonwealth Games medals and twelve New Zealand national senior titles.[1] Kingsman was trained during his entire New Zealand career by coach Hilton Brown. When he was 15, he qualified for the 1982 Commonwealth Games team, making the 200m final at Brisbane, Queensland. At the time, he was the youngest Kiwito ever compete in the Commonwealth Games.[5]

At age 17, he joined Gary Hurring in representing New Zealand at the 1984 Summer Olympics swimming backstroke, and he finished tenth in the 100m. By the 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, Kingsman's performances bettered enough to earn him two silver medals, in the 100m and 200m backstroke. That year, he also earned a scholarship to the University of California, Berkeley, where his swimming developed a sharply competitive edge under the tutelage of coach Nort Thornton.

Kingsman closed his career by taking a bronze and a silver in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in his home town of Auckland, New Zealand. He was always an exceedingly popular competitor, and his farewell at those Games in Auckland was an emotional occasion.

On retiring from swimming, Kingsman took up a position as New Zealand national sales and marketing manager for Speedo sportswear. He then set up and operated his own swim school in Auckland. In 2001, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and son, where Kingsman is a financial advisor and also a professional motivational speaker and executive coach to the financial services industry.[6]Image

Former Olympian Visiting Rotary Club of Marinsunrise Emerson Johnson 2012-11-05 00:00:00Z
Meeting Oct 31, 2012

GREETER: Past Pres Capt Alan lead us in the pledge and gave us the inspiration that could be our club motto: "This is not the time for us to say: Someone ought to do that, but our words must be: We will do it!".  Rotarian Joseph Abey 1961


Past President of the Rotary Club of San Rafael, Don Violin, retired with the classification of Management Training.

Goran Kovacevic, Guest of Susan, MIS Risk and Security at VISA; Goran gave us a summary of his life and his delight in joining the US community after several very tough years in Bosnia.  He lives in Marin with his wife and a young daughter and commutes to Foster City everyday for work.

Steve Thompson, F&A Director at Whistle Stop -  Speaker

Joe O'Hehir CEO of Whistlestop, Speaker

Yvonne Roberts, Development and Marketing Director of Whistlestop

Krista Pelletier, Meals on Wheels Coordinator of Whistlestop


Pres Herman congratulated Capt Olson on his successful fund raiser.  Treasurer Trish gave a check for $2,500  to Call of the Sea for scholarships to underprivileged youth who will accompany Capt Alan's tall boat to LA

Past Pres Hank our co-chair of Community Services announced: Nov 14th is the St. Pat's Senior Lunch. There will be no meeting that week.  

Past Pres Hank also reminded all to mark your calendar for a joint lunch with the Rotary Club of Mission San Rafael on Dec 20th at their usual meeting place.  This joint meeting is to thank them for the participation of their members on our joint garden project at Timothy Murphy School.

Past Pres Dr Mike also reminded the Foundation Committee of the advisory meeting to discuss our funds at the Marin Community Foundation.

Our newest member Melody, who was sponsored by Past Pres Roland gave her three minute speech.

Melody was born in the Philippines Islands but came to US at very early age.  She grew up in San Jose and went to college in san Francisco.  She has done many community projects such as the AIDs walk, food deliveries and serving the needy.  She sees Rotary as a means to be part of a group that is more active on an ongoing basis.  When Rolando, who knew Melody as a business associate, asked her to check us out, she jumped at the idea.  She loves our group and is especially impressed by the long term members who have done so much for our community.  Melody works full time for Paychex, so the only times she can participate in projects are the weekend ones.  Her boyfriend, who is lawyer, just finished working on the Disney merger.  He will be moving to Marin and hopes to join Melody on hands-on projects.  He is originally from Buffalo. (Brrrr!)  Paychex provides payroll services for small to medium size firms in US.  It is based in Syracuse (Brrrr! also) and is a public company.


Dianne thanked Capt Alan, Bill R, Jim, Dr Earl, Farhad and David/Dianne Simpson (ex members) for their continued support.

Phil mentioned his travels to Sacramento and his teaching work with local law enforcement.  This will be his last year.

Peter mentioned his travelling throughout New York as well as through the Rockies to celebrate his 30th anniversary.

Marlyn enjoyed the gathering with flying Rotarians in Palm Springs where they all had their planes on display in the main street!  She serves as an arbitrator for the insurance industry.  She is hoping to finish her last engagement in two weeks.  She recalled flying into a hurricane once when in Mexico. When the storm was over, the only two building still standing were her hotel and a synagogue! 

Past Pres Dr Mike mentioned his delight with the website now that he knows where all the information can be found.

New member and leader of our last Garden Project Paul  mentioned the huge relief when they heard back her doctors that Phyllis, his wife, does not have a recurrence of the cancer that she fought so bravely 15 years ago.

Dr Earl mentioned the major task of choosing a final 15 candidates from a list of 100's for coming year of residency at the UCSF Medical School of Dentistry.  He is glad that this is over for another 365 days.

Pres Elect Chuck announced he attended the last day of the Giants in San Francisco where tickets were going as high as $600 when his son-in-law bought them a week before.   That day they could have sold each of the tickets for minimum $1,000!!!  Maybe we can use this as a fundraiser scheme next year (Is this legal? Can the Giants do it again? Maybe the 49ers this year?)



Joe O'Hehir, CEO of Whistlestop and Meals On Wheels (MOW).  

The MOW program is back after having left Whistlestop for several years due to funding issues.  The present program is now a delivery-only system with 2 full time drivers and 6 part timers.  They deliver to 265 seniors and homebound individuals for a total of 71,000 meals a year.  The food is prepared by Revolution of Food who only use fresh ingredients.  All the patients are referred by the County to MOW.  

Krista Pelletier, who now coordinates MOW for Whistlestop, has had first hand experience with MOW when living in New Hampshire.  She needs volunteers who can use their own cars and can work either a 9-5 shift or a 1-4 shift.  Even just once a week will be a great help as they are really short handed.  The Jackson Cafe where we breakfast is the heart of Whistlestop.  All staff for the food services are culinary students of the Outbound organization.   Our breakfast fees are subsidizing the daily meals that are served at lunch and dinner for seniors who are mobile enough to reach the facility.  

Whistlestop has variety of programs including creative writing, exercises, arts program and even immigrant assistance with language issues for those in need of help.  The building is fully owned by the non-profit and they can build up to five floors, their long range plan may include the construction of a facility to keep assisting all seniors including housing.  The SMART train program will be within few feet of the building complicating access but providing transportation once completed.

In closing, it was suggested by our members to form a joint fund raiser with the other organizations that meet at Jackson Cafe.  (Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor, Lions Club, and BNI (Business Networking Inc)).  Farhad will meet with those clubs as well as with Whistlestop team under Yvonne Roberts to pursue that possible community fundraiser.  Once all the details are gathered, a formal proposal will be submitted to our club via Hank and Ken as Co-chairs of Community Services.










Meeting Oct 31, 2012 William Ring 2012-10-31 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Oct 24 2012


Melody provided the inspiration and the pledge.  She told the group that if today is a bad day, tomorrow is a brand new one and you can start off the day from scratch.


Rotarian Don Sizemore from the Rotary Club of San Rafael (100 members) was visiting us today.  He classification is Document Management.

Matilee Johnson, wife of Emerson.


We will be pushing for new members as we need to replace at least a four members we lost this year.  Each member should ask their: friends, banker, dentist, CPA, doctor, nurse, therapist, shopper, travel agent, yoga teacher, lawyer and so many classifications that we do not even have a single member in that area.

Hank thanked Paul  for his leadership teamed with Liz to complete the Senior Garden Project at San Geronimo Community Center.

Hank also reminded us of our Annual Senior Thanksgiving Lunch;  November 14th from 9am to 1:30 at St Patrick's in Larkspur.  It's at the corner of Kind and Magnolia Street.  We will not have a meeting that morning and hence this is a required attendance event for all.  All the food will be taken care of by a very loyal caterer, The Red Robin in Larkspur.  A sign up sheet is on line under Events, please go online and sign up ASAP.

The next big event as well as a possible fund raiser will be climbing Mt. Tam and visiting the historic heritage site where the remains of a WWI plane crash are located.  Our Past Pres Gordon  made us aware of this site few years back.  The young adults under the care of Angela from the County may participate in this great event as well.

Susan attended the Funding Meeting on behalf of our Club and reported to us the importance of early filing if we are serious in getting funds for projects.


Past Pres James C  shared his hike up Mt. Tam with son and two dogs.  By the time they were on top of the 2,800 feet mountain, they had to call Jody to get a ride back.  James Jr and the dogs were accommodated but James had to offer a free dinner at Stinson to get back home!!

Dr Earl recalled his great time with two dogs by Fallen Lake in the Sierras when he needed a car to get back as well.

Dianne Chute is back with us after a six month of hospital and rehab absence.  She thanked everyone in the Club especially Bill R, Alan, Dr Earl and Pres Herman.  Our ex member David Simpson and his wonderful wife Diane were instrumental in helping Dianne in her recovery.

Farhad gave a quick report on his disaster of his five-high bee hive collapse due to heavy rain and poor foundation.  On the positive note, his face looked like he had a great(?) botox treatment, no wrinkles around one eye!


The Executive Director of the Disney Museum in the Presidio made a memorable presentation on her museum.  This is more than a tribute to Walt, but that the whole Disney family is covered makes it one great museum that can be recommended to all.  Walt Disney, with family roots in the Bay area, has done so much for the entertainment industry that, to this day,  his accomplishments are still influencing what we see and experience.   As she noted, Walt Disney demonstrated the attribute of a real leader; one who implements his dreams despite all barriers.  









Meeting on Oct 24 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-10-24 00:00:00Z
Club Bulletin Oct 17, 2012

GREETER: Jirayr was the Greeter.  He gave us an inspiring quote, but your editor was sleeping!!


  • Phil Snell - Past Pres. of the Rotary Club of Ignacio.  Phil was so thrilled with our inspiring speaker that he e-mailed us of his run that afternoon.
  • Farima Wassel Joya -  Guest of Mahsa.   Farima is an Afghani studying at the College of Arts. While a student without health insurance, she was a RotaCare client.  Farima was so impressed by what RotaCare and the other things we do that she decided to do a video project on our Club and RotaCare.


  • The Call of the Sea fundraiser was a success.  It netted about $2,000 for the Club.  It will be used for scholarships for Call of the Sea students. (Great Job 37 paid attendees)
  • The St. Pat's Holiday Dinner is scheduled for Nov 14th. Note that it counts as our meeting for that week for those of us who worry about attendance.  The Club will be serving senior citizens who always look forward to this event every year.  It is not a religiously affiliated event but simply uses the facilities of St Patrick's Church in Larkspur.  We highly recommend this event for all members as it is both rewarding and hard work!!
  • Past Pres Ken reviewed the great work of Liz and company on the Garden Project.  It was finished on time with many voluteers including other clubs and community members.   Thanks to Paul our newest member for his critical role in the project.
  • Past Pres Hank and Ken also mentioned how well the Timothy Murphy Garden Project has progressed.  But it still needs help.  On Nov 29th, there will be joint lunch meeting with Mission San Rafael.  We will be attending to receive a formal thank you to the clubs for doing so much of the work with our club as the main sponsors.  It would not have been possible without  one of the key members of the Mission San Rafael club as well as countless hours that members of both clubs contributed to this successful project.  It is a good candidate for our Rotary public relations effort.
  • Pres Elect Chuck and Pres Elect Elect Lisa gave a summary of the PRLS training they attended. This is a leadership program not only for presidents-elect but for all members.  If you attend, the Club will pay your registration fee.  Chuck wrote an email on this (see news), he has been through the famous IBM and Xerox sales training.  Chuck places PRLS above all of them.  Your editor today has ADD and a very hard time attending meetings much less a self improvement training. Their unabashed support for this program motivated yours truly to go online and sing up.  Chuck recommended this program for new members as well as us "old timers".
  • Lisa  gave an update on the Interact at Redwood.  Despite their small numbers, they are very motivated to do projects with us and other clubs.
  • Past Pres Cristy  gave a heart warming review on RotaCare.  She noted that there are frequently waiting lists.  The board has made the decision to expand the service for an additional night if staff can be recruited.  As Cristy said, doctors do not need to travel far to help with community and all we ask is one night a month.  Please try to recruit your own doctors and nurses.
  • Past Pres Rolando reminded us of the Golden Gate Fields Rotary at the Races event.  We have about ten sign ups and we need more.  If you saw or, even better, read Seabiscuit, you need to see the grounds that he ran on!! :-)
  • Past Pres Rolando is recruiting for a TV appearance opportunity for our Club to help fundraising for KQED-TV.  Bill R and Farhad  supported manning the phones for KQED-radio where we met kind and professional volunteers.  We can do a car pool and enjoy a no-cost outing.  PLEASE see Rolando for the details.


Past Pres Ken used his newly acquired President's Club membership to tell of his earlier as well as predicted Good Times. He had a great time attending a number of the recent critical baseball games.  He and LeAnn are heading for Fiji and Tahiti for a long, well-deserved vacation. Ken promised to come back from the trip ready to fulfill his commitment to hike from Mill Valley to the top of  Mt. Tam with others from our Club. We will be inviting the Interactors on this a low budget, but potentially highly profitable, event.

Susan Burke on Inspiration
Ms. Burke inspired more than a few of us to do what is needed to be done to feel better.  Unfortunately, there was an audio visual problem. It didn't really slow her down (or if it did, WOW!).

Club Bulletin Oct 17, 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-10-17 00:00:00Z
Club Meeting on Oct 3, 2012
GREETER: Dr Earl who lead us in the pledge and quote of the day

GUESTS: Azucena Segura, Dulce Tafoll and Angela Arenaz (Speakers)

Cap Alan
said that it looks likes he will have a full boat for the Call of the Sea sail tomorrow
Past Pres Ken and Paul gave a report on the Garden project that is going forward this Saturday.  
      Thanks to Paul, we have been able to get all material at a steep discount.  If you go, bring tools and wear tough shoes.
Past Pres Rolando had only two slots open for RotaCare between now and all the way to December
Past Pres Cristy announced the winner for the Foundation event and it was no other than Farhad (Nahal will really appreciate this one)

Dr Earl
had his daughter back home and it was a treat.
Cap Alan announced the return of Dianne to her own home today after five months of rehab due to a fall causing a break in her upper vertebrate.   If it was not for the constant support of architect Steve Thompson, Dianne would not be with us today.  Unfortunately for Steve had his own fall a month ago causing hemorrhage in his brain.  He is still in Marin General.  He was much improved today and, after 12 days of sedation,  was up and awake but still groggy.    If any of you have time call, please to visit Dianne at home.

Cap Alan gave us a preview of all the activities with building a new Tall Ship in Sausalito with protected wood from old growth up in Oregon.  The site was finally selected  close to Bay Model.  The best news is that it is FREE.

Dr Mike gave us a summary of the social outing in Bodega Bay organized by Past Pres Rolando.  It was a full schedule with restaurant, site visits, and a tour of the area by Dr Mike personally.  The group left about 11:30 and did not get back till 5:30!!

Bill R had a good time in Mexico except for the return trip that finished with an $80 cab fare to his home at 3:00am.  Good to have you back.

Emerson provided short humorous anecdote from the special 5% of his repertoire.  The other 95% might not be appreciated in Marin.

SPEAKER: Angela Arenas
Angela has single handedly created a fitness program for girls and young ladies who land in the Probation Office of the County.  She is funding it on her own and there is a waiting list to join.  The program accepts girls between the ages from 9 years to 15 years.  Most are among the elder group but the younger ones who are accepted look up to the older ones as role models.  Angela brought Azucena and Dulce who are in her program.  It is inspiring.  Our club is already putting together plans to help her cause with financial support as well as working with them on joint programs.  If only we could have more individuals like Angela, there would be far fewer problems left to solve in the world.

Club Meeting on Oct 3, 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-10-03 00:00:00Z
Club Meeting on Sept 26, 2012
GREETER: Trish led us in the pledge and added the inspiration: " Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes, courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again".

  • Melody Gamba - Roland Carr
  • Paul Basker- Liz Luater
  • Andrea Comrade- Ken Tarrant
  • Babak Taleghani - Farhad
  • Call of the Sea fun-fundraiser is going well and only two spots are left.  If you are interested, contact Past Pres Cap Alan immediately.
  • Phil  gave us the whole story as to why he had fewer fresh eggs than the normal rate from his farm.
  • Past Pres Rolando gave a little background info on what we do at the RotaCare Clinic for our new members.
  • Please check events for the Friday at Bodega Bay Lunch in appreciation of Past Pres Dr Mike who makes the trip every Wednesday to be with us!!
  • PLEASE go to the big Foundation Bash at the Bay Model this Sunday.  Register online for the Foundation Event, online registration closes this Wednesday (09/25/2012).  If you miss this date you can register and pay at the door.  Don't miss out on the amazing raffle prizes this year. Download the Raffle Flyer to see them 

    Click Here To Register.
Melody Gamba and Paul Basker
were both inducted.  The sponsors were Rolando and Liz.  Welcome on board.

Melody Gamab will be our 2nd youngest member.  She was approved by the Board as a new member of Marin Sunrise and inducted this morning.   Melody lives in Marin and her office is in Novato.  Her profession is in Human Resource application outsourcing, in particular with the Paychex PR service company.  She is very good at it!! Melody is a business friend of Rolando, her sponsor.  Great job: Rolando...THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Paul Basker, who has been quite active with Liz in our second Garden Project, was also approved by the Board.   Liz will be his sponsor.  Without her, it would be very doubtful he would have joined. Paul is a mutl-talented individual.   He is a Construction Manger by profession.  His knowledge of computers, networks and general PC related areas  is beyond most if not all of us.  He is also a wine maker with many local awards as well as cheese maker!!  (I think we will have fun with next fund raisers with his home make items. -Ed)  He is expecting his first grandchild in December.   THANK YOU Liz for you enthusiasm and the energy you have brought to our club as well as convincing Paul to join. 

  • Jirayr was in Cancun with his parents for a week doing all activities that he was hoping to do: Cave Crawling, Kayaking, Jungle Zip lines, and Visiting ancient ruins
  • Lisa took a whole week off and just relaxed then read and then relaxed and then rested....
  • Dr Earl bought his first iPhone (it is an iPhone 5).  It took him three hours to get it to ring!  Other than that, he hopes he will be more productive with it.
  • Farhad, Bill R and Rolando had a great time and a very busy day on Friday as part of the last KQED phone fund raisers.  Farhad had a $2,000 donor call in and he was so excited that the caller soon reduced her donation to a $1,000!!  It was still the largest donation for that time slot!
  • Rolando offered a challenge to give $150 if three others jump in with the same amount for fines through the end of the year of Pres Herman's term.  (Where did you get that idea, Rolando?)
Major Matt Shortal is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Matt is a Blue Angels pilot and a dear friend of Ken.  He graduated with honors from St. Pius X High School in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1990. He attended the University of Illinois on a Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp (NROTC) Scholarship where he ran varsity track and graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and a CPA designation. 

After graduation, Matt reported to Quantico, Virginia, for basic training. He reported for aviation indoctrination at Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, Florida, and then primary flight training at nearby NAS Whiting Field. Matt then transferred to NAS Meridian, Mississippi, for intermediate flight training, and NAS Kingsville, Texas, for advanced flight training, where he earned his wings of gold in February 1997. 

Matt was assigned to the Marine Corps Training Squadron 101 (VMFAT 101), the “Sharpshooters,” at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro, California, for training in the F/A-18 Hornet. In July 1998, he reported to the “Red Devils” at Marine Strike Fighter Squadron 232 (VMFA 232), MCAS Miramar. Matt completed one Unit Deployment Program (UDP) to MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. In February 2001, he was transferred to VMFAT 101 as an instructor pilot. He served as the assistant air-to-ground phase head and night attack phase head. In addition, Matt was a member of the All-Marine Triathlon Team for three years, representing the Marine Corps at the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championships in 2000, 2001 and 2002. In 2002, he represented the United States as a member of Team USA at the World Long Course Triathlon Championships in Nice, France. 

In December 2002, Matt transferred to the VMFA (AW) 225 “Vikings” as the pilot training officer. In February 2003, he was deployed to Kuwait and flew 36 combat missions in support of Operations Southern Watch and Iraqi Freedom. Upon return, he reported to the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN), at NAS Fallon, Nevada, and graduated in July. In October, Matt graduated from Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 (MAWTS 1) Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) Course. 

Matt deployed to MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, in March 2004 for another UDP. In September 2004, he was selected as the 2004 Marine Corps Aviator of the Year, earning the Alfred A. Cunningham Award. 

Matt joined the Blue Angels in September of 2004. He has accumulated more than 2,300 flight hours. His decorations include the Individual Air Medal with combat “V,” three Strike Flight Air Medals, two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals (one Combat Distinguishing Device), two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and various personal and unit award.

Club Meeting on Sept 26, 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-09-26 00:00:00Z
Club Meeting Sept 19, 2012
GREETER:  Liz  was the greeter. She has now completed her Blue Badge requirements. Here is her Top Ten Rules for An Optimistic LIfe:
10-Fall in Love 9-Feed your mind positive thoughts 8-Indulge your passions 7-Laugh 6-Keep a feel-good journal 5-Enjoy simple things 4-See the glass half-full 3-FInd positive friends 2-Volunteer for a cause you believe in 1-Join Marin Sunrise Rotary Club (the editors added the last!!)

Melody Gamab
- Paychex Salesperson - Rolando
Steve Ropetsky - Human Resource Consultant- Rolando
Paul Basker - Construction Manager- Farhad
Ken Dumont - Swim Coach- Farhad
Nick Puliz - Franchisee Bunt Cakes- Rolando (Nick brought a delicious Bundt Cake from his Catering business in Corte Madera for Auction)
Jack Sochan - Artist - Barbara

Call of the Sea event (only 5 seats left, please sign up ASAP)
Barbara announced that we are using the District money for the Latin American Girls support program.
Cristy announced the FREE event at WAMOs
Alan,  Chair of the President-elect Committee announced the nomination of Chuck to be our President-elect.  He was unanamously elected. 
Thanks Chuck for taking on this responsibility. 
Liz is looking for volunteers to help with the San Geronimo Garden Project Oct 8.  Meet at the San Geronimo Golf Course.


announced the likelihood of having an Irish son-in-law.
Ken had an apparently successful eye operation.  Cross your fingers that it will be a great help for him.
Steve Thompson, Dianne's savior had a fall and is now also in the hospital.
Dianne is doing well
Chuck had a better time on the zip line than his grandchildren.  Zip lining AND becoming Pres-elect.  What a brave man!

SPEAKER:  Lama Tenzin showed a short DVD on his work with orphans in India. 
This was followed by a talk and Q&A session. 
He recognized that the Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise as the club (via Barbara Euser) that really got him started. 
Club Meeting Sept 19, 2012 William Ring 2012-09-19 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 12 2012

Led the Pledge, gave three Inspirations and donated an Auction Item.

  • Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind. - Lewis and Clark
  • When you are asked if you can do a job well, tell them "Certainly I can!".  Then get busy and find our how to do it. - Teddy Roosevelt
  • Old age is like every thing else, to make a success of it, you have to start young. - Indian Chief
Note: Cammie credited several authors, but the Internet attributes all to Teddy Roosevelt.

Paul Basker - General Contractor/Entrepreneur - Guest of Farhad
Susan Berke - Inspirational Consultant - Guest of Chuck
Jim Munger - Education - Guest of Emerson
Melody Gamab - PR Processing - Rolando

  • San Geronimo Senior Citizens Garden Project. - Oct 6 - More detail coming soon from Ken and Liz
  • Rotary Foundation Showcase of Projects - Sunday September 30 - at the Bay Model
  • Call of the Sea Event see Events
  • PRLS Rotary Educational Event - Saturday Oct 13th - $55 per person - But the Club will pay for it.
  • Half Moon Bay Club festival - Friday Oct 19th
  • Barbara announced the receipt of $800 funding from RI to be put towards a girls health program in Latin America


  • Dr Earl went on a 3-day float with family on Rogue River.
  • Roland, Bill R and Farhad helped fundraise at KQED (Blast says Farhad - Satisfying drudge says Bill).
  • Cammie recommended the Irish music event every Tuesday 2 to 5 at the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax

SPEAKER: Jamie Hanna, Founder of Zohba.  Ms. Hanna is a Virginian who received her MBA from Harvard and then, after raising two girls, started her own business, Zohba.  Her husband, who graduated from MIT is the Chair of the Board of Directors at the Montessori school where Emerson was recently the principal.  She is a triathloner and a yoga practitioner which led her to start a small business focused on Yoga clothing.  Zohba has  grown into a multinational brand name.  She will be opening her first retail store in Mill Valley in October.

Her Keys to Success are:

  • Identify Consumer Need
  • Research Market Opportunity
  • Leverage Network and Experts
  • Understand Capital Needs (X2)
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Identify Core Competencies
  • Operational Excellence
If she did it again, Ms. Hanna would never start on her own but would get a partner.  She laments how lonely it gets at the top and that a partner would be invaluable when starting an enterprise.
Meeting on Sept 12 2012 William Ring 2012-09-12 00:00:00Z
Meeting on Sept 5th, 2012
GREETER: Peter led the pledge and gave two inspirations.

Nicole and Susan Vandeberg, guests of Pres Herman
Liz Addision guest of Farhad.

Please visit the Event section of the website to sign up for the Call of the Sea sailing event. There are limited spaces left.  You can now pay for it online with your credit card.

Farhad gave a presentation on the new web site and included a little training for new users.  A key feature is that there is a public area and a private area.  Members can logon to use the central mailing capability for mass mailings to other members and guests or just to groups of people.   Members can review their attendance record, change their profile AND PLEASE, put in a short biography. 

Liz  has done a great job and, if all goes well, we should be able to get District Funding for her new garden project.

Past Pres Ken announced a work (part)day at the Timothy Murphy School Garden from 8 to 10 this Saturday.

son was married at the Larkspur Theater. The ceremony was complete with film trailer videos and posters.  Great time for all including the parents who had no idea what was awaiting them.

Phil visited caverns and underground rivers.

Emerson noted that the new Berkeley stadium has been completed.

Dr Earl was at Tahoe and had a great time.  His home up there is for sale.   It's right on the lake.

Farhad and few other members celebrated Maggie's recent wedding at her home in Tiburon.

Niclole Vandenberg
shared the story on her summer internship with Amigos.  Rural Oaxaca is a long way from Sausalito! Her initiative and resourcefulness at such an early age was amazing.  Great job Herman and Susan for this young lady's superior upbringing.

Meeting on Sept 5th, 2012 William Ring 2012-09-05 00:00:00Z
August 29, 2012 meeting


GREETER: Jim Costello, was the greeter.  His inspiration was a quote relating to our garden projects : "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant."  Robert Louis Stevenson.  Past Pres Jim was quoting from an article in the IJ on the San Rafael Marin Ventures, (http://www.marinventures.org/) - Planting seeds for well being.

Paul Basker,General Contractor, Fairfax  guest of Farhad.
Melody Gamab, Paychex, guest of Rolando.

Dr Mike
gave a summary of the Golf fundraiser. We netted about $12,000.
Capt Alan reminded all of the October 4th Call of the Sea yacht racing event.  There is a limit of 40 spaces with 12 signups.  However, several members were seen getting out their checkbooks, so this might be the last time to get in on the event.  
Barbara gave a quick summary of the RI  and District Foundation grants.  We have only until Sept. 8 to apply to the District.  Barbara also encouraged attendance at the upcoming Bay Model District Conference on September 30.   
Chuck announced that there were a few places left for the Giants - Dodgers game on Sept 8. 

Barbara and Stephen
are finally empty nesters as Barbara's son has joined his girlfriend in Buffalo, NY. (He must really love her to go to Buffalo.-Ed)
Chuck celebrated his birthday with a sail to watch the races with his family.  Afterward, a meal at the Balboa Cafe followed by an outing with his grandchildren on a zip line adventure in the Healdsburg Redwoods 
Farhad announced he has entered a fundraiser bike ride around Lake Tahoe (72 mikes with 4,000+ elevation) Sept 8.  HE NEEDS SPONSORS!
John celebrated his 70th as well as his final retirement from Interactive Resources (He was one of the founders of Interactive Resources AND Marin Sunrise.) 

Fred Mac
spoke on the wonderful work of Trout Unlimited. Its main goal beyond restoration of local fisheries is the incredible educational programs it offers for elementary school children. He showed a video on Trout Unlimited activities accompanied by a personal and inspirational talk. Fred was a former teacher and colleague of Past Pres Rolando who was also a public school teacher prior to becoming an Enroled IRS Agent. 
August 29, 2012 meeting William Ring 2012-08-29 00:00:00Z
Club Meeting on Aug 22, 2012


 Past Pres Bill Cope gave a lengthy summary of the Olympics.

  • This was the year of the woman: Of the 46 Gold medals won by the US, 29 were won by women.
  • If US women were a single country, they would be 3rd among all other nations.  
  • This was the 5th straight year that the US won the highest number of medals.
  • Cal and Stanford alumni accounted for 33 medals.   It was 17-16  - Go Bears!  


  • Phil has restarted the Raffle.  Tickets are $1 or 6 for $5.  If your ticket is selected, you get a chance to find the one clear marble in the bag. If you find it, you win half the pot, with the rest going to the Club.  For each draw, there will be one less marble.
  • Dr Mike gave a wrap-up on the Golf Tournament. He acknowledged the great work by Matt, Cristy, Roland and Gus. We raised close to $14,000.  Add that to the $3,000 from Past Pres Christie's Tennis tournament, the Cub now has an additional $17,000. 
  • Lisa noted that the Call of the Sea event on Sept. 30th is filling up, please check Capt Alan's website to sign up for one of the few remaining berths. 
  • Marlyn explained the Trading Banner Exchange system.   When you travel, it provides a means to introduce yourself to local clubs.  They are free.  See the person at the desk before you go.  


  • Dr Mike - Bodega golf event
  • Marlyn - Recalled her trip to Phoenix and how the old guard were treating women in RI in the early 90’s.
  • Cristy – Remembered her trip with John on a PC exchange program with the Budapest Rotary Club
  • Matt – Went to an event honoring a grand old teacher who really connected with kids.
  • Wine Auction: Won by Marlyn


Key Roles of probation officers are:


California spends 78% of the $13 billion Corrections budget on prison-related costs

The major factor that makes this number so large is that the rate of incarceration has dramatically increased from the 90’s.  This is due to a number of factors.  In particular:

  • Greatly reduced incarceration in mental health institutions
  • Cuts in funding for rehabilitation
  • The Three Strikes Law
  • Drug related crime 

All this in spite of the fact that major crime has decreased. 
Some of the decrease is probably because many criminals are still in prison.

Marin County is working hard to decrease criminal behavior by an improved probation department.  This was motivated by the realization that prison guards are well trained to deal with criminals; but not juveniles, drug addicts and the mentally handicapped.

One of the services we offer to youth on probation is access to a job developer, who assists young people who have expressed interest in obtaining employment. The staff person in this position is always interested in developing contacts in the business community, particularly those who would be interested in offering opportunities for youth trying to turn their lives around.


If anyone in your organization would like to get more details about how this program operates, please have them call me directly and I can refer them to our Job Developer.

Club Meeting on Aug 22, 2012 William Ring 2012-08-22 00:00:00Z
Club Bulletin for August 15th 2012
Our Greeter was our newest member Mahsa who provide the quote:  
"Why be a man when you can be a success?
Bertolt Brech (1898-1956)

GUESTS: Drew McIntyre ADG, Bob and Riki Intner Past DG and Current DG
DG Bob Inducted Mahsa as the newest member.

New member Chuck Orr's Three Minute speech
Born in East St Louis Ill, (the after-hours city across the Mississippi from St Louis) home of Miles Davis, and the famous Blue Note where Chuck Berry, Ike and Tina Turner played in the 50's early 60's.  He is married to Nazan, sister to Nahal Talaghani.  He really enjoys being a part of a Persian Family --  even with Farhad in it!!  Chuck has two daughters living in Mill Valley and one in Colorado.  Nazan has one daughter who has been one of our corporate sponsors for several years.

If 6 degrees of separation applied here, then there will be several connections in this club before long.
Chuck attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana on a Navy ROTC scholarship majoring in Engineering.
He spent four years as an Officer in the Navy
  • 2 Years as Repair Officer on a Guided Missile Destroyer based in Charleston SC
  • 2 Years as Engineering Office on a Destroyer Escort based in San Diego
  • Duty in Bering Sea and South China Sea and Gulf of Tonkin
  • During both tours, had junior skippers so his ships were often assigned to plane guard duty
  • Earned a Vietnam Service Medal with the dubious distinction of no seeing the country.  Plane guard duties involve watching the south end of aircraft carriers headed north.  
After Navy, he attended Berkeley and got an MBA in Finance/International Business.  What a cultural shock walking to class with a gas mask!

After Berkeley Chuck went to work for IBM -- another cultural shock.  In the following twenty years he started three ComputerLands in San Francisco.   Next he started an IT training franchise called Productivity Point International.  From there, he was recruited to be CEO of a master franchise for New Horizons in Hong Kong.   There he started and changed the model to a very successful program prior to heading home due to family commitments.

Currently Chuck is on a mission to save the world one high-rise at a time!  Our biggest category energy use is "Buildings".  Office buildings account for much of this energy in the US.  Office buildings waste 20 to 25% of their power.  Chuck's job is part detective, part engineer and part financial analyst. His approach includes:
  • Survey the energy usage
  • Recommend energy efficiency measures
  • Evaluate the resulting return on investment
Chuck describes his business as a Forensic Energy Efficiency Engineer Consultant.  This is a win-win for everyone.  Clients save money, the environment is improved and we become less energy dependent.


Dr Mike and Cristy gave an update on the Golf Tournament:  36 golfers and about 68 dinners.  We should be able to raise about $11,000.

  • Cap Alan - His grand daughter is now on the Call of the Sea and expected to return shortly. 
  • Herman - His daughter is returning from Mexico after working under extremely tough environment - No iPad. No iPhone.
  • Liz - Noticed the editorial essay on RotaCare Article  in the IJ.   Liz and her husband David loved spending time at RotaCare. 

Speaker:  DG Bob Intner
DG Bob gave an inspiring speech on Rotary.  He started by noting our many projects. He enrolled us all in IGNITE.  We are all torch bearers "who will invite, unite and ignite new members whose fire and energy will add to ours".

Club Bulletin for August 15th 2012 William Ring 2012-08-15 00:00:00Z
Meeting on 8 8 2012
GREETER: Gus was the greeter/pledge leader.  He asked for a period of silence for the victims of the Sikh Temple.
SPEAKER: Traci Lanier - 10,0000 Degrees Foundation
GUEST: Past Pres Hank's niece.

  • Pres Herman reminded all of the District Governor visit next week.  Tuesday, (August 14th) at 4:30p.m. at Jackson Café.  The meeting should be less than two hours 
  • Past Pres Cap Alan encouraged all to visit Dianne at Kentfield Rehabilitation & Specialty Hospital
    1125 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard  in Kentfield
  • Chuck Orr's Sept 8th Baseball Day at the Giants needs fans. (Only Pres Herman has signed up so far...)
  • Past Pres Dr Mike and Cristy gave a quick review of the Golf fundraiser.  We are doing OK but a lot more work is needed to reach our $20,000 goal
  • Past Pres Dr Mike and Marlyn suggested we make a Paul Harris donation in the names of Past Pres. Christie and husband Greg for a job well done on the tennis event.  It netted (Did we say that?) our club about $3,000 (THANK YOU CHRISTIE)
  • Lama Tenzin Orphanage in India 
  • Birthing Center in Palestine (Waiting to hear about a visit )
  • International Rotoplast

Please contact Barbara if you interested to join in with her activities


  • New Generations is the name of the Interact and Rotaract areas
  • The Club suggested that Redwood High school Interact could work with us on an International project

Please contact Lisa if you like to help with Interact and Club Services 

Bill Ring: Took Sue's ashes to her favorite retreat ground. On the way he stopped in New York and London.  Later he took week-long courses on Astronomy, and War and Peacemaking.  His tutor asked that he tell 100 people that the US is doing an exceptionally good job in Iraq now. During his last week, he found out that there was a flood in his house.  He is camping out in his one unwattered room. 
GUS: Had a major stent insertion into two arteries. He looked great with 30 lbs less weight.  Way to go Gus! 
Marlyn: Attended a fly-in with the Rotary Flyers in Santa Monica

Traci Lanier, Past Vice President of Common Sence.  Alumna of Holderness School and Colby College
She presented a short video and power point presentation on the work of the 10,000 Degrees Foundation.

 10,000 Degrees (Formerly Marin Education Fund) believes everyone deserves a chance to earn a college degree. For more than 30 years, 10,000 Degrees have been providing life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged students throughout the Bay Area. Many of our students are the first in their family to attend college. 84 percent of their students complete a four-year degree, compared to the national rate of 24 percent for students from low-income households. Their graduates return to help other students and inspire and energize their communities as role models and mentors. 

Since 1981, 10,000 Degrees has distributed more than 27,000 scholarships to Marin residents totaling more than $36 million.  10,000 Degrees is one of the most effective, efficient and innovative college access organizations in the country. They do this work because they believe that creating college graduates can change the world.  Without it, the cycle of poverty would undoubtedly continue. Their goal is to help put 10,000 students on the path to a college degree each year.

You are invited to join them in making a difference for a student, a family, a community and our country. 

Meeting on 8 8 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-08-08 00:00:00Z
Club Meeting on Aug 1, 2012
GREETER: Herman acted as the greeter/pledge and Past President Roland gave the inspiration.
GUEST and SPEAKER: Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools (elected for four years), an honorary member of Novato Rotary Club
  • Call of the sea going fast please contact Pres Herman or Captain Alan Olson to sign up as soon as possible
  • Chuck Orr announced the date for the Dodgers/SF Giants day; he will be sending an email to all of us soon
  • Past Pres Ken gave us a quick update on the the Golf Event fund raiser for Aug 17th; we need golfers, donations as well as T-Signs PLEASE HELP this is our major fund raiser and it is the funds that allows our club to be active in the community
  • Past Pres Christie K sent an email that we should have about $3,000 from her tennis event.  THANK YOU CHRISTIE 
Liz Lauter (born, Liz Raab) in San Francisco, attended Lowell High School, then Mills College in Oakland, then UC Davis. Married David Lauter in 1976 (when I was 19).  I always studied painting and art from a very young age, and in college I majored in the sciences and art. I love biology and botany and I double majored with art. 

We moved with our 3 children from Davis to Israel for 4 years while David did agricultural research for the Israeli government and I began teaching an after school art program  (in Hebrew) to our children and their friends. I also began a hand painted textile design business there from the inspiring Armenian tiles that I saw in Jerusalem. I loved discovering the decorative Islamic arts on ceramic tiles which inspired me to paint these designs onto women's clothing and table linens which became a business while we were in Israel.

A 4th baby was born while we were in Israel, and then we moved back home to San Francisco where my father-in-law bet me a nickel that I couldn't sell my hand painted textiles to Gump's store in S.F. I did and my products were in the Gump's window on Post Street for 3 months.
That success jump started my manufacturing business which silk screened my artwork onto textile gifts, such as aprons, totes, t-shirts, place mats, pillow covers. I sold my garden and gourmet themed textile products nationally in garden gift, gourmet stores and national gift catalogs for 10 years. My company is Liz Lauter Designs (I have a website: lizlauter.com) My products were all made locally in the Bay Area. I also designed products for other companies, such as fabric, ceramic serving collections, and other tabletop accessories.

The economy was in a slump and I stopped manufacturing in 1998 and fell into teaching art at Redwood High school where I have been for the past 12 years. I teach Ceramics, Sculpture, AP Art and Intro to Art mainly. I am a National Board Certified Teacher and learned that I am the only NBCT in Art in all of Marin.
I currently am enrolled in a Master's in Education and Administration at the same time that I am teaching.
I recently organized and am directing the development and management of a community garden out in San Geronimo Valley.

My business website where you can see an array of my artwork is : lizlauter.com
I have a virtual store of my designs which are now out of print, but available for reprinting by Cafe Press. My store is :http://www.cafepress.com/lizlauterfreshmessage Proceeds from my sales will go to benefit the San Geronimo Valley Community Garden. 

Liz Lauter: Had her first visit at RotaCare and took David (her hubby). She truly had a great time and felt the great family feeling that Blanch bring to this great undertaking of Rotary and community.  
Lisa: Had a the great fortune to actually find a mural of her father baseball days with his name in SF.  He played minor league in N East and then dedicated his whole life to helping youth with Baseball including a $1 per year for USF coaching the team.  Great story and very inspiring.  Please contact her for the exact location.
Pres Herman:He is thrilled in anticipation of his daughter home coming after the summer work in Mexico.  She had very little water to shower or even for drinking.  She can not wait to come home for 1-Cold clean H2O, 2-Good warm food 3-Watch movies.  She feels like a total spa treatment.
Farhad and Nahal: Had an amazing  one hour and a half of golf lessons from David Lauter who has played the game since ten years old.  It was totally amazing to see him hit the balls so effortlessly and smoothly; they were just flying into the open space on a straight path!!

Jirayr, our Paul Harris Chair, presented a Paul Harris Pin for Farhad for his contribution over the years on behalf of Nahal, Shireen (daughter), and himself.  REMINDER: Paul Harris foundation is the building block of our entire international and domestic source of funding for all programs.

Peter David and Chuck Orr presented few exciting facts about the proposed major Marin County Rotary Bike Ride.  The revenue potential is huge.  Peter came up with this great idea and his daughter who rode for U of C Berkeley is still part of a team of riders and hence Peter's source of inspiration.  He feels he himself does not have the time nor does he see others in the club with that same level of energy to push this.  Chuck Orr approached Pres Herman to lead in cooperation with many of the other 14 Marin County Rotary Clubs.  The Petaluma Club that has been doing this for three years is already in total agreement to help up in anyway we wish to.  The key will be the 120 volunteers that we need.  The volunteers come from Scouts, Schools Bike teams, Rotarian as well as organizations such as Trips-for Kids that has already agreed to support us.


Mary Jane Burke, who attended Dominican College and earned a BA in Education, is now a Trustee of the Dominican University and a mother of kids who attended public schools in Marin.  Her deep and sincere passion for Public Education was very inspiring.  Her husband has also served as Principal and Superintendent of local schools.  She made a real convincing argument in support of Governor Brown's proposals in revamping the financial gaps of the state in the upcoming election.  She had a lot to discuss and volunteered to be back at a mutually convenient future date.

One of the things that makes Marin special and unique to me is our interdependence. There is a definite culture of support and encouragement in our community. This has made us a vibrant and strong place — vibrancy that has always fostered creativity and diversity of thought, and strength that gives us the courage to looks at areas where we need to continue our work on being the best community we can be.

This culture of support and encouragement has helped to create a school system that provides outstanding educational programs for our children.  We enjoy the support and partnership of parents and residents, businesses, local government and community organizations that join us in our goal to provide the best possible education for all of our children in all of our schools.

I invite you to tour the Marin County Office of Education’s website to learn more about the myriad of programs, services and resources that are provided to students, parents, districts, schools and the community through our office and community partnerships.

It is my honor to serve you as the Marin County Superintendent of Schools.

Club Meeting on Aug 1, 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-08-01 00:00:00Z
Meeting on 7 25 2012
Greeter was Past President Roland

Guests: We had one Rotarian visitor (Joan Capurro of Ross Valley Club); they have a great event coming up at Ross Valley Club that she passed out an invitation to all.  Our guest Mahsa attended her 2nd meeting.  She was approved as our newest member by our Board and if there are no objections she will be inducted in two weeks.  She is a Medical Assistant and Entrepreneur with many small business experiences.  She is already working on recruiting a lady doctor to the Club.  We were also honored to have Matilee Johnson who is Emerson's wonderful wife. They have been married for 35+ years and live in Presideo.  

General Announcements and Discussions:
*Call of the Sea forth coming great event on the water for the great races is on.  Space is limited so please sign up ASAP.
*Golf Tournament is only at $7,000 and per Dr Mike we are way behind our goal of $20,000.  We need lots of T-Signs.  These are donations that business owners give (min $150) and we print large signs in prominent location for their advertising.
*Past Pres Roland Reviewed the Process of Budgeting going forward:
  • Interested Member Initiated projects are presented or emailed to the Service Chair(s) who then compile the list
  • Based on the budget and fund availability the list is then presented to the members
  • If all agreed, then our new year budgets are set till June 30 2013 when the fiscal year is over
The Revenue for this year is key and our major fund raiser is our Golf so we need all of your help to approach all businesses to ask for a minimum $150 donation to support our great projects.

Lisa and Pres Herman led the discussions on the Community Service areas of interest.  All the of existing great work will continue such as: St Pat Senior Dinner, St Vincent Garden Project, RotaCare, as well several new ones initiated by our new members Chuck (Vet Assistant Activity) and Liz (Garden Project in St Geronimo).  The key will be what revenues we can raise to support the new Visions as stated by Lisa: 1-Youth 3-Health 4-Education

SPEAKER: We had a fantastic program by Molly Graham from Doyle extension highway and tunnel Project.  This is a $1Bill project with an estimated completion date of 2015.  The first of the four tunnels is completed and so far they are way ahead of schedule due to the Federal Stimulus Funding for this year.  There is a great website on this project if you google it.  They so have on-site public visitors days but it requires a call prior to the visit for large groups.

CLOSING: The meeting was ended on great notes (we have about 28 attendees).  There was a Board meeting after the meeting with agenda covering ( Please note all Board Meetings are Open to all members and new members are encourage to attend to find first hand how we run these sessions:
  • Corrections to the By-Laws (not changes)
  • Non Active member statuses
  • Membership Committee Chair reports
  • Approval of the newest Member
  • Process of Budget and going forward
  • Review of our accounting needs and reports to plan our next 12 months

Meeting on 7 25 2012 Farhad Taleghani 2012-07-25 00:00:00Z
Our New Location with Lots of Energy
The new permanent location is on.  Our Past Pres. Hank provided a very exciting summary report on Christie's successful Tennis Day at Dominican University.  The winner was no other that our very own Dr Earl who is truly a man of all seasons.  He showed up to only help but then asked Christie if they were needing any more players as he had his tennis stuff with him!! :-)

Guests: Arlene Roberton, guest of Jim Costello; Mahza Gaiakani, guest of Farhad Taleghani;  Akiko Marayama, guest of Roland Carr, and Mario Anziano who is the father of our speaker.  Mario is a member of the Vancouver Rotary Club in Canada.  He is originally from Italy and just turned 95 years old. He was amazing as once asked for a short speech, he got up and just went with the flow.  He started as a career diplomat in Cleveland. 

Past Pres Cap Alan said that Thursday October 4 (America’s Cup World Series/Fleet Week) is the day for the Club sailing fund raiser. The Club will charge $100 to $125 for each of the 40 places on board for a cruise to see America’s Cup preliminary racing.  Proceeds will go to Call of the Sea. 

We have four new prospective members.  Our newest members: Liz Lauter and Chuck Orr both had a few thoughts to share.  Peter David and Chuck Orr are already planning a major new Bike Event for 2013.  Pres Herman and Chuck are also pursuing a Project for the US Vets as a tie into this major event.

Dr Mike and Matt T gave us a summary of where we stand on the Golf Tournament on Aug 17th at Stone Tree Golf Course right off route #37 about 4 miles from US 101.  This has been traditionally our major fund raiser for all of our activities for the year.  Please approach any businesses that are near you and ask for a $150 T-Sign donation.

Past Pres Rolando shared some incredible savings that our own initiated RotaCare program has created for the counties.  In short, we save the county about $1.4 MM based on his detailed comparative study.  Rolando is an Enrolled IRS Agent so he can not be wrong!

Please note on our new Website all the speakers thank to Emerson/Marlyn, are listed through September.  Pres Herman will be sending our emails to all for each member to indicate their activity of choice to participate.  This is your chance to initiate any special project that you have in mind as once the budgets are set, we do not like to make much changes for the year.  As soon as the result of revenues from the Tennis and the Golf fund raisers are known, the committee chairs will be submitting their request to Pres Herman and the Board for 2012-2013 year.

Our New Location with Lots of Energy Herman Vandenberg 2012-07-18 00:00:00Z
Meeting August 14, 2013

GREETER: There being no greeter, Pres Chuck led the Pledge. 

INSPIRATION:  Hank C offered the inspiration:

One touch of nature makes the whole World kin. - Shakespeare

            Malcolm Harrison -  Guest of Farhad T. 


Dianne C noted that Dr. Susan W is not feeling well.  Dianne will send her a get-well card.

Pres Chuck showed off his new sling.  While practicing for Ride4Vets, he had a nasty crash.  We all enjoyed hearing the tale of his trip to and from the hospital.  While Chuck did not enjoy the event, even he enjoyed relating it to us. 


We used the remainder of the meeting making final arrangements for Ride4Vets.  

Meeting August 14, 2013 William Ring
Club Bulletin Oct 10, 2012
GREETER: Emerson lead us in the pledge and recited from memory a speech by Winston Churchill given to the House of Commons on June 4,1940 in the darkest days of WWII.  (And not the Blood Sweat and Tears one.)

GUEST: Barbara Scott

(RCMS RotaRooter)

RotaRooter and Member of RC Novato Sunrise Marie Sculley
came to announce their Octoberfest on October 20 at the Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church.  She modeled the aprons and passed out fliers for the event. She also noted that Bill S is in the hospital getting a new knee.
Cap Alan
said that the Call of the Sea sail went well with a full boat and excellent weather.
Liz, Barbara Scott, Past Pres Ken and Paul gave a report on the Garden project which went very well this past Saturday.  
      Thanks to Paul, we have been able to get all material at a steep discount. Check out the pix on the website.
Lisa told about a documentary film on six countries where women and girls are treated poorly.  A particularly poignant topic considering current events.  Her daughters are writing papers on the subject as a part of their honors program in English.  When someone mentioned that women were still being discriminated in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, a lively discussion followed.
Susan and Chuck are going to the Grants Training.
Past Pres Rolando noted (via e-mail) that all RotaCare slots are filled up to December.   Get your reservations in for the rest of the year.
Also via e-mail, Christy is inviting all to the Center for Domestic Peace Open House.  This Thursday 5-7 at 734 A Street, San Rafael.

Dr Earl
had a contractor tell him that the job was done with no overrun.
Last week Cap Alan announced the return of Dianne to her own home after five months of rehab.  Unfortunately, it didn't last. Bill R and others have found out that she is back in Marin General. An ad hoc committee consisting of Bill R, Dr. Mike, Dr. Earl, Herman and Farhad is forming to see what can be done to help her.

PROGRAM: Club Assembly
Pres Herman led us in a discussion of our priorities. We talked about:
Membership:  Jarayr and Farhad are doing a good job of dealing with the area of membership.  Herman noted that although we are not following the Ignite program formally, we are accomplishing its goals and many of its prossibilities.
Fund Raising: We discussed a number of possibilities including continuing the Golf Tournament. (See below)
Speakers: We all agree that Emerson is doing a really good job.
Rotary Club Service: Peter D proposed that we consider a new mission.  That is, we need a specific large and long-term program that would transcend the smaller projects that we have been doing. The example is one club's pure water program that is being conducted outside the normal large grant support that normally is used.  While there was general agreement that it should be considered, it was also agreed that a full club meeting was not the venue for such a discussion.  It was also pointed out that we would probably be more enthusiastic (and successful) about fundraising if it had the goal of supporting this one important major program.  
Website/Bulletin:  A straw pole favored continuation of the use of first names. (With the majority firmly in the don't care camp.)
This being RCMS, we were unable to finish by 8:30,  but most agreed that it was both needed and highly productive.  
Club Bulletin Oct 10, 2012 William Ring
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