Reverend Eddie Spencer-Author-Inmate 46857
Reverend Spencer opened his presentation by showing a picture of his inmate photo and asked the question “Can a person from prison change?” and answered, yes.  Rev. Spencer said that although behavioral issues can be diagnosed, a crushed spirit cannot and he was boy with a crushed spirit.  Having been raised in a three-room shotgun house with 11 children, and very little money, Eddie grew resentful and angry. 
After repeated stints in jail/juvenile detention centers, Eddie Spencer was facing a possible death penalty in 1982.  He remembers vividly hearing his mother plead with the judge, “please don’t kill my son”.  The man Eddie had beaten did not die and he was then sentenced to 10 years (+15) in prison.  During the 6 years he served time, he was saved in prison.
INMATE 46857 sat on his prison cot at Parchman Penitentiary in 1982 fingering his homemade knife and contemplating murdering two fellow inmates just to strengthen his tough reputation. As the nineteen-year-old convict visualized himself stabbing his intended victims, God intervened and provided deliverance. The encounter took only a moment, but getting there had taken a lifetime. Eddie did not know how he was going to survive, but he knew if he got out, he was never going back.  He began letting go of the anger and hatred and blame that had been fueling him. 
It was a man, whose brother had been robbed by Eddie, who provided his Bible in prison.  This man, a catfish farmer, taught him to read from the Bible and witnessed to the prisoners about the grace of God.  Eddie left prison determined never to return.  30+ years later, he is a revered, has a loving, successful family and is overjoyed with the life he has created with God’s direction.