Authors of the book, P.I.G.G.Y. Prudent Investors Get Going Young-Susan McAdory and Ryder Taff discuss investment opportunities at any age.
Rotary Club of Jackson (RCJ)
October 22, 2018
The RCJ was pleased to welcome authors, Susan McAdory and Ryder Taff, P.I.G.G.Y. Prudent Investors Get Going Young.
President Neddie Winters, called the meeting to order. Sister Dorothea of the St. Dominic Foundation gave the opening prayer.  Ted Jackson of Stephens Investment Banking led the pledge of allegiance and Neddie led the 4-way test.  Johnny Donaldson of BankPlus, greeted and acknowledged the visiting Rotarians and guests.
Seated at the Head table included Jeanhee Kang, author and realtor, Becky White of Haddox and Reid and Janet Scott, President-elect, who introduced our speakers.
The Rotary Club of Jackson is pleased to welcome Meagan Linton as a transferring member from the Meridian Rotary Club, where she has previously served as president.  Also, The RCJ was pleased to welcome our newest member, Dianne Mott, a realtor with Keller Williams.  Dianne is sponsored by Sister Dorothea.
Kathy Hackshaw of the Outlets of Mississippi, chairperson for the Rotafest committee, announced November 14, 2018, the date for the Rotafest.  The event will take place in the home of Hank Holman.  Details will follow.
Susan McAdory, MBA, assistant Portfolio Manager at New Perspectives, Inc.  Susan received her MBA in finance from Mississippi College.
Ryder Taff, CFA, CIPM Shareholder, Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager at New Perspectives, Inc.  He is a graduate of Bristol University in Bristol, England.  Ryder is a member of the Rotary Club of Madison/Ridgeland. 
Susan and Ryder co-authored (with their mentor, Dr. Nancy Lottridge Anderson) P.I.G.G.Y.-Prudent Investors Get Going Young.  P.I.G.G.Y. Plan-It is a primer on personal finance. Authors Anderson, Taff and McAdory walk you through each topic, warning you of opportunities to seize and pitfalls to avoid. They present their expert advice in everyday language and stories, bringing you up to speed to get your financial house in order. Whether you need an introduction to or a refresher on the ins and outs of building credit, insurance coverage, retirement planning or other areas of your financial life, you’ll find practical, straightforward advice in this book. They encourage anyone from young guns fresh on the job to the young at heart embarking on new challenges not to put off taking charge of this vital part of life. After all, Prudent Investors Get Going Young!
The book was written as an opportunity to address financial issues that young people are not even aware of as they start their work life.  It is a guide for people to learn how to live well, financially.  It gives steps and processes to create habits that can be carried long into retirement.  This book is not only for young people as it offers guidance to people seeking to hire money planners and provides pertinent information when seeking these services.
Questions were fielded and President Winters adjourned the meeting.