Neddie Winters Diversity Chair 6820
The Rotary Club of Jackson was pleased to hear from former President and District 6820 Diversity Chair, Neddie Winters.
The invocation was given by Tommy Shepard, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ted Jackson and the Four-Way test was led by Janet Scott.  We had no visiting Rotarians or guests.
Seated at the head table included Keith Ferguson of Logostore, Maxine Greenleaf from JSU and Mark Saxon District 6820 Foundation Chair and current District Governor of 6820, Mark Fields who introduced our speaker.
Tom Johnson made a presentation regarding the Dictionary Project and presented the grant money from District 6820 in the amount of $6940.  If you are interested in participating in the Dictionary Project, please contact Tom Johnson.
Mark Fields introduced Neddie Winters, who addressed the focus of District 6820 in terms of Diversity. 
Diversity refers to involvement of people from many groups...Having members with different backgrounds and viewpoints. It gives a broader understanding of the community, its problems, and possible solutions.  Diversity does not mean that Rotary changes its core values but instead involves people from many groups to the enhance the capacity of Rotary to serve our community and communities around the world.  The goal of diversity is to strive to have a group of members who offer the club diverse skills, talents, and experiences.
Strategies to Increase Diversity include:
  • Establish a Diversity Committee and/or Sub-Committee
  • Partner with the Membership Committee and work together to strengthen diversity in each club
  • Target all age groups, but emphasize age groups under 40 (get younger)
  • Achieve a net gain in various categories including members under the age of 40
  • Align membership with the mix of businesses and professions in your community
Goals for District 6820 Diversity:
  • Increase the District Diversity Committee’s membership
  • Establish a diversity chair and committee for each District 6820 club
  • Complete a diversity assessment for each club in District 6820
  • Diversity Committee members will speak at designated clubs about diversity throughout the year
We will take action by:
  • Recruit District 6820 Rotarians to join the District’s Diversity Committee
  • Encourage each Rotary Club to recruit a diversity chair and committee members
  • Create an instrument to accurately capture demographics and statistics on diversity for each club and their local community
  • Assign District 6820 Diversity Committee members to speak at designated clubs about diversity throughout the year
The Rotary Club of Jackson should consider promoting diversity in our club by:
  • Interact and Rotaract Clubs (High School, Collegiate, and Community)
  • Professional Organizations
  • Social Organizations
  • Civic Organizations
  • College and University Alumni Associations
  • Off-Site Meetings and Recognitions
In doing so, the RCJ can expect to raise members’ awareness of the diversity in their community, build members support for increasing diversity and diversify clubs to better represent the working professionals in their communities.
Current “FUN”raiser amount is $490-buy your tickets each week at the front table.  Next weeks speaker is Dr. Scott Crawford, Livable Cities.
Janet Scott closed the meeting with Club motto-Service Above Self.