Jamie Grantham-Medical Marijuana Campaign-2020
The Rotary Club of Jackson was pleased to welcome Jamie Grantham of the Medical Marijuana Campaign 2020 as our speaker.
The invocation was given by Brent Melton, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Allan Cole and the Four Way Test was led by Janet Scott.  Seated at the head table included:  Bishop Adrian Ware of the Church Triumphant Global, Katie Eubanks of MS Christian Living, Alasdair Roe and Neddie Winters, who introduced our speaker.
Visiting Rotarians and guests were greeted and acknowledged by Tara Clark.
Dr. John Damon of Children’s Canopy Solution took a few moments to highlight the work of Children’s Canopy Solutions.  Canopy is the state’s most comprehensive non-profit provider of children’s behavioral and mental health, educational and social service solutions.  The Rotary Club od Jackson has long been a supporter of Canopy and he encouraged members to continue to participate in not only the Children’s Party-December 18th, but also through the Children’s Promise Act.  This tax credit Provides dollar-for-dollar tax credits for Individuals & Businesses (including pass-through entities).  It was created to support non-profit organizations serving children who are in or at risk of entering the foster care system. Tax credits will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis per calendar year.
Neddie Winters introduced our speaker, Jamie Grantham.  Jamie Grantham is the Communications Director of the Medical Marijuana 2020 Campaign.  She has served previously in a variety of marketing, communication and development positions, including First Liberty in Plano, Texas and the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.  She serves as the public spokesperson for the campaign, in addition to being the media and press contact for all inquiries.  Jamie is a Mississippi native, graduated from Mississippi College, lives in Ridgeland and is a member of Pinelake Church. 
Jamie began her discussion by defining “why medical use marijuana”, to ease the suffering of those with debilitating medical conditions.  This was the prevailing theme throughout her presentation.  This campaign is not an attempt to legalize marijuana for the purpose of social use.  The use would be strictly for medical purposes regulated by the MS Department of Health.  Medical Marijuana 2020 is a ballot initiative to make medical marijuana available to Mississippians who have a debilitating medical condition in a regulated and safe manner.  Jamie went into detail about “who” can use medical marijuana and again reiterated, only persons with debilitating medical conditions, under the care of a licensed and approved doctor.  Jamie gave information on benefits of medical use cannabis versus opioids.  She explained the processes of obtaining permission for medical use cannabis and how it would be regulated.  Jamie opened the floor for questions.