Matthew McLaughlin, Executive Director, Mississippi Brewers Guild (The Beer Lawyer)

Matthew McLaughlin is the founder of McLaughlin, PC, a boutique corporate, commercial and transactional legal and advisory firm located in downtown Jackson.  He has more than 14 years of experience and focuses his practice on entrepreneurs and existing industry that operate in highly regulated environments, such as the food and beverage industry.  He also serves as the executive director for the Mississippi Brewers Guild, a trade association that represents the craft beer industry, locally and nationally.  Founded in 2013, the Mississippi Brewers Guild is organized to promote, protect and further, in every lawful manner, the common interests of its members and the licensed brewing industry in Mississippi. The organization is comprised of brewers, vendors, retailers and craft beer enthusiasts focused on promoting Mississippi beer.

The Brewers Guild was formed because there was no advocate to modernize laws and legislation regulating the craft beer industry.  This lack of modernization had led to the loss of business growth in Mississippi. 

Through this platform he has been instrumental in the passage of critical pro-business bills, each intended to help Mississippi better support and encourage the growth of breweries and distilleries, which in turn, benefits our workforce and economy.  Matthew and the Mississippi Brewers Guild was awarded the 2017 Brewers Association F.X. Matt Defense of the Craft Brewing Industry Award at the annual Craft Brewers Conference 

Since 2008, the craft beer industry has increased over 300%.  Consumer trends that focus on eating and drinking locally are primarily driving the results. 

The focus of the Brewers Guild is creating consumer awareness.  Only 3% of beer made in Mississippi is consumed here.  The Brewers Guild holds events and tastings to promote “Drink Mississippi”.