Karen Mori Bonner-Dream Counselor-explores what your dreams mean and how they can be interpreted.


The Rotary Club of Jackson (RCJ)

November 5, 2018


The Rotary Club of Jackson was pleased to welcome Karen Mori Bonner, Dream Counselor.


President Elect, Janet Scott, called the meeting to order.  Allan Cole of Ascent Hospitality gave the opening prayer.  Kathy Hackshaw of the Outlets of Mississippi, led the pledge of allegiance and Neddie led the Rotary 4-way test.  Jim Warren of Carroll, Warren and Parker introduced and welcomed visiting Rotarians and guests.  The head table included Phillip Carter of Carter Properties, Jewell Hillery of the Redeemer School, Tommy Shepherd of Jones Walker and Becky White of Haddox Reid. 


Jimmy Chandler was presented a Paul Harris Fellow plus 3 award.


Mark Fields gave the Nominating Committee Report.  The nominating committee is composed of the most recent five Past Presidents, excluding the immediate pas president. The nominating committee is LeAnne Brewer, Ronnie Lott, Tom Johnson, Jill Beneke and Mark Fields.

The nominating committee met to make nominations for our club’s President and Vice President/President Elect for the following year and for Board of Directors-6 members to serve 2 terms.

The slate of six Board of Director nominees is:

·         Bill Blackwell

·         Allan Cole

·         George Gammon

·         Sandra Shelson

·         Selena Swartzfager

·         Becky White

For President and President Elect:

The nominee for President is the current President Elect, Janet Scott.

The nominee for Vice President/President Elect is Leroy Walker.

The election of Officers and Directors shall be held at a regular meeting during the month of December as set by the Board of Director, to be announced later this month.  Any names of members qualified to serve as candidate, as set out in the by-laws, offered in writing and signed by any 15 members, will be added to the list offered by the nominating committee, provided such nominations are offered on or before the second meeting of November (November 26, 2018).


Becky White introduced our speaker, Karen Mori Bonner.  Karen is a practicing counselor who has a special interest and expertise in dream therapy.  Karen works with individuals and families dealing with life issues and is known for her seminars and workshops on dream work.  Karen received a Masters Degree from Mississippi College and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).


Karen was introduced to dream work b her priest and spiritual director nearly 29 years ago.  She has helped to facilitate two dream groups for the last 13 years and has received additional training in dream group leadership from Haden Institute in North Carolina.  Karen has a private practice but also is a counselor at Three Oaks Behavioral Health Clinic. 


Karen began her talk by stating “your dreams mean something”.  They are natural and purposeful and, like every experience you have, they mean something.


Karen came to dream work nearly 30 years ago.  A priest at her church introduced her to the idea of using dreams.  She came to him in crisis, trying to put together the pieces of her life as a new wife and mother and as the owner of a family business.  She spent two years in spiritual direction with this priest using her dreams as the guide-this work changed her, healed her, enriched her and saved her relationship with God.


Paying attention to and responding to your dreams will benefit you, but how?

·         Your dreams tell you something about yourself you don’t know and you need to know.  Your dreams are a picture of your unconscious processes.

·         Your dreams are infinitely creative.

·         Your dreams help you process everything that happens to you.

·         Your dreams connect you with your deepest, wisest, truest Self, the Self that is connected to God.

But there are some things to remember while working and responding to your dreams:

·         Dreams speak in a language of symbols and metaphors.  Dreams are rarely to be taken literally.

·         Dreams can speak on several levels at the same time.

·         Dreams are not a waste of time, showing us things we already know.

·         Dreams are autonomous. They are not within our control.

·         Dreams are about us and who we were meant to become

·         Dreams are about the dreamer.

How do you begin to understand and respond to your dreams:

·         Write them down.

·         In your waking life do something to respond to your dream.

·         Take the dream apart.

·         Be grateful for your dreams, give thanks for them, even nightmares, for they come to do exactly what they are meant to do:  wake you up.

The floor was opened for questions and meeting was adjourned.


Our next meeting will be held November 26, featuring Meredith Aldridge of the Junior League of Jackson.