Jennifer Milner-State Recycling Coordinator-MSDEQ
Jennifer Milner is a graduate of University of Mississippi and started with the DEQ as an environmental scientist, then worked as the environmental administrator and is currently the Recycle Coordinator. 
The mission of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality is to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of present and future generations of Mississippians by conserving and improving our environment and fostering wise economic growth through focused research and responsible regulation. 
Jennifer presented Recycle More/Recycle Right.  Through her presentation, Jennifer presented facts about recycling and gave specific “do’s and don’ts”.  Primarily the goal of recycling is to reduce at the source and use landfill’s as a last resort.  Recycling, can minimize the negative impact on the environment.
Jennifer indicated that one of our greatest wastes in the U.S. is food.  40% of food is thrown away and that should be avoided.  In order to do, make lists, don’t buy more than you need, don’t get caught up in the use by/use until dates and compost. 
Jennifer presented WHY, WHAT and HOW to recycle.  Why:  environmental benefits:  save landfills, conserve energy, preserve natural resources, creates jobs and stimulates the economy.  What:  paper, plastics, metals, glass, electronics and organics.  How:  Use the MSDEQ directory and contact your local county officials about specific recycling programs/centers in your area.
For more information about recycling programs please visit the MSDEQ website .  Additional information about specifics regarding recycling habits can be found at .