Gregg Mayer-COO-MSPB
Gregg Mayer, COO, MPB was previously an attorney with Phelps Dunbar and had worked as a reporter for the Clarion Ledger. Gregg is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and the University of Mississippi College of Law.
The MPB operates as a statewide, joint licensee.  Like other statewide joint licensees, they are a state agency and depend on state funding to operate.   Congress approved in 2018, an additional $1 billion for public broadcasting as part of the spectrum repackaging.  $3.5 million in federal funds for MPB infrastructure/spectrum upgrades.  Since 2015, MPB has received federal funds for its Ready To Learn early childhood initiative, and this continues until 2020.
Reaching all Mississippians the MBP network has 8 towers and 12 microwave units (small towers) around the state.  The towers are the infrastructure that carry the radio and TV signals statewide, and serve a critical function as part of the statewide alert system in MS.  Federal law requires the towers to be maintained.  MPB expands the reach and impact of core state agencies to promote:
Public Safety/Health
•      Tower partnership with law enforcement for communications equipment
•       National weather service
•       Partnership with MEMA in times of emergency
•       First Net – Cutting edge tool for first responders to communicate via video broadcast.  MPB is working to include a part of its spectrum for first responders to use, as well as using its infrastructure to house FirstNet equipment
•       MS is the only broadcaster that can carry an emergency alert signal to every resident of the state
•      MPB offers 24 hours of pre-k educational programming that reaches every home in MS.
•      Studies show that 74% of parents want high-quality children’s educational programming available anytime, and 81% of parents say PBS helps their children prepare for school. (M&RR Survey, 2017)
•      Nationally, for nearly 50% of households, PBS and PBS Kids are the only pre-k that children receive. (Annie E. Casey Kids County Study, 2018)
Parent Academies
•      MPB expanding core function of education by utilizing PBS/MPB resources for parent academies
•      Parent academies are year-long programs directly reaching parents, guardians, and children between 3 to 8 years old promoting hands-on activities and teaching strategies for working with children at home
•      In FY 2018, more than 870 children and more than 100 caregivers benefitted from this program.  In 2019, planning to take initiative statewide
Early Childhood Initiative
•      MPB expanding its popular literacy program in daycares across Mississippi to incorporate critical thinking skills
•      Nearly 3,000 children have benefitted from program
•      MPB partners with local community groups, such as Rotary, to provide education resources that pre-K age children would otherwise not receive
Civic Engagement:
Mississippi’s tourism advertising will only reach a fraction of the people that MPB reaches each year.
Since 2018, three separate MPB programs have been picked up nationally by 200 public broadcasters across the country, reaching millions of viewers.
MPB partners with libraries and other local private and public partners to promote reading and literacy in Mississippi.
High school sports returned to MPB in 2018.  Radio listeners heard six statewide high school football games.  TV viewers saw the MS all-star game, which features all of Mississippi’s best high school football athletes.  For 2019, MPB is looking to do all again plus hope to broadcast MS/AL all-star game